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A little “hello” from the Other Side

Within days of my aunt passing away from horrid ALS 2 years ago, I was in traffic (on 5/8/2010) and looked over to see this white Toyota Camry with the license plate LUV PAT.  The car also had a bumper sticker that said I BRAKE FOR CATS.  When I saw the license plate and then bumper sticker, I was filled with strong tingling, which is my way of knowing someone in spirit is around and trying to get my attention.  My aunt’s name was Pat and there was no doubt that she included the bumper sticker due to my love of cats just to let me know it was really her saying “Hello!”  It was her way of letting me know that I should tell her loved ones that she was alive and well on the Other Side.

Jump forward 2 years to 5/24/2012…this past Thursday afternoon.  My parents were visiting New Mexico for the first time from New York, and I had them in the car with me doing some sight-seeing on their last full day in Albuquerque.  Anyway, dad needed to buy something and I remembered that there was a Wal-Mart on Carlisle (not one I would normally go to due to the location and where I live now) so I whipped into the parking lot, we hurried through the store grabbing a few things we needed, got back in the car, and hurried home (I had time constraints due to a college class that night).  As we were leaving Wal-Mart and heading toward Carlisle, from nowhere that same white Toyota Camry with LUV PAT zoomed by me!  Keep in mind that the metro Albuquerque area now has over 800,000 people and that the odds of seeing that woman’s car again were slim.  What makes this extra important was that aunt Pat was the sister of my father, who was in the car with me and saw the Camry.  Aunt Pat was trying to say “Hello!” to her brother, my father!  I felt tingling again when I saw the car.  I gunned my car to catch up and the older woman driver was right next to us.  Soon after we both pulled onto Carlisle, she zoomed off and got through a traffic light I wasn’t able to make and was gone.  But, this woman, who I’m sure had no idea she served as a messenger for Pat…did something very important TWICE.

Pay attention to what you notice.  I was taught long ago that what we notice is not an accident.  There are millions of things every day you don’t notice because they are insignificant.  But, spirit often causes things to catch our eye in order to give us messages.  Stay open.  You see things for a reason.  I’m smiling now knowing not only that Pat is happy and well on the Other Side, but that magick (the K is intentional) happens.

In Light,


You are not alone…ever.

Alone.  You are not alone as we here on the Other Side are always with you whether you accept that or not.  We hear when you curse us and ask why you have been forsaken.  But we have not forgotten you.  We must allow you to live your own journey though.  It pains us when you are in pain.  We feel it.  We would like nothing better than to take away your suffering and bring you to joy, but there are lessons you need to learn…lessons that you agreed to before incarnation.  And no, you were not drunk when you agreed to the life you are currently living.  As pure spirit, everything…every challenge, hurt, letdown gives you much joy as you happily accept the challenges because you know it will further your soul’s growth by leaps and bounds.  The meek do not take on difficult lives.  Although they still grow, they do so at a much slower pace.  The people who take on physical and emotional hardships grow exponentially faster as souls.  So do not look upon those who you think have golden lives with envy.  For one thing, you must walk in someone else’s shoes.  Sometimes what we see from the outside is not the full story and the person who looks like he has it all, doesn’t.  Secondly, the souls who do have seemingly easy, carefree lives are not progressing as fast as you are.  Your friend just made the comment that God does not give you more than you can handle, and that is extremely true.

Step outside yourself and look around.  Breathe.  Dream.  See.  You are living an illusion.  Knowing that fact, that everything is but a dream, and that someday you will merge into another dimension where there is less struggle…should give you the strength to go on and trudge through the material world.  Do take time to smell the roses.  The one that is blooming outside your front door is not an accident.  It should not be blooming since you planted it just weeks ago, yet it is.  That rose does not know it shouldn’t bloom.  It bloomed because it could.  It bloomed because it did not limit itself and looked around and thought, “I can’t bloom until next year.”  The good thing about living in an illusion is that ANYTHING is possible.  Just like you can affect things in a dream via lucid dreaming, you can indeed affect your surroundings now.  Granted, it is harder when in the dense material world, but it is still possible.  Just set your mind to it and remember that you are like the rose.  With this, we bid you peace.  Until next time…

Tibetan Prayer Box & Eclipse


On our way back to Albuquerque from Santa Fe this afternoon, we stopped in Jackalope…a store I looooove.  We had stopped in to see if they had any Guadalupe statues for my visiting mother, but I got distracted by a little Tibetan booth full of wonderful things from Nepal and Tibet.  There were a lot of things I would have liked to purchase, but this Tibetan Prayer Box called to me big time.  And, for only $5 how could I resist?!  I just wrote some prayers out on a little piece of paper and put it inside the box.  It’s a little heavy to wear as a pendant, but I’m wearing it anyway.  It feels powerful to me.

The eclipse this evening was wonderful.  I am looking forward to GOOD changes triggered by this important alignment of the sun, moon, and Pleiades with the center of the galaxy.



Annular eclipse on 5/20/2012

I was only moderately interested in the annular eclipse that is occurring Sunday evening and the fact that where I live, Albuquerque, New Mexico, is one of THE best places to see the eclipse in all its glory…until I read this! — Now I’m freaking excited!  I didn’t know the Pleiades were also involved!  I feel some special connection to all of this due to my supposed Pleiadian ancestry, the fact I once channeled Quetzalcoatl, and just “happen” to live in Albuquerque.  I am so curious to see what the eclipse will trigger.




For a while I have felt that I needed a distinct path to follow, but nothing ever felt totally “right”.  I have always just made my own way, although I did practice the “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo” form of Buddhism in the mid 90s via the SGI organization in Los Angeles.  Something about it never felt totally authentic to me though.  It seemed materialistic, which is the antithesis of true Buddhism.  Maybe I misread things, I don’t know, but it turned out just not to be for me.  I do still have my gohonzon though.

I have always been drawn to Buddhism and Wicca…and recently Native American spirituality.  I have dabbled in Wicca, but gotta admit, it’s not a religion for the lazy.  It’s a lot of work!  What I like about Wicca and Native American spirituality is the appreciation for and connection to nature.  I have always said that nature was my church. What didn’t quite feel right is the whole concept of various gods and goddesses.  I don’t think it’s because I was raised Catholic, but something within me just feels there is ONE source… Great Spirit (to borrow from the Native Americans)….one God.  God is not a man with a long beard and white robes though.  God is not a person.  That I do know.

I have two past lives that I know about in Tibet and I think one in Nepal.  Perhaps that is the reason I’m feeling increasingly drawn to Buddhism.  Or, it could be my suffering.  I have suffered a lot in my life regarding health problems, unfulfilled dreams, and heartbreak.  When I was reading about Buddhism earlier today and how it came about to explain suffering and how to end it, something clicked for me.  Attachment IS the cause of much suffering, whether you are attached to a love interest or a material item or feeling good.  And then there is compassion.  Because of some things I’ve gone though lately, I am being tested regarding feeling compassion.  Even though I’ve wanted revenge, my soul knows that compassion is the right choice.

So, I am choosing to devote myself to Buddhism.  It’s not an easy path, but I’ve often taken the hard route.  This will force me to look at things within myself.  This will be growth.  This will be a journey…



Spirit Communication

I want to help publicize the amazing work of Mark Macy, who has devoted much of his life to helping prove that we are indeed eternal and that our physical bodies are just clothing.  Here is his website:

I have met Mark and he is a lovely person.  The pictures and recordings on his site are extremely impressive.  As someone who still misses John Denver, the spirit photo of him makes me smile.