I’m going to warn you that this post will be all over the place.  Get some popcorn and something to drink and settle in.

In the words of the late, great, George Michael…FREEDOM!  (God I miss him.)

Many years ago in Los Angeles, a fabulous medium named Rodolfo Silva told me the first time he met me that (1) not only did I need to change my name because my birth name was so wrong for me that it was literally causing me harm — I thought he was bonkers at the time but then Atheria showed up in 1998 — and (2) that I was liked a caged animal screaming to be set free…and if I didn’t let the REAL me out, I would die a bitter old woman.  (He was blunt.  He also told me I’d go through life alone, which so far has been proven to be true.)  For over 2 decades now, I’ve wondered, “What needs to be let out?!”  I’m not totally sure, but I am feeling more and more that my quitting job after job and moving around the USA has more to do with needing freedom than being fed up with nothing to do, lack of opportunities, and no one to date (NM) or very high rent, smog, and horrid traffic (CA).  I need to be freaking FREE more than I need a new zip code.

I am vegan by choice (animals are my best friends and I don’t eat my friends) but not gluten free by choice (damn Irish ancestry and Celiac Disease in my bloodline).  Being vegan is restrictive enough (not that I’m saying being vegan sucks…because it doesn’t) and yet, I have limited my vegan freedom by self-imposing variations of veganism such as macrobiotics (not a fully vegan diet but can be done veganly), raw foodism (diametrically opposed to macrobiotics), high carb/low fat, low carb/high fat/Eco Atkins, etc.  Maybe it’s an age thing, but I just cannot last long on an overly restrictive diet anymore.  It makes me obsess about what I “can’t” have and then I freak out and eat 10 lbs. of whatever it is I “shouldn’t” eat after a few weeks.  I’ve got to learn moderation!  I’m a double Libra (sun and rising) for crying out loud!  I think I crossed that bridge tonight though.

In April 2014 I was diagnosed with early onset osteoporosis, probably due to not only the fact that I’m a very small boned (miniscule bones…I could not believe my pelvis could hold me up when I saw my DEXA scan) white woman with bone density issues in my family tree…but because I also have had eating disorders for much of my life and have done some pretty horrid things to myself.  (Thankfully, the really horrid stuff was loooong ago…but the damage was done.)  Anyway, I was determined to prove to my MD that yoga could rebuild bone density, if done in a specific weight bearing way, and one year later when I was re-scanned, sure enough, I had gained back some of my lost bone density.  Because of that, addictive (and scared) personality type that I am, I have obsessively done this almost hour long yoga routine every single night since then.  I have probably only missed a handful of days in 3.5 years.  On my way back to Albuquerque from Cancun in 2015 I did yoga in the middle of the airport while people stepped over me.  I’m not kidding.  It has become stressful to me and I’ve turned down social opportunities (that I should go to) because I had do to yoga.  I have managed to turn something healthy and good for you into an unhealthy obsession that I now often dread and which creates stress.

Maybe it’s because I’m approaching 51 and just don’t want to HAVE to do anything anymore, or maybe it’s just burnout…but not only did I plop a huge spoon of fatty sunflower seed butter on my dinner (I’m “supposed” to be eating low fat) tonight, but I said, “The heck with yoga…I’m doing something I have ALWAYS loved instead…dancing!”  I remember reading a book by Marilu Henner years ago where she said that when she needed to lose weight as a young actor she started dancing every night for 25-30 minutes.  I have always LOVED to dance!  It’s the ONLY form of exercise that I actually enjoy and I only want to do things I enjoy from now on!  Life is too damn short!  I have lost a lot of friends in their 40s and 50s the past few years.

