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Relationships – Channeling 4/27/2013

soul love
Relationships. You human beings focus much on relationships, wanting them, wanting to be rid of them, wanting different ones from what you have, etc. etc. All is a relationship. Everything is in relationship to everything else. We find it amusing when some of you say you cannot do relationships for you are in relationships every single day of your existence on planet Earth and on the Other Side. Humans have the need to bond. That bonding can be as friends, coworkers, siblings, other relatives, or lovers. It seems to us that you focus on romantic relationships when they are not any more important than other relationships. In fact, although family and friend relationships certainly cause their share of pain, it is romantic relationships that seem to cause the most suffering. There is something to be said for the Buddhist precept of non-attachment. Although to some it may seem cold to remain nonattached, it is actually anything BUT cold. When you are nonattached, you can love people more purely. We do not mean love in the typical fashion, or that would not be nonattached. We mean love at a pure soul level. Our channel recently had a “dream” in which the soul of the man she feels pain about took her hands and very lovingly told her that she needed to move on. Across the background of the “dream” the current incarnation of this man walked by and looked at her with a look of disgust/dismissal. She could see from this spiritual event that at a soul level he had agreed to enter her life to teach her something knowing that he would have to hurt her…but that it would lead to much spiritual growth for her. People in your soul family agree, sometimes, to hurt you in order to help you…and that is a VERY high level of love, the kind of love we are talking about here. That is not attached love. For attached love only depletes you. It makes you feel lesser than what you are, which is divine love incarnated. No one or nothing should ever make you forget the incredible force of love that you are. No one and nothing is worth feeling incomplete without for you are complete unto yourself. People simply enter your life as an exchange of energy, no matter how long or how brief. You each teach each other. It’s never a totally one-way street. Even when you can’t see the lesson or learning from some specific experience, it IS recorded in your soul and Akashic Record. We know this is easier said than done, but the best way to go through life is to be happy within yourself and feel complete within yourself. Should you meet another soul along the way to whom you are drawn on an energetic level, then explore why you have met. There is always a reason. But you must go into it accepting that some painful lessons may manifest and that it may be a temporary relationship. That does not make it any less important. Our channel had a brief 5 minute talk with an AIDS patient many years ago that changed her life…and changed his. We here (in this regard, we feel as one of you because we also learn from you) on this plane of existence simply must learn to love so much that the soul progress of the other person is more important than he or she being our mate. For all evens out in the end. We know it is hard for you to be happy about the truth that although things may not work out in this life, they will be worked out in another…or not. Things have to be looked at from a much grander perspective. This life is simply not all there is. And when you are once again back on the Other Side, this will all seem like amusement. You will not understand what you got so worked up about. And divine love…the truly limitless and truly unconditional love on the Other Side is so vastly beyond what you can currently comprehend we cannot put it into appropriate words. You must trust us on this. With that we bid you peace and at-one-ment. ~ Your Brothers from the Light

Now you see it, now you don’t!

Because I’m a certain age, I can’t remember if I have mentioned that while living in Los Angeles in the Hollywood Hills in 1998, I was abducted by extraterrestrials at least twice. The first group was benevolent, at least they treated ME like an equal, and took me to a lab underneath downtown Los Angeles where they were creating hybrids. They showed me babies in test tubes that were half human, half ET. What was so odd at the time was that I had ZERO emotion. I’m a very emotional person, normally, but while with them, I only functioned in my head scientifically. I was very interested in what they were showing me and they seemed to respect me.

A week or two after that experience, another different group came for me and I was PETRIFIED. I cannot put into words how scared I was. I laid on my apartment floor begging God to help me and not let them know I was there. Then a bright light shone in my door and window next to it and I blacked out. I didn’t wake up until the following morning with no memory of what had happened. To this day I feel the dark group wanted to know what the friendly ETs showed me.

During hypnotic regression recently, when asked to go back to what was contributing to my panic attacks, at one point I had this image flash in my mind of me standing face to face with a grey alien. There are so many different groups of ETs…some benevolent and loving and some not so much. Thankfully, whenever I’ve channeled them, they’ve been wonderful. Alora, a Plejaren/Pleiadian who came through a Ouija Board in 2002, said that her people abhored abductions and in no way approved of such things.

Anyway, I woke up during the weekend of March 23rd or 24th noticing this thing on my left wrist. I could not figure out what it was and it looked like a little X or + looking burn. I would have remembered burning the back of my wrist. And it was so small, I don’t know how I would have done it anyway. If I’d hit my hand on a hot stove, it would be bigger of a mark. It was brown but also reddish around it. Well, lo and behold, just before I was about to go to a doctor to see if it was skin cancer, it started to peel off. I was able to peel what turned out to be a scab off yesterday. Underneath was pink, new skin…just like a burn. Included with this post is a picture of it on March 29th and then after the scab came off and it’s almost totally gone today, April 2nd. And yes, I do know there is a difference in the lighting between the two pictures.

Now there COULD be some simple explanation for this, but I’m a bit weirded out…especially when two other psychic friends (in Oregon) have had similar things show up on them. One of them actually has her mark in the same spot on her wrist!

I hope I wasn’t taken again…I am willing to work with FRIENDLY extraterrestrials, but I don’t like the idea of being abducted.