Grandma Taos Mountain & Dennis Hopper

I have not visited Taos for a long time and, truthfully, thought my love affair with Taos since 1998 may have ended as we’d grown apart. The last couple of times I had been up there, the energy just felt “off”…not 200% magical like it used to be. It reminded me of what has happened to Sedona where humans have ruined it. But, Grandma Taos Mountain started pinging me again this past week or two. Taos started popping into my head or I’d see TAOS somewhere. An example is that I had to run over to the vet this past week to pick up more medication for Chakra (very worried about my almost 15 years old girl) and as I walked back to my car, noticed the street that intersected where I was parked was TAOS. Then, last night, I had a dream about Taos. When that stuff starts happening, I need to go for some reason.

I had to take out a loan to get gas in Espanola (exaggerating…but not much) and got chatting with these 2 guys from Northern California who felt the $4.59 price tag was a deal! I guess oil companies’ extortion is relative. I almost didn’t drive up to Taos due to the costs involved, but am so freaking bored and tired of Santa Fe, I had to go somewhere! I do need to find a travel buddy to split gas costs with, though.

Anyway, it was a beautiful day in Taos despite annoying as all get out road construction on Highway 68 from just north of Espanola to just south of Velarde, and then again all the way through Taos! I swear that road has been under construction for years and years. Get it done!!

Here are pictures of moi at the start of my road trip and along the Rio Grande south of my beloved Taos…with videos of Taos from afar along with my arrival in town.

Because I have a new work iPhone that takes much better pictures than my 3 year old, not top-of-the-line, cracked Android, I took a gazillion pictures of things I’ve photographed to death already…like the San Francisco de AsΓ­s Catholic Mission Church. (Also included are some buildings right next to the church.)

Here are some random Taos pictures as I strolled around. I walked down some small streets I’ve never explored before. I wish it was always this green and warm!

Next came the gorgeous resort, El Monte Sagrado. One of these days I’m going to cough up the $$$ to stay there. Mary Kate (I think that was her name.) and Heath’s (I love the name Heath ever since Big Valley!) big wedding was being set up by the staff. I asked why I’d not been invited. LOL! Honestly, I want to LIVE at El Monte Sagrado.

Here is a bunch of random Taos pictures, including Taos Plaza and me getting a great Old Fashioned at the Alley Cantina. πŸ™‚ The 2 story house with stairs on the right-hand side is an Airbnb I stayed at in late June 2019 with some out of state friends. I had SO many wonderful conversations with locals today, including an owner of El Rincon where we bonded over Scotty the mechanic on YouTube and his love of Toyotas. LOL! The funny part was that the guy I was talking to mentioned this guy he knows who LOVES Toyotas, and Scotty Kilmer from YouTube popped into my head immediately. I asked, “Are you talking about Scotty?” He was shocked and said, “YES!” You’ve got to love a guy who disowned his son for damaging a Toyota Tacoma. Ha!

Here is a place I love…the Mabel Dodge Luhan House. It was once owned by Dennis Hopper (1971-1975). He called it The Mud House. It is a wonderful property where retreats and such take place now. I ran into these two women who were wrapping up a creative retreat they led where people painted, etc.

Next is the Taos Art Museum at Fechin House where, once again, I got into a wonderful conversation that needed to happen with a woman who is about to retire from working there. Nothing super dramatic happened today, but lots of little magical moments occurred.

Here I am driving to go see Grandma Taos Mountain to have a talk, along with pictures of her and a video. A few times today, I was hit with strong emotion like what happened to me the first time I visited Taos in August 1998. I randomly felt my heart it and almost cried. Taos is in my soul.

Taos Mountain – June 4, 2022

Here is this video on Rumble:

On my way out of town, I veered off onto Highway 518 and made a left onto Espinoza Road to visit the cemetery where Taos lover Dennis Hopper is buried. Here are images of Dennis’ grave (Which has been redone since the last time I was there.) As I mention in the video, he told this guy I met who worked for him that Taos Mountain is a living being with a soul…like another mountain he fell in love with in Bolivia. I fully agree. There is a reason I’m not the only one who calls her Grandma Taos Mountain and has conversations with her.