I started streaming Pandora through my Roku TV and guess what the very first song was…(I’m going to start applying for jobs back in Hollywood later next month)…FAME by my beloved (God I miss him so much) David Bowie!  That was followed up by Rhianna singing S&M (Don’t listen if you’re a prude), Usher singing something (Who cares?  This is cutie Usher we’re talking about), Flo Rida, and then some other chick I’ve never heard of but whose dance song I liked.  I danced like a freaking crazy woman for exactly 32 minutes and it was AWESOME!  Now, this was not mild dancing we’re talking about here.  I used my entire body and threw in some push-ups and yoga poses for good measure.  Animals do NOT work out.  Animals do not go to gyms.  They USE their bodies during the day and that’s what I’m going to try to start doing.  At work I’ll talk to my boss while doing a handstand.  (He’s used to me being odd.)  I think it’s much better to break exercise up and sneak it in throughout the day.  And that way, you feel freer!  Cats stretch and do yoga randomly throughout the day.  Horses suddenly gallop.  We can be animals!  Once again, the animal kingdom is way ahead of us stupid humans.

So, I’ve mentioned freeing yourself from dietary (think moderation in a vegan context) and fitness/workout rules.  That’s only part of the whole freedom thing.  I am fully prepared and willing to live in my Honda Fit if I need to do that.  My only complication, because I’ve thought about this, is my 2 fur kids.  The cats would not love living in a car.  Granted, I could get one of these cool pet backpacks…or a pet stroller…but I do think that they’d mutiny pretty quickly.  Oh the responsibilities of being a fur kid parent!

All I know is that I need FREEDOM and I will not be truly happy until I totally free myself from all societal limitations and rules.  Our souls are meant to be free!  We are not born to simply pay bills and die.  There is more importance to our lives than that.  And, speaking of which, this happened today:

So yes, I am indeed supposed to be writing.  I do wish my unseen friends would help a bit more though and tell me which of my ideas to focus on, and if it’s the film…help me with a major plot issue I’ve been blocked regarding for close to 25 years!  My soul is intrinsically a writer, even when pursuing acting years ago.  I once wrote this monologue for an acting class because I couldn’t find a monologue to perform that I really resonated with.  When I performed the emotional piece, I got lovely compliments on my acting…but the compliments on the writing actually meant more to me.  One fellow actor asked if she could perform my work.  That was a huge honor and I’ll never forget it.

Since I said this post would be all over the place, it was really cool to find out today that astrologically, it’s right in my natal chart that I’m a psychic medium/trance channel and connected to the Other Side.  I have Pluto and Uranus in the 12th house (for example…there are other indicators also).  I am finding astrology more and more fascinating.  I even have something in my chart (which I’m now blanking on) that indicates eating disorders.  I have to say, though, that most of my natal chart sucks.  I wish I could be reborn.  I’ve told my guides I’m not ever coming back…that I’m over this incarnation crap.  Granted, once I’m pure spirit…not in constant pain and all full of joy and such, I’ll probably be the overachiever that I am and agree to come back for the gazillionth time.  I still think I was stoned when I agreed to this incarnation with all of its many struggles.

Well, I’ve blabbered on long enough.  I need to attempt to sleep (insomnia has been back lately).  I guess my main point to this post is that you should free yourself from any self imposed or society imposed restrictions.  At this awful temp job many years ago, I had it pop into my head one day that the fear of my life staying the same was worse than my fear of leaping and taking a risk.  I quit the cruddy temp job and pursued acting full-time for a while.  It didn’t make me a movie star, but I didn’t end up living on the streets either…and now I help keep the USA safe from disaster.  In between that temp job and now I also worked at Sony Pictures Entertainment where I loved my job.  Quitting that to move to Oregon in 2008 was a stupid thing to do!  Oh well.  Everything happens for a reason and all that!  I do fully believe that we are lead to some end goal.  Right now mine is vague, but I’m trusting in the plan.

Stay tuned,




Lessons Learned from a Power Outage and Death as a Teacher

Granted, what happened last night was nothing compared to what people in Houston, Texas and all of Florida are dealing with right now from the hurricanes, but the many hours with no electricity and no cell service (for the most part…cell towers would work for 10 seconds and then be down for 20 minutes) was a wake up call.  Over a large area that included Nambe and Pojoaque (possibly a bigger area than that) there was a power outage just before 7:30 p.m. when it was starting to get dark.  Power wasn’t restored until just after 11:00 p.m. where I live.  It really made all of us realize just how dependent on modern conveniences we are.  I almost forgot how to light a candle.  Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but the fact I could only find ONE candle was annoying.  I could have sworn I had a bunch.  Note to self:  Get more candles.

