My horrid insomnia for YEARS and YEARS cannot be allowed to continue as I’m convinced it is behind some of my current health issues. (Lack of sleep is way more damaging that I ever realized from research I’ve been doing.) Many years ago I tried melatonin but it caused horrific night terrors…the kind where you wake up literally screaming and drenched in sweat. I’ve known other people that also had that happen, to the point where they said they’d never ever take it again. One Wheel of Fortune co-worker had his color vision messed up for 2 days from one dose of melatonin. Anyway, I’ve gotten totally desperate lately as nothing else I’ve tried to help my sleep has worked. So, I took a 1 mg. pill of melatonin last night. Now, I didn’t sleep perfectly by any means (I also wear an eye mask and ear plugs…and kicked the cats out of the bedroom, painfully.) and still experienced sleep/wake/sleep/wake/sleep/wake all night…but it did seem “better”. I think I got a bit more of the sleep phase than wake phase. Now, because I learned that melatonin affects the pineal gland, and know that the pineal gland is where psychic ability is based, I was curious to see if it would trigger already woo-woo me, to have extra cool metaphysical stuff happen. And, it did. My dreams were extra clear and vivid. Oddly, the dreams seemed more logical than standard, usually very weird, dreams. I do recall waking up after one and “knowing” that I’d been out of my body. That could explain the logical aspect of the dreams. Maybe they weren’t dreams but that I had actually left my body and witnessed real events somewhere on the globe. I laid in bed thinking, “I think that if I intend to leave my body and go over to the bathroom and turn around, I would see myself lying in bed.” It felt like it would be that easy to do. But, I was a little nervous about it and chickened out. I got afraid to try. Ha! Anyway, I am going to take 2 mgs. tonight and see what happens. My friend said that if she takes over 0.5 mgs. it actually stops her from sleeping, so this could backfire. It could also trigger a nightmare. But, I need to explore. I won’t know if I do need a higher dose for perfect sleep if I don’t try. If this continues to open up my 3rd eye even more, I can see where I may become a melatonin addict. LOL

Don’t poo-poo the woo-woo!

Insomniac Atheria

Arcturians and the Spirit of the Mountain

While taking a walk around a neighborhood park today, my unseen friends started knocking on my head regarding wanting to speak. So, I gave it a shot and my Arcturian friends showed up with the “spirit of the mountain” (referring to the mountain I climbed in Santa Fe yesterday…see yesterday’s post). A detail that didn’t come out during the channeling is that when you remove a rock from a power spot/sacred site, it throws off the grid of energy that comprises the site. Every single rock, every single grain of dirt is connected in an energetic field. By removing something, it causes an energetic wound. The grid then has to be rebuilt in that area.

I will say that the Arcturians struggled with English words this session, which is why there were more pauses. Also, they were trying to be careful about what they said regarding me being too close. They didn’t want to reveal too many details about various locations they use on our planet out of concern that curious people will intrude and possibly cause trouble.

Typically, during pauses in my channeling, I’m either debating with them since I’m argumentative and they are more loving than I am, or they are trying to find the appropriate human language to use. I still find it interesting that I rock when I channel and that there are super 8 1960s films of me when I was a baby, sitting up…rocking. For decades, I also rocked myself to sleep by turning my head left and right…and…I loved to swing for hours as a kid. I don’t think it’s a psychological soothing thing. I suspect it’s a movement of energy thing.



Do NOT remove rocks/crystals

Quartz…one of MANY during today’s Dale Ball Trails hike.

Since I’ve not hiked Dale Ball Trails for quite a while (thanks to COVID-19) and it’s one of my favorite places to hike, I opted to drive there and take a hike up to the top of the Sangre de Cristos that tower over Santa Fe this morning. You can see my drive to Dale Bale Trails, the actual hike, drive from Dale Ball Trails, and the Santa Fe Bar & Grill pictures/videos here:

Anyway, it was a great hike but I’d forgotten how steep it is. Maybe it’s just because I’m getting older, but it was tiring. Plus, I accidentally veered off the trail twice…the second time triggering a bit of panic and “Crap! Where am I?” Anyway, like in Ojo Caliente, up in the Santa Fe mountains there are quartz and other sparkly stones/gems just strewn about. It’s quite amazing. I know Shirley MacLaine said years ago that the reason New Mexico is so powerful energetically is because it sits on a crystal bed, and I believe that from what I’ve witnessed. Interestingly, and Hawaiians will get this, when I picked up crystals, rocks, etc. numerous times thinking “I need to take this one back home” (which I’d done once before), spirit was adamant that I was to put them back down and leave them there…that I was not supposed to take them. I’ve heard shockingly bad luck true stories of people who’ve taken lava rock from Hawaii home (big no-no) and had their lives destroyed. Some people had such horrid luck flung upon them that they’ve literally flown back to Hawaii with the lava rock and put it back…praying for forgiveness and reprieve.

I may have talked about this before, but the first time I was in Taos in 1998, I had purchased a pair of silver and turquoise dreamcatcher earrings that I loved. When I went to Taos Ski Valley and climbed up one of the mountains there, I grabbed a rock and brought it back with me down to the hostel I was staying at in Arroyo Seco. When I got back to the hostel, one of my beloved new earrings was gone. I was horribly upset, but then this thought came to me…a message…”As you took from the mountain, it took from you.” I had this odd feeling that my dreams had been planted by leaving a dreamcatcher earring on the mountain. When I told this story to a woman in Taos Pueblo, she gave me the best compliment ever…”Although you are white on the outside, you are us on the inside.” She then gave me a turquoise bear charm/pendant to protect me to the west (I was living west in California at the time).

Anyway, I thought it was interesting that spirit reprimanded me today to “put the quartz and hematite back” numerous times. Ha! At least I am finally starting to listen to guidance! Goddess knows I don’t need any more bad issues to deal with!

Don’t poo-poo the woo-woo!


My Woo-Woo World and Sign Language

I’ve been having INCREASING psychic things happening lately! Actually, moving to my condo in Santa Fe seems to have triggered a lot since December.

Two nights ago when I was half awake/half asleep (very receptive state) I had this knowing thought pop into my head. Instantly I heard what sounded like a Las Vegas slot machine that just hit a jackpot go off in my left ear, clairaudiently. I assumed that the thought I had just had was very important so that I needed to remember it. But, did I?! No! I tried hard to recall it, but couldn’t by the time I totally woke up. Ugh!

Then, last night when I was half awake/half asleep again (major insomnia issues) I had another psychic event. I kept having the name “Trish Wooten” pop into my head and knew I needed to Google it this morning. When I did, I stumbled upon this Trish Wooten’s YouTube channel and she’s an American Sign Language teacher.

Why that’s weird is that while watching that lovely video days ago about the young girl who learned sign language to talk to her deaf postman in the UK, I thought to myself that I want to learn ASL! As a kid, I was interested in learning sign language and did study it a little, but can now only remember the alphabet and how to say “My name is Atheria.” Also, while heading to Pecos last weekend, I passed an area where there were deaf people (a school or something) because I saw a sign alerting drivers. It really jumped out at me and got my attention. I think spirit wants me to learn how to sign! I have always felt sign language is beautiful.

Stay open to hints from your unseen friends!

In Light,


Consciousness pulled, 1111, and a voice

I drove out to explore the beautiful Pecos Wilderness part of the Santa Fe National Forest yesterday. On the way there, while heading north on I-25, I suddenly felt my consciousness being “pulled” through my 3rd eye again. This has happened on and off for many years. Awhile ago, a fellow medium told me that when I feel this happening, it’s because I’m being communicated with behind the scenes by my extraterrestrial friends. Now, this occurred somewhere just north of Eldorado, if memory serves me correctly. I would not be shocked at all if there are ETs/UFOs in that area. So that is how my trip began. Then, once I got into the actual town of Pecos, I pulled over to figure out exactly where I was and where I needed to go (but still got lost) at exactly 11:11 a.m. 🙂 As I fumbled with my phone, something wasn’t working and I muttered to myself, “God!” and instantly heard a voice say something in my left year to the point I turned to look at who just talked to me ALONE IN MY CAR. Ha! Sadly, I could not make out what was very quickly said.