Now, the grave with the dog statue isn’t Dennis’ site…but seeing it made my heart sad. It just hit me and I had to take pictures of it. It is close to Dennis’ grave.

Dennis Hopper’s grave – June 4, 2022

Here is this video on Rumble:

If you want to dig back years on my YouTube channel, you can find the original video I took when I first visited Dennis at his Ranchos de Taos resting place. Back then, while talking to him in spirit, I asked him what he’d like those of us down here to know…and his soul quickly said, “LIVE!” Today, while talking to his spirit again, I asked if he had anything to add to that, and heard, “LIVE and LEARN.” Good advice. These people (2 cars) were leaving the small cemetery today as I was arriving and this one couple said, “Are you looking for Dennis Hopper?” I told them that I come to chat with him occasionally and knew where his site is. I think I said, “Oh, we talk.” The couple chuckled and I said, “No, really, I’m a medium and we TALK.” The wife then asked, “What did he say?” I told her that when I asked him for life advice years ago his spirit said, “LIVE!” They both said that was great advice…yep.

Here is my Ruby with her new bling! I got her a new front plate and a Taos ET/UFO sticker. πŸ™‚
I have a feeling I forgot some pictures, so here’s a link to all of them.

Taos-ly yours,


Trust Your Gut / Fear

My astrologer friend, Malcolm, reprimanded me again today for not being more aggressive regarding getting my spiritual work out there into the world. He specializes in complex Uranian Astrology (see his business card below) that I struggle to understand. Anyway, it’s clearly in my natal chart that I’m supposed to be REALLY out there in the public eye using my mediumship and channeling gifts that God gave me. I’ve mostly been keeping my light under a bushel…not good. πŸ™‚ I mean, yes, I have a blog and a YouTube channel but I don’t advertise myself as I should and I often argue with my unseen friends about sitting down to actually channel. I also need to meditate DAILY.

Because I’m really tired, in pain still, and wasn’t expecting to channel today, I did some easier to handle (energetically) relay channeling. I don’t have to expend as much energy when I don’t go into full trance and just verbally pass along what my unseen friends are saying. Today they wanted to talk about fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) and trusting your gut…listening to your soul’s input vs. what others tell you is true, not true, etc. You are sovereign. Believe your own guidance and information from Source.

Here is the video on Rumble:

As I was about to start working on this post, I turned on my laptop to get a 333 = master teachers are with you. Love this confirmation!

333 Angel Number

As promised, here is Malcolm’s business card. He is based here in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. I’m sure he could do a reading for you via the Web though, if you are not local. He puts a lot of effort into giving people truly helpful information.

Malcolm G. Mundy, III – Uranian Astrologer

This is unrelated, but someone left a Johnny Cash CD (American V: A Hundred Highways) out by our mailboxes days ago they clearly wanted to donate to someone in need of music. (My neighbors do this kind of thing.) Although I’ve never been into Johnny Cash, something said, “take it”…so I did. I figured if I hated it, I could always put it back for someone else. Well, I LOVE it! Most of the songs are about God and love…with life lessons and regrets, and there is just something totally calming and haunting about his voice. He emitted tremendous emotion in every single word he sang. I can tell from listening to him, that this album was made very late in his life, and just read that the album was released after he passed away.

I am now looking him up on YouTube, etc. to hear more. Why has it taken me so long to “discover” Johnny Cash?! Now, often when someone famous starts obsessing me, it means they are around me in spirit. I would love for him to show up. I think he’d have a lot to say from the Other Side. He felt sooooo much while down here in this 3D realm.



Lisette, my fairy, stops by & “The Speakers” talk about emotions.

