The Earthing Movie – Ground Yourself!

I was so affected by this film (started to cry numerous times) that I had to immediately post this blog.  WATCH THIS FILM!  We have become so disconnected from the Earth that it is literally killing us!

As my friends know, I have lived in constant pain since October 1, 1995 (along with increasingly bad other health issues).  After a 3rd neck (and head this time) injury in April 2018, a chiropractor in October 2018 was horrified at the amount of inflammation in my X-ray images (my entire digestive tract).  I’ve had 3 doctors the past 2 years suggest that I may have an autoimmune disease that is causing me to not recover from the 3 injuries because of my systemic inflammation (edema in my feet/legs, gut swelling, etc.)  Blood tests over the years have shown that I have elevated neutrophils and lymphocytes (or high one, low the other…can’t recall).  I asked the MDs if that was something to be concerned about, but they always dismissed it as “nothing”.  Anyway, when they mentioned neutrophils in this movie, it hit me upside the head.

I have ALWAYS hated shoes!  I run around barefoot or in my socks at work.  I have been sleeping on the floor on a 4″ thick foam mattress topper since April 2016.  I keep postponing buying a “real bed” because I feel better on the floor.  I have stayed at Airbnbs the past few years where I had to sleep in a regular bed, and hated it.  Perhaps the Japanese, Chinese, etc. are onto something regarding sleeping on thin mats on the floor!  (Look up shikibutons.  I want one!)  I am a true tree hugger.  I love hugging trees.

I have often been told I’m too ungrounded and need to ground my energy.  For example, after meditating in West Hollywood years ago, while walking to Trader Joe’s afterward, I noticed that my field of vision was like I was about 6′ tall.  But, I’m only 5’1.5″ tall (maybe 5’1.75″).  My soul was literally slightly out of my body…lifting up toward the sky.  I had to pull myself back into my physical body.  It was an odd sensation.  It’s happened a few times since then when I’m walking around too.


Listening to Mariel Hemingway talk made me cry, especially when she talked about mental health and inflammation and being disconnected from the Earth.  Seeing people with SEVERE health issues (including paralysis) who have greatly improved by learning to ground, made me cry.  Humans need to get back to nature if we want to save ourselves!  Our lives have become too unnatural!  Please watch this movie and walk barefoot on the ground!  I am NOT buying a regular bed and I am no longer buying rubber soled shoes.

Earthingly yours,


Grandpa Bill, Pleiadians, and COVID-19

My maternal grandpa watches over me often, so him coming through today was not a shock.  What WAS surprising is that he came through with Pleiadians to talk about COVID-19/coronavirus.  He was not at all into the type of metaphysical stuff that I’m into, but, from the Other Side, has continued to amaze me.  People change once they cross over and find out, “Wow, you can REALLY do this!”  (My uncle said that to me from the Other Side years ago…shaking his head in disbelief.)

Anyway, I hope you like this mediumship/relay channeling session.

Be safe,


Coronavirus, the Bible, and mediumship

Although you will need to have a paid membership to listen to the 4 segments of this Coast to Coast episode, it is really interesting and worth it.

Revelation Prophecies & Coronavirus / Psychic Readings & Crime Solving – Shows – Coast to Coast AM:

Here is “Psychic Cop” Chuck Bergman’s website:  (He and I have a James Van Praagh thing in common.)

After I finished recording my video today, a friend forwarded an email (about cats…of course) to me that included this quote from Rumi (who I love).  BRIDGE is mentioned yet again.  So many little synchronistic events today!

Rumi - bridge quote

Early this morning, a friend in Las Vegas, NM sent me this seemingly cryptic email:

“Today’s date (was the subject line):  March 20, 2020 – Three 20’s – Strong downloads from the ancestors today.  Listen…”  Later she followed up with this:


Well – here is why this caught my attention.  I have an oracle deck that uses the Kabbalah alphabet – you draw a card ( a letter from the alphabet) which carries a spiritual message. In the Kabbalah, numbers are linked to certain Hebrew letters as well.  So thinking of our dream session, I’ve been thinking of the 3-3’s as message from our ancestors.  So I thought what message might 20, 20, 20 – 3-20’s have.

