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Ghost Radar is fun until you get DANGER!

ImageI was in my den this morning trying to activate a glycemic index app when I accidentally hit Ghost Radar and activated it.  I turned it off but got this funny feeling it wasn’t an “accident”.  So, I turned the Ghost Radar app back on.  Immediately a spirit showed up in the room.  Then there were two and three.  It kept fluctuating between one and three at various levels of proximity to me.  I walked around the house but only the den had spirit activity.  My phone soon said “information”.  I would ask the phone…well, not really the phone…whoever was in the room for more details about each word that came up trying to understand the message.  In regular succession I got:  information – forty – opposite – needed – still – valuable – automobile – appearance – between – DANGER!  What?!  DANGER?!  I asked the ghost/spirit to elaborate and it stopped speaking words until I gave up and turned the app off.  Now, up until the DANGER point, I was feeling pretty good about it.  I chose to translate some of the words to mean that my 40s I’m still needed and valuable and that my appearance is still good and I should take another car trip.  LOL!  Getting DANGER threw a wrench into the works.  I was especially creeped out when the phone refused to say anymore!  It had been talking like a chatty woman up to that point. 😉

Now, you could poo-poo Ghost Radar as just a game and that the words are just random, but I’ve heard some really great stories about it from people.  One gal had it activated on her Blackberry when it said “father medicine”.  She rushed over to her elderly father’s house to find him not well because he hadn’t taken his medicine like he was supposed to.  Now THAT you can’t just write off as coincidence.  It’s a fact that ghosts/spirits can communicate more easily with us via electronics, so why not use an app on an Android, Blackberry, or iPhone?  Makes sense to me.

Needless to say, I’m going to be cautious for a while.

In light,

Atheria (Atheria keeps sneaking back in lately.) a.k.a. Carrie

Ghosts make the best photobombers.

My friend sent me this link last night and I just had to put it in my blog.  These ghost photos are some of the best ones I’ve EVER seen!  I thought my readers might enjoy seeing them too.  Here is the link:

Also, a very gifted medium friend of mine, Teresa, told me this past Monday night that Bodhi has been visiting in spirit a lot lately.  I have sensed him around again, and am glad I’m not wrong.  I still miss him very much.  Karma has developed this new running water obsession that she never had before and I’m suspecting Bodhi is influencing her again.  I mean, cats don’t pick up obsessive…seriously…it’s annoying…habits at age 14+.

Teresa also said that Grandpa Slovik and Uncle Chuckie were with me during my long weekend trip to beautiful Durango, CO last weekend.  I did sense grandpa and got the symbol he uses to let me know it’s him while I was there and sick.  I got very sick Friday night and almost went to an ER.  At the time we didn’t know if it was my blood sugar acting up, altitude sickness, or a panic attack…but I was scared and did not feel well.  I do think grandpa was trying to comfort me.  She said that I’ll be doing a lot of traveling this summer (which I do plan to do…no major trips but long weekend jaunts) and that Grandpa Slovik and Chuckie plan on coming with me.  That makes me feel really good.  I’m tired of traveling alone. 🙂


Carrie / Atheria

I’m leaving now…

While fighting with my swamp cooler on my roof earlier today, I thought I felt the presence of unseen friends in preparation for today’s Spiritual Lyceum meeting.  Today was to be the first time in a very long time that I was going to purposely try to go into trance to channel.  Later, during the meeting I could feel them knocking on my head so-to-speak, but I was a bit nervous about whether I could do it or not.  What can I say?  I’m insecure and channeling is so darn ephemeral!  🙂

Anyway, thankfully my Arcturian friends came through and spoke for a few minutes.  Their entry into my energy field was more gentle than last time and they apologized for the rough entrance in March.  I don’t remember everything they said, well, since I was rather gone…but I do recall them stressing that they are not better than us.  They said they are not more advanced.  It’s just that they have gone down different paths than humans and have learned different things.  They said we humans could teach them some things and that we should learn from each other.  They also mentioned horses and said that similar to dolphins they are am evolved species and that we could learn from them about love and survival.

After today’s session, William is going to allow time for me to channel each month if I feel up to it and if someone in spirit wants to show up.  Right now I seem to be getting lots of extraterrestrials, but I have channeled Sitting Bull and Quetzalcoatl in the past.