Being yoga addicted as I am, I attempted to do my nightly hour long yoga practice in the dark…with that one pitiful candle, that didn’t emit much light, as my luminescence.  It was a learning experience.  Did you know that when you can’t see your body or see where you are in position to stationary objects, it’s REALLY disorienting?  It was an odd experience.  I had zero balance and kept falling over.  It was almost like being out of body or something where the me that I know as Atheria was without this clothing I know as my physical body.  I couldn’t tell where the physical me was.

After completing a very awkward yoga session having fallen 20 times, I threw on a robe and went outside to see what was going on.  And, WOW.  Stars…billions of stars.  It literally made me gasp.  With all ambient light gone, you could see everything.  I just stared at the sky with fellow neighbors in awe.  It was at that moment that I realized there really was a major lesson from last night’s situation.  Stop and look up.  Stop and look period.  Most people go through the day in such a rush and so distracted, we don’t SEE.  I said to myself, “Pay attention to this and everything from now on.”

Another lesson from last night had to do with this question:  Why is it we only meet neighbors during a crisis?

When I lived in Los Angeles during the big 1994 earthquake and the 1992 riots, I met neighbors for the first time I’d lived next to for YEARS.  Why do we all stay locked up in our apartments or houses and never come out to meet each other?  That’s sad…and very common.  It’s more common in major cities like Los Angeles, but it does happen in smaller New Mexico cities and towns too.  When I owned a house for years in Northwest Albuquerque, although I met a few neighbors, most I never got to know.  Most you never even saw.  They were silent and invisible.  In retrospect, it was odd.  Maybe the one good thing from hurricanes Harvey and Irma is that those impacted met their neighbors and they all helped each other.  Strangers helped other strangers expecting nothing in return.  It should be like that all the time.

On a practical note, a really good tip I learned from some TV news report about Harvey and Irma is that you should always keep a laptop fully charged.  In an emergency, it can serve as a cell phone charger.  My scientist friend is currently in Florida working with FEMA to help people, and she emailed me saying that what they’ve found to be the most beneficial for cut off from power people are those crank powered radios that have built in USB ports.  Also, my friend who just got back from Switzerland said that this cell phone charger made by Anker is freaking awesome and you get about 8 full cell charges from one fully charged Anker.  I had never heard of them, and had to Google them.  This looks like the model she has:

On a funny note, I got all excited last night when I had enough pre-ground coffee sitting in my grinder’s collection cup to make coffee this morning.  I made a mental note to always grind some extra in case of emergencies.  But then reality hit and I remembered that I wouldn’t be able to make coffee anyway without electricity!  All I can say is THANK GOD THE POWER CAME BACK BEFORE MORNING.  Note to self:  Get a propane fueled little one burner stove and a camping coffee maker.

This whole outage last night has made me more curious to learn survival techniques.  That is not a bad thing for everyone to learn.  And, also, don’t take things for granted.  Be prepared for emergencies.  In my case, not being able to make coffee does qualify for an emergency.  LOL!  But, seriously, do stock up on some basic supplies.  I need to buy batteries too.  I have flashlights with no working batteries.  I did use my cell phone’s flashlight some, though, which was very helpful.  Don’t wait until a category 5 hurricane is headed directly at you to run to Walmart with 1,000,000 other people frantic to buy necessities.

This is kind of related, but not.  Bob just interviewed this nomad who lives on the road and who is extremely creative about how to get Internet service in remote areas without spending $1,000 a month.  I love people who are great at figuring out the cheapest and most workable ways to do things.

And speaking of awesome Bob, he just lost a friend whose declining health caused him to end his own life.  Bob just posted 2 videos about life and death…and REALLY living…and not regretting things when it’s your turn to go that are spiritually based and important.  You may or may not agree with choosing when pass over to the Other Side, but he brings up very valid thoughts.  At the very least, he brings up things to think about so that when you are at the end of your life, you don’t have regrets.  (Note:  There is a HUGE difference between being suicidal because you’re depressed…DON’T DO IT…and compassionate euthanasia/assisted suicide when someone has zero quality of life and is horribly suffering.)

