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Arcturians and the Spirit of the Mountain

While taking a walk around a neighborhood park today, my unseen friends started knocking on my head regarding wanting to speak. So, I gave it a shot and my Arcturian friends showed up with the “spirit of the mountain” (referring to the mountain I climbed in Santa Fe yesterday…see yesterday’s post). A detail that didn’t come out during the channeling is that when you remove a rock from a power spot/sacred site, it throws off the grid of energy that comprises the site. Every single rock, every single grain of dirt is connected in an energetic field. By removing something, it causes an energetic wound. The grid then has to be rebuilt in that area.

I will say that the Arcturians struggled with English words this session, which is why there were more pauses. Also, they were trying to be careful about what they said regarding me being too close. They didn’t want to reveal too many details about various locations they use on our planet out of concern that curious people will intrude and possibly cause trouble.

Typically, during pauses in my channeling, I’m either debating with them since I’m argumentative and they are more loving than I am, or they are trying to find the appropriate human language to use. I still find it interesting that I rock when I channel and that there are super 8 1960s films of me when I was a baby, sitting up…rocking. For decades, I also rocked myself to sleep by turning my head left and right…and…I loved to swing for hours as a kid. I don’t think it’s a psychological soothing thing. I suspect it’s a movement of energy thing.



Pleiadians Channeling & Bringers of the Dawn

Hello everyone! I felt knocking on my noggin and thought I’d answer the call this afternoon to let my Pleiadian friends speak a bit. By the way, I highly recommend Barbara Marciniak’s book “Bringers of the Dawn“. It had been referred to me sometime between 1996-1998 when I first started having the Pleiadians show up in my life. I just noticed the book was published by Bear & Company of Santa Fe, NM…my current home. (Side note, sooooo much woo-woo stuff is happening since I moved into town this past December!)

What I forgot to mention in the video is that besides rocking back and forth as a baby and swinging on a swing for hours while growing up, for many years I also did this odd thing where I rocked my head left/right at night to go to sleep. The rocking thing has followed me through life. I do suspect, unconsciously, it was me trying to get energy to move through my body as I’ve always had “abilities” whether I realized it or not. As a kid, besides the fact I would talk to Indians in my New York bedroom at night (from age 4 according to mom), I would have dreams come true that I dismissed as not a big deal.

Anyway, hope you get something helpful from the channeled session in the video above.

Take care,

Atheria and my unseen friends

Grandpa Bill, Pleiadians, and COVID-19

My maternal grandpa watches over me often, so him coming through today was not a shock.  What WAS surprising is that he came through with Pleiadians to talk about COVID-19/coronavirus.  He was not at all into the type of metaphysical stuff that I’m into, but, from the Other Side, has continued to amaze me.  People change once they cross over and find out, “Wow, you can REALLY do this!”  (My uncle said that to me from the Other Side years ago…shaking his head in disbelief.)

Anyway, I hope you like this mediumship/relay channeling session.

Be safe,


Trance mediumship vs. relay channeling

Hello all!  A fellow medium I respect suggested that perhaps my full trance channeling is a bit much for some people to handle.  I’ve feared that for years.  Now, in my defense, when I first started channeling in 2000 during a past life regression hypnosis session, it wasn’t actually a choice.  I was pushed 110% out of my body and was like Horshack (RIP Ron) from Welcome Back, Kotter…raising my arm flailingly trying to ask questions or make comments.  The 2 groups of beings that took my body over at that time did not let me interject to ask questions, much to my dismay.  That is where I first learned about my life on Lemuria and the whole 2012 thing…which they referred to as, “In 12 years, your TRUE work is going to become important.”

Anyway, if I’m totally honest, for many years I have felt that if I wasn’t dramatic and let spirits 110% take me over when I trance channel…people wouldn’t believe me/them.  It’s a credibility thing.  Granted, I’m a SAG-AFTRA actor, but…as good as I am…I could NOT fake what happens to me when I channel.  There are totally involuntary things that happen to my body.  (Side note:  I have seen super 8 1960s film footage of me under 1 year old where I’m sitting up but oddly rocking.  As a kid in Rochester, NY, I would swing on our backyard swingset for HOURS because I needed the rocking back and forth movement.  Until my 20s, I would rock my head left and right to go to sleep at night.  And, when I channel, not only do my arms lock up into claws on my chest or do other weird things, but I also rock back and forth.  It seems to be a part of allowing spirit to flow through me.)

In 2002 when I took a channeling class (After I “accidentally” took over a trance channeling public event I went to see as an audience member…and was flat out told by the channelers, “You need to study with Shawn as you have a huge gift!”) with the Los Angeles area channel…and cool woman…Shawn Randall…my channeling class friend, Diane, was the first to WILLINGLY go into trance.  What I’m still amazed about regarding that evening in 2002 was that Diane’s first guide to come through was Chinese.  She channeled in full-blown Chinese (Diane does not speak Chinese.)  To make the evening even better, I went into full trance for the first time (voluntarily) and my unseen friend translated the Chinese!  Should I mention that I do not speak Chinese either?  (I started taking Mandarin classes at work years later and quit after 2 classes because Mandarin is HARD.)

