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Bodhi visited me in a “dream”!

Ever since I lost my sweet Bodhi in September I have hoped he would come to me in a dream. Granted, he visited the house in spirit shortly after passing and then again on my birthday in October, but I’ve not felt him around in a long time and it made me sad. Last night as I lay in bed I affirmed that I wanted to astral travel and clearly remember it. I then did some basic exercises with my breath and focusing on expanding my astral body. I fell asleep before I could get anything dramatic to happen, but I now suspect I did leave my body during the night. At one point I saw Bodhi and he jumped into my lap like he often did when I was at the computer. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him as much as I could…enjoying the feel of his plump body and thick, soft fur. Then he jumped down onto the floor and, I think…it’s foggy now, morphed into one of my cats that is still alive, Chakra. Chakra and Bodhi were best friends, so that made sense. That brief interaction brought me some peace. I miss him so, but know I’ll be with him again someday. As I am very worried I might lose Karma soon, I pray he greets her on the Other Side when it is her time.


Number Mania!

I don’t know what the heck is going on, but these triple numbers I am getting NONSTOP are driving me nuts! It started off today with my blood sugar being exactly 111 and then I was on my way to work and got a 222 in a license plate in front of me. Well, the rest of the day was full of more 111’s, 222’s, 444’s, 555’s, 666’s (which is funny because just last night I told my friend that "at least I don’t get 666’s"), and 777’s. It got so bad that while driving home tonight, shortly after an SUV passed me with a 666 license plate, I stopped in traffic and looked over at another SUV with 555 and right in front of it a sedan with 111! When I got into my car after stopping off at an auto parts store after work to pick up an air filter (Grandpa in spirit has been nagging me about Bob’s air filter…and since he was right about Sheila’s brakes years ago and Bob’s battery in December, I listened this time. For those who don’t know, my cars have names.) Bob’s clock read exactly 5:55 p.m.! There is NO question that something is going on, but I can’t figure out what. And I’m not the only person I know right now who is getting constant specific repeat numbers. Spirit is trying to tell me something, but what?!


Leonard & Von

On Sunday while I was in the kitchen puttering around, I got the infamous pressure shift in my right clairaudient ear along with a bit of an EEEEEE ringing sound, which happens when someone in spirit is trying to get my attention. So I asked, “Who’s there?” I assumed I’d get some name I’m familiar with, but heard an unfamiliar “Leonard.” No further explanation as to who he was, just “Leonard.” Later in the day I was driving home from some errand and Leonard came into my head (meaning he was hanging around) so I asked, “Leonard, why did you come to me?” To which he bluntly replied, “Because you are there.” Leonard, my new friend, is a bit of a smart ass. 🙂

I was able to confirm for a coworker/friend today that her recently departed Native American friend named Von is indeed alive and well on the Other Side. Sy stopped by my office to find out if there was a verdict on 2 very mysterious photographs she took of a fireplace shortly after Von passed away. In the pictures, there is a fire going inside the large fireplace but “oddly” although flames did not escape the inside of the fireplace in live time…when she developed the pictures, flames are shown as shooting outside the fireplace and go almost up to the ceiling! I think I can see a face in the flames way up high too. Anyway, she was having some photo experts at work look at them to see if there is a logical explanation for what happened or if it was indeed Von’s way of saying HELLO. (The last I heard the guys could not explain the pictures but are awaiting higher rez copies.) I should also mention that next to the fireplace was Von’s walking stick that has special meaning. What I think is lovely is that the night she “died” she was simply sitting in a chair with family and friends around when she suddenly and calmly said, “Would someone please open the door?” Someone got up and opened the door and she passed away on the spot. Sy said that her father had said the exact same thing just before he passed away.

While Sy and I were talking (waiting for the guys to finish looking at the pictures) I said to Sy that there was no doubt in my mind the flames were Von signaling from the Other Side. The moment I said that, WHAMMO, Von showed up and hit me with massive tingling along my whole right side. Then Sy also started tingling. I then was able to describe Von’s laugh and her large persona and that she loved music. Sy asked me what instrument and I immediately saw a Native American flute and said, “The flute.” Sy’s face lit up with joy and she knuckle bumped me saying, “That’s what I’ve been waiting for! That is the sign from her I’ve been waiting for! A flute!” I went on to tell her that Von was greeted immediately on the other side by a man with rugged face and dark hair who looked to be in his 60s and that she was with a medium sized brown dog with slightly long hair. Sy couldn’t validate the dog but will check. I love little moments like today when I can make someone’s day. 🙂 Sometimes I wonder if my life is of value at all, but moments like this let me know that I am here for a reason.


Channeled Session 1-21-2013: Guns & Priorities

Let us address the currently hot topic of weapons, or as you humans call them “guns”. It saddens us that so many needless deaths have occurred on your planet not only at the hands of crazed young people but also in the name of war. Although everyone who died seemingly senselessly had written their deaths into their charts before they incarnated, it still pains us to watch all of this play out because free will is still the rule. The shooters could have chosen other paths. They could have mitigated their charts’ predetermined lessons to grow in another way but opted not to. We are here to say that although it would be preferable that tools to kill and maim didn’t exist, we are pragmatic enough to know that the shooter is the problem…not the tool he chooses to use. Too many humans are currently experiencing a dark night of the soul. Do you not see that people are dying INSIDE? It’s the internal deaths that are causing the external deaths. You MUST return to your essence if you want your world to have any kind of decent quality of life for all. It is imperative. Enough with the distractions of electronics and television. Enough with the cold impersonal virtual world so many of you “live” in. Get outside your self imposed bubbles and hug your neighbor. Touch is so important yet it’s become taboo. The soul dies without touch. A hug can quite literally save someone’s life. Focusing on gun control, although to a degree it does need to be looked into, is putting all your energy into the less effective cure. People’s souls need tending to. People need to be SEEN. Too many are the walking invisible and that invisibility starves them to the point where they lash out. Tend to your brethren. You have no better option at this point in time. We know of which we speak for we have been there. We want the best for you and this planet Earth. But we are scared for you at this time. We mourn now for what could have been. It isn’t too late…but soon it will be if nothing is done and priorities aren’t shifted. In this we bid you peace.

