Unacknowledged: An Exposé of the World’s Greatest Secret

My friend texted me tonight that I really needed to watch this 2017 documentary about ETs/UFOs. At first I gave him a hard time as I thought I already knew everything about the US government’s cover-up tactics, but this film is really interesting. You’ll get mad, if you weren’t angry already. Once again, follow the money and control. 😡😠



Disclosure-ly yours,


Acclimate to the conditions at hand. #relaychanneling

I did a little bit of unplanned relay channeling (make-up free…close your eyes) this morning while stuck indoors due to New Mexico’s endless winter. Get me to Savannah now! Anyway, relay channeling is similar to written channeling in that it’s a lot easier on me, physically. I just repeat what I’m hearing from the Other Side and don’t go into full trance allowing my unseen friends to use me. It was nice to see an old friend show up with the beings who were speaking toward the end of the session. Am passed away in January 2022. He used to sign off all his emails with (and I love this), “Best wishes always…and in all ways.”

Here’s a Rumble version of the video.

March 26, 2023

I included Chakra and Bleu on the video thumbnail because they are much cuter than I am and don’t need make-up with flattering lighting. 🙂 Ahhh…the joy of being 56!

Best wishes always…and in all ways,


Jane Roberts, Seth, 1111, and Fate

I’m on my lunch break and was going to post an 1111 (angel number) story triggered by something I read in Jane Roberts’ book “How to Develop your ESP Power” that I have downloaded onto my Kindle. (I’ll still post the story.) That caused me to go to Google Jane Roberts, and I landed on this video of her channeling Seth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMRYkgBjCoA

What struck me is that she rocked back and forth as I do when I’m in trance. It’s like the energy coming through while channeling moves around so much your body needs to move. Looking back on my childhood, I looooooved to swing. I would swing and sing on our backyard swing set for hours a day. There is a super 8 movie of me as a baby where I’m sitting on the living room carpeting, swaying forward and backward. From childhood into my 20s, the only way I could fall asleep each night was to rock my head left and right. It was super odd, but now it’s all starting to make sense. I think spirit energies were starting to come through even back then. I am convinced more than ever that our lives are charted before we incarnate.

“Coincidental” side story: In the 1980s in Rochester, NY both Shirley MacLaine’s “Out on a Limb” and Jane Roberts’ “Seth Speaks” books somehow appeared in our Catholic house. I’ll guess that mom brought them home for some reason, but really can’t recall now. I will admit that my family watched “In Search of…” weekly and my parents were a little interested in woo-woo topics like the Loch Ness Monster and ghosts. As a kid, some of us neighborhood kids would have seances in my home’s basement…with me leading, of course. It’s funny how there are signs about what is planned for you as a soul. Anyway, I was totally fascinated with Shirley MacLaine’s book and what she’d experienced and could not put down the Seth book. I had NO idea what channeling even was, but I was addicted to the book. Jane Roberts lived in Elmira, NY, by the way…not all that far from Rochester. Sadly, she died young…as many mediums and channels do. My theory is that doing mediumship and trance mediumship/channeling takes A LOT of your life force. It’s hard work and draining. I suspect that is why so many of us die younger than typical old age. I also think it’s why a lot have diabetes or hypoglycemia as it stresses the endocrine system. I have a history of weird blood sugar control issues and an endocrinologist in Los Angeles long ago said my hormones were so bizarre he thought I was an alien. Technically, my hormone levels were “impossible” according to him. He kept sending me back to Cedars Sinai Hospital for more blood tests. HA!

Anyway, to get back to the cool 1111 angel number story. Many years ago I was attempting to close out an online investment account. I thought I knew exactly how much to cut a check for to bring the balance to zero to close the account. But, some random fee hit for a few dollars that would have caused me to accidentally overdraw the account…leading to a bad situation. As my guardian angels and divine intervention would have it, this dividend hit at exactly the same time for $11.11 that saved my butt! Note the 1111! What are the freaking odds? 😀

All of a suddenly, I’m feeling a change of my name again. It’s been a series of subtle thoughts…like what my unseen friends do when they are nudging me to do something. I really don’t resonate with my birth name anymore, but I feel like I’m supposed to merge Atheria with it or something. I’m also not feeling like Atheria anymore, so there’s THAT. Just to complicate matters, I “accidentally” found this woman online in the late 1990s or early 2000s who channeled a being named Atheria! When I read some of the channeled messages, the verbiage was extremely similar (often exact) to stuff that I’d channeled but not posted. So, then I thought, “OMG, I misunderstood the 1998 voice that told me I wasn’t really XXX XXX XXX…I was Atheria, A-T-H-E-R-I-A!” What if I changed my name for nothing because it’s not ME who is Atheria, I’m just in contact with a being/soul named Atheria! HA! I was legally one name for 8 years, so I did go all in on that until the summer of 2007. (I had legally changed it in late spring 1999.)