Okay, I need to stop wearing this great shirt so much that my friend, Malcolm, bought for me. It is starting to look like I only have 3 shirts! I’m a minimalist, but… πŸ™‚

Here is today’s channeled session, where my fairy friend, Lisette, made a brief appearance before a collective named “The Speakers” showed up to discuss how some beings have chosen to breed emotions out to benefit their health and cohesiveness. Now, this may have been triggered by my recent acceptance that MAYBE my 26.5+ years long headache pain (that I’ve blamed on 3 real neck/head injuries and the toxic J&J clot shot on 9/21/2021 to keep my job despite spirit warning me DO NOT DO IT) which I’ve gone to at least 110 doctors and healers about is due to tension myositis/myoneural syndrome (TMS), but I don’t know for sure. Do look up TMS (Dr. John Sarno) and Nicole Sachs’ work on chronic pain. (All of my “safe and effective” clot shot side effects hit 5.5 hours post jab and included: dramatically worse headache 24/7, very blurred vision (and I needed a much stronger eyeglasses prescription recently), heart palpitations, buzzing inside my body, all the muscles in my body got stiff/sore, severe memory damage, involuntary muscle movements, worse insomnia, and at almost 55 at the time…female spotting 2 mornings later. I have done a lot of detox regimens and expensive PRP injections and am finally starting to have some of the side effects improve…except the pain.)

May 14, 2022

Here’s the video on Rumble.

I really do hope that Lisette coughs up the missing 4 leaf clover necklace that matches the earrings!

Since I don’t currently have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, here are pictures of my children…Chakra (14++ and had 2 teeth pulled last month and was sadly diagnosed with early stage kidney disease, Bleu (10…my Paul Newman), and Lambo (nerite snail).

In Light,


Pip & Maria’s Mom – Spirit Signs

Today I’m telling a true story about how my friend’s mom in spirit sent her a sign via her dog…also in spirit. Love is indeed eternal, no matter the species.

May 7, 2022

And, as Maria would have it, as I turned on my laptop to upload the iPhone video…look what time it was. I just love confirmation. πŸ™‚

Angel Number 1111!

Here is a link to the video on Rumble:

Something that I didn’t mention in the video is that sometimes our loved ones in spirit can’t come through via dreams or other signs if those left behind are dealing with too much grief. Our family and friends on the Other Side will wait until people down here in 3D are not so overwhelmed with sadness. This happened to a friend of mine whose wife died of cancer. She wasn’t able to come through to him (but came through to me via another medium, which was interesting) for a year or two, when he could handle it better.

I really would love for Maria, Conrad, and Am to stop by for a visit in spirit. I’d love to see/hear them. I have a feeling they will. Maria and Am, especially, were believers in all things consciousness and spiritually woo-woo.

In light,


Stock Market and Horse Racing

April 16, 2022

As I mention in the above video, I am NOT giving financial advice. Whatever you do with your money is at your own risk. I will suggest, though, that you listen to your gut when you get any type of bad feeling or warning about something. In my case, I’ve ALWAYS been right when warned about various things and regretted it when I didn’t listen to my intuition. I can usually also tell when someone is guilty of a crime within seconds, and have argued with others who’ve defended people that I 200% felt were guilty…and…yep…the person was guilty of the crime. I will never ignore my gut warning again. I’ve finally learned my lesson after a few recent events. Live and learn as they say!

I do wish I could recall where I read about how to use psychic ability regarding betting on horses. If I can remember whose book I read the advice in, I’ll update this blog post. It’s a good idea that I do need to seriously try. I’ve got high medical and veterinary bills (Chakra) to pay…sigh.

Unrelated, did anyone else notice all the lights flying around my bedroom during the video today? Now, they could be reflections from cars on the street, but I don’t know. I’m suspecting a mix of street reflections and something otherworldly.

Here’s the video on Rumble too.