Now, because of this stuff, I expected some major event to happen during my hiking/exploring, but other than taking a wrong turn…which led to BEAUTY…and rain…nothing overly exciting happened. But, I also felt like I wasn’t alone. I felt like I had travelers with me all day. I guess my unseen friends like nature too. 🙂

July 4, 2020

This video is just me talking yesterday, briefly, about what happened. I think I’m going to focus on posting YouTube videos more than writing blogs. It’s just quicker and easier and vlogs seem to be much more seen than blogs in 2020.

If you want to see pictures and videos from yesterday, you can check my Atheria444 Instagram account, or go to Google Photos here:

Have a great rest of this holiday weekend!


Pleiadians Channeling & Bringers of the Dawn

Hello everyone! I felt knocking on my noggin and thought I’d answer the call this afternoon to let my Pleiadian friends speak a bit. By the way, I highly recommend Barbara Marciniak’s book “Bringers of the Dawn“. It had been referred to me sometime between 1996-1998 when I first started having the Pleiadians show up in my life. I just noticed the book was published by Bear & Company of Santa Fe, NM…my current home. (Side note, sooooo much woo-woo stuff is happening since I moved into town this past December!)

What I forgot to mention in the video is that besides rocking back and forth as a baby and swinging on a swing for hours while growing up, for many years I also did this odd thing where I rocked my head left/right at night to go to sleep. The rocking thing has followed me through life. I do suspect, unconsciously, it was me trying to get energy to move through my body as I’ve always had “abilities” whether I realized it or not. As a kid, besides the fact I would talk to Indians in my New York bedroom at night (from age 4 according to mom), I would have dreams come true that I dismissed as not a big deal.

Anyway, hope you get something helpful from the channeled session in the video above.

Take care,

Atheria and my unseen friends

Choose what makes you feel light!

I drove to check out the Gilman Tunnels that I’d heard about for a while today. Why did I not visit that area years ago?! It’s GORGEOUS and in one of my favorite areas, Jemez! There was zero cell reception there so I uploaded truckloads of pictures and videos to Instagram when I got home. I fell down not one, but THREE mountain sides…and got hurt…but it was worth it. 🙂

Anyway, eating my lunch here…

I had an epiphany. I was watching hawks soar around in circles…totally free, butterflies flitting by joyfully, and dragonflies exploring whatever grabbed their attention. My spirit friends then told me, “Choose light. Make decisions based on whether or not something makes you feel lighter or heavier/weighed down.” This is similar, in my view, to love vs. fear. Love is light and fear is heavy. But, the terminology my unseen friends used today is easier for me to decipher. Sometimes it’s hard to know the difference between love and fear. You may THINK you love someone (for example) who is abusive, but in reality, you fear the repercussions if you left…i.e. violence or being alone/loneliness. But, when you have to make a decision and an answer makes you feel light and free…unencumbered, then that is easy to literally physically feel. I remember years ago I was up for some job that was a “safe” choice (and I was doing temp work where a perm job would have been a good thing) but right before I was supposed to interview, the recruiter called me and said that something had happened and they were stopping interviews. I remember feeling massive relief! I mean, I needed the money, but my gut literally relaxed hearing I was being declined! Clearly, I needed to listen to my gut in that case.

I remember hearing about this very successful Japanese business tycoon years ago. When asked how he made decisions, he said that he would chew up the decision, swallow it, and if it sat well in his stomach, he did the deal. If he got indigestion, he walked away. 🙂 He literally listened to his gut!

From now on, if an opportunity doesn’t make me feel lighter…I’m not doing it. Just yesterday, my Chief of Staff sent out a higher level job ad to us admins that, technically, would be a good move career-wise…but…(and I could use more money) after reading it, I literally felt DREAD. Dread = Heavy. So, no thank you!

Here is a short video I shot in gorgeous Jemez today when this realization came to me.

I’m a slow learner…but…I think I’m finally getting the whole “follow your bliss” thing. CHOOSE WHAT MAKES YOU FLY FREE!

If you go to my Instagram account, you’ll get a description/commentary about what happened today, but this link will take you to my videos and pictures on Google…which includes some stuff I cannot post to IG due to music copyright issues and some random stuff. 🙂



I called…and my ET friends answered!

