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Pay attention to nudges…

At a monthly channeling circle Friday night another channel’s unseen friend gave me a couple of messages.  One message was that I needed to start drawing with either colored pencils or pastels to reconnect with my creative self (she didn’t know that as a kid I used to draw all the time…it was my artistic expression choice…and I have done a few paintings years ago as an adult).  She told me that not only would it open me up creatively, but that it would also help me connect to spirit even more…and hinted that some of my drawing would be done with spirits’ help a la automatic writing.  Supposedly some of my drawings will even become marketable.

Anyway, I bought some colored pencils, drawing paper, and erasers today.  After dinner I sat down with my art supplies and had no clue what to draw.  I kept procrastinating waiting for some type of inspiration.  Nothing felt right or seemed too hard to draw.  Then, “draw a tree” popped into my head with the feeling that starting with a simple tree would lead to more.  I had the TV on our local New Mexico PBS station.  Right after thinking “tree” and debating with myself about drawing a tree, this interview with a New Mexico artist comes on as a filler between television shows.  The first words he said were something like “I’ve always been fascinated with trees” and they started showing a bunch of his paintings of trees!  I should have paid attention to his name because his surrealistic art is very cool.  But what are the odds of an artist mentioning trees within 60 seconds of me wondering if I should draw a tree?!  I just love when this type of “coincidental” nudge from the other side happens and I’m paying more attention to nudges than I used to.  I read once that anything we notice during the day we notice for a reason.  That things we notice are messages because for every one thing that gets our attention, dozens of things go unnoticed by us.  That makes sense to me.

So here is the tree I just started.  I have no idea what the rest of it will look like yet. 🙂


In light,
Carrie (Atheria)

First Pleiadians, then Arcturians, and now my new friends…the Andromedans.

On April 3, 2014 I took part in a group channeling session at “Let’s Channel” held within “Tech Love” in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  Prior to the 6:30 p.m. start I wasn’t sure I’d be able to go into trance as I didn’t really feel it…but then with just a few minutes left, I started to feel the presence of my unseen friends.  It took me a while to fully incorporate with my unseen friends, so that I had to pass on my first chance to speak.  By the time it was back to being my turn, about an hour or so had passed and my body was getting very tired from holding the energy.  If you’ve never been in trance as a 60 watt bulb getting 1,000 watts plugging into you, it’s hard to explain how hard and draining it can be.  My hands (which you can’t see in the video) were clawed up (that is common) with one holding a crystal that was given to me by a friend this week.  My arms and legs from the knees down were aching badly from muscle tension.

During the time I was waiting to speak, my unseen friends…who turned out to be Andromedans…took me out into the universe to show me this orange looking planet.  They also told me that it was them who were with me back in 1996 when I went through a tunnel during a healing session with Eric Pearl.  Back then, I plopped out the end of the tunnel and found myself floating in the middle of the universe/galaxy.  There were beings behind me who talked to me telepathically.  They told me that they knew I didn’t like it on Earth, but that I had work to do and they said they’d be with me from that point forward.  They also showed me a star cluster way far away and told me that it was my true home and that I’d be brought back when I was done with my work.  When I saw the star cluster, I was hit with indescribable homesickness and became hysterical on Eric’s table.  I’ll never ever forget that feeling of homesickness.  It was homesickness at a soul level that really can’t properly be put into words.

When the Andromedans told me who they were while in trance, I couldn’t exactly see them, but I sensed them as Nordic looking, tall beings.  I truly did not know anything about Andromedans before Thursday and had to Google them.  I found out that they are indeed Nordic looking and tall many times. – I wish I only needed 2 hours of sleep a night!  When I first started down this path back in the 90s, the Pleiadians were the first to let me know they were around.  Then, more recently, Arcturians became predominant.  And now we have Andromedans showing up.  I never know who to expect!  Are there anymore groups? 🙂

As you’ll see in Thursday’s video, they mention Earth changes and specifically point out South America (and all of the Americas) and the ring of fire.  I just heard today that now a volcano in Equador is getting threatening, and of course, there have been earthquakes in California and Chile the past couple of weeks.  They assured us, though, that although quakes and volcanoes and such are scary…what is happening is actually very typical and a good thing.

I would like to mention that I usually have a coughing jag before being able to channel.  I’ve been told it has to do with clearing out my throat chakra.  I am pleased that my merging with their energy is actually getting easier than it used to be.  When I first started doing this work, what would happen to me physically was concerning to most people witnessing it and afterward I’d be totally exhausted.

Here is a 4+ minute excerpt from Thursday’s channeling session.

In light,

Carrie (Atheria)

Karma finally came to me in a dream!

ImageAs some people know, although Bodhi has come to me in “dreams” 2-3 times since his passing, I’ve been sad that Karma hasn’t been able to come through to me astrally.  Well, all that changed in the wee hours of this morning…7 months and almost 12 days since she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  (The photo above was my baby girl on Oct. 12, 2012 after she had already gotten too thin.)

I don’t remember all of the details now, but Karma was at a hospice type place for pets.  The last year+ of her life, she went through a lot and got thinner and thinner, acted like she had dementia, and started having seizures. 😦 We never knew what was wrong as she didn’t have diabetes, thyroid issues, or kidney issues…so I think she had cancer, possibly a brain tumor.  I drove to the hospice (on a motorcycle for some odd reason…which proved to be inconvenient in terms of getting her and her supplies back home) to pick her up as I wanted her with me.  I was able to pet her and tell her I loved her.  I will say that she had been very well taken care of at this place, which brings me some peace.  I have heard that there is a cocooning procedure for humans on the Other Side who’ve gone through a lot of trauma before death so that their souls can heal and recover, and I felt that this hospice type place for pets was like that.  She was still thin, but not AS thin as she was when she crossed over (down to 6 lbs. at that point) and she actually looked better.  I then loaded her up in a pet carrier, took a kitty litter pan, and some other blankets and supplies and somehow got all of this on a motorcycle and rode home.  I woke up as I was heading back home.

This simple “dream” (I know it wasn’t a simple dream but a visit) makes me feel so much better.  Please know that not only will your human loved ones try to come to you in spirit, but also your animal loved ones.  Sometimes they need time, so don’t worry if they don’t come to you right after passing.  They may be getting cared for on the Other Side and need time to get their strength back before being able to come through.  I believe this is especially true with Alzheimer’s, ALS, and cancer.

In light,

Carrie (Atheria)