I’m not possessed, but you DO need to be careful.

Because of yet another note from someone telling me I deal with demons (WRONG) and am risking eternal damnation, I thought I would address it.  When I channel or work as a medium, I always call in protection first.  To be honest, my angels and guides know when I’m about to work and show up anyway, but I feel better making it official.  The one time I’ve had an issue, I wasn’t doing my spiritual work. It took an Apache medicine man to remove a being from my energy field that should not have been there. I had picked it up from a mentally unbalanced coworker by accident after spending some time with her. She’d accidentally opened a “door” to beings NOT of the light. I deal strictly with quality spirits. I read a book years ago by a psychic medium (blanking on who) where she went into a bar one night to ask for directions. She wasn’t a drinker, so she normally never went into bars. Anyway, she could clairvoyantly see lots of lost souls (not evolved beings) jumping into and out of the drunk people. When you are drunk, it lowers your vibration and makes it very easy for any spirit…good or not…to pop in.

I have indeed had spirit activity in my condo. I’ve had a lot of knocking, things falling (although there COULD be a 3D explanation for that), and heard some voices lately. A couple of days ago, I heard a male sounding voice say, “BRRRRR” at 5:19 a.m. Yes, I should smudge and clear my condo again, but Ted…or whoever…seems kind of funny. He definitely is not scary. If you know anything of the Santa Fe area (high elevation and dry) our temperatures at night tend to get the coldest around 4 – 5 a.m. So, this was fitting. I had windows open and a ceiling fan running. Although I think that’s what the voice was referring to, I’m a little concerned that it’s a soul stuck between dimensions where he feels cold…and needs help moving on. So, I’m going to check.

More than once lately, in the middle of the night, I’ve felt a presence and took off my eye mask to look…fully expecting to see the spirit of one of my parents. They are getting up there in age, so you never know. Last night, I had it happen again, and I could swear I saw this little robot looking being about 3 feet tall, walking quickly toward my bed. It felt alien, but for some reason didn’t scare me and I just laid back and fell back to sleep. Normally, if I saw an extraterrestrial scrambling toward me, I’d be a little concerned, but…nope. Ha!

In light,


My unseen friend, Ted…

I’m posting this super fast because I’m tired.  Days ago, I heard FRANTIC knocking during the night.  When I asked, “Who IS it?”  I heard, “Ted”.  Well, since then, non-stop things have been falling off my walls in the condo.  The latest was today, when Ted popped into my head…and minutes later a clock fell off the wall.  You can see it here:

MANY years ago in Los Angeles, a spirit started hanging around me who introduced himself as Theo, Ted, Theodore.  I suspected this might be the same Ted, and, yep, it’s him.  I just finished a chat with him.  Here is the transcription.

Atheria: Ted, are you the one who was frantically knocking during the night days ago?

Ted: Yes. It takes a lot to get your attention.

A: Are you the same Ted who came to me years ago and said you were Theodore, Theo, Ted?

T: Yes. I wanted to give you various versions of my name to make it clear. But, if it’s easier, call me Ted or Theo vs. Theodore. You knew me long ago as Theodore.

A. When and how did I know you?

T: 1700s…France. A blink of an eye from this side of the veil.

A: I’m going to guess we knew each other in Versailles? When I went there in 1995 for the first time, I felt so at home. I practically knew where I was going as I walked around the area.

T: Oui. It was indeed Versailles. You were rich then…well…wealthy. Wealthy sounds better. Sorry I cannot say the same about you during your current incarnation. But, you have wealth beyond monetarily. You have spiritual gifts that make you rich. In this instance, rich works better. Words to me are much like a melody. The correct word for each thought is a musical note of sorts.

A: Are you talking about what Eddie said to me years ago during a reading when passing along a message from my brother in spirit (miscarriage my mother had) who exclaimed, “You got the pearls!”?

