Eddie Van Halen in Spirit = Love

Although I have had other famous people (especially musicians for some reason) come through in spirit before, Eddie Van Halen just showed up while I was dealing with cat mom issues and laundry, and caught me totally off guard. I’m still a bit overwhelmed with emotion as his spirit is lovely. He was triggered to come through due to me seeing a post Valerie put up on Instagram about their son, Wolfie. I wish there was a way I could transmit through video or touch (have tried to pass it through touch and it’s hard) the love that spirits send to their loved ones who are down here in the 3D world.

July 30, 2021 before Eddie showed up.

Thank you, Eddie, for proving that…once again…love lasts forever.


Atheria the translator

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The Arcturians and my fairy friend, Lisette!

July 24, 2021

Howdy all! The Arcturians showed up today for a brief channeled session and then my fairy friend, Lisette, piggybacked on their energy and chimed in. I just love her energy. She is so light and fun!

Spirit started urging me today to go back to doing more written channeling (i.e. automatic writing) as it’s much less physically draining for me. I need to step up my game and start focusing on work related to why I was born in this lifetime. I can accomplish more with the written word. But, since I know people have short attention spans (myself included) and like being able to listen to stuff, I will still make videos of any written channeling I do. 🙂

According to a good astrologer (and awesome artist) friend of mine, my work is going to shift next year as I’m moved in a different direction than my current day job. We’ll see what happens!



Your body is simply clothing for your soul.

(This video, and everything I say, is/are my own opinion(s) regarding things I have personally experienced. Everyone needs to trust their own Higher Self for what is truth.)

This video is longer than usual because I veered off into other topics than what I intended to talk about. I meant to attempt to convince people that when they leave their physical bodies…they are not really gone. There is nothing to fear about being on the Other Side. So many people are petrified of what’ll happen when they leave their body that is their soul’s temporary clothing. Don’t worry. The you that you know as you, will continue on. As great as the Other Side is, do NOT do anything to cross over early. You are here for important work. There is a plan for your life and people often do not know all the good they do in the world until they do cross over and go through life review. I firmly believe we chart our lives before incarnation and, as often hard it is to believe while going through h*ll, our soul felt it needed to learn some important lessons and grow through dealing with hard times. I can personally attest that I do not understand why I chose to go through much of what I’ve gone through, but I do think I did choose it before coming here.

July 10, 2021

Watching myself on video, I talk with my hands a lot! LOL

In Light,


Spirits dislike huge phones too!

During ANOTHER zero sleep night, I started thinking about cell phones and how they’ve gotten annoyingly too big when long ago, the “in” thing was to see how small they could make them. I really like 4.75-5″ phones but they are close to impossible to find now. Anyway, all of a sudden I clairaudiently heard a female voice say, “I agree.” Ha! Spirits have opinions on cell phones too!

I have to say, I’ve been having more and more spirit communication events happen lately, along with other psychic flashes. I seem to be in a growth phase again.

Stay open!


Feathers come and feathers go!

Things with Eddye in spirit are getting more and more intriguing! For a little history, at least one of my spirit guides, White Feather, uses bird feathers as ways to signal me. Back in the late 1990s when all of this started, he’d leave a bird feather very specifically placed right outside my front door when I’d open it. In fact, just recently, feathers came up as messages. Now, what I didn’t know is that Eddye and Carolyn used to collect feathers. Anyway, minutes ago, Carolyn emailed me 2 pictures of an incense burner from Eddye’s apartment…with the lid closed and with the lid open. In the picture (below) with the lid open, you see it’s filled with feathers. The first time I opened the email, I saw both images. I then chatted back and forth a bit with Carolyn via email and reopened the email with the 2 pictures of the incense burner. BUT, both images were the same! All I saw were 2 copies of the closed incense burner! I blinked my eyes numerous times and moved the email around to see if my phone was stuck or something, but, nope! I could not see the picture of the open incense burner with feathers! I freaked and emailed Carolyn back telling her what just happened. When I opened up the pictures containing email AGAIN, both images of the incense burner showed….closed and open! Clearly, there is something about feathers that we DO need to pay attention to! This is so cool!

Eddye’s Incense Burner 6-25-21
Eddye’s Feathers 6-25-21

Eddye is clearly active up there!



Sigils, a Talisman, & a Mystery!

