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Bodhi may be stealing treats again and I’ll be reading at Abitha’s Apothecary

When I sold my house last month and moved into a small apartment across town, I wondered if Bodhi and Karma would, in spirit, stay around the house…their last home before passing…or if they’d follow Chakra, Bleu, and me to the new location. Something happened recently that I suspect is Bodhi up to his old “Tuna Flavored Greenies” cat treats stealing antics again. Right now, I’m not POSITIVE he took the missing entire bag of treats, but this is a small place and I can’t find the bag of treats ANYWHERE. Now, Bleu and Chakra DO get into the kitchen cabinet where I had been keeping them, but even if they did naughtily get into the bag to feast, something should have been left over. They seemingly didn’t eat the rather tough bag. I would have seen signs of that days later, if you know what I mean.

Last night, Bodhi also came to me in a dream again. He was pale, in that his normal white/dark gray coloring was not as vivid. Basically, he looked like what you’d expect a spirit to look like…slightly ephemeral. He was playing in what I think was my current apartment (although it’s hard to remember) with other cats, which included my still physically alive Bleu and Chakra, I believe. I definitely remember him with a few other cats, and I’m pretty sure Bleu and Chakra were in the group, but I’m not 100% positive about that. It does make sense to me that he would connect with my two current kids while they are asleep and possibly temporarily out of body. He walked up to me and let me hug and pet him. I miss him and Karma so much. This is the third time he’s come to me in a dream. Karma has only come once, and I hope she’s okay. Because of her longer term decline, and possible dementia, she was sent to a pet hospice on the Other Side to recover for quite a few months. Sylvia Browne would have said she was “cocooned” to heal.

It warms my heart knowing that my babies are STILL with me, despite my moving. Now, I know that spirit is not limited by location/distance, but it’s nice to get proof of that.

On another note, I’ll be helping out Abitha’s Apothecary here in Albuquerque on Thursday night. December 4th is Albuquerque’s yearly event where Central is closed down for pedestrians to walk around for the “Shop and Stroll”. I’ll be doing readings from 6 p.m. – 9 p.m. Stop by if you’re in the area!

Happy Holidays,

High percentage of ET contactees have green eyes!

This is a super quick post. My friend just sent me this article about how rare green eyes are. I had no idea. I am blood type O, and have always noticed that certain things make my eyes get greener. They get greener in Taos, for example…or when I cry. But what caught my eye (pardon the pun) about this article is this quote:

The International Community for Alien Research conducted a study of potential alien contactees and found that green-eyed people were the largest group to report contact! “Green/Hazel eyes make up 48% of the 1400 contactees that took part in this study and make up 70% of the O Neg. group. Blue eyes making up 36% of the blood types and 23% of the O Neg. group. Brown eyes make up 16% of the study group and 7% of the O Neg. group.”

As a green-eyed contactee, I find this intriguing.


Crestone, Colorado a.k.a. Shambala and the magic of New Mexico

Tonight during our monthly channeling meeting in Rio Rancho when I asked a fellow channel’s unseen friend, Archangel Michael, about my friend’s desire to open a healing center in northern New Mexico…Michael highly suggested we check out Crestone, Colorado. I’d heard of this small, spiritual hub years ago while in Sedona. I had been commenting that I felt the vortexes were gone (I could not feel them to save my life despite the fact that in 1998 I had felt them very strongly) and was told that because the Federal Government had been messing with them doing testing, etc. they had shifted up into Crestone. I thought Crestone was in the very southwestern part of Colorado, but looking it up just now, it’s not that far from Pueblo. Reading the below article, I am intrigued and need to check it out.

Michael also suggested Sunrise Springs, which is southwest of Santa Fe. — I had been taken there many years ago for lunch and it was a LOVELY spot…like a sudden oasis in the middle of nothingness for miles. From what I can see online, it had closed down but people are hoping to revive it in 2015. If it was abandoned, it could have been the perfect answer…but it looks like someone beat us to the punch! 🙂

Some interesting things came up about New Mexico during tonight’s session. When one woman’s unseen friends were asked just WHY New Mexico is so powerful healing-wise, she said that it’s not just due to all the native peoples for eons who have held powerful ceremonies and such here. She said this land was literally chosen by the Great Spirit during creation of the planet and infused with power. She told the others of us in the room to talk to the mountains and they will answer. The mountains contain spirits and will guide us if we let them. Now, as someone who is very partial to mountains and cannot live in a place that doesn’t have mountains, that was great to hear. My friend, Lisa, lives right beneath a fabulous mesa in Jemez that truly is a living being. It has moods. It teaches you lessons about life simply by its beingness. It has also shape-shifted, but that’s a whole other story. 🙂