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Maybe now is not the time to leave Albuquerque.

As some of you know, and many are sick of hearing me talk about, I’ve been getting all these Denver signs and have been considering abandoning my life here in Albuquerque to move there.  I’ve been very torn about what to do.  I am bored and restless right now, so moving has been tempting as I am a gypsy at heart.  But, at today’s Spiritual Lyceum monthly meeting, near the end of the meeting my heart started racing big time.  I checked my blood sugar and that was fine…so I knew my unseen friends wanted me to channel today.  I alerted the group leader that I was “leaving” and went into trance quickly.  The ETs who came through gave some personal information to members of the group, and then started talking about the planet.  They warned about another oil disaster and asked for us to send light to the Gulf of Mexico, the Alaskan coast, and the Indian Ocean near India.  They also talked about planting information into scientists’ minds about something they already do on their planet, creating energy from light in a different way than our solar power.  People in the room enjoyed the session and I was asked if it would be okay to tape record it next time…to which I agreed.  This information needs to get out.  Three people in the room were clearly affected by the energy I channeled.  One got a bad headache and neck stiffness.  One was sent into an altered state of meditation.  One said he could clearly feel the energy shift in the room.  In any case, with this group as a way for me to get back into channeling, I feel it would be detrimental to move away right now.  I’d have to start all over and there is no guarantee I’d be able to find another group like this.  This work is too important and I’ve already wasted so many years.  I’m 46 and time is running out.  It’s certainly possible things are to start for me here in Albuquerque and then progress to bigger cities like Denver.  Time will tell.  I am trying to stay open to spirit’s guidance.  If I must relocate, they usually have an aggressive way of getting the point across..and then I’ll have to listen.  For now, the Land of Enchantment is where I need to be.


Well HELLO THERE, Ramesh!

I just met a new guide! Well, I’m not sure Ramesh is "new" as I’ve always been drawn to India and have had this subtle nudging for months to learn more about Hinduism. Anyway, he just introduced himself and I LOVE the meaning of his name: "preserver" or "the one who saves from danger". A spirit guide who can save you from danger is a good guide to have! He gave me a symbol that he will use to let me know it’s really him from now on, which is what guides are supposed to do. I can’t tell you what it is though. I got in trouble for doing that before by one of my Spiritualist teachers. 🙂

Except Bleu, the new cat child, all my cats have had Eastern themed names: Karma, Bodhi, and Chakra — I bet you Ramesh had a hand in that. The names were always "given" to the cats by some sign or another.

Other good news is that since I smudged myself last night and in very blunt language banished the not-of-the-light entity that had attached to my aura, I am feeling much better. The frantic confusion I was feeling for a week or so is gone. I feel like me again. Granted, I CAN be indecisive/confused, but that was a whole other level of frenetic thoughts.

Blessed be,

P.S. Though now maybe I should sign off with "Namaste". 🙂

A Ganesh in the hand is worth more than a trickster spirit…

ImageSo the good news is that I’m not going crazy.  The bad news is that my very gifted friend just told me that she has been picking up for the past week that a spirit…not of the highest order…has been messing with me and causing the horrible confusion I’ve been dealing with regarding whether or not I am supposed to abandon my life in Albuquerque to move to Denver.  Teresa said that a trickster spirit is pretending to be one of my guides.  Great…just fabulous.  At least that explains the back and forth I’ve been dealing with like I’m being pulled to and fro…the horrible confusion and lack of clarity.  One minute I think I have to stay put here in Albuquerque.  The next minute I’m ready to call a realtor to put my house on the market because I must move to Denver and move like NOW.

So if this is true, and I do trust Teresa’s gift, that means I can’t trust anything I get right now.  Ugh!  Somehow I need to get clear and centered so I can better tell who I’m talking to “out there”.  That isn’t real easy.  This is the hard part about being mediumistic.  Your work is so ephemeral.  It’s not like I can just ask to see a spirit’s Yale diploma.

On another note, pictured above is a little Ganesh I got this sudden urge to buy at Spirit Ways in Denver when I was there on Friday.  I had been looking for a tiny Buddha to put on my desk at work, but they didn’t have any…and this cute little Ganesh called to me.  I’ve always been drawn to Ganesh, actually, and heck, I sure could use some obstacles removed right now!  Well, talking to a friend at work today, she casually mentioned that yesterday she got this impulse to take a picture of a Ganesh she and her boyfriend have at home and send it to me.  She didn’t send it, but she meant to.  So there is obviously some significance to Ganesh right now.  I need to learn more about him.  Perhaps I have a new Eastern Indian guide showing up?  I don’t know.  It could be anything.  I will say that I started having a sudden interest in learning more about Hinduism a few months ago since I really don’t know much about that religion other than that it does teach reincarnation and that most Hindus are vegetarian.  Hmmm….

Learning to be more careful,


Sometimes my unseen friends can be REALLY annoying!

