Vortex? What do YOU think?

April 24, 2021 — Santa Fe, NM

I may have blogged about this special spot before, but I walked through it today on my morning walk…and…yep…there IS still strong energy there. I don’t think I’m imagining it. I suspect it’s some kind of energy vortex. Interestingly, there is a sign with a picture of a dog with wings near it that says ANGEL DOG PATHWAY.

Santa Fe, NM on April 24, 2021

Please watch the YouTube video and let me know if you feel anything from it. Granted, when it’s greener in summer it looks prettier. I just hope horribly dry New Mexico gets rain soon!

Energetically yours,



Our pets are eternal too…

I blogged years ago about Bodhi and Karma crossing over the rainbow bridge and visits in spirit by them, but just made a video for YouTube as a lot of people just found me there. By the way, it is not lost on me that this video is “accidentally” 20:20 long (at least on my Android it says that) and ended at 1:11 p.m. today…angel numbers!!

Here is an old post where I have better images of the drawing my channeler/medium/artist friend did of Karma as she crossed over the rainbow bridge with her eyes closed and 800+ miles away in trance.

My friend’s channeled drawing of Karma crossing over the rainbow bridge today… | Atheria: The Petite Medium (wordpress.com)

If you search for “Bodhi” and “Karma” in my blog’s search box, you can find many posts about them letting me know they are still with me in spirit. They are no longer with me all the time as they moved on years ago, but I still occasionally get signs they visit here and there.

For everyone grieving over the loss of a beloved pet, please keep an eye out for signs (including dramatic visits in dreams) that they are eternal souls (like humans) and still watching over you from the Other Side. You will be reunited with them when it’s your time to cross over. I have picked up many pets while reading people and it always brings them…and me…tremendous joy.




Religions are MAN-made!

The above article just popped up in my feed, so it inspired me to blog. I am a none…not to be confused with nun. I actually have an aunt who is a Catholic nun and I briefly considered shaving my head to become a Buddhist nun. For years I have felt that I “should” (sucky word) commit to some official religion, but at age 54, I just can’t do it. All religions are man-made to control people (a Catholic priest is on YouTube actually admitting that) OR give them a feeling of security/safety/purpose. Since time immemorial, humans have frantically grasped at beliefs or organized religions to help them understand why bad things happen to good people or to figure out why they incarnated. Then, of course, there is the fear of death that a majority of people have (made very evident during COVID). They want to be reassured that there is something beyond when they leave their physical body. I am lucky in that I have had out-of-body experiences where everything that is Atheria was next to my soul’s clothing (i.e. body).

The most dramatic event occurred in 2000 and I’ll never forget it. It was so weird to be next to myself…still totally me…but not inside my physical body while other beings used it to speak (my first channeling session). I was like Arnold Horshack on Welcome Back Kotter with my arm frantically raised begging the teacher to call on me for the answer. But, I could not interrupt and had to annoyingly float next to myself as I listened to what these beings said via my human physical body. With that experience, and others, I know 1,000% that when I “die” I won’t really be dead. I know that when it’s our time to go, it’s our time to go…COVID or not. (I find it stupid that people freak out about a virus while way over 600,000 Americans die each year due to diet, exercise, and smoking caused heart disease…and no one cares.) So, I don’t fear being “dead”. I will admit that I worry about HOW my clothing will die. I don’t want to suffer and hope it’s quick. My paternal grandmother did it the right way. Grandma was seemingly fine, went to bed, and didn’t wake up.