Here is the spiritual message from the book “The Kabbalah Deck” Edward Hoffman:  20 is linked to the Hebrew letter Kaf.  “Kaf begins the Hebrew word Keter (crown), the highest of the ten divine energies comprising the Tree of Life.  Adepts teach that the experience of Keter is beyond all human speech and even all understanding: our soul on earth is cloaked in physical form, hence we can catch only glimpses of the Eternal Splendor…Kaf also opens the Hebrew work kavana, describing intentionality, willpower and one-pointedness of mind…primary for higher consciousness…”

Could the coronavirus – be this confrontation between the highest illumination (Crown)battling the shadow of fear (the virus)? And are we being told to have the “intentionality, willpower and one-pointedness” to stay with/dwell in- higher consciousness.

Love, J”

Here is this morning’s beautiful sunrise with a beam of light up toward the heavens that felt like some type of “sign”.  (I mentioned this in my video.)


I just love it when things get “weird”.  🙂

Stay safe during the current COVID-19 stressful time.

In light,


Trance mediumship vs. relay channeling

Hello all!  A fellow medium I respect suggested that perhaps my full trance channeling is a bit much for some people to handle.  I’ve feared that for years.  Now, in my defense, when I first started channeling in 2000 during a past life regression hypnosis session, it wasn’t actually a choice.  I was pushed 110% out of my body and was like Horshack (RIP Ron) from Welcome Back, Kotter…raising my arm flailingly trying to ask questions or make comments.  The 2 groups of beings that took my body over at that time did not let me interject to ask questions, much to my dismay.  That is where I first learned about my life on Lemuria and the whole 2012 thing…which they referred to as, “In 12 years, your TRUE work is going to become important.”

Anyway, if I’m totally honest, for many years I have felt that if I wasn’t dramatic and let spirits 110% take me over when I trance channel…people wouldn’t believe me/them.  It’s a credibility thing.  Granted, I’m a SAG-AFTRA actor, but…as good as I am…I could NOT fake what happens to me when I channel.  There are totally involuntary things that happen to my body.  (Side note:  I have seen super 8 1960s film footage of me under 1 year old where I’m sitting up but oddly rocking.  As a kid in Rochester, NY, I would swing on our backyard swingset for HOURS because I needed the rocking back and forth movement.  Until my 20s, I would rock my head left and right to go to sleep at night.  And, when I channel, not only do my arms lock up into claws on my chest or do other weird things, but I also rock back and forth.  It seems to be a part of allowing spirit to flow through me.)

In 2002 when I took a channeling class (After I “accidentally” took over a trance channeling public event I went to see as an audience member…and was flat out told by the channelers, “You need to study with Shawn as you have a huge gift!”) with the Los Angeles area channel…and cool woman…Shawn Randall…my channeling class friend, Diane, was the first to WILLINGLY go into trance.  What I’m still amazed about regarding that evening in 2002 was that Diane’s first guide to come through was Chinese.  She channeled in full-blown Chinese (Diane does not speak Chinese.)  To make the evening even better, I went into full trance for the first time (voluntarily) and my unseen friend translated the Chinese!  Should I mention that I do not speak Chinese either?  (I started taking Mandarin classes at work years later and quit after 2 classes because Mandarin is HARD.)

Anyway, and I’ve gotten totally off track here, I cannot always control what happens to me.  BUT, I have done “relay channeling” via writing before.  (I have lots of written stuff from my unseen friends during the late 1990s.)  And, during 1 on 1 mediumship readings with clients, I have occasionally (while awake) had words come out of my mouth that were not 100% me.  I’ve had to say, “That wasn’t me.” 🙂

Not only was I born under the star of Spica (lucky star) like Jesus, but Edgar Cayce and I have something else in common astrologically, which I am now totally blanking on.  But, the downside of all of this is that MANY full trance channelers or souls that have been sent to Earth to teach, have died young.  The 2 quick names that come to mind are Edgar and Jane Roberts (who channeled SETH).  I  have witnessed many gifted mediums leave this Earth plane too soon who were not famous…or, at least, struggle with severe health issues.  I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but a Seth book showed up in my Rochester, NY house as a young teen and I could not put it down.  I was fascinated by it and had no idea that years later I’d become a channel.  Jane lived not far away in Elmira, NY back then…FYI.

