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Bodhi has a healthy appetite on the Other Side!


As part of Bodhi’s altar on my fireplace mantle I put two pieces of his favorite Greenies treats.  I saw both treats within the past week, along with some of his teeth that had to be pulled in 2010 or 2011 that the vet had given me in a little tube, his ashes, and his picture.  I had this odd feeling something was going to happen to the treats and literally checked them about a week ago…and they were there as normal.  Tonight, something made me look again, and one of the treats is gone!  There is no way that Chakra or Bleu got up there and took it!  They would have knocked stuff down.  I’m so excited and so happy that Bodhi is here!  Now I hope that Karma does something too!

Animals are indeed eternal and love us from the Other Side!

In light,
Carrie /Atheria

Why oh why didn’t I listen to the voice in my head?!

On Tuesday I decided to go to a yoga class at Defined Fitness that I’ve not attended in a while.  As I was getting ready I “heard” this voice in my head tell me to check with the gym to make sure the class was happening as scheduled.  Well, I blew it off as nothing because it was so subtle.  MISTAKE.  After driving 5+ miles to get to the gym, I found out that all group classes were canceled this week due to renovations.  ARGH!  (To do something, I used a treadmill barefooted for 30 min.)

Years ago while driving in Los Angeles I heard this REALLY subtle voice (this time…in my ear not head) say “Take Melrose” as I headed south on La Cienega planning on heading west on Santa Monica.  Well, I blew off the voice that time too…and regretted it immediately after turning right on Santa Monica.  There was some major traffic problem and I got stuck in a jam for a long time.  Had I listened to my invisible GPS person, I would have had a much easier commute.  After that instance, I swore I’d never ignore subtle voices again…but…yet I did.

The problem is the QUIET voices!  It’s all too easy to brush off this still, quiet, calm voice as imagination or “nothing”.  I think I need to make it clear to my unseen friends that I’m dense sometimes and that they should yell in my ear. :-/ I keep thinking of the phrase “The still, small voice within” when listening to your soul speak.  Well, it seems that is the case with unseen friends trying to tell us things too.  Next time…I’ll do better.  Or so I say now! 😉

On another note, I did my first paid reading in ages last Friday and it went really well…and was relieved that it went so well.  I have to admit that doing readings stresses me out as I want to give the client really good information and want to truly help the person.  That is why I backed off doing readings for a long time.  It’s also physically exhausting for me…but…this is work I am supposed to be doing.  A few months ago I did a reading on trade for this lovely medicine man I met, and clearly saw his grandmother standing next to him.  At the time, that was new for me as I don’t usually actually see people in spirit standing there during a reading.  With the woman I read last Friday (who kindly referred me to another relative, who I’m doing a reading for tomorrow), three relatives clearly came through…her husband, brother, and grandmother.  She was hoping for a friend who passed away not long ago to come through, but this was a good example of the fact we can’t control who comes through.  Her friend may still be acclimating to the other side, could be “cocooned” right now, or was just busy doing other things.  I am sure that when she is ready, and can, will come through for my client in a dream or some other way.



I think Karma and/or Bodhi are haunting my house now, and I’m glad.

ImageI will admit that I’ve been upset that so far I’ve not gotten any signs from Karma letting me know she’s okay on the Other Side.  Bodhi walked into the kitchen 3 days after he died last year and then showed up in the bathroom 2 days after that…and again on my birthday (rubbed against my leg).  Well, all that may have changed!

For the past few days, I’ve been hearing noises in my house that sound like they are coming from the bedrooms when I’m in the kitchen or den.  Lots of clash-bang stuff like things are falling or being knocked over.  Bleu has often been playing in the backyard during this or has been with me.  But Chakra was back in one of the bedrooms.  I just attributed it to her (although never finding anything knocked over SHOULD have been a clue).  Also, 2-3 times she’s come tearing through the house from one of the bedrooms like she’s being chased and is playing or something.  I will say that THAT started to make me wonder if something was going on.  She’s been hanging out in my bedroom A LOT since Karma passed.  Sometimes I’ll go looking for her, and she’ll be sitting or standing in my bedroom with this funny look on her face like I busted her doing something or that I interrupted something.  It’s hard to explain the look, but I know my kids.  After what happened around 4 a.m. today, I’m convinced she’s been playing with the spirits of Karma and Bodhi, or at least one of them.

I’ve not been sleeping well AT ALL for a long time, and it’s been increasingly worse…where lately the tiny bit I sleep is full of nightmares.  Anyway, I barely slept again last night, but around 4 a.m. I was definitely fully awakened by hearing an animal thumping around and frantically clawing a door trying to get out of a closet or cabinet or something.  I looked over and Chakra wasn’t next to me like she has been (since Karma died, Chakra has been clingy).  I thought that although I could have sworn she’d been in bed with me initially, that maybe I’d imagined it and she’d never been there because I’d accidentally locked her in the closet or something.  It wouldn’t be the first time.  I went closet to closet and opened up the bathroom cabinets (where Karma used to lock herself in and freak out, see: ) but still no Chakra.  When I came back into my bedroom, I noticed her tail sticking out from under the bed.  THEN it suddenly dawned on me that I’ve got cat ghosts!  Now, because Karma loved to hide in the bathroom cabinets and then not be able to get out and would claw and claw, I’m assuming it’s her.  But, it is certainly possible that Bodhi is also around and playing with Chakra since during 1 of the 2 dream visitations I’ve had with him, when he jumped down off my lap and started to walk away, he morphed into Chakra.

Now, the hard part is that both Bodhi and Karma need to move on…but I don’t really want them to go.  I miss my babies so much and it is bringing me some comfort knowing they’re around.  So, I’m not sure what to do at this point.  I’m curious to see if more stuff will happen, or if it’ll slowly stop happening as they move into another level.