T: I am he. I am your brother. Well, I was meant to incarnate as your brother in your current life, but things went astray. We had to abort the mission, so to speak. As you are aware, souls incarnate (usually) within their soul groups. We are in the same soul group. Because I was not able to come through has planned decades ago, in YOUR time, I had to find a way to show up. I have a contract that must be honored. So, at this point I am stepping to the head of your huge spirit team to work with you from another realm. We have MUCH to do. We are behind. You are so easily distracted by 3D “reality”…which isn’t.

A: Because of what happened to me years ago with George Burns and Jean Harlow in spirit (suddenly got this overwhelming craving for cigars and started smoking them…and an urge to go really blonde and bleached and destroyed my hair) because they latched onto me in Los Angeles (a very gifted British medium friend told me that they were with me…George waving a cigar at me…during a Spiritualist Church service) is the fact that I’m suddenly, once again, obsessed with all things France/French because of you? Have I been sensing you without realizing it?

T: Oui. It is not at all uncommon for we, on the other side of the veil, to influence souls on Earth in 3D by cravings, sudden interests, etc. People are more receptive than they realize. Many times when they think it’s them just thinking things…self focused as most are…it’s really us, their spirit friends, nudging them to move in a certain direction. You have NO idea just how exhausting it can be for us over here. People do not listen! Well, SOME listen, but many…ah hem…YOU…are hard-headed and difficult to get through to.

A: Are you calling me difficult and stubborn?! 😉
T: If the slipper fits, well…

A: Great, I had to end up with a sassy guide. Speaking of which, where is Latho? I’ve missed him hitting me in the head with books from the Other Side.

T: Latho is still a member of your spirit team. Teams don’t change. But, he’s stepped aside to let me take up the reins at this point in your life’s path. And, I know what you’re thinking. Yes, we hear your thoughts.

A: Well, THAT’S disconcerting!

T: It is what it is. Anyway, before you interrupted, yes, Halcyon is…and forever will be…your main spirit guide. But there is a council of 7. I am one of the 6 behind Halcyon, just as Latho is. Lisette is indeed a fairy/elemental. Do you see what I mean when I say that you have a spirit team? There is your main spirit advisory board…to sound rather corporate…made up of a main guide and 6 others. There really is no better than/lesser then dynamic though. Each soul is respected. But, there does need to be a leader, of sorts, or the soul we are guiding’s direction may get confused. Every ship must have a captain, so to speak. The difference between our arrangement on this side of the veil, and in your side of the veil, is that there is no ego. We are equals. We are respected for any input we offer.

A: Are you to me (at this point) who Francine was to Sylvia Browne?

T: Oui. I know how much you desire French, but also know that you cannot understand much more than “oui”.

A: Well, that’s insulting…TRUE…but insulting. I AM going to focus on learning French. I’ve even started following French Instagram accounts!

T: Oh dear…I have SO much work to do.

A: Hey! Pffffffffft!

T: You ARE an unruly one. But, you have potential.

A: Speaking of which, when Eveliani told me many years ago on a Spiritualist Church podium, “Although there is no such thing as time, you are behind and need to stop goofing off.” – What did she mean?

T: Every soul has a charted course they incarnate with. There is a soul plan regarding major accomplishments and lessons/growth experiences that need to occur in that lifetime. The minor things we don’t care about so much. But the biggies, yes, they need to be completed…or else you will be held back in your next life. It’s like being held back in grade school. You’ll still learn what you need to learn, but you’ll be behind. Of course, the good thing from this side (vs. being held back in your elementary school) is that because there is no visible age, you don’t have that sense of self consciousness. Remember, over here, all is NOW. “Time” is irrelevant on terms of days, weeks, months, years. We measure what you would call time in progress only. What Eveliani meant (and she says hello from over here) is that you got slowed down by 3D, superficial interests. That is a common issue we deal with when trying to lead from this side. Humans in the third dimension see shiny things and run toward them as a distraction. Spiritual work is hard. Shiny things are easy. Caring about your appearance above all else is a shiny thing. And yes, we know that you know what she meant when she reprimanded you that one day.