Anyway, to get back to religion, I have always been drawn (partially due to some past lives) to Eastern religions like Buddhism, Taoism (probably the closest to how I feel now), Hinduism, and other yogic guru paths…and also Pagan religions where, control freak that I am, the individual is given more power to seemingly affect her/his life’s outcome. Then, as a psychic medium, I was also drawn to Spiritualism since it believed in afterlife communication. But, as much as I meant well when I said I was committing to this path or that path…I quit/lost interest. I am accepting that there is not ONE religion I agree with 100%. Firstly, whenever I’m given rules, I rebel. Tell me to turn right and I’ll turn left, purely out of spite. Ha! But, beyond that childish tendency, I have to listen to my intuition and brain. When I see people claiming that they are on the side of God/Allah/whoever yet do hate-filled actions, I will not accept that they are on the side of LOVE. I cannot accept, logically or heart-wise, that they are in the right. When I see churches, who are supposedly where God lives, spout hate toward people not like themselves and have zero compassion, I (1) want them to pay taxes because they ARE huge money making businesses with agendas and (2) get turned off ever believing what they believe.

I do believe there is some type of creative force and have always loved the Native American term Great Spirit. But, my gut/psychic sense/intuition tells me that it’s not a guy with a beard. It’s not even a woman. (That pains me.) I’m not even sure it’s ONE creative force that’s centralized in any given way. I STRONGLY know that reincarnation is real, so there is definitely something going on regarding our souls progressing as they learn more and more lessons, but, what the end point is…I just don’t know. I can’t say I’m becoming an atheist due to seeing my past lives and having had angelic encounters, but I think I am an agnostic or, better yet, none. Nature is my church. I have looked at the Milky Way at night in certain parts of really dark New Mexico and felt SOMETHING up there in charge. But what? I am not sure. I look for the meaning in crappy events. I try to be a decent person (although much more cranky now). But, any religion that has rules and judgements is not for me. I often check the box on forms that says “spiritual but not religious” as that’s close to what I am. I am ultimately a none though…but a very curious none…a seeking none. I’ve given up trying to control things but just being totally Taoist and accepting fate is also hard for me. I am old enough to see that missed opportunities are often blessings in the long run, but, it’s still upsetting at the time.

Relatedly, some of THE most moral and kind people I’ve ever encountered are atheists. You don’t need organized region to be a kind human being.

I’ve rambled on too long. And, as I say in this brief video below, I know I need to get back to channeling. I’ve been slacking off.

Non-affiliatedly yours,



I deal with severe insomnia and rarely sleep through the night.  My sleep comes in fits and starts, which also means I’m put into that state where I’m half awake/half asleep (hypnagogic and hypnopompic) at various times during the night.  Supposedly, and I believe it, everyone is extra psychically receptive during those phases.  Anyway, a few nights ago while half asleep I clearly heard a young-ish female voice say, “Carrie”…which annoyed me because I was given the name Atheria in 1998 and accepted it in early 1999.  Interestingly, I’m suddenly feeling the need to merge the old me with the current/new me.  A very good medium in California back in 2005 told me that when I became Atheria, I BECAME Atheria…literally dropping 100% of who I’d been up to that point.  As she was giving me messages from spirit about this, she said that I needed to reclaim some of Carrie and find balance.  I almost wonder if I’m a walk-in or something?  Granted, I didn’t have some near death event happen that day in the summer of 1998 when a loud voice told me I was Atheria.  But, I had a major alien abduction just before the name showed up.  Hmmm…

Years ago, one of my British medium teachers told me that when spirits gave her messages for me, they referred to me as Carrie if the subject was serious, and Atheria if it was more lighthearted.

Also, when I can actually sleep at all lately, my dreams are super duper vivid and intricate.

Mergingly yours,

Atheria / Carrie / Somebody

Difference Between Psychics & Mediums

Because I’ve been getting this question lately, I made a short video to give a brief explanation of the difference between psychics and mediums. In a nutshell, all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediumistic. A medium can communicate with spirits on the Other Side and are able to bring through messages to people here in the 3rd dimension. A psychic reads the aura/etheric field of the client, and may use things like tarot cards and pendulums during readings to assist. Mediums don’t usually use tools. Now, I’m also a trance medium/channel. I remember when I went back to a Spiritualist Church I used to attend in Van Nuys, CA years ago after I’d started going into trance. I hadn’t told the reverends in the church what had been going on while I was away. But, I should have known better than to think I could hide anything from these gifted mediums. I walked in, and one of my main teachers, a British medium named Eveliani, looked at me intently. Then she asked, “Have you been doing trance mediumship?” She could see it clairvoyantly. Now in trance channeling/mediumship, not only is the person communicating with souls in another dimension, but they actually speak through that medium’s voicebox. I should also mention that it’s physical mediumship where ectoplasm is formed by the spirit coming through and visible to others witnessing it.