I have forgotten where I am in this post at this point, but, what I need to get at is that (1) what I do is REAL and needs to be believed without drama and (2) full trance (dramatic) mediumship takes A LOT of life force energy.  With my health challenges, I’m not sure full trance channeling/mediumship is the best idea for me if I want to live past age 53.  I may try to do more relay channeling/mediumship where I’m not totally “gone” and have more control of my energy.  Would my readers be open to that?

Thank you,




Knock knock and my dad’s voice

I had another mostly sleepless night last night, but some interesting stuff happened in the wee hours of the morning.

My right ear has always been the most clairaudient of my set of ears.

I am finding it interesting that by simply visualizing a movie screen in my head, it triggers stuff to occur.  I had done that just before the knocking and my dad’s voice calling my name happened.  Now, usually, it triggers clairvoyant/visual things to occur, but this time it was more clairaudient/sound related.

In Light,


The True Power of Water

I just love how “the journey” works.  My sister suggested I read a book titled “Brave New Medicine” by Cynthia Li, M.D.  I was able to download it via Hoopla (courtesy of the Santa Fe public library) and LOVED it.  It’s the true story of Cynthia’s journey from sickness to health by other than typical Western Medicine means.  Her story is a perfect example of how everything happens for a reason.  If she had not gotten terribly sick with super odd symptoms, she never would have ended up a functional medicine doctor and medical intuitive.  I highly recommend her book.


I’m forgetting, but I think there was something in Cynthia’s book that started me thinking about water, and the importance of it.  I live in the high desert here in Northern New Mexico, and know I’ve not been drinking as much water as I should be drinking.  Plus, much of what I do drink is dehydrating.  I went on YouTube and started looking around, and found videos from people who tested drinking a gallon of water a day to see if it made any difference in their health.  Well, some of the before and after pictures/stories were dramatic!  Now, I cannot commit to 128 oz. of water a day on top of what other things I drink, but I’ve started making sure I’m getting at least 64 oz. of water a day.  I’m hoping to help my IBS-C, super dry skin, and chronic pain.

In the meantime, a friend of mine in Oregon told me she’s been reading this book by another Li…William W. Li, M.D., and highly recommended it.


I checked the library to see if they had it, and yep, a hard copy.  I stopped by the branch near my condo to pick it up.  At first I couldn’t find it (the numbering system confused me), but sitting at the very end of a row of books…extremely prominent like it wanted to jump off the shelf at me…was the book “The True Power of Water” by Masaru Emoto.  This book called to me VERY strongly.  And, since it’s small and I have a short attention span, I saw it as win-win!  🙂  I knew of Masaru Emoto’s other book, “The Hidden Messages in Water” but didn’t know he’d written quite a few books about water and its power to heal and transform!


I’m not even that far into this book, but it’s fascinating!  I’m having non-stop “Ah ha!” moments.  For example, he mentions that stress causes intestinal problems (ummm HELLO), that worry causes cervical nerve problems (BEYOND hello), and that impatience causes pancreas/diabetes problems (no comment).  The book mentions how sound is at different vibratory wavelengths and that silence can be created by using the opposite wavelength to a noise you’re hearing.  I’m not explaining it right, so read the book.  Ha!  It brought back a memory of how after I’d moved to New Mexico the first time in 12/2005 (from loud Los Angeles), I was startled one night while walking home with some groceries in the dark.  I got scared, and stopped dead in my tracks all alone.  I suddenly realized that what had startled me was SILENCE!  How sad is THAT?!  I stood there looking up at millions of stars, which I’d not seen in decades living in Los Angeles, and took in the silence.

Anyway, to get back to Masaro’s work with “hado” (my new favorite term), I looked up the word.  I found this interesting site:  Hado Energy — Read about hado, but also click on the link regarding the year 2012.  It’s SUPER interesting.  The first time I ever trance channeled was in 2000 and I had never heard of the Mayan calendar or how important 2012 would be.  While under hypnosis, I was pushed out of my body while 2 groups of beings spoke.  They talked about how I’d lived on Lemuria and that “In 12 years your TRUE work would become important.”  I had no clue what they were talking about and had to look up both Lemuria and 2012.  Anyway, I have wanted to go to Machu Picchu for a long time and need to make it a priority.  I feel called.  I’d also love to go to Japan to learn more about hado.