So, there’s this thing the past week where my name is feeling wrong…and I got bored one night and turned on my Kindle, which I’ve not used in a long time, and had (courtesy of Hoopla and Santa Fe library) Jane Roberts’ book on ESP pop up along with a book about Seth by another author. Ummm…helloooooooo. I can’t make out what is going on yet, but something is going on. Add to that the woman’s voice in my bedroom a few weeks ago that nicely said, “Hello” as I was close to getting up. Gee, maybe it was Jane! 🙂 Now, because Seth is a famous being, I won’t even THINK of assuming Seth may show up to me. That’s too fame seeking, which means ego, which = not my goal. But, I’m being nudged in some direction that is not yet clear. Time will tell. My curiosity is piqued though!

Nature of reality yours,


The Pleiadians said we’re in dimension 3.25?!

I seemed to turn the corner on Tuesday regarding FINALLY recovering from the 2 viruses and 2 head infections that have attacked me since January 1st and thought I’d try a little channeling today. Well, my unseen friends were nagging me all last night. Anyway, as you can see in my video’s cover image, Bleu supervised today’s session. Chakra was not interested. 🙂 (She is doing well after her paw surgery in early January and hopefully the probable cancer is totally gone.)

March 18, 2023

Here is the video on Rumble.


I had to ask the Pleiadians to pull back a bit sooner than I hoped as my heart started acting up. (It is one of the lingering problems from the 2nd virus and I’m getting some recommended D-Ribose from Amazon delivered any minute.) But, I’m totally intrigued by the 3.25th dimension thing and hope they talk more about it later.

In Light,


Madeleine McCann & Julia Wendell

My sister alerted me to this Polish woman named Julia Wendell, who feels she may be missing Madeleine McCann from 2007, yesterday. She just popped into my head again so I Googled her and found this new concerning update. https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/news-life/woman-who-thinks-shes-madeleine-mccann-may-have-cancer/news-story/6cc4e7aa214b35011d9178d408741bf8 I hope Julia does NOT have cancer. It would be divine intervention, though, if by taking a DNA test to see if she’s Madeleine, cancer got caught earlier…hopefully meaning she’ll be healed. That kind of stuff happens. I remember that David Bowie found out he had a serious heart issue because he injured his shoulder and they had to do scans…which picked up the silent dangerous heart problem.

Looking at her, I feel she is not missing Madeleine. It’s not just her appearance, which is similar to Madeleine’s..except the eyes…they look very different to me, but also her energy. It is hard to explain, but Julia just doesn’t feel like Madeleine. That being said, I’m still not totally over being very sick for weeks and weeks, so maybe my accuracy is off. But, I think I’m right. What did get my attention from learning about Julia yesterday was that I don’t recall ever getting the sign I get for when someone has crossed over to the Other Side regarding Madeleine. I think it’s definitely possible she is still alive. Basically, if I’m watching a news story and someone is missing and they aren’t sure if the person is alive or dead, if I am filled with strong tingling…it’s not good news. I don’t feel tingling when I look at pictures of Madeleine even now, in 2023. It would be wonderful if she is found alive and well!

While watching Good Morning America this morning when Will Reeve was standing somewhere doing a story, I suddenly clairvoyantly saw his parents on either side of him and got strong tingling. Chris was on Will’s right (my left) and Dana was on his left. It warmed my heart to see them watching over their son, and supporting him like 2 bookends. It also hit my heart seeing Chris standing tall once again. He may have played Superman in films, but he was a TRUE Superman in real life.

In Light,


My 2nd Saturn return is coming! Shit!

I just noticed on my Google calendar that my 2nd Saturn return is due to start on March 18th! Shit! It will last until February 14, 2026. I am scared to death. 😦 My LIFE DESTROYING 1st neck injury (of 3 neck and head injuries) that triggered the 27+ years long nonstop migraine that 100++ doctors and healers and thousands of dollars have not been able to help) happened on October 1, 1995. My 29th birthday was on October 20, 1995. What will happen this time?! 😦

Saturn is in Pisces in the 6th house in my natal chart. A life-long issue I’ve had involves Saturn. It’s directly opposite Uranus and that aspect has been hell for my 56 years so far. In a nutshell, Saturn is security while Uranus is freedom. I had an astrologer in Los Angeles many years ago say that with those 2 planets being directly opposed, a huge soul struggle for me will be the push/pull call between needing freedom and needing security. YEP. I want freedom so bad…to live in my car (or with a cute teardrop trailer) with my pets while traveling around yet I also “need” a steady paycheck, health insurance (although it’s shit and useless), and 401K. Increasingly, what psychic Rodolfo Silva said to me in 1994ish is hitting, “You are like a caged animal screaming to be set free. If you don’t let the real you out, you are going to become a bitter old woman.” YEP. Now, seeing the glass half full, MAYBE this 2nd Saturn return will create the freedom I desperately need while magically ending my nonstop headache that no one can even fathom. (One of the lingering sickness side effects is my headache is worse.)

I would love to hear others’ Saturn return experiences. For most people, it’s dramatic. Think major life changes.

Holding my breath,


Update March 11, 2023: Okay, I am off by 2 years! This site says my Saturn return will be March 2025 through April 2025! I don’t know where the other site got its information from. At least that buys me some time to brace for it. You can look yourself up here: https://www.astrocal.co.uk/saturn-return-calculator/

Why am I hearing M.C. Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This”?