In other news, I quit Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Minds, and MeWe on March 19th. I have many good reasons for doing so, and my stress level has dropped dramatically. I am keeping my www.instagram.com/psychic_atheria account for now as I truly love taking pictures/videos (of cats…LOL) but may also delete that eventually.



Message to the United Consciousness

I felt like one of my unseen friends wanted to speak today, but I didn’t feel like putting on make-up and expending the energy to go into full trance. So, I decided to do some relay channeling via typing. Today’s chat with You is something I’m going to have to ponder later. With the time change and other insomnia issues, I just can’t think that deeply at the moment. You wanted me to think too much. 😉

Atheria: I am seeing a lot of pink. I ask, “Who is with us today?”

You: We are from the realm beyond the 5th level of consciousness.

A: What shall I call you?

Y: We don’t need a name, which is attached to ego, but for clarity’s sake, you may refer to us as “You”.

A: You who? Although I want to yodel, “You hoo!” Sorry, I can’t resist. 🙂

Y: Thankfully, for your sake, we do have a sense of humor. We’ve found that humor is healing. The old axiom of laughter being good medicine, is actually true. On an energetic basis, when you are laughing and happy, it raises your etheric body’s vibration…which is necessary when trying to mitigate blockages in the flow of energy throughout your various bodies. It is a shame that so many focus on the lowest level, the physical body, when trying to remediate difficulties with health. Looking at the 3rd dimension is not where you should be focused at all. Now this will get complicated. The “you” in the prior statement is also us, as we are you. Now do you still want to yodel?

A: I am going to need way more coffee for this conversation.

Y: You are not “I”. You are too full of identity…ego. That is stopping you from receiving the healing you seek. In this case we have to use the term “you” in order for you to comprehend the complexity of the dynamic. We would prefer to say “We are too full of identity…ego” but then if we used “we”…we wouldn’t be separated. Get it?

A: Okay, so to cut to the chase, WE see ourselves as separate, and that is the root of a lack of healing? I’m going to be paranoid about pronouns during this conversation.

Y: Correct. When it is 100% known that the air, walls, chairs, Bob, Steve, Linda, and Josie are all interconnected and pulse with the heartbeat of The One, in unison, that does not allow for illness. Blockages are created by THINKING separation. Just like there is power when many gather in like mind and purpose, there is healing when it is accepted that they are us and we are them. And that includes inanimate objects, which aren’t. Rocks are connected just as birds are and other humans.

A: Okay, people have heard about oneness for a long time, but it can be REALLY hard to accept at times when we see violence, hatred, and selfishness displayed. How do we get beyond that mental block when we do need healing?

Y: Sit. Be still. Fill yourself with pink light. Let the pink sit in your heart. Trust that there is a plan and that no one knows how the journey ends…but must walk the path set out for that fragment of the Over Soul. Each soul is a piece of the Over Soul. All goes back to the Source, one way or another. Pink is love. Return to love. See completeness. There is perfection in love and completeness.

A: Well, that sounds simple…NOT.

Y: It was never said that it would be easy. But, it is reality.

A: Thank you, You, for chatting with me today, even though I know I’m not me. Should I thank you for chatting with us?

Y: Yes, that would be preferable.

A: I can see, oops, WE can see, this is going to be difficult schooling.

Y: Difficult only if resisted. There is much to be said for the Taoist principle of being like water. Go with the flow. Trust.

