Who is knocking on my head this a.m.?

Well, clearly my unseen friends heard my intention posted earlier about trying to channel at home so that I can post videos online on a more regular basis.  This morning, just before I was about to head out to Sprouts Market I felt someone “knocking” on my head (tingling) and felt urged to give channeling a try.  Normally I am blocked from doing full trance mediumship when alone because it can be risky.  I’ve been able to do what’s known as “relay channeling” via writing/typing where I’m not in FULL trance for years, but yep, I was able to fully channel briefly this morning.  Although the beings didn’t announce themselves, I do feel it was the Arcturians.  Below is what they quickly stopped by to say.

I know that when I channel it scares some people, but, trust me, this is milder than what it used to be!  LOL!  And, I’m fine.  It’s just physically difficult to fit 1000 watts of energy into a 100 watt bulb.:-)

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Trance channeling at home

I posted the below Instagram video last week and then kind of forgot about it.  But, I need to get to work on what I talked about.  I need to figure out HOW to get my gatekeepers and spirit guides to allow me to go into full trance at home, when I’m alone, so I can post videos on YouTube on a regular basis.  Currently, I don’t get that many opportunities to channel in public.  And, I’m not getting any younger here!  I need to do more of my REAL work!  But, in the past, I’ve been blocked from full trance work when I’m alone because it’s a little risky.  Normally, my unseen friends only let me go into trance when I’m with a group of people.  I need to bribe them or something to cooperate!  LOL — If anyone has any suggestions about how I can SAFELY do this type of work at home, alone, I’d love to hear from you.

I am hoping to start posting trance channeled videos on my YouTube.com/atheria444 channel soon if I can figure out how to get my guides and gatekeepers to cooperate. They usually block me from going into full trance when I’m home alone, so I need to do some negotiating. I also need to figure out how to turn on/off a camera when incapacitated! Ha! I do have some videos on YouTube now from public events, but not many. #psychicmedium #psychicmediums #trancemedium #trancechanneling #trancechannel #channeling #starseed #starseeds #arcturians #pleiadians #extraterrestrials #consciousness #aliens #witchesofinstagram #wiccansofinstagram #iseedeadpeople #ufos #ufo #paranormal #edgarcayce #janeroberts

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Teaching Channeling & Channeling Events

I cannot get over how supportive and lovely the metaphysical community is here in Denver!  People are opening doors FOR me here!  It’s refreshing to not have nonstop doors slammed in my face.  LOL

This Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. in Lakewood, CO I’ll be leading my first ever channeling class and practice evening.  I had intended to just have channels get together to practice, but it seems others feel I can also teach what I do.:-) If you are interested and are in the Denver area, here is the MeetUp group that is allowing me to take over for a night.  Our plan is to have these evenings happen quarterly for now, but I may end up increasing the frequency to monthly.  https://www.meetup.com/Quantum-Spiritology-Group/

Plus, someone from Quantum Spiritology kindly referred me to Bryan Brown of the Creative Village at Inca Street and after talking to him today…I have regained faith in the human species!  What a kind soul!  I’m going to go check his space out later this week as he’s open to having me hold channeling events in his space.  Right now it’s got a juice bar and then various classes are held there like yoga, bodywork, etc.  I cannot help but feel that the stars are aligning and that I’m suddenly being moved into my TRUE work instead of office administrative jobs.



Under the Stars Conference Success!

I drove down to the UFO Watchtower in Hooper, CO on Friday to take part in the “Under the Stars” conference on Saturday morning.  The event was wonderful!  I car camped in Ruby on Friday night and learned that yes, I need more padding to sleep on in the back of my Honda Fit than just a sleeping bag.  Ha!

I was the first speaker on Saturday, and was nervous (this was only my 2nd time doing a public talk), but Judy Messoline and Mary Munoz were awesome about not only how they ran the whole big event, but also in helping me not freak out.:-) I felt safe in their hands.  Note to self, though:  Next time, have notes or an outline prepared so I don’t go blank, off on tangents, or forget to mention important things!  I didn’t think I’d do any channeling because I really hadn’t gotten any sleep the night before in my car, but at the last minute one of my “unseen friend” groups showed up for a brief chat with the audience.  Later, one woman told me the moment I started to go into trance (put my head down) she was overcome with emotion that she couldn’t understand.  Another woman told me that she had something happen to her that had never happened before…just before words would come out of my mouth, she “knew” what was coming and found herself mouthing the same words.  Another woman kindly complimented me by saying that although she’s seen a lot of fake channelers, that I am indeed the real deal.  That was great to hear.  Yes, I am.  i do not fake or make up what happens to me.:-) Another woman may be putting on an event next year in Trinidad, CO and asked if I’d be interested in speaking.  YES!  Plus, I got a mediumship client lined up with an issue with her son’s doggy.  Besides all of that, I got to meet Travis Walton and show him this odd looking ship I saw over Santa Fe years ago and asked him if he’d ever seen something like it.  He hadn’t, but Richard Smith did recognize it.

Santa Fe UFO

I got lots of great input on my telepathically sent image from a dolphin in Hawaii in 2002 also (from various people).


Besides all the great speakers and vendors, Jah Kings (who live in powerful Crestone, CO) performed some fabulous reggae music.  My favorite of their songs is called “Wounded Knee” and is a mixture of reggae with Native American music!  Here are a couple of excerpts from my Instagram account.

The conference was great in every way and I HIGHLY suggest you make it to the UFO Watchtower’s next event.  Judy puts on a great show!  And, if you can’t make it for an event, it’s definitely worth visiting the UFO Watchtower as southern Colorado is VERY active UFO-wise.  Judy’s property has vortexes on it, and in fact, the beings I was channeling yesterday pointed out a vortex/portal in one corner of the UFO Watchtower’s conference building that may have the power to cause people to travel!

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Travis Walton speaking. Fascinating man! #fireinthesky #traviswalton #contactee #abduction #ufowatchtower #ufo #ufos #extraterrestrial #extraterrestrials #aliens

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Made it to the UFO Watchtower! Freaking long drive because the pretty scenery 285 had lots of construction, slow drivers, and accidents! #ufowatchtower #colorado #UFO #UFOs

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