This picture is from Jan. 2006 in Taos Ski Valley and popped up first thing I logged into Facebook this morning as one of my memories. This is my little wink (too coincidental to be a coincidence) that, yep, my ET friends came to talk with me last night! I had a “dream” I met with them up in a ship to discuss things. And, except for one loud noise that startled me awake when my Taos license plate crashed down off the window sill again (although it’s possible something happened as they left) I was unconscious all night…which is NOT like me at all! I normally sleep very little and very restlessly with a lot of awake time. I just wish I could remember what we talked about! I feel oddly better about life though, like they talked some sense into me during last night’s temper tantrum during which I mentally “called them” to get me the hell off this messed up planet…and let me know, things will get better. During an OBE when Eric Pearl was doing a healing session on me in 1996, I met with ETs out in space somewhere and they let me know that they knew I didn’t want to be on Earth and hated it. They said they would bring me back home when my work was done. At that point, they showed me a star cluster way off in the distance, and I was hit with indescribable homesickness. I started hysterically crying and Eric was saying, “What’s going on?!” I was crying too hard to respond though. I have NEVER felt that degree of homesickness for any place on this planet. In fact, I mostly feel disconnected here, with some few exceptions.

Anyway, I’ve been having increasing paranormal events lately. The most recent one happened in the wee hours of the morning a few days ago when I suddenly heard (clairaudiently, as the cats didn’t respond or seem to hear it) what sounded like someone aggressively pushing down on a bunch of piano keys. I’ve also heard knocking, etc. lately. My medium friend told me that a spirit guide (probably Ted/Theo/Theodore) is getting increasingly frustrated with me because I’m wasting time NOT doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I am a rather unruly and stubborn student. I keep finding ways to say no to doing readings because doing readings stressed me out so bad. I just really want to do a great job and worry that I won’t come through for the client and let him/her down. Granted, every time I force myself to actually do a reading, it works out great. But, I get that insecurity thing that’s hard to overcome. I did have a win this week for a friend who just recently lost her beloved kitty. Rufus had cancer, and when she posted a very sad Instagram post about his passing, I suddenly thought I felt him in spirit. (My friend is in Los Angeles and I’d never met her cat.) He gave me this message that at first I thought was too cliché to pass along, but then added something to it that made it rather funny. I ended up telling my friend what Rufus had said, and she loved it…said it was totally him! He then said something else and she confirmed that I was 110% accurate about his personality and attitude. It made me feel good to bring her some peace knowing that he’s alive and well (and feisty) on the Other Side.

If you have 3 hours to kill, I beg you to go to the “Fade to Black Radio” YouTube channel and listen to a FASCINATING interview with Grant Cameron from June 3, 2020. Seriously, it’s super interesting. To get me to sit still for 3 hours means something is great. Well, I didn’t totally sit still. I multitasked and split the 3 hours up into half last night and half this morning. I don’t want to get into a copyright issue, so I can’t post it directly here. Some of the interesting stuff that got mentioned is that increased paranormal activity (Ummm…HELLO!) is a sign you’ve been having ET contacts and that to steer a UFO you just use your mind. You become one with the UFO and just think it to where you want it to go. Coolness!

Until next time,


I’m not possessed, but you DO need to be careful.

Because of yet another note from someone telling me I deal with demons (WRONG) and am risking eternal damnation, I thought I would address it.  When I channel or work as a medium, I always call in protection first.  To be honest, my angels and guides know when I’m about to work and show up anyway, but I feel better making it official.  The one time I’ve had an issue, I wasn’t doing my spiritual work. It took an Apache medicine man to remove a being from my energy field that should not have been there. I had picked it up from a mentally unbalanced coworker by accident after spending some time with her. She’d accidentally opened a “door” to beings NOT of the light. I deal strictly with quality spirits. I read a book years ago by a psychic medium (blanking on who) where she went into a bar one night to ask for directions. She wasn’t a drinker, so she normally never went into bars. Anyway, she could clairvoyantly see lots of lost souls (not evolved beings) jumping into and out of the drunk people. When you are drunk, it lowers your vibration and makes it very easy for any spirit…good or not…to pop in.