Many know that a California friend of mine, Eddye, passed away unexpectedly in her sleep a little over 2 weeks ago. Since then, being the spiritual and metaphysical person she was/is…with psychic medium friends (Carolyn and me), she’s been coming to us a lot with random signs and actual interactions. In fact, about 5:12 a.m. this morning I heard a bunch of knocking again. Anyway, as Carolyn was best friends with Eddye, she and her daughter have been cleaning out Eddye’s apartment. Yesterday, Carolyn’s daughter found this drawing and I was asked if I knew what it could be? My gut reaction was that it contained sigils and was some type of spell.

I asked metaphysical friends about it, and one said that the top section was a 7 x 7 magic square (which I’d never heard of) and then posted this link that clearly shows it. Weird talisman my father found – “Hagiel Kedemel” written on one side : Whatisthis (reddit.com) Now that I look closer, there’s definite Hebrew/Kabbalah symbols there. It seems to be about attracting love, I think.

Today, my friend and her daughter found this book with a Post-It inside that had my name and old phone number written on it. They asked if I’d given the book to Eddye, but I don’t recall doing so. Granted, I’m a certain age, but… Now I’m wondering why my name on a Post-It was in the book?! It’s intriguing. I met Eddye at a temp job in the late 1990s.

Next they found this talisman!

I see a Star of David on top, but Eddye was Portuguese and more Buddhist than Jewish, so I’m lost. Any input on all this stuff would be greatly appreciated! Another friend sent me this picture from Buckland’s Guide to Witchcraft that shows some symbols like what are on the drawing.

We think Eddye was doing some type of Ceremonial Magick or something, but don’t know for sure. Of course, I could just ask her in spirit, I guess! 😉 I wonder if I could channel her? Maybe! I’ve never tried to do that with a specific person before, so it may not work.

Here’s my unedited (None of my videos are edited…I think people have figured that out!) exited video. I feel like I’m on a treasure hunt!

Excited on June 25, 2021 after a fresh haircut! But, that’s not why I’m excited! Ha!

Thank you for any information you can offer!

Atheria and Eddye’s friends


Ghost Motorcycle, Eddye, and the Mechanic in Dolores

I had no idea what to title this post, so I went with what popped into my head. The 15+ minute long video chat on my balcony in a bathing suit linked below is because (1) it’s shockingly hot for northern New Mexico and (2) I’m doing laundry…covers things from me seeing a motorcycle disappear on Highway 160 west of Durango yesterday to Honda of Santa Fe messing up my car (Ruby) so bad that in the middle of nowhere (between Dolores, CO and Telluride) yesterday, when I asked my friend who died about 1.5 weeks ago, Eddye, to help me, she came through! She sent me a ponytailed, drum playing angel in Dolores! In all seriousness, the fact that this kind soul was able to help me remove a VERY damaged skid plate that could have either caused more car damage or killed a person behind me when/if it totally broke off, was Eddye stepping in to help. I mean, I was guided to walk into a specific convenience store (where the solo gal employee had a gun proudly displayed on her hip…..GO GIRL!) to meet this angel man who went way out of his way to help a woman in distress. Plus, his neighbor with multiple sclerosis was someone I needed to give information to! Everything was fatefully arranged. Later, I met men in Telluride I needed to meet. There are no accidents.

June 20, 2021

If you want to see pictures and videos of my adventurous weekend…really…cool meetings with strangers all weekend in Durango, Telluride, Dolores, and Ouray, especially…Pagosa Springs, not so much, go to www.instagram.com/psychic_atheria account to see way too many pictures and videos.

This story on CNN that a friend sent me is what started this video. They lost their loved ones to Covid. Then they heard from them again – CNN

Drive safe!



Not all “other” theories are nuts!

Look, many conspiracy theories are indeed whacked. Don’t get me started on the cult with 5 letters in its name and red shoes. Anyway, after a back and forth dialogue at work today with someone making me get a Q-tip shoved up my nose because I refuse the jab, much was revealed (accidentally by her) regarding the true agenda. Let’s just say it was said that if you get the jab(s) yes, you can still get C***D (true) but you’ll be asymptomatic or get it very mildly…so that’s totally fine. But, if you don’t get the jab(s) and test positive with no symptoms, that’s not okay. I am not a fan of stupidity or illogical thinking. I just heard from my North Carolina friend that his brother got fully jabbed and got C***D.

A friend of mine in California and fellow RFK, Jr. fan (really…he’s a brave soul) sent me these links that are eye opening.