I’ve got to run off to an astrology meeting, and need to cut this short, but it’s definitely worth your time to check out these books.  And, also, stay curious!  Life is truly a journey of discovery!  I need to win $$$$ so I can quit my day job to explore!

In Light,


Interestingly, we are doing Helen Keller’s astrology chart right now, and her bio mentions WATER…plus she had a lot of water signs in her chart.

My Grandpa Slovik is STILL a mechanic in spirit!

Sloviks 9-5-94

Grandma and Grandpa – 9/5/1994

I’ve blogged before about how my maternal grandpa, William “Bill” Slovik, has been watching over me in spirit for years.  Here are some prior posts, from oldest to newest.

I still remember the day he crossed over on October 30, 1997 because he immediately came to me in spirit when I was in Los Angeles.  He said some things that needed to be said, sent his love, and left…or so I thought.  It was years later that I became aware of his protection and guidance from the Other Side.  To be honest, I’d not heard from him in a while, but I’m pretty sure he was the mechanic who stepped in to help out regarding my car, Ruby, this weekend.

You can see Ruby’s Taos mud event here.

After Ruby got towed out of the quicksand like mud that I’d struggled for a long time to get her out of, I thought we both were covered in mud, but fine.  I drove around Taos for the rest of the day with no issues that I noticed…and then back home to Santa Fe on Saturday night.  But, on Sunday morning, I suddenly got this random, STRONG urge to check Ruby’s radiator for antifreeze/coolant, and her windshield cleaning fluid.  It was a pressing feeling.  Her radiator’s fluid wasn’t dangerously low, but it could use more…so I added some, and it was fine.  Then I tried to add windshield cleaning fluid, and poured, and poured, and poured.  I suddenly heard a noise and looked at the ground, to see all of what I had poured into Ruby, on the ground!  It was going in one end and out the other.  Ugh!

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GD-it all to hell! If it's not one thing, it's another! At this rate, with constant repairs, I'm never going to be able to get a bed! I refilled Ruby's anti freeze/coolant, and that went fine, but when I tried to refill her windshield washer fluid, it poured out onto the pavement! Argh! I don't know if something got damaged when we were stuck in the mud yesterday (see yesterday's event) or if this has been going on for a while! Granted, this isn't an emergency issue (also, her cracked windshield) like her brakes were, but….crap!! And yes, I'm washing her next. Should I mention that a car that's not even 5 years old needs to be totally repainted due to New Mexico rock damage?! Do not even get me started on the fact my car should have been included in the 2015 recall of bad engine coils?! At least when her fuel injectors also went bad in June of 2018 with under 50,000 miles that was included in her warranty! #carrepairs #carissues #2015hondafit #hondafit2015 #hondafit #hondalife #honda #carsofinstagram #cars

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As you can see from this Instagram post, I was aggravated. 😉 Anyway, moments after this, my neighbor, who drives a cool 2003 Subaru Baja, came out and we talked for the first time (other than just hellos).  I don’t really know trustworthy mechanics in Santa Fe, so when he highly recommended a place that specializes in Hondas (he used to be in charge of a fleet of cars and this place is where they got all the work done), I decided to take my Fit there the next day.  As fate would have it, I had Monday off for Presidents’ Day…so the timing was perfect.

I had worried that while stuck in deep mud and trying to go frontward, backward, sideways, etc. mud had gotten shoved up inside Ruby’s engine and damaged stuff.  Turns out, I was right.  When the mechanics at Santa Fe Exclusive got Ruby’s fender off and could look inside, a bunch of stuff had been moved around during our mud fight and I’d badly torn a hose.  Thank God, I didn’t damage her pricier stuff!  It ended up being an $86 fix.

Later, Grandpa Slovik popped into my head.  I had this strong feeling he’d not only alerted me to check my car’s fluids, but also synchronistically had me run into my neighbor who could point me in the direction of great and honest mechanics!  From the Other Side, Grandpa Bill is STILL a mechanic (owned a garage for many years) and watching over my car!  That makes me feel very protected, which is great.

While trying to find pictures of his and Grandma Jeanette’s grave markers in New York online, I found information about his life that I didn’t know.  I did know he’d been in the Army during WWII, but didn’t know he was in the Counter Intelligence area.  The fact that I work for the Federal Government must be one of the reasons he resonates with me. 🙂

In Light,