I have indeed had spirit activity in my condo. I’ve had a lot of knocking, things falling (although there COULD be a 3D explanation for that), and heard some voices lately. A couple of days ago, I heard a male sounding voice say, “BRRRRR” at 5:19 a.m. Yes, I should smudge and clear my condo again, but Ted…or whoever…seems kind of funny. He definitely is not scary. If you know anything of the Santa Fe area (high elevation and dry) our temperatures at night tend to get the coldest around 4 – 5 a.m. So, this was fitting. I had windows open and a ceiling fan running. Although I think that’s what the voice was referring to, I’m a little concerned that it’s a soul stuck between dimensions where he feels cold…and needs help moving on. So, I’m going to check.

More than once lately, in the middle of the night, I’ve felt a presence and took off my eye mask to look…fully expecting to see the spirit of one of my parents. They are getting up there in age, so you never know. Last night, I had it happen again, and I could swear I saw this little robot looking being about 3 feet tall, walking quickly toward my bed. It felt alien, but for some reason didn’t scare me and I just laid back and fell back to sleep. Normally, if I saw an extraterrestrial scrambling toward me, I’d be a little concerned, but…nope. Ha!

In light,


My unseen friend, Ted…

I’m posting this super fast because I’m tired.  Days ago, I heard FRANTIC knocking during the night.  When I asked, “Who IS it?”  I heard, “Ted”.  Well, since then, non-stop things have been falling off my walls in the condo.  The latest was today, when Ted popped into my head…and minutes later a clock fell off the wall.  You can see it here:

MANY years ago in Los Angeles, a spirit started hanging around me who introduced himself as Theo, Ted, Theodore.  I suspected this might be the same Ted, and, yep, it’s him.  I just finished a chat with him.  Here is the transcription.

Atheria: Ted, are you the one who was frantically knocking during the night days ago?

Ted: Yes. It takes a lot to get your attention.

A: Are you the same Ted who came to me years ago and said you were Theodore, Theo, Ted?

T: Yes. I wanted to give you various versions of my name to make it clear. But, if it’s easier, call me Ted or Theo vs. Theodore. You knew me long ago as Theodore.

A. When and how did I know you?

T: 1700s…France. A blink of an eye from this side of the veil.

A: I’m going to guess we knew each other in Versailles? When I went there in 1995 for the first time, I felt so at home. I practically knew where I was going as I walked around the area.

T: Oui. It was indeed Versailles. You were rich then…well…wealthy. Wealthy sounds better. Sorry I cannot say the same about you during your current incarnation. But, you have wealth beyond monetarily. You have spiritual gifts that make you rich. In this instance, rich works better. Words to me are much like a melody. The correct word for each thought is a musical note of sorts.

A: Are you talking about what Eddie said to me years ago during a reading when passing along a message from my brother in spirit (miscarriage my mother had) who exclaimed, “You got the pearls!”?

T: I am he. I am your brother. Well, I was meant to incarnate as your brother in your current life, but things went astray. We had to abort the mission, so to speak. As you are aware, souls incarnate (usually) within their soul groups. We are in the same soul group. Because I was not able to come through has planned decades ago, in YOUR time, I had to find a way to show up. I have a contract that must be honored. So, at this point I am stepping to the head of your huge spirit team to work with you from another realm. We have MUCH to do. We are behind. You are so easily distracted by 3D “reality”…which isn’t.

A: Because of what happened to me years ago with George Burns and Jean Harlow in spirit (suddenly got this overwhelming craving for cigars and started smoking them…and an urge to go really blonde and bleached and destroyed my hair) because they latched onto me in Los Angeles (a very gifted British medium friend told me that they were with me…George waving a cigar at me…during a Spiritualist Church service) is the fact that I’m suddenly, once again, obsessed with all things France/French because of you? Have I been sensing you without realizing it?

T: Oui. It is not at all uncommon for we, on the other side of the veil, to influence souls on Earth in 3D by cravings, sudden interests, etc. People are more receptive than they realize. Many times when they think it’s them just thinking things…self focused as most are…it’s really us, their spirit friends, nudging them to move in a certain direction. You have NO idea just how exhausting it can be for us over here. People do not listen! Well, SOME listen, but many…ah hem…YOU…are hard-headed and difficult to get through to.