Have a great weekend,

Atheria Main Email Secure Email

Subterranean Ones — Channeled Session

Okay, this is too funny, but when I uploaded today’s channeled session of the “Subterranean Ones” at a portal here in Santa Fe…it came in at exactly 11:11 on YouTube! I did not do that intentionally. My unseen friends have a good sense of humor. I will take that as confirmation that I need to listen to what they said today.

April 9, 2022 in Santa Fe, NM.

Here is a link to the Rumble version of today’s channeled session outdoors.

As I promised I’d do in the video, here is a map showing this hidden power spot in a residential Santa Fe area. X marks the spot.

Santa Fe, New Mexico – USA

I looked up Telos as I’d blanked on what it is. This is interesting and not what I expected to have pop up!

This is what I expected to find out regarding Telos, an underground city. I had a past life in Lemuria, so this is extra meaningful for me. No wonder I keep feeling a “call” from Mt. Shasta. I’ve driven past it numerous times but clearly need to spend some time there.

I’ve gotta go dig through my crystals to find some fluorite to tape on my my body! I know I have some somewhere. I have plenty of regular quartz, so that part is easy.

Update: Here is some information about earthing. I recommend watching the film.

Until next time,


The Evolution of Consciousness

April 2, 2022

I am clearly NOT a filmmaker! I filmed today’s channeling session with my head cut off. HA! But, the important issue is the channeling, not my face anyway. But, if you want to see what I look like, here I am. I should stick with the forward facing camera on my Moto g7 but that would be even lower resolution than the already moderate resolution my old, cracked Android has. When I get to 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, I’ll buy a real video camera. That’ll be in another 50 years…snicker. But, I treasure my 494 subscribers immensely. It’s quality, not quantity! I also just noticed that Chakra made a cameo appearance toward the beginning of today’s video. πŸ™‚ #browntabbycat

Anyway, today’s channeling came via my personal council of 7, as I call them, with my lead guide…Halcyon…at the helm. Today’s channeling is a bit choppy as I’m out of practice and still dealing with repercussions of my September 21, 2021 forced you-know-what, but hopefully you will get something out of the channeling. During some of the moments where we are quiet, it is because I was debating with them telepathically. I question things all the time and argue with my unseen friends. I really don’t know why I was picked to do this type of work when I’m so cranky and uncooperative. I should have called myself The Cranky Medium and not The Petite Medium. πŸ™‚

Here is today’s channeling session that covers everything from charging water that you ingest to assist with healing…to consciousness and a special “new” star.

April 2, 2022 – The Evolution of Consciousness

And here is the video on Rumble if you boycott all things Google. #censorship

I do have to add that since quitting social media (sites still up as calling cards for now, but I may take them totally down) recently, I already feel SO MUCH better! Social media is truly toxic, so Halcyon and team brought up a good point. I actually think they are the ones who urged me to dump all things Meta, etc.

In Light,

Atheria and my unseen friends

It’s All Perfect by Ram Das

“We’re all just walking each other home.” ~ Ram Das

This video on the After Skool YouTube channel is life changing. I highly recommend subscribing. ALL of their videos are eye opening.

I don’t consider YouTube to be social media. It’s a place to learn and grow. So far, although it’s been just a few days, I am not missing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I’ve seen some great videos from others who’ve quit toxic social media and had immense positive outcomes in their REAL lives. The only thing that bugs me is that I don’t have anywhere to post pictures of my pets. Oh wait, I have my blog! Ha! Here is cute Lambo (nerite snail) today. Yes, Lambo is short for Lamborghini!

Lambo – 3/29/2022

Here are two videos of Lambo cleaning today. πŸ™‚



I’m mad as h*ll and I’m not going to take it anymore!

This video of my social media censorship frustration pretty much says it all. I’m DONE with Meta (Facebook and Instagram), especially. But LinkedIn has gotten to be pretty much as bad regarding censorship and not allowing TRUTHS to be spoken. (LinkedIn is totally useless anyway.) Twitter is the least vile as I’ve not encountered issues there, but I’m cutting way back on it too. I will leave my accounts up with disclaimers saying that I’m no longer checking in, and if you want to reach me, go to Of course, I am keeping my YouTube and Rumble channels for video hosting.

