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Native America: From Caves to Cosmos

My friend sent me this wonderful PBS documentary called “Native America: From Caves to Cosmos” because it features Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, one of my favorite magical places to visit.  The last time I slept overnight there in August 2017, I had a visitation by an extraterrestrial friend during the night…Alora.  I blogged about that here and here.

This 53 minutes and 31 seconds documentary is very worth your time.  I am fascinated by all things Native American, and I’ve had at least 2 lives as a Native American.

I didn’t know that Chaco Canyon was a main gathering place for goods and animals, from as far away as Central America and the West Coast of the USA.  It was clearly an epicenter for trade.  And, the way the structures align with the SIX directions is intriguing.  (east, west, north, south, up, down)

The documentary, coincidentally enough, also features awesome Teotihuacan, which I was blessed to visit during my Christmas vacation last year.  Here is me standing in front of the smaller of two main pyramids.

The “From Caves to Cosmos” documentary mentions that they recently discovered a secret tunnel underneath Teotihuacan, and here are some current articles about that.

I really like the story about how the native people were sent out to find “the center” and walked the Earth.

Hope you enjoy this PBS documentary as much as I did.


Astrological proof I was indeed Sarah Good

Wow!  Here is my astrologer friend, Malcolm’s, interpretation of my natal chart with Sarah Good’s chart, who I believe I’m reincarnated from.  (Hung during the Salem Witch Trials on July 19, 1692.)  Major signs it’s true!  The fact that Sarah was poor and begged door to door explains why I hated selling anything door to door as a kid and why being financially secure is SO important to me in this life.  Also, my child died in prison.  I’ve had numerous negative things happen in prior lives regarding being pregnant.  No wonder I never wanted kids in this life.  I’ve died during childbirth, been strangled while pregnant by a jealous husband who thought I’d cheated on him, and been abandoned as a pregnant peasant by the rich man I’d fallen in love with.

It’s so fascinating that you can see in someone’s astrological chart things like past lives.  I’ve gotta say, astrology is not a simple science.  It’s very complex and takes YEARS of devoted study to master.  Malcolm is very good.