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West Mesa Murders

Ever since my burglary happened, I’ve been looking for whatever good was going to come from it. I do believe that everything happens for a reason. Up until today, I was not having luck finding the good. I’m out a lot of money and will never get back most of my belongings. But, at least, the 2 girls are arrested and being charged.

I finally met with the detective handling my case today so he could give me my now broken laptop back, show me the girls’ pictures, and have me fill out and sign a statement about my case. When we were close to being done, he made a joking comment about my psychic ability that I had forgotten I mentioned previously. That made me remember to ask him, “Does the Albuquerque police department ever use psychics because I’ve always wanted to help out in that way? I swear I’m the real deal and Warner Bros. was going to put me on TV.” He said that he wasn’t aware of the department doing so, but then said, “But if you could help catch the West Mesa Killer, you’d be in.” I’m not kidding, within seconds of him casually saying that to me, I was hit with STRONG tingling and I felt that not just one guy, but 2-3 people are involved. But, I only saw one guy who is lean with really dark brown hair clairvoyantly. It could be that one guy did the murders but that he had help burying the bodies or something. Anyway, I was so quickly and easily having things happen, I told him that I think I really needed to go home and see if I can get any concrete stuff this weekend. He told me the woman’s name who is now leading the case and said he could connect me up with anyone I needed. At that point, I started picking up his paternal grandmother and gave him some info about her that was accurate. By the time we ended our meeting, he said that if I ever need anything, do not hesitate to call him. THAT is good to have…a cop friend on my side. ūüôā

As I carried the laptop back to my car, the trance I went into back in 2000 popped into my head. It was the first time I’d ever channeled and it happened while I was under hypnosis for past life regression. The 2 groups of beings who spoke through me back then said that “In 12 years your true work is going to become important.” Then, this whole interaction with the detective and helping find a serial killer came into my head…and I was hit with strong tingling again. I think I was burglarized so I could meet a detective which may end up leading me to using my psychic abilities to help solve crimes. That may be my “true work”! And it’s 12 years later! I just pray I can pick up really helpful information. As of right now, all leads have been dead ends regarding the case.



Be still and know that ye are God.  What wise words were spoken so long ago.  For the temple of God truly lies within.  This is not just a saying, but reality.  How many of you take the time to go within on a regular basis?  How many talk and talk but never listen for answers?  Listening is more important than praying.  Asking in itself is a weak act.  But to listen is strength.  To tune in and KNOW when what you hear is truth is power.  Of course you must act upon what you hear, but it takes you out of the passenger seat and makes you the driver…a driver with GPS.  Sometimes you will hear the words within your head.  Sometimes you will hear the words within your heart.  Sometimes there is just a knowing you can’t put into words…and then there are dreams.

Dreams are spirit’s direct phone line into your subconscious and sometimes conscious.  Have you ever awakened to suddenly KNOW the answer to a dilemma you’ve been dealing with and looking for answers to?  You wake up with the answer because it was given to you in your dreams.  Now the remaining question is:  Are you dreaming right now or are you dreaming when you are in bed?  Which is reality?  Maybe neither is reality.  Here is something to ponder.

With this we bid you adieu.  Sleep with the angels dear ones.

Channeled by Atheria

The power of emotion & motorcycle accident…

Something happened at work on Wednesday that made me VERY upset. ¬†I was both hurt and livid throughout the night (and I’m still feeling that way…although it has calmed a bit) and someone else I know at work kept popping into my head. ¬†She is unhappy with her job and things she’s gone through at work, and is looking for other ways to make a living. ¬†Anyway, the next day she calls me up (keeping in mind she isn’t really into my metaphysical stuff per se) and told me that I kept popping into her head all night long. ¬†Now, the question is, did I transmit my thoughts via strong emotions to her or did I pick up that she was thinking of me randomly? ¬†I have learned due to one major experience while in France in 1995, and some other experiences, that when you put emotion into anything….if you are trying to create your reality for example….it makes it WAY more powerful and effective. ¬†If you are doing a spell, you must put emotion into it or it won’t work. ¬†Emotion is energy….powerful energy. ¬†What happened Wednesday night was a rather mild thing, but it was just one more bit of proof.

Friday the 13ths are always good luck for me, and today proved that fact true again (regarding the arrest of my burglars and good news on a security system)…except for one thing. I came upon a horrible motorcycle accident this afternoon, and when I slowly made my way past the crash scene (tons of cops, helicopters, ambulances, etc.) I was filled with strong tingling, which is usually not good news. ¬†They were air lifting the guy probably to a trauma center, but I felt he was already gone or very, very close to crossing over. ¬†All I could do was call to his angels and guides, and call in my angels and guides to help him. ¬†I don’t know what the outcome was, but I do pray he made it. ¬†The last time I felt what I felt as I drove past an accident scene, the person had died. ūüė¶ This is one more confirmation that life is fragile and short and we never know if we’ll be here tomorrow. ¬†Love now.



The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

While driving home from work today, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot came on the radio. ¬†I have always loved that song and find it to be extremely haunting. ¬†Well, now it has truly become haunting to me. ¬†I was filled with chills during the whole song while driving and again when I just re-listened to it on YouTube. ¬†The spirits of the men who died on the ship filled me. ¬†When a spirit is close to me, my main symptom is chills throughout my body, including goosebumps on my arms. ¬†I wonder what the souls want to say? ¬†I do feel there is a message that needs to get out or they wouldn’t come to me so strongly. ¬†I will play the song at home this weekend and try to get answers. ¬†Perhaps they just want to be remembered…

In Light,



Divine intervention & house burglary

I am not feeling very spiritual at the moment. ¬†I am filled with immense anger and sadness, which alternate, but anger is winning. ¬†My house was burglarized Thursday afternoon. ¬†Thankfully, and perhaps divine interventionally, a neighbor happened to come outside just in time to see 2 girls (I’ll refrain from using the terms I’ve been using to refer to them) leaving my house with a bag of my belongings and he got their license plate number. ¬†The police went to both addresses attached to the license plate and the guy’s name who the plate is registered to. ¬†Of course, the 2 girls and the vehicle were not there…but…the guy just “happens” to be on parole for burglary. ¬†The police got at least one good fingerprint, so I am trying to be hopeful the girls will be caught. ¬†When they are, they will find out that they have messed with THE wrong person. ¬†I do not easily roll over and let bygones be bygones. ¬†I fight back.