A: (Yes, I do think I know what she meant when she warned me to stop doing what I was doing. Yet, decades later, I’m still doing it. I think I know why Ted feels I’m somewhat unruly.) Well, I’m tired and need to make dinner. Even though I feel you may end up being annoying in terms of kicking me in the butt, I’m glad you’ve shown up again. It’s been a lot of years in terms of 3D time.

T: I had to knock loudly and aggressively days ago because you’re not getting any younger.

A: Gee, thanks buddy!

T: It’s said with love.

A: Yadda, yadda, yadda.

T: Mon Dieu!

A: I had to look that up on Google Translate. It means “My God!”

(Just had a glitch with this damn software and lost some stuff!)

T: You do need to keep up with your intention to learn French. Not only will it make our discourses more interesting, you’ll need it later as you walk your journey.

A: Oooooooh! Are you saying that I will be able to live in France someday?!

T: We cannot give away all the secrets.

A: Well, I’m glad you reappeared in my life, although I suspect you are going to be a thorn in my side.

T: Every rose has its thorns. La vie en rose.

A: 🙂 Until we meet again. jusqu’à ce que nous nous revoyions.  (Cheated with Google Translate.)


That was it for today, but lucky me has to end up with a sassy spirit guide.  LOL

Bonne nuit,


Knock, knock, KNOCK!

Over the years I have clairaudiently heard knocking during the night by my unseen friends.  Sometimes, they’ve even made a sound that sounded like my front doorbell was being rung…to the point where at my Albuquerque house years ago, I got up in the middle of the night (with my gun) and looked.  Other mediums have validated the knocking, meaning I didn’t mention it, but they did.  Back at the Albuquerque house when this started, it was after I’d been burglarized and very traumatized.  It was my Uncle Chuckie letting me know that he was guarding the house (and me) from then on.  But, over the years, I have felt that it wasn’t always him.

My always bad insomnia has been extra bad lately due to COVID-19 stress and worry.  Plus, I’m a “certain age” and it’s hard to sleep as a woman during this time of life.  What little I sleep has been very interrupted and weird.  I’ve been having “dreams” that have seemed more like astral events and spirit messages.  I’m pretty sure a few have been out-of-body experiences involving me traveling around the universe and in different dimensions.  I think because my sleep has been so in and out, it has kept me in a very receptive hypnogogic state a lot…and you are very receptive to spirit when in that in between state of awake and asleep.

In the wee hours of this morning (the veil is very thin around 4 a.m.) I recall hearing (with earplugs in my ears and a sleeping mask over my eyes…sooooo attractive) a frantic sounding KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!  There was rapid and loud knocking.  In the past, it’s been a less urgent couple of knocks.  This was like someone pounding on my door.  It was SO clear and loud I did almost get up…with my pink Walther PK380 semi automatic…to nervously check the front door.  But, I then “knew” it was spiritual and not a rapist.  So, I asked, “Who is it?”  Not expecting an answer, I then heard, “Ted”.  I vaguely remember asking, “What do you want?”  But, now, I can’t recall if he said anything in reply.  I then fell back to my fitful sleep.

(Side note:  My sister has long since accused me of creating and/or attracting spirits to all of the places I’ve lived…and that they weren’t haunted UNTIL I moved in.  Another side note:  A friend years ago was convinced I had Exploding Head Syndrome – yes, it’s a thing – but nope!  Granted, I do have neuro problems from the 3 neck injuries.  But, EHS does not answer you and say it’s name is Ted!)

I forgot about what happened this morning, until…toward the middle of my long walk in nature…I suddenly remembered Theo!  Many years ago after my life got weird in the 1990s, one of the first unseen friends that showed up was a spirit named Theo.  He said that he was Theodore but I could call him Theo or Ted!  I have not heard from him in EONS so I’d totally blanked!  What makes me extra happy about this is that it lets me know that our friends in spirit are ALWAYS with us.  He clearly has been waiting in the wings for many years…watching…observing.  I’ve reconnected (at the perfect COVID-19 time) with a long lost friend.