Anyway, and I’ve gotten totally off track here, I cannot always control what happens to me.  BUT, I have done “relay channeling” via writing before.  (I have lots of written stuff from my unseen friends during the late 1990s.)  And, during 1 on 1 mediumship readings with clients, I have occasionally (while awake) had words come out of my mouth that were not 100% me.  I’ve had to say, “That wasn’t me.” 🙂

Not only was I born under the star of Spica (lucky star) like Jesus, but Edgar Cayce and I have something else in common astrologically, which I am now totally blanking on.  But, the downside of all of this is that MANY full trance channelers or souls that have been sent to Earth to teach, have died young.  The 2 quick names that come to mind are Edgar and Jane Roberts (who channeled SETH).  I  have witnessed many gifted mediums leave this Earth plane too soon who were not famous…or, at least, struggle with severe health issues.  I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or not, but a Seth book showed up in my Rochester, NY house as a young teen and I could not put it down.  I was fascinated by it and had no idea that years later I’d become a channel.  Jane lived not far away in Elmira, NY back then…FYI.

I have forgotten where I am in this post at this point, but, what I need to get at is that (1) what I do is REAL and needs to be believed without drama and (2) full trance (dramatic) mediumship takes A LOT of life force energy.  With my health challenges, I’m not sure full trance channeling/mediumship is the best idea for me if I want to live past age 53.  I may try to do more relay channeling/mediumship where I’m not totally “gone” and have more control of my energy.  Would my readers be open to that?

Thank you,




Did someone say “wormholes”?

My Pleiadian/Plejaren/Plejaran friends came through today to talk about interdimensional travel and wormholes.  After I uploaded the videotaped channeling session, I noticed that it’s exactly 11:11 minutes long!  Very cool!

Here is the amethyst heart crystal I held during the channeling session that got very warm despite my cold hands.


And here is what an infinity symbol looks like for those who don’t know.  The Pleiadians talked about using it as a guide for how you should move energy through your body.  In this image it’s on its side, but I saw it clairvoyantly in an upright position, which makes sense for how the Pleiadians described moving energy through the body.

infinity symbol

Thanks for reading and watching.  Have a great day!

In Light,


The Collective…channeled 1-19-2020


A really interesting Nova show on PBS about the planets (especially Jupiter…one of my faves) triggered a channeling session this morning.  This group introduced themselves as “The Collective”.

Here is the quartz crystal I held during the session that a Santa Fe friend gave me.


Of course, both Bleu and Chakra had to make appearances…although Chakra was much more of a camera hog. 🙂

I love that The Collective spent some of the session talking about dolphins.  As I’ve blogged previously, I had some powerful interactions with wild dolphins in the past.  One of these years, I need to finish an unfinished dolphin tattoo from 1992!  (Long story.)  My high school thesis was about whales.  I’m drawn to both of those species.

In Light,

Atheria and The Collective

Council of 12 – Channeled Session 12/28/2019

I’ve moved into my new condominium in The City Different (Santa Fe, NM) and am starting to feel a bit more settled…despite some remaining unpacking.  I all of sudden got the urge to try to channel in my new place, and a lovely 5th – 7th dimensional group that called themselves “The Council of 12” showed up to talk about what’s coming up in the next decade.  I don’t recall meeting them before, but will need to dig through old channeled sessions to be sure.  They talked about some pretty cool sounding stuff on its way into our lives!

They actually start speaking around the 2:35 minute mark, if you want to fast forward.  That sound you here is my solar powered kitty toy that bobs its head.  It sounds like a grandfather clock.  Ha!  I don’t know why it came out so loud.  I need to move the camera closer (despite preferring to be FAR away…ha ha) so you can hear better, but the sound is okay.

I found these links with information about them.


Now, this site says that only 2 people channel them.  Make that 3 now. 🙂 I do believe who came through today was indeed The Council of 12.

Holding a good sized amethyst did seem to help a lot.  Merging with The Council of 12’s energy was smoother and I felt it was easier (despite coughing…common when the throat chakra is being affected) to stay out of the way and allow them their voice without my questioning.  Sometimes I’m so busy debating (silently) with my unseen friends due to my own opinions, that it bogs down the session.

Anyway, I hope you get something good from this video.  Happy almost new year to one and all!  May 2020 be awesome!