I really wish we could videotape my sessions so I can witness what happens.  As I say “I’m leaving now” I end up missing out!  Oh well, there are worse things to be upset about.  😉


Message from James Gilliland of

A friend just forwarded the below Yahoo Groups post from James Gilliland of and when I read it, my entire being went “YES!”  I am currently experiencing much of what James mentions including suddenly feeling like I need to move AGAIN (not so easy though with a house now and good job) and letting go of relationships that no longer serve my highest good.  I went to James’ ranch in Southern Washington State when I was living in the Portland, Oregon area in 2008-2009.  I want to share what he wrote here:

Contact Is Now, 5D Is Here

Many were waiting for the grand shift December 21st 2012. There was a shift yet it was the beginning not the ending. The dramatic things people were expecting on the day did not happen, nor was it meant too. There was a setting of the energy for the days to come and the sensitives and adepts were the only ones who really felt and understood what happened. This gave way to the naysayers yet as we all know the big events happen soon after the skeptics have their say. We are now in those changes. One gamma ray burst after another along with other rays within the electromagnetic spectrum are bombarding us. The magnetic poles are shifting weakening opening up the Earth to more consciousness, light and energy. There is a great transformation happening, the wheat is being separated from the chaff and how that translates to today’s society those who align with the wounded egos are being separated from those who align with the soul and spirit. Those operating outside of universal law are receiving the hard lessons, their deeds are surfacing being exposed and the reactions to their actions are being accelerated. The alignment with Galactic plane the end of the 25,000 year cycle is the main player in this unfoldment.

The ego, wounded and manipulated by social consciousness and the archon network can no longer operate within the new incoming frequencies. We are being given a choice yet each path leads in a different direction. The path to ascension aligning with our soul and spirit fulfilling our contracts we made before we incarnated moving with Earth in her evolutionary process. Moving to the next level living in peace and harmony with each other and nature is the wise choice. The path to descension the downward spiral driven by a wounded ego and the programming of the matrix leads to social, economic and environmental collapse. This is where the hard lessons reside. You cannot resurrect the past due to choices made by a wounded ego, the programming of the matrix influenced by the archon network. This will cause you the greatest pain and insecurity. That world is the chaff and it is coming to a close. Lines are being drawn, polarities are being amplified and those who refuse to align with soul and spirit are of no use to soul and spirit. Their world will be one of disarray, hardship and their bodies will fail.

There are symptoms of this process. Your bodies will begin to talk with you some will scream at you. As they try to adjust to the new energies pains and diseases will come and go rapidly. There will be times of dizziness, spacing out, jumping between worlds then asking where am I and where have I been feeling out of sorts. This is often from slipping in and out of dimensions. The veils between worlds are very thin and those on the path to ascension are moving back and forth. You will see lights, wavy energies, and flashes in your peripheral vision. Many will feel they just don’t belong anymore in jobs, relationships, even geographical areas. Some will gravitate toward higher expressions some will fall back into the old ways. You cant drag your loved ones with you in this process all you can do is hold the light, the consciousness, allow others their path even if you know the outcome. They may need the hard lessons and that is the way their soul set it up. Many actually believe they can choose the wounded and programmed ego drive and get away with it. They believe in ignorance they can choose against the path of soul and spirit enve act against universal law. News flash you soul and spirit have a different program for you and it will be as hard as you make it.

We are in those times all the prophets, saints and sages have warned us about. It is undeniable yet beyond even my own imagination there are still those who are denying it. Their soul and spirit along with the source itself have a different plan and the old world of gaining love, acceptance and approval out side of self or from social consciousness is also coming to an end. Exacting self worth though outer appearances and material acquisition is no longer applicable. Why? Because this society is so dysfunctional and wounded it has nothing more to offer. The ugliest and most painful trick you can play on yourself is aligning with it. Where is the security in aligning with a sick corrupt unconscious world imploding in on itself?

The only real security is aligning with soul and spirit, stepping out of the old world and creating a new world driven by soul and spirit from within. Leave the dysfunction of the past behind you, let go of the old ways that no longer serve you, humanity or the Earth. Let go of the false security created by the insecurities within and make your own personal God/Spirit/Creator connection. Let that decide your future. Anything else will take you to the same fate at the chaff.

You are not alone in this process. The beautiful many saints, sages and masters as well as benevolent off worlders, the Gods of old are all part of this process. Not the jealous wrathful images and regenerate ETs the greater family of man. This is a grand unstoppable event. We can flow with it without resistance or we can brace against it with resistance. The second path goes into the resistance is futile category. Try stopping a tsunami or warring on consciousness, light and energy far beyond your imagination. They will both end with the same result. Time to release the past, be kind to yourself and others and get with the program. Align with soul and spirit become the wheat because harvest day is fast approaching for some it is just around the corner. Be well and choose wisely.
James Gilliland