I was going to try to have a full conversation with him this afternoon, but I’m just in a weird place.  So, I’m not doing it today, but I will ask him to communicate soon.  Unlike many people who are really missing human contact, I’m not missing people at all.  This isolation is making me realize that I really LOVE isolation…with cats and fish.  I’m quitting social groups left and right.  Besides the fact I will NEVER shake hands with people again, I’m making other permanent changes in how I exist on planet Earth.

I should also mention that the sound of cowboy boots walking down the EMPTY St. James Hotel hallway in the fall of 2018 as the ghost knocked on each room’s door was VERY different than what I heard early this morning.

Stay safe,


David Icke, COVID-19, and evil 5G

I am begging you to watch this long interview with David Icke with an OPEN MIND.  The fact that hyperactive me (with attention issues) can be fascinated enough to watch the entire 2 hours and 34 minutes is very telling.  There have been books that, when I read them, my entire being knew THIS IS TRUTH (Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, for 2 examples) and there have been a few people where I knew they were speaking truth.  Listening to David talk about coronavirus, deadly 5G (I’ve been against it for a long time), the cult that wants to inspire FEAR, etc…well…my soul screamed YES he’s telling the truth!

The entire time we’ve been dealing with COVID-19, I’ve felt at a psychic and soul level that something else is going on.  The nonstop focus on fear and trying to trigger panic has been extremely concerning to me.  I have felt that it is a way to control people.  And no way in hell am I getting the vaccine when they come up with one!  (He talks about that too.)  I see my friends obsessing with how many people died each day.  It’s not healthy.  They are falling for what “they” want…to scare you…to control you.  Since I have small business owning friends who are being devastated by forced closure of their stores, when he said this has all been planned to cause people to become dependent on the State as a way to control them, my gut felt, yep…he’s right.

David does not like some very well known people he feels are truly evil, and there is one in particular, I have always gotten the heebie jeebies about.  This person’s energy is really creepy weird to me and always has been.  When I feel that about someone, my accuracy is 110%.

Toward the end of the video David gets much more spiritual.  As dire as most of his interview is, he ends it by reminding people that (1) death isn’t real…we never die and should not be afraid of death and (2) that we are very powerful spiritual beings that can do more than many think we can.

You can watch the interview here: https://londonreal.tv/the-coronavirus-conspiracy-how-covid-19-will-seize-your-rights-destroy-our-economy-david-icke/ or on David’s site: https://www.davidicke.com/article/567418/david-icke-live-london-real-today-330pm-uk

I beg you.  Do not be a sheeple.  Think for yourself.  Look behind the curtain to see the REAL Wizard of Oz…who was not who he pretended to be.

In power,


The Earthing Movie – Ground Yourself!

I was so affected by this film (started to cry numerous times) that I had to immediately post this blog.  WATCH THIS FILM!  We have become so disconnected from the Earth that it is literally killing us!

As my friends know, I have lived in constant pain since October 1, 1995 (along with increasingly bad other health issues).  After a 3rd neck (and head this time) injury in April 2018, a chiropractor in October 2018 was horrified at the amount of inflammation in my X-ray images (my entire digestive tract).  I’ve had 3 doctors the past 2 years suggest that I may have an autoimmune disease that is causing me to not recover from the 3 injuries because of my systemic inflammation (edema in my feet/legs, gut swelling, etc.)  Blood tests over the years have shown that I have elevated neutrophils and lymphocytes (or high one, low the other…can’t recall).  I asked the MDs if that was something to be concerned about, but they always dismissed it as “nothing”.  Anyway, when they mentioned neutrophils in this movie, it hit me upside the head.

I have ALWAYS hated shoes!  I run around barefoot or in my socks at work.  I have been sleeping on the floor on a 4″ thick foam mattress topper since April 2016.  I keep postponing buying a “real bed” because I feel better on the floor.  I have stayed at Airbnbs the past few years where I had to sleep in a regular bed, and hated it.  Perhaps the Japanese, Chinese, etc. are onto something regarding sleeping on thin mats on the floor!  (Look up shikibutons.  I want one!)  I am a true tree hugger.  I love hugging trees.