Embracing Death as an Ally:

Work Less – Dance More:  Embracing Death for your Best Life:

In Light,


Astrological Location Finding

LibraI just got back from my great astrology Meetup group, and am aggravated.  Today’s topic was “Where should I be?” meaning, “Where in the world is a great place for me to live according to my birth chart?”  Seems that my cruddy natal chart is even cruddier than I thought.  Is it too late to be born again?  HA!  From what we saw today, pretty much nowhere is great for me!  At least nowhere on planet Earth.  When leaving, I said to this other woman (who is in a similar but not AS bad situation as I am in chart-wise), “No place on Earth is really great for me love/career/health wise because I’m not supposed to be here!  I bet you my chart for somewhere in the Pleiades would be fabulous!”

Even one of the normally very positive/glass half full leaders said, “Yeah, Santa Fe is not good for you.”  In fact, the major lines we looked at via (fabulous free offerings there) totally AVOIDED New Mexico.  They literally went around the state.  Now, some lines are good lines and some are bad…so there are some lines you don’t want to run through where you are, but still…

The locations where I’d have the best chance at love?  Saudi Arabia, eastern China, the Australian Outback (think middle of nowhere…in the desert…alone) and the Philippines!  I’d not do well in either Saudi Arabia since I channel extraterrestrials (although a scarf over my head would cover up my bad hair) or China because I’d have FREE TIBET plastered on my car.  I think the Philippines would be too humid for me.  And, of course the Australian line doesn’t run through any cities.  Then there’s my Jupiter line (success/prosperity) that runs through Greenland and mostly the Atlantic Ocean!  It does, however, hit Rio de Janeiro…so there’s that.  But, mostly, I need to make my fortune on a boat in the middle of the Atlantic.  Lovely.  Are there even any towns on Greenland?  Isn’t the entire continent ice?

I’ve got a bunch of lines running along the West Coast of the USA, but Portland, Oregon did not go well for me when I lived there from April 2008 to December 2009.  It was a struggle the whole time, similar to Denver, Colorado.  Now what you’re supposed to do is look at the big chart of lines (see mine below) and then calculate your chart for cities along the major good lines.  San Francisco (which I do love) is a “possible” meaning it could turn out to be really good for me or just kind of fizzle.  Of course, the Bay Area is soooo $$$$$$$$$$$$ I’d probably have to live in my Honda.  But, I will put San Francisco on my possibles list and start looking for jobs there later next month.  Seriously, though, nowhere on the planet was there a major FABULOUS spot for me.  I think I’m just meant to be a nomad and roam around.  Anywhere, he’s my annoying graphic:


The most shocking disappointment was Paris.  I adore all things France, but according to my chart for Paris…it would be baaaaad for me there.  It’s an example of a place where lines are near it, but not GOOD ones.

If you want to look up your information for different cities/countries, all you need to do is create a free account at and then click on “free horoscopes” and “extended chart selection”.  When you get to that page, you click on “special charts” (in the “methods” section) and choose “astromap world” (if you want the entire world like I’ve done) or you can narrow the search down to “astromap North America” (for example).  Then click on the “click here to show chart” button.  Here’s my North America only graphic:

North America graphic

Now, to run your birth chart as a different location than your actual birth location, from the “extended chart selection” page, where it says “default settings” (you may need to get to the “extended chart selection” from a fresh from’s main page at this point) change the location/city via “modify reference place” (it’ll default to your actual birth city).

Reference Place

You type in whatever city you want to look up, do a search, and select it when it pops up.  Even pretty small towns usually pop up as options.  If the town you are interested in doesn’t pop up, just pick the closest city/town that does…and the results should pretty much be the same within 50 miles.  I hope you have better luck than me regarding finding places where you’ll be successful, healthy, and in love!

Sun and rising in Libra, with a Capricorn moon-ly yours,

Atheria…the woman meant to be nomad.  LOL!

