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Channeled session from 8/12/1999. Geeze, I was already behind back then!

Well, you survived yesterday. We knew it was not the end of the world, of course, unlike some of you.  Not the end, but a new beginning.  I believe you call it “The Age of Aquarius”. We prefer to call it “The Age of Enlightenment”.  It’s a bit more fitting, don’t you think?  If you don’t yet understand this…you soon will.  Things are changing and speeding up as we “speak” (a little joke since Atheria is actually typing this and not speaking…we DO have humor).  Progress has been pretty slow up until this time, but is gaining momentum.  Some already feel this change, this speeding up of energy and growth.  Those who cannot handle the change will be choosing to leave their physical bodies in rapid succession.  There will be more and more “deaths” (you never really die) as the year 2012 approaches when the alignment will come to completion and you’ll have no choice but to develop as the spiritual beings you are.

Do not panic.  We are not saying that there is going to be mass devastation or the like.  California is not going to fall into the Pacific making Las Vegas beachfront property.  Have we said that already?  We’re getting forgetful.  We have so much to say and hardly enough time to say it.  Oops…We just made a blunder. Got caught in that old time trap nonsense.  We simply mean that our vehicle, Atheria, will only be in her current incarnation for so many of your Earth years and she’s gotten a late start already.  We’re not blaming, mind you, simply stating facts.  We had intended to use her years ago, but she hadn’t completed her initial learning in time.  That is okay.  She’s working with us now and much can be accomplished.  She did agree to do this before birth, though she wasn’t aware of it consciously for most of her life…until now.  We are getting side-tracked.  What were we discussing?  Oh yes, terrible catastrophes and such that some have predicted.  Mass devastation is not needed in order for those who cannot handle the speeding up and development of their souls to take leave early.  They will leave the physical world by normal means of illness, accidents, etc.  We do want to say that these people are in no way “bad” people.  It’s just that some of the younger souls who haven’t yet experienced many incarnations and the growth therefrom, aren’t strong enough to handle the powerful surge of energy that is now beginning to envelope the Earth.  They will stay in spirit for awhile and then be reborn after the changes have settled in and enlightenment is commonplace.  They will continue learning while in spirit instead of being in physical bodies.

Side note and example of a good soul who had to leave early: John Kennedy, Jr.  He is continuing his growth in spirit with his mother, who greeted him at the transition point. Jack Kennedy, his father, has already reincarnated and could not be there to escort his son to the other side…but Jackie is very happy to be with her beloved son once again.  They will learn and grow together.  John Jr. was her father at one time.  Roles are always switched in incarnations as you attract the same souls lifetime after lifetime.  Albeit, when you meet someone new and instantly form a best-friendship that is stronger than other friendships you’ve had for years.  You already knew each other and are comfortable and at peace.

Notice, notice, notice.  That is Atheria’s lesson for today and most days for that matter.  This applies to you all too.  Start to notice more.  Those thoughts that just “pop” into your head are not there by accident.  Start to pay attention and notice them.  They are us.  It’s communication, pure and simple.  But, sad to say, most of you are so caught up in your day-to-day living that you don’t notice a darn thing!  It’s quite frustrating for us, let me tell you.  We constantly put little ideas and thoughts into your consciousness…only to be ignored.  When one of you actually catches on, we get very excited!!!  See?  We’re using those exclamation points again!!!  We are here to help you.  It’s that simple.  Accept our help.  It is not a sign of weakness or neuroses.  Through helping you we are helping ourselves.  It’s not all that generous really.  We’re not into martyrdom or anything.  By helping you we are bringing more like-minds into the fold.  The more of us the better.  Eventually we’ll be able to lay back and relax…hahaha…(We just thought we’d act a little human with human laziness for a bit.)  As we are also always learning too, we continue to grow and develop by helping you help yourselves.  One hand washes the other, to borrow one of your phrases.

Oh, she’s tired already.  We must work on increasing her reserves of energy.  At this rate, this discourse will never get done.  Cancel that negativity.  We didn’t mean it.  We know this material will get finished and out there where it belongs.  Patience is a virtue, right?