Here is the Rumble version of the video.

Honestly, social media is a total waste of our short time on Earth anyway. Everyone would be better off without it. I am still dealing (26+ weeks and counting) with jab side effects and am spending almost $1,000/month on stem cell therapy to address just ONE of the life ruining health issues from the “safe and effective” shots. But, I do plan on starting to TRY to do more of my spiritual work despite my health struggles. So, it’s time I focus not only on trying to heal my damaged body, but also on making my life mean something before it’s too late. Checking Instagram or Facebook feeds is not improving my quality of life. I will miss taking tons of cat pictures, but, oh well.

I went to an estate sale yesterday and the whole time I was walking around the house of the woman who passed away, I could feel her spirit really strongly. I never met her, but liked her from not only what I felt…but also her taste in art. I’ve had some other psychic stuff occur for months, despite my health challenges, so I’ve not lost everything. But, it IS hard to do mediumship and channeling when I’m in so much pain in various parts of my body…not to mention the memory damage and other things. I just saw a super interesting interview from February on the JeffMara Podcast with a guy who was able to heal paralysis! It was a great chat and very inspirational.

Take care out there,


Honoring the Sacred & Living in Unison with Others in the Cosmos

Okay, so how do you like this blog post’s title? I had no clue what to title this channeling session, and went with this. Keeping in mind that I am still dealing with neurological damage (increased head and neck pain, involuntary muscle movements, and memory/brain damage for 22 weeks as of this coming Tuesday), this was pretty darn cool today. I have noticed major damage to other psychic mediums from the you-know-what. I only had one “it” and will never get more, but those who have had three have had their gifts very damaged, from what I’ve witnessed. I am convinced that the damage to the pineal gland is intentional. They can’t control people who are empowered in the way Jesus said we all can do what he did. I have also done a lot of detox regimens that may have helped me not end up dead or paralyzed as has happened to too many others. My story (but it got worse in terms of my memory issues after I sent in my story) was featured on as Carrie Ryan.

Anyway, before I sat down today, I “felt” Pleiadians around me, so it was probably them today. The sudden (but welcomed) interruption was definitely Native American. I did hear, clairaudiently, Sitting Bull (who I channeled in Los Angeles long ago…FABULOUS soul) but as I have an issue of trusting what I pick up, I am not 100% sure it was him. A huge issue with my channeling, that I am making a concerted effort to fix, is LETTING GO and TRUSTING. I am an admitted control freak. I question everything (even after 22 years) and often silently argue with what is coming through in my head. It’s like the time Jesus…yes, THAT one, came to me in a friend’s West Los Angeles condominium in the late 1990s. If you want that story, let me know, but I jumped up and said, “No, this can’t be YOU.” But, it was him. I remember in channeling class back in 2002 I was struggling to go into full trance so my unseen friends could speak. I kept fighting with myself. Finally, exasperated, I said to myself, “I give up” and let go. The moment I thought that, BAM, I was in trance and had one of the best sessions I’ve ever had. It’s ironic that this type of work is what I’m supposed to be doing while in the body known as Atheria where I don’t trust and I don’t like letting go. πŸ™‚

Feb. 20, 2022

Here’s the Rumble video option for those who also think censorship is evil.

Feb. 20, 2022

If you want to learn more about platelet-rich plasma, here’s my new doctor’s site where he explains the process. I don’t like having blood drawn (will need about 6 tubes taken out each monthly session) and don’t like needles (will have a lot of injections in the base of my skull and neck) so this is going to be FUN. But, I’m desperate to lower the increased 26 years long headache pain, if it can be lowered. I don’t even care that much about the neck and back pain. The memory issue is not addressable via PRP therapy, sadly.

New Mexico Pain Management – PRP

Channelingly yours,