A names, Lemuria, and Pleiadians…


I’m starting to notice that all of us who are given spiritual names and have connections to Lemuria and Pleiadians…the names all begin with A.  I was given Atheria.  I know of an Asheria, an A’keara, I’m forgetting my other friend’s A name that she used briefly…darn it…and then the Pleiadian who came through a Ouija Board back in 2002 was Alora.  And while surfing around the Net over the years, I’ve stumbled upon other unique A names that people use who are connected.  Now I’m curious as to why that is?  I had at least one past life on Lemuria (Mu) and supposedly my ancestry is Pleiadian.  That would explain the hysterical crying due to homesickness that engulfed me years ago when Eric Pearl was doing a healing session on me and I left my body and was plopped out into the middle of the universe somewhere.  Beings were standing behind me and they showed me a star cluster millions of light years away and told me those stars were my real home.  They said they knew I didn’t like it on Earth but that I had work to do, and when I was done, I’d be brought back home.  I’m telling you, that feeling of homesickness was so awful I can’t properly explain it in words.  It was homesickness at a soul level.

Does anyone have an idea about why the A names?

Carrie a.k.a. Atheria


As some people know, I’ve been worried about my 14-1/2 year old cat, Karma, for months because for some unknown reason she has gotten VERY thin. The basic causes have all been checked, and I’m trying to get her to eat as much as possible, but it’s not been easy. Right now I’m fearing hidden cancer or liver disease. But, she gets around fine, begs for food (she is getting very picky about what she wants to eat), kisses her siblings, etc. She’s not acting like she is in any pain, thankfully. I do watch her like a hawk though and know that her days may be numbered. 😦 I am still not over losing my beloved 13 year old, Bodhi, last September to massive kidney failure and possible heart issues.

Anyway, I kept all 3 cats locked outside my bedroom last night as I REALLY need solid sleep and I don’t sleep soundly when they are on me all night long. In the middle of the night I suddenly heard this God awful, soul-wrenching scream from Karma. When I say “heard” I don’t mean that I heard it with my ears. I clearly heard it clairaudiently. It jolted me fully awake (I still didn’t sleep great last night) with my heart pounding out of my chest. I truly thought Karma had died. I ran out to find her, and, thank God, she was fine and sound asleep next to Bleu on the futon in the sitting room. I petted her and told her I loved her and went back to bed.

What the heck was that about?! I am suspecting I somehow tapped into a nightmare she was having…if that is possible. I just pray it wasn’t some kind of warning/precognition. It was creepy, whatever it was.


Black jaguars, other dimensions, spirit dogs, and numbers…

Black Jaguar Smaller
This is a hodgepodge of a post tonight. Some cool things are going on and some weird things are going on. Days ago, I was sitting in my office using my computer in the morning when I looked out the window and saw this seemingly lost chihuahua walk up my driveway and head toward my front door. It was really cold outside, so I ran outside (within seconds) to try to get the little guy and he was GONE. I mean VANISHED. I looked in every direction and there was no sign of him anywhere (incuding around the sides of my house). I tried to rationalize it away, but really, I got outside in SECONDS. A dog could not have run that far in that short amount of time. Now I’m questioning if I saw a living dog or a spirit.

Then, I was standing in my bathroom getting ready in the morning and looked toward the laundry “room” (it’s like a big closet) and noticed the accordian doors opened. I always keep them shut. I looked back at the mirror to do something with my makeup and looked back toward the laundry room and the door was closed like normal. Now, in that case, I KNOW I clearly saw the door open one minute and closed the next without a sound. And these are accordian doors, so they don’t just swing open easily. Am I starting to see into other dimensions or something? Parallel worlds? My friend in Oregon is having similar weird things happen.

Then there is the whole numbers thing. I’m still getting lots of 333s, 444s, and 555s. When I was in traffic tonight behind a car with a 555 in its license plate I just had to laugh and say out loud, “Well, I hope that whatever life changing event is about to happen that it had better hurry up and it had better be GOOD!”

The final thing I want to mention is pictured above. Many years ago during a guided meditation to meet my spirit guide, I not only saw a woman standing in flowing clothing at the edge of a cliff, but she had a black jaguar next to her. I have actually had other types of exotic cats’ faces show up in pictures of me before and one healer told me after finishing working on me that 3 mountain lions/cougars were in the back of the room the whole time like they were standing guard. Anyway, I am reading a good Sylvia Browne book called ALL PETS GO TO HEAVEN and when I got to the section about animal totems, my black jaguar popped into my head so strongly I thought about him/her for a long time. About an hour or so later, I open an email from a friend that had lovely pictures of animals in it, and the very first picture was 2 black panthers/jaguars! I laughed again and knew it was just my spirit animal’s way of confirming he or she is indeed my totem/spirit animal. And, although I love ALL animals and grew up with some wonderful dogs and goats and other beings, I have a special place in my heart for cats and have for years.

Happy 2013!