Knock, Knock, Knock!

I’ve been having super lucid dreams that don’t seem like dreams lately (and a lot of nightmares), again, to the point where a couple of nights ago I felt a guy spooning me in bed with his beard stubble scratching my neck!  Then, around 5:00 a.m. today, I heard three LOUD knocks that seemed to be on my front door.  It scared me to the point that I got up with my phone and Walther PK380 semi-automatic to look through my peep hole.  Of course, there was no human there.  We do have a night security team that patrols here at the condo complex, so that makes me feel safer overall, but this was loud and aggressive.  I really, really thought someone was pounding on my door.  I know that uncle Chuckie (in spirit) has let me know he’s protecting me by knocking on my walls at night before, but if this was him, he needs to calm down.  It scared the crap out of me!



Mind & Spirit Blowing Seattle NYE!

Although one of my resolutions for 2021 is to cut way back on all social media and a lot of news, thank Goddess I quickly popped into Facebook to see a post by a friend about the virtual New Year’s Eve display at Seattle’s Space Needle. HOLY MOLY! This is awe inspiring and I highly suspect humans had help with this from other beings! I felt tingling from spirit watching this laser show. It includes DNA activation (in my opinion…and there are literally DNA strands in the show), the Buddhist lotus flower at the crown chakra, UFOs, etc.!

Seattle welcomes 2021 with stunning virtual display at the Space Needle |

Wowza! Watch all of it!

Happy 2021 and may it kick 2020’s horrid butt!


Council of 12 and Flower Essences

Wow! I just Googled “milk thistle flower essences” and found this: “Milk Thistle — this flower essence helps us let go of deep anger. Often times anger is the surface emotion to sadness. It helps to clear feelings which block the flow of love.” When the Council of 12 (see video above) mentioned milk thistle as a flower essence that would be helpful right now, internally (I often debate with my unseen friends silently while channeling…which also explains some pauses that occur.) I said to them, “What?! MILK THISTLE?!” Now, lavender made total sense to me. Ha! Seeing that yes, milk thistle as a flower essence isn’t only a thing…it totally makes sense for the anger that is prevalent on Earth right now, is confirmation that what I do is real. I love it when stuff I channel makes sense once I look it up. Trust me, I would not have come up with this. It was from THEM. I do know that herbally, milk thistle is cleansing for the liver…but that is all I knew, until today.

I am determined to cut back on social media in 2021. I need to be on it a bit for marketing purposes, but I’m tired of the deluge of bad news about how many people are racist, stupid, full of hate, etc…and the superficiality of most of it. I will be online in a more focused way, at least that is my goal. I need to focus on my mediumship and channeling, and less on the KKK/Proud Boys/QAnon and politics. In that vein, I’m SO grateful to have found the Santa Fe based mediumship group I’ve stumbled upon (no accidents) that “meets” via Zoom during COVID-19 on Sunday afternoons. I’m out of practice regarding regular mediumship and it’s been a helpful way to get my psychic muscles built back up. One of our members is in Germany! Most are in New Mexico though.

In Light,

Atheria and my unseen friends

Metatron? Bring him/her on! :-)

Howdy! This is a quick video after this week’s virtual mediumship and healing practice session. I was able to bring through some relatives in spirit for a couple of the attendees, which was great. I always get nervous when told, “Okay, go! Give messages!” My face probably looks like a deer caught in the headlights initially…but, once I can hook into whoever I’m reading, it gets less stressful. Then I was read by this other woman who didn’t know I’m a trance channel and she told me I can channel and need to make sure to write my channeled messages down so that they can be learned from long after I’m gone. I used to do a lot of written channeling, but haven’t done much for quite a while. I need to get back to it. Then she was told to tell me that Archangel Metatron wants to come through me, and that although the energy is BIG, due to my experience, I “should” be able to handle it. Supposedly, I’m to do more angelic work, which is something I’ve never focused on. She also told me that I am a star being/starseed and quite connected to Orion. Well that’s cool!

Another lovely woman did important energy work on me so that I’m prepped for the winter solstice tomorrow along with the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn. Speaking of which, they are going to stream Stonehenge tomorrow since people normally gather there, but can’t due to the coronavirus.

She also made me realize I need to legally change my name AGAIN, back to Atheria. I was legally my soul name from the spring of 1999 to summer of 2007. I went back to my birth name for official stuff only at that time because being legally just one name caused a lot of problems. So, I if I do change my name legally again…I need to come up with a special meaning last name to go with it. My birth last name sounds awful with Atheria. I keep hoping spirit will give me a last name like they gave me Atheria in 1998. Ha!

My interview for the JeffMara Podcast should be uploaded by Friday. I feel bad now because I was SO hyperactive during it I blabbered on nonstop and poor Jeff couldn’t get a word in edgewise! I was out of control. OOPS. I just get too excited when I talk about all things woo-woo.