Channeling – 10/26/2013

At-one-ment.  Most consider the prior word to be atonement…to make amends for wrongs done or perceived to be done.  But we see this as being at one with the moment you find yourself in.  And in that moment, there are choices to be made…paths to take…both right paths and left paths.  By being at one with the moment you are in, you won’t need to atone for wrongs because you will choose correctly when guided by spirit.  You will be guided by spirit because in the NOW, the grand dimension that is pure spirit, you will easily hear the guidance you need to hear and you will be led to correct choices.  We do know how difficult it is for you to be in the moment when there are so many distractions in your current environment, but it is possible.  It will take practice, but you CAN do it.  You may need to remove yourself temporarily from the hustle and bustle of city life…go out into nature…sit with a tree.  This will help you to silence not only the external chatter but also the internal chatter.  We find value in “tree hugging”.  Wrap your arms around a tree and breathe with it.  Feel its life force, feel its soul.  Yes, all living things have soul energy.  There have been studies that show plants can feel pain.  If you need to trim a tree or bush you should send it love and let it know you are making the effort to help it.  Being in the stillness of a forest will help you begin to hear “the still small voice within”.  The better you get at hearing it, the better will be your choices and the less karma you will rack up.  It’s that simple.  At-one-ment.  This moment is all there is.  For there may not be another.  With that, we bid you peace.

Soulmates (a poem written back on 10/17/1998)

I wonder what love is like

True love, not infatuation

Mutually drawn together

Never been in that situation

Lived my life alone

A Journeywoman throughout life

Following some solitary path

Blamed it on God’s wrath

But maybe there were things to learn

Before I met my soulmate

Many roads to travel before the turn

Left instead of right

That led me to my fate of meeting the one

I’ve waited so long for

I’m going through a new door

Into new experience with another

The lover I’ve ached for I’ve met

Not only in this life, also in a prior self

Two souls bound eternally as one, meet once again

And recognize the light in one another

Beam me up, Scotty!

I think I was abducted last night. Granted, it "could" have been a dream…but I don’t think so.

I was having more hypoglycemia problems last night and couldn’t sleep. I got up at 12:30 a.m. to eat AGAIN to try to get my blood sugar to stabilize. When I went back to bed, I fell asleep (finally) pretty quickly, but for only maybe 3-3.5 hours or so. At least I think I fell asleep. The next thing I knew, I was standing outside in my PJs (thankfully I wasn’t sleeping nude!) in the dark when this beam of light came down over me. I very clearly felt myself being lifted up into a ship and "knew" it was Pleiadians (although I was told by Alora in 2002 that they abhorred abductions). As this was happening, I felt a sense of relief, and said to myself, "I hope they can fix my blood sugar problem as I’m feeling so sick." Then, bam, I’m in bed awake again…hours later…and my blood sugar was clearly better. I’ve heard that ETs can do healing work on humans. Maybe they specifically came to help me. The whole thing simply did not feel like a dream. It was all very real feeling. And it seemed almost that I was waiting for them to come get me. Weird…

In Light,

Carrie / Atheria

Remember the old song “Ring my Bell”?

Quite a while ago I was having issues with hearing my doorbell being rung and hearing knocking, and found out it was my Uncle Chuck who died in his early 20s from a car accident in 1976 or 77.  I found out it was him from a medium friend.  He wanted to let me know he was around and was protecting my house.

I’ve not had any occurrences like the above for many months, but tonight while playing with my phone and watching TV I very clearly heard my doorbell ring.  I put the phone down, yelled “Just a minute” (moved a bit slow as I’m having blood sugar issues today) and walked to the front door.  I opened it, and no one was there.  I walked outside and looked around and there was no sign of anyone anywhere.

It’s nice to know Chuck is still keeping an eye on me.  It’s comforting, especially because I live alone.  Trust that your loved ones are also watching over you on the Other Side.