I have often been told I’m too ungrounded and need to ground my energy.  For example, after meditating in West Hollywood years ago, while walking to Trader Joe’s afterward, I noticed that my field of vision was like I was about 6′ tall.  But, I’m only 5’1.5″ tall (maybe 5’1.75″).  My soul was literally slightly out of my body…lifting up toward the sky.  I had to pull myself back into my physical body.  It was an odd sensation.  It’s happened a few times since then when I’m walking around too.


Listening to Mariel Hemingway talk made me cry, especially when she talked about mental health and inflammation and being disconnected from the Earth.  Seeing people with SEVERE health issues (including paralysis) who have greatly improved by learning to ground, made me cry.  Humans need to get back to nature if we want to save ourselves!  Our lives have become too unnatural!  Please watch this movie and walk barefoot on the ground!  I am NOT buying a regular bed and I am no longer buying rubber soled shoes.

Earthingly yours,


Grandpa Bill, Pleiadians, and COVID-19

My maternal grandpa watches over me often, so him coming through today was not a shock.  What WAS surprising is that he came through with Pleiadians to talk about COVID-19/coronavirus.  He was not at all into the type of metaphysical stuff that I’m into, but, from the Other Side, has continued to amaze me.  People change once they cross over and find out, “Wow, you can REALLY do this!”  (My uncle said that to me from the Other Side years ago…shaking his head in disbelief.)

Anyway, I hope you like this mediumship/relay channeling session.

Be safe,


Coronavirus, the Bible, and mediumship

Although you will need to have a paid membership to listen to the 4 segments of this Coast to Coast episode, it is really interesting and worth it.

Revelation Prophecies & Coronavirus / Psychic Readings & Crime Solving – Shows – Coast to Coast AM:  https://www.coasttocoastam.com/show/2020/03/03

Here is “Psychic Cop” Chuck Bergman’s website:  https://chuckbergman.com/  (He and I have a James Van Praagh thing in common.)

After I finished recording my video today, a friend forwarded an email (about cats…of course) to me that included this quote from Rumi (who I love).  BRIDGE is mentioned yet again.  So many little synchronistic events today!

Rumi - bridge quote

Early this morning, a friend in Las Vegas, NM sent me this seemingly cryptic email:

“Today’s date (was the subject line):  March 20, 2020 – Three 20’s – Strong downloads from the ancestors today.  Listen…”  Later she followed up with this:


Well – here is why this caught my attention.  I have an oracle deck that uses the Kabbalah alphabet – you draw a card ( a letter from the alphabet) which carries a spiritual message. In the Kabbalah, numbers are linked to certain Hebrew letters as well.  So thinking of our dream session, I’ve been thinking of the 3-3’s as message from our ancestors.  So I thought what message might 20, 20, 20 – 3-20’s have.

Here is the spiritual message from the book “The Kabbalah Deck” Edward Hoffman:  20 is linked to the Hebrew letter Kaf.  “Kaf begins the Hebrew word Keter (crown), the highest of the ten divine energies comprising the Tree of Life.  Adepts teach that the experience of Keter is beyond all human speech and even all understanding: our soul on earth is cloaked in physical form, hence we can catch only glimpses of the Eternal Splendor…Kaf also opens the Hebrew work kavana, describing intentionality, willpower and one-pointedness of mind…primary for higher consciousness…”

Could the coronavirus – be this confrontation between the highest illumination (Crown)battling the shadow of fear (the virus)? And are we being told to have the “intentionality, willpower and one-pointedness” to stay with/dwell in- higher consciousness.

Love, J”

Here is this morning’s beautiful sunrise with a beam of light up toward the heavens that felt like some type of “sign”.  (I mentioned this in my video.)


I just love it when things get “weird”.  🙂

Stay safe during the current COVID-19 stressful time.

In light,