Anyway, besides the fact my neighbor witnessed the crime…which is a huge help…2 other things happened prior to Thursday that were a little too “coincidental” to be coincidence. ¬†I strongly believe angels were trying to help me as best they could. ¬†Although I am¬†devastated¬†by the damage to my house, my stolen computer, tons of jewelry, WiFi, speakers, hard drive, purses, camera, etc…I am grateful for what happened the weekend before. ¬†For one thing, I came VERY close to buying a brand new, pricey laptop last weekend, but suddenly felt I shouldn’t get it. ¬†If I had bought it, it would now be gone. ¬†I need to stress that I was VERY close to buying it and spending more money than I normally would for a laptop, but gosh it was sexy.

The other thing that happened was that totally out-of-the-blue, I got this very strong urge to back up all my pictures, documents, writing, and music onto DVDs and flash drives last Sunday. ¬†It was a gnawing feeling that would not go away, and THANKFULLY I did back everything up! ¬†I would have lost very important documents and irreplaceable channeled writing and regular writing that I’ve done for many, many years. ¬†I am so glad I listened to spirit’s urging, as there is no question in my mind that is what happened. ¬†Of course, there is the part of me that wonders why they couldn’t have intervened and prevented the whole burglary…but…there is a reason for everything. ¬†I hope some good comes from this stressful, upsetting experience. ¬†Some of the jewelry, especially, had sentimental value. ¬†And my laptop had my entire life on it. ¬†To say that I feel violated is a gross understatement.



Gut screaming to be paid attention to & more 444’s…

I’ve been going through tremendous stress at work for 2 days regarding a job I had posted for and accepted that I found out things about that scared me. ¬†When the truth of the job was revealed to me yesterday afternoon, but before I was totally able to confirm what I had heard, my stomach started hurting. ¬†As time went on, the stomach pain was so bad, I was doubled over and could only barely breathe. ¬†My gut was saying NOOOOOO to the job I had accepted big time. ¬†This I could not ignore. ¬†Once I made the hard decision to walk away from the job offer, the stomach attack started going away. ¬†In my case, my stomach is a very good barometer, but with some people other body signals that something is wrong show up. ¬†Everyone needs to learn their body’s language…and listen to it, especially when it’s a warning.

On a separate 444 note, not only did I look ahead of me on my way to work to notice a cute Nissan Juke with a 444 license plate…but when I was going through the self-checkout at Smith’s tonight, I attempted to type in the 4 digit code for some produce and looked up to see the screen said 444 instead of 4 something something something. ¬†Somehow all 4’s showed up on the screen. ¬†I just smirked. ¬†I took it as a sign that although the past 2 days have not been fun at all, things would turn out okay.

As a final note, when I was looking for an insurance broker yesterday, one woman’s name stood out to me as it glared for attention on the Google screen of names. ¬†She contacted me back today about a quote, and it turns out she has visions, her daughter is into tarot card reading, and she is totally of like mind metaphysically. ¬†I just love when that happens. ūüôā



Channeled Message – April 1, 2012

           Be open to receive, dear one.  We are here to pass along some information that may be of benefit to not only you, but others on planet Earth.  The time has come to accept the beingness of your intrinsic power.  Many people give away their power to those they see as above them in some way.  No one is above anyone else.  You do not need to follow others’ doctrine.  We bring you this message on Christianity’s Palm Sunday for a reason.  You were speaking to someone this weekend about your feeling that religion is man-made, not God-made…and you are correct.  The One who created all has no need for religions.  The temple of God is truly within each and every one of you.  There is no need for churches and doctrine.  All is as it should be when you turn within to hear the small whisper of your soul and God.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† We are not the center of the universe, we ARE the universe.¬† Everything resides in everything else.¬† There is no ‚Äúoutside‚ÄĚ ourselves.¬† People have wondered if beings from other planets also believe in a Master Creator, and yes, we do.¬† How could we not?¬† All it takes is looking out at the heavens to KNOW there is something in charge.¬† Notice we did not say ‚Äúsomeone‚ÄĚ in charge.¬† For the Great Spirit is not a person.¬† The Great Spirit is beyond comprehension.¬† We simply cannot put it into words that you can understand.¬† It is beyond the beyond.¬† Even we do not understand everything there is to understand.¬† In that regard, we are but children who have many grades ahead of them before graduation.¬† We are all learning together.¬† But what we can tell you is that it is imperative at this time that each and every one of you take back your power and start to question what has always been.¬† Just because something has always been one way does not mean it is correct.¬† This pertains to your politics, religions, rules, laws, and regulations.¬† We do find it slightly amusing just how far humans go to try to regulate everything instead of just trusting the perfect workings of the universe.¬† You try so hard to control the uncontrollable.¬† Your weather patterns are a perfect example.¬† You have learned the hard way in recent years that Mother Nature has the power to do what she will.¬† We would like to point out though, that even in the worst devastation‚Ķlike what happened to Japan a year ago‚Ķgood ALWAYS prevails.¬† A flower grows from the mud of wreckage.

          We are happy you sat down today to chat with us.  Please make it a habit.  Much work needs to be done.  With this we bid you peace and adieu.