Sometimes being a medium sucks.  Let me just say it.  I look at people who only deal with the material world and think they are lucky at times.  They don’t have to deal with spirits urging them to leave their job and house to move to another state…another state with worse winters than the ones I already complain about.

As some of you know, Denver has been smacking me in the face for many weeks now.  It’s everywhere I look.  Taos did that to me in 1998 when I was living in Los Angeles.  Now, I never did move to Taos, but it is now my magical place where I go to rejuvenate…and it’s only a 2 hour 25 minute drive from Albuquerque.  Anyway, Denver, Denver, Denver got so bad I decided to go see it over the July 4th long weekend.  I drove up with the 3 cats (they were not pleased)…a long drive, and I was reminded to fly next time.  I did end up cutting the trip short by a day because I didn’t feel that great, but what I saw of Denver I really liked…and I LOVED being able to go to Ikea!  I could SO live in an Ikea!  I really miss that store.  Heck, it might be worth moving to Denver for that store alone!  (just kidding)  I loved the 16th Street Mall area and the city park modeled after Central Park in New York City.  I loved that there were more good looking, and often half naked as they jogged by me, men. 🙂

As I was looking for something else on Friday, it popped into my head “go to at least one of the metaphysical stores you Googled while here” while driving down Colfax.  I am not kidding you when I say that with seconds of that thought, I glanced to my left to see Spirit Ways right there!  I turned my Fiat down the next side street, parked, and walked into the store.  Can I say just how fabulous the energy was in that shop?  I loved it and got talking to the people working there for quite a while.  It was interesting to hear that Boulder is actually more conservative than Denver and has less metaphysical/New Age stores and stuff going on.  I was looking to buy a small Buddha for my desk at work, but they only had little Ganeshes…and heck…I need obstacles removed in my life, so I bought a Ganesh statue.

I didn’t realize that I missed having more green (Albuquerque has some greenery, but not much) until I was in Denver.  Even though Colorado is arid like New Mexico, Denver is definitely full of more pine trees and grass.

As of this morning, with friends who lived in Denver telling me why they left the city…and other friends reminding me “wherever you go, there you are” and “the grass is not always greener on the other side”…and the fact I love my little house, I said that I don’t care what “they” on the Other Side want me to do, I’m NOT moving!  I decided just to make things work for me here in Albuquerque.  And then I went to Smith’s…and all that changed.

As I was checking out at Smith’s with my groceries, I got talking to my favorite cashier (I think she might also be one of the managers), Dawna.  We always talk, but I never knew she was open to my woo-woo metaphysical stuff until today.  I told her that I had just gotten back from a little trip to Denver and her reaction was an elated, “I LOVE DENVER!”  She then proceeded to tell me that she would move there in a heartbeat if not for her elderly father here in Albuquerque.  I told her about all these Denver signs I’ve been getting, and she adamantly told me I had to move…no question.  She insisted that I had to listen to spirit’s urging me to move…that there was a reason.  Next she offered to watch my house for me if I had to rent it out (if I couldn’t sell it) so I could leave.  I felt like she was kicking me out of town!  LOL!  The corker was when she mentioned her friend (or brother…can’t recall) lives in Denver and is a movie-maker.  She didn’t know I used to be in the Los Angeles Entertainment Industry and miss it terribly.  At that point, I started tingling as someone in spirit was hitting me.

I do not want to have to sell a house I love and look for a new job in a place that gets feet of snow!  But I cannot deny that SOMETHING is going on either!  It would be so much easier to not feel guides urging you to abandon your entire life.  I’m so tired of moving.  Ugh!  And, the older you get, the harder it gets.  I also cannot get it out of my head that an astrologer in February 2012 told me in about 2 years I was going to move (although she said “locally” but I don’t consider Denver to be local…although compared to my other moves, maybe it is).  It’s now almost 1.5 years into that prediction.  There is also Cecilia, a medium, who told me (right around when this Denver stuff started) that I needed to relocate in order for my true work to be brought forth…that she saw me dressed all in white (spiritual work?)…and that I’d bring color into someone’s black and white life.  I will feel total guilt if I don’t do this move.  I’ll always wonder what might have been…?

I have some serious meditation to do for clarity.  I guess I could get my house ready to put on the market and judge by whether or not it sells quickly (or at all in this real estate market) if I’m meant to move or not.  I mean, if a year from now it’s still not sold, I’ll know to stay put.  On the other hand, if it sells in a few weeks…uh oh and bye-bye.  Things totally aligned for me when I was supposed to move to Albuquerque from Portland, OR.  Everything fell into place naturally as it was clearly meant to be.

Okay, is there anyone else out there who blindly trusts what guides tell them to do when it means major life changes?  I’d love to hear your stories.

It is interesting that another sensitive just told me that the energy is making sensitive people very restless right now.  I’m clearly restless.  She is even considering moving to the East Coast when she hadn’t thought about it before.