I’m blogging more often lately as I’m still too weak to do any channeling and such on YouTube. Anyway, as I am a new germophobe whose perfume is hand sanitizer and who, after washing my hands in a public bathroom, now uses the paper towel to open the door so as to not touch the handle, I heard something on YouTube today that gives me another reason to not touch things. I saw a recent interview of very gifted psychic medium, John Edward, on Tamron Hall’s TV show. He mentioned that when you touch things that other people have touched, you pick up energy left over from them…including their junk! Greeeeeeeeat. Since I know psychometry is a thing (that’s the final test I passed with flying colors in 2007 that got me cast in Gifted) I don’t know why this didn’t dawn on me before regarding day to day moving around and interacting with things in public places. I not only don’t want your flu and COVID germs, but I don’t want your energetic germs!

I will be moving into a bubble as soon as possible.


ROSWELL REVISITED “From wacko to serious to fun.”

Since I need some GOOD news right now, I was thrilled to get an email from Carl Winston telling me that the fun documentary I was featured in last year, “Roswell Revisited” has been officially selected at the Paris Film Awards! The film received a very high score from the jury and is eligible for award consideration. Woot! https://parisfilmawards.net/home

Here’s a link to my post with the film included from September. Quite a bit of it was filmed during the 75th anniversary of the UFO crash event in early July 2022. https://bridge4spirit.wordpress.com/2022/09/16/roswell-revisited-updated-version/

We’re not alone!


Hello…and I don’t mean the Adele song

I’m posting this non channeling video blog because I am still not okay due to being VERY sick for most of the time since 1/1/2023 (with a momentary break late January to early February). I’m not sure if I’ll ever regain my life force as I’m so depleted my size 0 jeans fall off, I’m tired all the time, weak, etc. I almost passed out in a store yesterday trying to do some errands that if I don’t do them, they don’t get done. Anyway…

A few nights ago I clearly heard a female voice in my bedroom that I did not recognize say, “Hello.” I recall asking who she was, but did not get a reply. This was an external type voice, not my regular clairaudient hearing where it’s kind of inside my head. I mentioned the “Hello” to some friends.

Last night during my ongoing awful insomnia (although I’ve been SO exhausted from the 2 diseases and 2 head infections I’ve slept more than my typical 1-2 hours a night) I was talking to my mother. That wouldn’t seem so weird except for the fact she’s in a nursing home in Horseheads, NY and I’m in Santa Fe, NM. She has many health issues, including dementia. It was one of those woo-woo moments where we’d been talking for a little bit (me clearly hearing her voice) before I realized, “Wait a minute! How am I talking to mom when she’s thousands of miles away but it’s clearly her?!” I suddenly became lucid while in some other dimension with mom. I have long felt that people with dementia go in between dimensions. Mom’s mom, my grandma, died from Alzheimer’s years ago and the eerie thing that would happen with her is that she would be uncommunicative for many weeks and then suddenly “wake up” and get out of bed, go to a piano, and start playing music like she’d played 40 years earlier. Then, after a few minutes, she would get up from the piano, go back into bed, and be “gone” for weeks. Going back to mom, I can’t recall the total details now, but I think we were talking about food she shouldn’t be eating with her diabetes and heart issues. She sadly…but with acceptance, said something like, “This is my reality now.” It felt like we were talking soul to soul in another realm.

After that, I decided to to the movie theater screen trick I stumbled upon a while ago to see what else would happen. For some reason, if I picture a movie theater white screen with wine colored velvet curtains on each side and across the top, it triggers my clairvoyance and I sometimes start seeing psychic movies. Anyway, I had barely done this last night when I started having a conversation with my 87+ year old dad…with his clear voice and all! He’s also far away in Rochester, NY. It’s bugging me now, but I can’t remember what we were talking about. I think it may have been the garage sales he’s planning for this spring or summer, but I’m not 100% sure. Now, due to the time difference, when these chats with mom and dad occurred last night, they “should” have been sleeping. That means they, like me, could easily have been in some other realm temporarily. The accuracy of their voices and how they talked was undeniable. This was not just my imagination.

My friend said she’s noticing the veil between the worlds is dramatically thinning so that this type of thing is becoming increasingly common, but I also wonder if maybe I’m near crossing over. I’m VERY weak and feel like I’m going downhill. I’m depleted and have heart palpitations. Maybe if I am getting ready to cross over to the Other Side, it’s just getting easier for me to pop into other dimensions. Time will tell.

Don’t poo-poo the woo-woo,


Animal Rights

Personally, I prefer animals to humans and have long KNOWN they have souls, feel emotions, rationalize, love, etc. While humans do horrible and evil things (watch the news) on a regular basis, animals just want to live their lives and be left alone by us. One of the things I look forward to when I die is seeing all of my pets since childhood again on the Other Side. Not one animal has ever lied to me or stabbed me in the back as people have. They deserve to have rights!

With a cat on my lap who gives me unconditional love,