Okay, for some reason, WordPress won’t post this link. Let’s try again. https://questioningcovid.com/

While reading the first link, I yelled, “Arthur!” Arthur Firstenberg lives here in Santa Fe as it’s one of the safest places to live regarding EMFs, etc. (Thank you spirit guides for making me move here!) I get his 5G dangers newsletter. Here’s the most recent issue. https://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Cell-Phone-Apocalypse.pdf

I cut back to a $15/month prepaid T-Mobile phone plan recently because I’m becoming more and more suspicious about cell phones and am forcing myself to cut back. (By the way, this plan has unlimited talk and text but only 2.5 GB of data and then you have zero data…but I keep the data turned off most of the time and use WiFi if desperate.) I’m becoming increasingly antisocial anyway. Ha! I do try to use the speakerphone as much as possible and not hold the phone to my head. I may start treating my Android phone like a landline and just leave it at home. I don’t like that people think they can reach me 24/7 anyway. It is supposedly true that even an inactivated phone can call 911 if you have an emergency, FYI. Look it up. That’s always the fear…”What if I am having a heart attack and need to call 911?!” I keep an OLD Verizon basic phone in my car for that reason. If my T-Mobile can’t get service, the Verizon one should still be able to reach an emergency operator. (T-Mobile does have good coverage anyway.)

Anyway, the first linked article is super interesting about the history of major illnesses and electricity/radiation. We ARE electrical beings. As a psychic medium, I’m very sensitive to energy and feel overwhelmed energetically in massive cities. Don’t get me wrong, San Francisco and NYC are fun, but within a couple of days I’m totally depleted when visiting them. I have to say that the 2 times I’ve been out in remote Holy Ghost Campround (in the Pecos Wilderness area here in New Mexico) where there is ZERO…and I mean ZERO cell phone reception by any carrier, I feel noticeably better. It’s dramatic. I feel less stress, am happier, and just plain feel better in every way. I don’t think it’s an accident. The problem is, even if I got rid of WiFi in my Santa Fe condo, my neighbors all have it so I’d still be exposed. It sucks that it’s almost impossible to get away from unless you move to a super remote area.

Anyway, to get back to the C thing, follow the money! Pay attention to what Big Pharma is setting up for the next TEN years! Oh, and did you hear today’s news? Now there is RSV to fear (so I’m sure more jabs will be coming) and they think the flu season this winter will be awful because people’s immune systems have been weakened by too much germ sanitizing, etc. the past year. That’s a documented thing. I’ve seen a few news stories the past bunch of years about how parents are so paranoid about their kids being exposed to dirt, that the kids are getting sicker easier. Hell, when I was a kid we ate dirt! As an adult, I also ate dirt, but it was magical healing dirt at El Santuario de Chimayo. 😉

All I know is that this whole past year has made it VERY clear that too many people are in horrible shape, which lowers their body’s ability to fight back…no matter what the attacker. Let food be thy medicine…real food…the way God made it…and move your body! My insomnia has been getting worse and worse, and I’ve been blaming it on “this time of life” but I’m not so sure it’s NOT 5G related. We’re all getting pummeled with crap! Thank goodness for my vegan diet, which dramatically improved my immune system decades ago. I only very rarely get sick and never get flu shots.

Ultimately, I’m very psychic. My gut has been screaming…literally screaming…for a year that things are not what they seem, and that I should not blindly trust whatever I’m told. The more the government tries to bribe people into getting jabbed with giveaways/lotteries/free baseball tickets/etc. the more my gut screams NOOOOO! Pay attention!


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In memory of Eddye…

A sweet, effervescent, spiritual, funny friend of mine in Los Angeles passed away unexpectedly. I just found out today via a mutual friend. Eddye’s sudden passing prompted me to do more thinking about life. While sitting out on my balcony, I asked her to come to Carolyn and me in spirit if she could. All of a sudden, a hummingbird with the coloring of the one pictured above, flew inside my balcony to drink nectar from my feeder. It glanced at me, and flew off. Hummingbirds are spirit messengers for me, so I’m pretty sure that was Eddye’s way of saying, “I heard you!” I also clairvoyantly saw Buddhist beads wrapped around a wrist as a bracelet, which she often wore.

Eddye was very devoted to her mother and took care of her for a long time. And, she was a good friend to many. Her upbeat energy will be greatly missed. Below is a video I just shot talking about her work with healing, other trance channels, and thoughts about life.

Rest in peace, my friend.

Above is a photo of Karma and Bodhi right after arriving in Albuquerque the first time on December 5, 2005. They were so freaked out about the move from Los Angeles to New Mexico they voluntarily got into one carrier! They both came to me in a “dream” last night. Bodhi let me hold him on my lap and Karma let me pet her. I miss them every single day and look forward to being with them again someday on the Other Side. I have to say that although I’ve only been back on a raw food diet for a few days, it is already dramatically affecting my dreams. Everything is more vivid. I’ve also had immediate health benefits.