Zozobra and making Taos a healing center

After all the years I’ve lived in New Mexico (twice in Albuquerque and now further north) I’ve never gone to the burning of Zozobra.  I totally forgot this year until it was too late.  The burning of Zozobra occurred Friday night in Santa Fe.  For those who don’t know, Zozobra is known as Old Man Gloom.  New Mexico had the ORIGINAL Burning Man…although the one in the Nevada desert has gotten most of the attention.  For weeks beforehand, people from all over New Mexico (and elsewhere) write down their gloomy thoughts and disappointments and all those slips of paper are stuffed inside Zozobra…so that all your bad can be burned away.  It’s rather magickal/pagan, now that I think about it.  But, for anyone that freaks out, just think of it as symbolically releasing all that is gloomy in your life.  I do have to say that New Mexico has some cool traditions!

Here are a couple of Instagram videos others posted and one photo.

@Regrann from @bcquist7 – Burning Old Man Gloom👺💥 #santafe #zozobra – #regrann

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@Regrann from @newmexiconomad – 🌟🌟Featured #Video🌟🌟 from @laura_m_marturano 😃 👍 👏 😍 Zozobra, also known as Old Man Gloom (OMG), is the creation of Will Shuster, one of a group of artists known as the Cinco Pintores, who made their way to New Mexico in the 1920s. Shuster’s creation first appeared in his backyard in 1924 as a six-foot puppet, and over the years, has grown to a towering 50-foot high marionette. Made of muslin and stuffed with hundreds of bags of shredded paper, Zozobra is a dark and eerie character, part ghost and part monster, who was introduced publicly as part of Santa Fe Fiesta events in 1926. Since that time, the people of Santa Fe, families and friends new and old, have annually made their way to Fort Marcy Park, a few blocks from the historic Santa Fe Plaza, to view this one-of-a-kind Labor Day Friday pageant. – #regrann

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As an unrelated side note, and not that I’m biased…okay, I’m biased…Taos is magical.  Anyway, this is a great article on healing and Taos.  Taos should be a healing center.  Actually, it already is in some ways.  I’ve met numerous people who have gone through tremendous transformation there.  It hasn’t always been easy for them to purge and rebirth, but it’s been necessary and beneficial long term.

In light,

Raw Food and Ghosts

A huge thanks to my psychic medium friend in Denver for turning me onto Dr. Robert Morse!  I can’t believe I’ve never heard of him before.  Not only is he a huge raw fruit and veggie fan from a health standpoint, but he also addresses the energetic, spiritual, and soul aspect of food.  Dr. Morse is a wonderful mixture of awesome nutritional/health info combined with the spiritual importance of food as we ARE vibrational beings.  He’s got truckloads of videos to watch.  I started off with this one that mentions hypoglycemia, since I am hypoglycemic.  I recently had major improvement in a few health issues by cutting out grains, beans (except peanuts), and potatoes…but have also cut way back in carbohydrates…which is starting to backfire and I don’t see a low carb diet as sustainable long term.  After watching some of Dr. Morse’s videos, I think the improvements I’ve noticed with my edema, digestion, and blood sugar are from cutting out grains, beans, and taters….NOT the low carb/high fat aspect.  I will increase my fruit intake and cut back on tons of nut/seed butters tomorrow to see how I feel.

As a follow-up to an earlier post about the suspected vortex in my kitchen…well…yep…something is definitely going on in my apartment.  I tried to find a neighbor this evening to ask if they’ve been having weird things happen, but, oddly, no one was around!  I will ask whenever I do see someone though and post in the comments section.  Anyway, last week I had this BOOM/BANG happen so freaking loud in my left ear during the night after a very vivid dream that I literally jumped a foot off the bed.  Okay, I’m exaggerating, but I JUMPED.  Now, my right ear is normally my clairaudient ear, so that made it even weirder.  I wrote it off as just some new “adjustment” of my energy system, but last night just before 1 a.m. and after another very vivid dream (normally I don’t dream much), there was loud banging in what sounded like the bathroom.  Now this I heard externally…like with my regular ears…where the left ear boom last week felt more internal/clairaudient.  I was too tired to get up and look and found the noise in the bathroom just annoying, not scary by any means.  Then, two minutes later, there is banging and cabinet door slamming going on in the kitchen.  At that point, I just assumed it was Bleu being a pain in the butt.  My male lynx point Siamese has an aggravating habit of trying to get into cabinets by pulling the doors and slamming them numerous times before he can fling them open far enough to actually climb into the cabinet.  Just as I was about to get up and stagger into the kitchen to tell him to stop it, I saw him sleeping…or at least laying…underneath the bedroom window.  UH OH.  Unless he was having an OBE and was in the kitchen that way, it wasn’t him.

