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Bodhi’s spirit took another cat treat!


Bodhi died on September 25, 2012 and as part of his altar I included two of his favorite kitty treats.  In October 2013 (I think) I blogged that one of the treats had disappeared…and this morning I noticed the second one is now gone!  I’m so freaking excited!  I do not dust, so the dust on my fireplace mantel is noticeable and totally undisturbed!  There is no explanation other than a spiritual one.  I’m so glad he is still visiting me and hope he is with Karma.

Carrie (Atheria)

Hopefully unnecessary concern about San Francisco

I am praying that what another psychic/channel and I “saw” 2 months ago turns out to be totally wrong and that we just misread something.  But, I’m posting this just in case, to document it.

Back in April during a monthly channeling practice session, my friend and I suddenly got the same thing about the Bay Area…that in July something really bad was going to happen (earthquake, most likely).  We both saw the Golden Gate Bridge severely damaged.  During last night’s practice session, my friend mentioned to me that a friend of hers in Marin County (who didn’t know about our prediction) got this overwhelming need to get out of the San Francisco area during the whole month of July.  She has booked a month long trip or something.  She doesn’t know why; she just feels it’s important to not be in the Bay Area in July.  Now, I’m more concerned than I was in April.  I hope we are all VERY wrong!

Please send light and energy to Northern California.

Thank you,

Carrie (Atheria)

UPDATE: 8/24/2014
A major quake hit Napa, CA and there is damage in San Francisco. I was a month off, but…

Is an alcohol intolerance a spiritual issue?


Since becoming hypoglycemic in November 2010, I’ve had to give up my beloved margaritas, cosmos, appletinis, lemon drops, and wine.  A half glass of wine made me deathly sick for 12 hours once.  A quarter of a glass of wine made me slurring my speech, dizzy, stumbling drunk once.  The corker was a couple of weeks ago when I risked it and sipped a tiny sample of wine at Trader Joe’s and got dizzy.  I mean, I literally only ingested about 1-1.5 tablespoons!  I miss wine so every few months I’ll try a little bit thinking that maybe with time I’ll be able to drink again.  I’m stubborn, but need to accept the fact that I can’t drink at all.

Now, for 3.5 years I’ve blamed my intolerance on my blood sugar problem, but after the Trader Joe’s fiasco, I started to suspect I’ve actually developed an alcohol allergy.  My body’s reaction to even minuscule amounts of alcohol is just too severe.  Then, while chatting with two people on Monday night, it was mentioned that psychic mediums, channels, lightworkers, etc. are not allowed to drink by spirit.  Guides block us from being able to drink!  One of the people said she has to ask her spirit guides for permission to drink any alcohol.  Now, I find that kind of funny!

Now that I think about it, alcohol does supposedly lower your vibration.  And since you need to be able to tap into higher vibratory levels when you do psychic work, it does make sense that your body would reject it.

I’d love to hear from any other psychics, healers, mediums, and channels if they too cannot drink without getting sick.

Carrie (Atheria)