Happy holidays,

“Accidental” UFO Picture in Albuquerque 12-27-2005

Okay, it takes a lot to make me gasp with everything I’ve been through, but WOWZA! My unseen friends truly pulled strings today and stepped up to the UFO plate! I’m being interviewed tonight by Jeff Mara for his YouTube channel (will be posted later and I’ll alert folks when it’s viewable). Because I had previously mentioned to him that I “accidentally” took a picture of a UFO in Albuquerque in December 2005 while playing with a new Nikon camera, he asked me this morning if I’d been able to find the picture anywhere. Shirley MacLaine had posted the image and my story on her website many years ago so I’d gotten used to being able to just refer people there. But, she revamped her website a while ago and took all of that stuff down. Because I only had a flip phone in 2005 and didn’t back up pictures automatically, finding the picture is not easy. It’s probably burned onto an old CD/DVD somewhere and I don’t even have a CD/DVD ROM anymore. So, I had told Jeff that I was sorry, but I couldn’t find it in time for tonight’s video taping.

Well, minutes ago I got this random email from Shutterfly (had recently reactivated an OLD account I forgot I even had that was registered to a now deleted Yahoo email address) saying, “Here are memories from 15 years ago”. The first few pictures the email previewed were of Santa Fe and Taos, but out of curiosity, I clicked it open and then clicked on “see more images”…and…BAM! There’s the December 27, 2005 at 11:16 a.m. photo of the UFO! OMG! I had taken a series of pictures facing the same direction but changing the Nikon’s settings, just to see what difference the various photo settings made. It was a clear, crisp, winter day as I shot toward the Sandia Mountains. Now, my eyes did not see anything other than clear, blue sky. It wasn’t until I uploaded the images onto my laptop that I said as I flipped through the series…”Nice picture. Nice picture. Nice picture. WTF was that?! Nice picture. Nice picture.” This frame was in the middle of the series of photos. Now, if this thing in the sky was a balloon or something, I would have caught it in other frames…but…NOPE! This is when I first discovered that UFOs can cloak themselves and be invisible to the naked eye.

I’ve emailed this picture and the zoomed in version to Jeff, so hopefully he can put them on the screen during our chat later today. I never heard back regarding what the verdict was, but Shirley’s people thought the picture was good enough that they sent it to their UFO researcher contacts in Mexico to have it analyzed.

I’ve been feeling beings around me really strongly today in prep for my interview for the JeffMara Podcast and this just is extra woo-woo cool! THANK YOU TO MY UNSEEN FRIENDS! You came through for me!

Extraterrestrially yours,


Spirit orb?

Dec. 15, 2020 in my condo complex’s clubhouse

Okay, what the heck is THAT? I went into my condominium’s clubhouse this evening to quickly take pictures of the lit Christmas tree (and a few other holiday decorations) and this happened with photo number two. A similar light showed up in some night sky pictures I took facing the Sangre de Cristo mountains on November 29th. I just assumed that somehow a condo complex light simply reflected, but this time I cannot explain it. Now, with the photos on the 29th, which you can see here:

Nov. 29, 2020

…I didn’t see the odd light until I looked at my phone after the fact. But, this time, I actually saw a light zoom from my back left toward the tree as I clicked the picture. And, there was no lighting in the room that could explain this as a reflection or something. I also checked my fingers to make sure they were nowhere near my phone’s camera lens. Here are all the pictures I took: You can see that the room isn’t super brightly lit.

Here’s a short video:

Zia Vista Condominiums on 12/15/2020.

When I was told by a very good medium in late July 2017 (while living in the middle of nowhere Pojoaque) that “You’re in the right church but wrong pew” (right state but wrong town after being brought to New Mexico for the third time) my mind went to Santa Fe vs. my beloved Taos due to totally practical reasons. (Taos is really small, really far from work, and really cold.) But, I didn’t leave Pojoaque until a year ago when I impulsively bought my condominium in Santa Fe after a co-worker mentioned the month before “I’m going to leave Los Alamos and buy a condo in Santa Fe next summer.” I had ZERO interest in buying real estate ever again after losing money on my Albuquerque house in October 2014…and my commitment issues. 🙂 Anyway, her comment that day in November 2019 made me pop into Trulia out of curiosity to see what was available in $$$ Santa Fe in our price range. The first listing under $200,000 was the “baby blue condo” I ended up buying. The moment that I saw it online, my soul yelled YES. I looked at other places the day I checked out this place, but the moment I opened the front door, my realtor and I gasped, “OMG!” (Side note: Her beloved partner had passed away and let us both know that he was with us that day.) It was more money than I felt comfortable spending, but there were signs confirming that I was meant to live here. A simple example is that the master bedroom was painted the same color as my house’s master bedroom was painted by me. But, the more interesting thing is that a couple of weeks before this all happened, I was driving back to Pojoaque from a meeting I’d attended one Sunday and I took a different route home than I usually took for some reason. While driving on this major Santa Fe road, my attention was VERY drawn to the condo complex I now live in. It felt like it “called” me. Of course, I dismissed it…but…my condo had been on the market for about 45 days so it was literally calling me to it as I sped by. I read a good book by a well-known medium years ago where she said that anything you notice while going about your day, you notice for a REASON. Things that grab your attention may not grab the attention of the person next to you, because it’s not important for their soul. She stressed to pay attention to what grabs your attention. I now fully agree with that.