One person suggested that I might be causing the poltergeist/ghost activity, but I always think of that as what happens with kids around puberty age.  Granted, I’m now at the other end of the hormone spectrum and major estrogen/progesterone shifts are happening, but I am not convinced it’s me causing it.  I do live on tribal land, but from what I know, this property was never a burial ground or anything like that.

I will say that since my guides gave me a very specific image to meditate on (not that I’m disciplined enough to actually meditate DAILY like I should) 2-3 weeks ago, some really cool stuff has been happening.  It’s definitely activating something.  My clairvoyance has never been my strongest gift, but lately it’s been opening up dramatically.  I’m seeing movies in my head of stuff happening, for example.  And  I can clearly feel energy swirling around my head when I focus on the image.  Also, I’ve been feeling like both of my ears are being tuned or something lately.  That is hard to explain in words.

After the visit with Alora and friends at Chaco Canyon, I have clearly felt my Pleiadian friends around A LOT.  I still don’t know why they feel the need to pull on my 3rd eye while driving though.  That’s been happening for many years (started in Los Angeles) but is increasing.  Now I just say out loud (thank God I have tinted windows so fellow drivers can’t see me talking to myself…haha), “I know you’re there.  Do you really need to do this now?!”  They then back off.  In Los Angeles long ago, one morning while driving on Beverly Blvd. it was so annoying…the sensation of my consciousness being pulled out of my forehead…that I yelled, “I know you’re there!  Let me see you!”  And, sure enough, BLIP!  There was a 1 second flash of a UFO right ahead of me.

And speaking of Los Angeles, I’ve been remotely considering moving back to the L.A. area but after what happened in much smaller Albuquerque last weekend, I’m not sure I can handle a HUGE city like Los Angeles now.  Granted, ABQ has major crime and other problems, but the way the energy of the city affected me was not good.  At first I got distracted with real shopping malls and distractions like that, which I do miss up here where I live…but quickly the joy of Victoria’s Secret and Forever 21 wore off.  Once I stepped outside Coronado Center, I felt almost attacked with hostile, stressful, angry energy.  I couldn’t take it.  I forced myself to quickly go to Old Town ABQ because I love that area, but rushed through it as fast as I could (taking lots of pictures for Instagram).  I literally said to myself, “Get me the heck out of here and back to the rez!”  I couldn’t get out of Albuquerque fast enough.  The shift in energy once I got about 20 miles from Santa Fe was dramatically better.  I’m concerned that my system has gotten used to much less populated places where there is a lot more nature and that I may never be able to handle an exciting major city again.  Okay, I just read that and can’t help but think, “And that’s a BAD thing WHY?  Don’t forget, when you used to live in Los Angeles, a holistic doctor in Tesuque diagnosed you with NATURE DEFICIENCY.”  I’m not kidding.  Through kinesiology my body told him I was nature deficient.  For months and months I had been saying to my sister that I felt starved for nature…and…yep.

This post has been all over the place, but the Cliff Notes version is:  Eat lots of fruit, live in a small town surrounded my nature, and do energetic protection daily while letting ghosts and/or ETs know who’s boss. 🙂

In light,


Mystical Life Forum of New Mexico

Howdy!  I made the trek down to Albuquerque this morning to attend friends’ of mine’s new-ish monthly group called Mystical Life Forum of New Mexico.  The monthly event is on the 4th Saturday of each month, from 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. and I highly recommend it to anyone in the Albuquerque area.  Hannah and her mom, Mary, are fellow contactees, and spread as much information as they can about all things metaphysical.  They also have a new book coming out with matching ET tarot cards, which look freaking awesome!  They will be doing a book signing at my friend, Mitch Rubin’s, fabulous metaphysical store named Blue Eagle Metaphysical Emporium on September 30th from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

The guest speaker today at Mystical Life Forum of New Mexico was a lovely soul who goes by the name Bethany Paix in this life.  She is a very knowledgeable and experienced Master Energy Channel who does spiritual clearing and blessing for people, places, and businesses.  Her website is Angels Helping Humans.  As a psychic medium, I feel people’s energy immediately, and I am very comfortable about recommending her services.