In Light,


Soul Colors by White Feather

Now I know why I felt the urge to fix my Native American made pretty hummingbird bracelet this morning so I could wear it.  Clearly, one of my guides, White Feather, had his hand in it. 🙂


Interestingly, that black thread of a line between the bracelet and NOTHING was not in the original picture that I cropped.  I even checked the black shirt I’m wearing’s sleeve to see if there was an explanation for the line…but…nope.  I feel that this is White Feather’s way of showing that he is connected to the bracelet I recently bought from a lovely man here in Pojoaque.  I had purchased this bracelet not only because it’s pretty, but because hummingbirds have been showing up A LOT recently.  I feel there is some spiritual connection to them.  Hummers have been serving as spirit messengers the past few months.

Anyway, here is this morning’s channeled session with White Feather.  His energy/spirit is very proud and strong…and I think…Sitting Bull may have come with him.  I was blessed to channel Sitting Bull in Los Angeles many years ago at a friend’s house.  What I recall from that session is the wonderful proud soul he has.  Both White Feather and Sitting Bull are pretty serious beings, and today, White Feather got annoyed with my questioning what he was saying to me.  What the camera does not capture is my telepathic debating with him.  Entire conversations are going on between my verbal words.  That is a chronic issue with me that many beings get frustrated with.  I’m not the most accommodating person.  LOL!  I refer to myself as an unruly child, and I think quite a few of my unseen friends see me that way.  But, it’s their fault!  I was picked for SOME reason!  I’m not sure I agreed to this!  Oh wait, we chart our lives before we’re born…yadda yadda yadda…

I heard my friend, Malcolm’s, full road trip story at today’s Santa Fe astrology group meeting and WOWZA!  Lillian and I told him that we are coming with him next time!  Seriously, there is WAY too much to write here (so I’ll leave him to blog or video blog about it) but, just some of the stuff he had happen was that in Madrid, NM (loooooove that TINY town featured in the film “Wild Hogs” in 2006 he encountered a reptilian ET, in Dulce, NM (of cow mutilation and gun battle with ETs fame) he saw a grey alien that seemed to take a liking to him, and in Taos, NM he encountered a ghost at Taos Inn (known to be haunted, but he was not aware of that) as he came out of the shower!  He went looking for Bigfoot, which he did not find, but sure had an eventful vacation!

Here is the FUNNY shirt he got me in Dulce.


I would SO love to wear this to work (but can’t due to the sexual innuendo) because of my employer’s suspected connection to Dulce, ETs, UFOs, underground ET/military bases, etc…but…

I’ve gotta run, but until we meet again….

Play safe out there,

Atheria and White Feather

My fairy, Lisette, showed up with ANGELS.

Driving back to the pueblo I live on (in the middle of nowhere) from Santa Fe today, I suddenly got that feeling I get when someone wants to come through and speak.  Thankfully, my unseen friends waited until I got home. 😉 A group of angelic beings showed up first, but then Lisette…my fairy/faerie friend…showed up.  I just ADORE her energy!  She is lightness and fun!  My other unseen friends tend to be much more serious.  At one point during the channeling session, my head kept moving in the infinity symbol and I could not stop it.  In my mind, I had to tell them, “Okay, enough already.  People are going to get bored!”

Oddly, no cats intervened today.  Ha!  And, yes, I still have no REAL furniture and I’ve lived here since 11/2016.  I have commitment issues. 😉 I am NOT committing to New Mexico again!  Heck, I can’t even commit to a 2 year cell phone contract.  Anyway, please excuse the lack of decent decor and my dirty/stringy hair.  I really do need to pull it back out of the way when I channel.  As usual, this is clearly not some high end production here.  😀

In Light,


Glad I cleaned this a.m. since ETs showed up!

So I got this cleaning urge this morning (rare for me so I had to go with it) that triggered me to vacuum up pounds of cat hair, mop the floors, and do some other kitchen and bathroom dirt extraction chores.  Then I felt someone “knocking on my head” and thought I’d see if I could channel.  It’s been a while, but, yep, both my Arcturian and Pleiadian friends showed up as a posse!

I held a rose quartz today and had a big clear quartz next to me.  I’m not sure if holding the rose quartz is what caused it or not, but this cool pink cylinder of light appeared in front of and above me that was very interesting to “see” (my eyes were closed so I saw it clairvoyantly).

The energy today felt very different, kind of jerky…in spurts.  My face twitched a lot too.  I should have had the camera closer so you could see that better.

Part way through my channeling session, even with my windows/doors closed, my neighbor’s loud hammering on his old pick-up truck was distracting.  I don’t know what the guy was doing, but he was underneath his truck with a sledge hammer pummeling the back end of the poor truck.  Hopefully, you can hear me okay.

To skip the part where I’m just getting into trance and not talking, you can fast forward to 2:55.

Of course, Chakra had to walk into view a couple of times.  She’s always drawn to my channeling.  Bleu doesn’t care as much.  And, yes, I still have zero real furniture.  😉

In Light,