Anyway, and this is a much longer blog post than I intended tonight, but I’ve been in Santa Fe for close to a year now and have been wondering, “Why the heck was I brought here?! NOTHING is happening and I’m rotting due to both COVID-19 and the fact this city is mostly retirees!” But, “Do you know how to make God laugh? Tell him/her your plans.” (A wonderful filmmaker I know said Garth Brooks said that to him.) I fight all the time with overly New Age friends who naively think (because it makes them feel better/reassured) that they can control/create reality. OUR LIVES ARE CHARTED BEFORE WE INCARNATE. Yes, you can make decisions in the moment, but you do not control your major life lessons once you incarnate. We have more control before we agree to our next incarnation while meeting with our council of seven…one main spirit guide and six supportive spirit guides. Once we become human, we’re kind of effed. I have said more than once that I must have been drunk or stoned to agree to my current life. According to really good channels and mediums, my soul is a bit too eager to progress and reincarnates super fast…giving them whiplash. Like I am in this physical life, I’m always in a hurry.

As CHARTED LIFE would have it, I got involved with a NM filmmakers/screenwriters/actors group here in New Mexico/Tamalewood when I lived out in Pojoaque after moving back to NM in November 2016. Let me say right now that the wonderful people in the Meetup group I joined for NM based screenwriters, actors, filmmakers, etc. are extremely talented, but they also reminded me not to judge someone from what you see during a first encounter. Because of Los Alamos/southern Santa Fe logistical issues, I had stopped attending the Monday 6 p.m. meetings regularly because it was just too hard to physically get there in time. Thanks to COVID-19 (not much to thank it for), meetings moved to online…which made it much easier. Plus, I moved to Santa Fe, so that made it even more convenient if we did meet in person. Anyway, this fun member of the screenwriters and actors group, who I just knew as a writer…turned out to be a psychic medium, trained in Spiritualism! And I only found that out because on Facebook he showed up as a “suggested friend” and I saw in his brief bio SPIRITUALIST and MEDIUM! I reached out to him with, “WHAT?!”…which led to me finding out about this fabulous online mediumship group that meets on Sundays that has already changed my life. Firstly, I’m out of practice regarding doing readings, so it’s been helping me get back in the groove as doing readings is a part of the Sunday afternoon meetings, but I’ve also been given great messages from my loved ones on the Other Side. Interestingly enough, I’ve been feeling certain family members and Spiritualist teachers around me recently. I thought, “Maybe I’m just making this shit up”…but…nope. My psychic mediumship teachers and family members ARE here. I actually suspect them regarding the odd light in today’s Christmas tree photo. I have indeed been placed where I’m currently at for a good reason. Please have faith that YOU are where you are meant to be at this leg of your life’s journey.

Happy holidays,


Are you having really vivid dreams lately?

I have bad insomnia, so what little I sleep is very chopped up, but when I do sleep I’m now having nonstop, very vivid dreams. This is clearly new. I have gone for long periods of time where I didn’t dream at all because I couldn’t even get into REM sleep. Some friends on Facebook have mentioned they are also having super vivid dreams. How about you? Please comment below if you have noticed a change in your nocturnal life. This brings me to the question, “What IS real life? Am I dreaming or is my ‘reality’ actually the dream?”

Also, regarding the alignment of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21st, I feel (and some very gifted friends of mine feel) that it’s not important. It’s not like the conjunction is going to bring peace on Earth and good will toward all or anything. It’s a distraction from what needs to be dealt with here on this planet in the 3D world.

Happy Holidays,

EVPs from the haunted St. James Hotel

I’m a bit slow in doing this, but I just converted two short audio recordings of EVPs into movies so I could put them on YouTube. These two brief EVP recordings were caught on June 29, 2019 at the awesome…and very haunted…St. James Hotel in Cimarron, New Mexico. There were some good videos of ghosts making themselves known too, but I don’t have copies of those. One clearly affected a lamp in the room we were testing.

This photo is from the late 1800s.
Modern day picture of the St. James



Mesa Verde, NAs, & All Things Woo-Woo

Okay, so I posted minutes ago on Facebook that I’ve been feeling Native American spirits with me today. Anyway, I’m reading a friend’s book and got a little weirded out when one of the characters has my sister’s birthday (March 19th) and another has my father’s birthday (May 23rd). I thought, “Well, that’s oddly coincidental.” Then, the plot takes 3 characters to Mesa Verde in Colorado…and I kept thinking about my trip there years ago and how I’d like to go back to see more of it. Anyway, I just reactivated my OLD Shutterfly membership this past week. I actually thought the account had been totally deleted and didn’t even contain anything…but didn’t bother to even check. I just got an email with memories from May 25, 2006 when I went hot air ballooning in Rio Rancho. I have NO idea who the people in the few pictures are. LOL – Then I decided to click on another section of Shutterfly…and BAM…lots of pictures I’d totally forgotten about. But where I initially landed was here…these pictures from my trip to MESA VERDE!! Too freaking coincidental to just be coincidence! — May 10, 2014

Never poo-poo the woo-woo! And, stay open to all things beyond. Looks like I need to plan another trip when it gets warmer and COVID-19 has calmed down.