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Channeled Message 1/18/2015 – Breathe Color

Breathe Color

We are glad to be with you this evening.  We have been nudging our channel for days to sit down with us again, but she has a habit of procrastination.  This does not serve her well, and we ask her to please comply with our nudging as we have much work to do.  Time is of the essence.

We would like to start off this evening clarifying our name.  We signed off previously as The White Brotherhood and not The Great White Brotherhood as it does not behoove us to be put up on a pedestal like we are above you, the reader.  Call us modest, if you will, but we come from the same source as you.  It is simply that we have had longer time to evolve.  There is order in the universe, and although it is said that time does not exist, there IS a “timeline” of sorts which many would classify, for simplicity/understanding, as time.  But yes, ultimately all is happening in the now…on various dimensions.

The last time we spoke, we conveyed drawing down a pyramid into your body/energy field.  That was step one.  In a previous session years back, we talked about how people would evolve to quite literally breathe color.  Well, the time is now.  Is the need for oxygen going away tomorrow?  Goodness, no, but the vibration on the planet has changed to the degree that those of you who wish to can start to focus on breathing in not only air, but color.  The Purple Flame mentioned by other channels was quite intentional and fitting, as purple (as your eyes and brains see and think of it as purple) is of a very high vibration.  Why do you think royal families for eons have claimed purple as the sign of royalty?  Why do those who practice the religion of Wicca use black with purple?  Purple is power.  Purple is of a dimension where thoughts instantly manifest, a dimension where you can find the Akashic Records and advanced beings.  So on that note, we would ask you to focus on your breath…taking slow, methodical inhalations and exhalations and as you breathe in, visualize purple or lavender flowing into your lungs and permeating throughout your body as a whole.  See your cells filled with purple.  See your cells vibrating rapidly in unison with purple, for purple does vibrate at a rapid rate.  All colors vibrate at different speeds, and no speed is better than or worse than others, but they do different things.  Green, for example, is the color of healing.  It vibrates “slower” than purple, but in no way does that make green lesser than.  It simply has a different, calming, healing purpose to serve.  If you are wanting to send healing to a person or animal, we ask you to use the color green…flecked with gold if you would like to add that component.

This is all we want to share this evening.  We find its best to pass along what we have learned slowly.  Better comprehension and retention that way.  We bid you peace and love, always and in all ways.

The (Great) White Brotherhood

The Great White Brotherhood

While talking about the lost continent of Lemuria on Facebook minutes ago (where I supposedly lived at one point), I found out that not only is Mount Shasta in California linked to Lemuria, but so is The Great White Brotherhood!  This is exciting to me because I’ve always been drawn to gorgeous Shasta Lake and Mount Shasta, and I’ve channeled The Great White Brotherhood before, including just days ago.  I love it when things unexpectedly come together!  There really are no accidents.  We’re drawn to places for a reason.  And I’m sure it wasn’t an accident that someone got me to read the I Am books years ago…which took place at Mount Shasta.  I am happy to find out TGWB is a known group of advanced beings.  That reassures me I’m hanging out in the right dimensions/astral levels. 🙂

In light,

Channeled Message – Expand into a Sensory Frequency

We are here with you this evening to discuss the planetary transition from one level of consciousness to another.  You have been at a feeling frequency for too long and must expand into a sensory frequency that combines all senses…not just taste, touch, smell, etc.  You must include the most important sense, your 6th sense.  Now, there are actually senses far beyond what you commonly term extrasensory perception, or ESP, but we will not blow your circuitry at this time by delving into those.  We will talk about them later.  Listen with your divine mind to what we tell you, not your normal conscious waking mind.

Picture a pyramid of white light over your head.  Let it move down and engulf you.  Let it literally move down to your toes.  Feel your cells…the physical make-up of who are…vibrate faster and faster as they are filled with the light.  As they increase in vibration, the cells will expand beyond physicality and will blend into your etheric and astral bodies.

This is step one of the process.  We will leave you with this at this evening.  Sleep on our words.  Until next time, we bid you peace.

The White Brotherhood