A: Are you calling me difficult and stubborn?! 😉
T: If the slipper fits, well…

A: Great, I had to end up with a sassy guide. Speaking of which, where is Latho? I’ve missed him hitting me in the head with books from the Other Side.

T: Latho is still a member of your spirit team. Teams don’t change. But, he’s stepped aside to let me take up the reins at this point in your life’s path. And, I know what you’re thinking. Yes, we hear your thoughts.

A: Well, THAT’S disconcerting!

T: It is what it is. Anyway, before you interrupted, yes, Halcyon is…and forever will be…your main spirit guide. But there is a council of 7. I am one of the 6 behind Halcyon, just as Latho is. Lisette is indeed a fairy/elemental. Do you see what I mean when I say that you have a spirit team? There is your main spirit advisory board…to sound rather corporate…made up of a main guide and 6 others. There really is no better than/lesser then dynamic though. Each soul is respected. But, there does need to be a leader, of sorts, or the soul we are guiding’s direction may get confused. Every ship must have a captain, so to speak. The difference between our arrangement on this side of the veil, and in your side of the veil, is that there is no ego. We are equals. We are respected for any input we offer.

A: Are you to me (at this point) who Francine was to Sylvia Browne?

T: Oui. I know how much you desire French, but also know that you cannot understand much more than “oui”.

A: Well, that’s insulting…TRUE…but insulting. I AM going to focus on learning French. I’ve even started following French Instagram accounts!

T: Oh dear…I have SO much work to do.

A: Hey! Pffffffffft!

T: You ARE an unruly one. But, you have potential.

A: Speaking of which, when Eveliani told me many years ago on a Spiritualist Church podium, “Although there is no such thing as time, you are behind and need to stop goofing off.” – What did she mean?

T: Every soul has a charted course they incarnate with. There is a soul plan regarding major accomplishments and lessons/growth experiences that need to occur in that lifetime. The minor things we don’t care about so much. But the biggies, yes, they need to be completed…or else you will be held back in your next life. It’s like being held back in grade school. You’ll still learn what you need to learn, but you’ll be behind. Of course, the good thing from this side (vs. being held back in your elementary school) is that because there is no visible age, you don’t have that sense of self consciousness. Remember, over here, all is NOW. “Time” is irrelevant on terms of days, weeks, months, years. We measure what you would call time in progress only. What Eveliani meant (and she says hello from over here) is that you got slowed down by 3D, superficial interests. That is a common issue we deal with when trying to lead from this side. Humans in the third dimension see shiny things and run toward them as a distraction. Spiritual work is hard. Shiny things are easy. Caring about your appearance above all else is a shiny thing. And yes, we know that you know what she meant when she reprimanded you that one day.

A: (Yes, I do think I know what she meant when she warned me to stop doing what I was doing. Yet, decades later, I’m still doing it. I think I know why Ted feels I’m somewhat unruly.) Well, I’m tired and need to make dinner. Even though I feel you may end up being annoying in terms of kicking me in the butt, I’m glad you’ve shown up again. It’s been a lot of years in terms of 3D time.

T: I had to knock loudly and aggressively days ago because you’re not getting any younger.

A: Gee, thanks buddy!

T: It’s said with love.

A: Yadda, yadda, yadda.

T: Mon Dieu!

A: I had to look that up on Google Translate. It means “My God!”

(Just had a glitch with this damn software and lost some stuff!)

T: You do need to keep up with your intention to learn French. Not only will it make our discourses more interesting, you’ll need it later as you walk your journey.

A: Oooooooh! Are you saying that I will be able to live in France someday?!

T: We cannot give away all the secrets.

A: Well, I’m glad you reappeared in my life, although I suspect you are going to be a thorn in my side.

T: Every rose has its thorns. La vie en rose.

A: 🙂 Until we meet again. jusqu’à ce que nous nous revoyions.  (Cheated with Google Translate.)


That was it for today, but lucky me has to end up with a sassy spirit guide.  LOL

Bonne nuit,