Unexpected Out-of-Body Experience

Sometime during the night of February 10th – 11th, 2021 I had an unexpected out-of-body experience. Oddly enough, it was a really bad night in terms of my insomnia (not that there are GOOD nights anymore) so I barely sleep and what little sleep I got was disjointed. Perhaps that is what actually triggered the OBE. I was probably in the hypnagogic/hypnopompia state a lot as I’d sleep/wake/sleep/wake all night with very brief periods of sleep. I think the OBE happened in the wee hours of Thursday the 11th. My astrologer friend had warned me Wednesday morning that Mercury in retrograde was squaring Mars on the 10th, so that there could be a lot of fights and misunderstandings…but didn’t mention, “And, you could leave your body.” LOL! Also, February 11, 2021 was the new moon at 12:05 p.m. Mountain Time.

I tossed and turned a lot all night, and at one point while flat on my back, I felt myself lifting up toward the ceiling. I thought, “Am I leaving my body?!” (with excitement) That prompted me to move back down into my physical self. Because, being able to astral travel is a HUGE desire of mine and I didn’t want to mess this up, I recall talking to myself in my head saying something like, “Don’t feel fear. Will yourself up!” So I did, and lifted up again in a prone position toward my ceiling fan. I still remember seeing the fan. Then I got curious about seeing my physical body and wanted to take a look. I then rotated upright (but near the ceiling fan) and started to turn to look back at my body in the bed. I recall telling myself, “Don’t be scared. Don’t freak out when you see yourself.” I vaguely remember seeing my physical body still in the bed, but it was dark and I didn’t see tons of details. At the same time, I’m also thinking about where I want to go explore but can’t recall now where I decided to go. I THINK I opted to will myself to Los Angeles to “visit” my sister and her boyfriend. Ha! But, I don’t believe I ever made it as things stop after that. Something must have happened to pull my spirit back inside my body.

Now, back in 1998 (I believe…very woo-woo year) when I was reading a bunch of books about astral travel and out-of-body experiences/exploration, I had been doing these exercises in bed every night that were supposed to trigger OBEs. After weeks, I had no success and got impatient and gave up trying. Key words here…GAVE UP TRYING. A day or two later while drifting off to sleep, I suddenly felt myself sinking down through the sofa bed toward the floor. Immediately I totally panicked in fear that I was dying! The moment I felt fear…BAM! I was yanked quickly back up through the mattress into my body. I was so mad at myself when I found out that a sinking feeling is not at all uncommon with astral travel/OBEs! I had assumed the sensation would always feel like you were going up if things were good…and attributed sinking with death.

Because I’m having more woo-woo stuff happen again lately, I’m hoping this OBE trend will continue. I had put my December 27, 2005 UFO picture into a special Google Photos folder to save it and make it easy to share, but the picture, and a zoom-in of the UFO picture were gone. I uploaded them again, but am afraid to check as they may be gone again. Ha! And, comments I made on a near death experience video of a friend of mine disappeared. The owner of the YouTube channel said he didn’t delete my comments, so we don’t know what happened.

Here’s a brief video of me talking about Wed./Thurs. night’s event.

Feb. 11, 2011

I highly recommend ANY books by Robert Monroe of The Monroe Institute (am so thrilled it still exists), Michael Newton of The Newton Institute (life between lives regression therapy, not really astral travel), and William Buhlman of Astral Info.

Astrally yours,


The Anunnaki Stopped By

As I question everything that happens to me all the time (which annoys the heck out of many of my unseen friends) I questioned this sudden feeling that I needed to try to do a channeling session today during my lunch break. This morning I’d seen a video titled “Do Aliens Exist? The Anunnaki – Reptilian Theory” and thought that because of it, the Anunnaki were freshly in my conscious mind, I was imagining that they wanted to come through me today. I started one video and pulled myself out of trance early on because I was like, “No, this can’t be them.” But, the feeling that someone wanted to speak was pressing, so I started again…and here is what happened.