Today’s drive down to a major city (in terms of population, not actual city amenities…don’t get me started on the lack of IKEA) was very eye opening…upsettingly so!  I live on a reservation in the middle of nowhere and the biggest city I’ve been going to since last November when I moved back to New Mexico for the 3rd time (yes, I’m one of THOSE people) is Santa Fe…with a population of 83,875 (as of 2016).  As of the year 2000, where I live has a population of 1,261.  Unless someone died, that’s now 1,262.  Anyway, from the moment I hit Albuquerque’s (a.k.a. highest crime in the USA…or close to being #1) city limits, I felt stressful, not good energy.  But, I made it to this morning’s talk and then stopped by Blue Eagle and then Coronado Center, since I truly do miss REAL shopping malls (Santa Fe’s idea of a shopping mall is pretty darn pitiful).  Inside the mall, I Instagrammed my glee about being in a real mall…but that quickly faded the moment I stepped outside.  I exited the mall from the total opposite side from where my car was parked because I started to feel overwhelmed with lots of people’s junk energy.  One of the many reasons I left Los Angeles in 2008 was that, as a very empathic psychic medium, I felt bombarded with 13,000,000 people’s energy and I couldn’t take it anymore.  Anyway, on this hot summer day (it really is cooler where I live…thank goddess) I had to walk all the way around the mall on the outside, which gave me “great” viewing/hearing of Burque people’s lives.  OMG!  It was nonstop fights and screaming and yelling and road rage in the parking lot!  At one point, this Nissan Maxima driver and Ford Mustang driver were so livid, I got scared there’d be a shooting and started to look for a safe place to duck!  I’ll give you a hint…the Nissan driver or passenger got out of his car.  The overall vibe in Albuquerque was VERY angry and scary.  Walking past this woman and a kid, she said to the kid, “Albuquerque is very prickly today.”  I commented to her as she passed, “Yes it is!”  There was overwhelming stress and rage that carried over to Old Town Albuquerque…which normally I enjoy.  I did hang out there for a while and took a lot of Instagram pictures, but was EAGER to get out and get back to the rez!

It was interesting that as I stopped by a nice, new Starbucks on Rio Grande just south of the 40, as I mentioned where I live and big cities vs. small towns…the barista said to me, “I didn’t miss big cities at all when I left.”  At the mall, I literally Intagrammed, “I can’t move to tiny Taos.  I need real shopping malls!”  But, now at PEACEFUL home on he rez, I think I cannot even CONSIDER moving back to insanely priced and congested Los Angeles like I’ve been thinking of doing.  Something deep within me has changed and I need small town life with lots of nature and QUIET.  I’m pissed about this, FYI.  I have known for a while that it’s my EGO that needs glitzy city.  My soul needs Taos…or at least some beautiful place that is full of nature and calm like Taos.  As much as my ego LOVED Denver last year…my guides made sure it didn’t work out.  My guides can be highly annoying.  They are all about the soul instead of ego.  The issue is that they aren’t down here on Earth in this 3D world dealing with what we need to deal with.  They are up there at some higher, more evolved, “big picture” dimension, and it’s not fair!  Pffffft! ;-P

This is annoying.

To be continued,



Explaining my channeling physicality

20170825_112212My cell phone camera started shooting a bunch of shots and this “accidental” one while at El Santuario de Chimayo today is pretty darn cool!  Chimayo is a very powerful place and I enjoyed sucking up the wonderful energy while taking lots of pictures that you can see on my Instagram account.  (Do a search for #elsantuariodechimayo or #lourdesofthesouthwest.)  I did feel my unseen friends with me today.

Speaking of my unseen friends, here is a short video of me trying to explain why it looks so concerning when I work as a trance medium/trance channel.  Trust me, it just LOOKS bad.

In Light,