Channeled Session on 2/2/2021 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

And since I’ve got your ear regarding alien races, it’s been really bugging me that I couldn’t figure out exactly WHO some of my extraterrestrial contacts are exactly, as their looks didn’t totally match the main ones I know about. But, someone mentioned the mantis race to me, and when I found this article and read about what they look like and their behavior…YEP! After some of my encounters, I’ve been extra psychic for weeks afterward. I can still clearly see these 2 beings scrambling on all 4s across my yard years ago as I laid on the ground. One came up to me and rubbed my arm to soothe me and let me know I’d be okay.

Now, this was probably nothing other than an insect being an insect, but many months ago while getting ready for bed, I felt like I was being watched. I glanced toward one of my windows and saw a praying mantis clinging to the window’s screen…intently watching me like he wanted to see what the heck I was doing. It gave me a weird feeling and he stayed there for quite a while. Keep in mind that I live on a high 2nd floor. I wonder if he was a little spy? 🙂

Now, not all of my alien contacts have been mantis looking. There have been the more typical greys, etc. Someone just confirmed today that some greys are basically little robots that just do the bidding of their “owners” while others are living beings. I’d heard that before, but didn’t know if I believed it or not. It does seem plausible that some could be…

Anyway, the Anunnaki have BIG energy. In the video I deleted that caught on tape more of my incorporation, I swear I felt like I was being stretched up to really tall. It was like full spine traction! LOL

Well, I’ve gotta run…well…hobble.

In Light,


Darn Neptune in Pisces and Aquarius!

I fractured my right foot and ankle (mostly foot) on the 14th and then started hearing about other people breaking ankles, feet, and/or toes. I mean, like every time I’d go online, there was another broken tootsie victim! I started feeling like something odd is going on. Then, a friend told me that on KOAT News they did a story about a sudden increase in broken toes, etc. Yes, this made the news. I am not imaging it. I checked with a Santa Fe astrologer friend, and she said that there are bunch of planets in Aquarius right now and Aquarius rules the ankles, and that Neptune is in Pisces, and Pisces rules the feet. I’m tempted to break out into “Age of Aquarius” a la The Fifth Dimension from decades ago, but I’m not in the singing mood due to pain and getting around struggle!

Here’s a video I taped today where spirit chimed in regarding the fractured feet, ankles, and toes thing…and I also talk about a new spiritual center forming here in Santa Fe by great folks I know called Santa Fe Institute for Mediumship and Spiritual Studies. I have been taking part in online healing/mediumship practice sessions with heads of the new school, along with other truly gifted mediums, and love their energy. It seems there IS a reason I was called to The City Different. 🙂 The school will offer eclectic classes ranging from healing modalities to mediumship, etc.

I realized after filming this that I’m wearing the same shirt I had on in the last video. I do have more clothes. Ha! Also, I got an 11:11 a.m. while prepping the video. 🙂

January 24, 2021

I will end this post with what I mentioned at the end of the video. I beg people to be discerning about people online who profess to be psychic spiritual leaders but tout toxic agendas. If a “psychic” says that he/she can help you get rich quick via cryptocurrency, or says you need a hex removed…RUN in the opposite direction as fast as you can.



Knock, Knock, Knock!

I’ve been having super lucid dreams that don’t seem like dreams lately (and a lot of nightmares), again, to the point where a couple of nights ago I felt a guy spooning me in bed with his beard stubble scratching my neck!  Then, around 5:00 a.m. today, I heard three LOUD knocks that seemed to be on my front door.  It scared me to the point that I got up with my phone and Walther PK380 semi-automatic to look through my peep hole.  Of course, there was no human there.  We do have a night security team that patrols here at the condo complex, so that makes me feel safer overall, but this was loud and aggressive.  I really, really thought someone was pounding on my door.  I know that uncle Chuckie (in spirit) has let me know he’s protecting me by knocking on my walls at night before, but if this was him, he needs to calm down.  It scared the crap out of me!