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Colorado is calling…ring…ring…

Image6-8 weeks ago or so (I can’t keep track of time anymore) I started seeing COLORADO everywhere I went.  I would just happen to look at a car and it would be from Colorado.  I’d turn on the radio to hear a “Come to Denver” commercial.  Right around that time, a good psychic I know told me that I need to relocate, and when I did, I’d be moved into my TRUE work (as opposed to office work that wastes my talents).  She saw me dressed all in white, which to me symbolized spiritual work.  She said I would “bring color into someone’s black and white life” because of the move.  Now, that phrase is especially meaningful to me because ever since Dr. Eric Scott Pearl changed my life in 1996, I have literally said that I went from living in black and white to living in color.

Anyway, I decided to plan a trip during the July 4th holiday and drive up to Denver to check it out because the “signs” have been annoyingly persistent.  Because of my elderly cat’s health, leaving all 3 cats at home isn’t a good idea in this heat (leaving a swamp cooler running unattended can lead to expensive home repairs and drowned cats) so I decided that I’m bringing them with me.  I called one motel in downtown Denver that said it accepted pets, but the nice manager let me know that although that is true, I would not be allowed to leave my cats unattended during the day…which I need to do.  She referred me to another motel that she knew would have no problem with me leaving the kids while I’m exploring Denver.  That motel is located in a suburb called Thornton, which I’d never heard of before.  I went ahead and booked a room on Thursday, not thinking anything of it.

While sitting at a red light last night while driving to meet friends for happy hour, since I was bored, I glanced over to my left.  What did my eyes land directly upon, you ask?  THORNTON, CO in big black letters was on the back fender of a Century Link truck next to me!  I mean, now come on.  What are the odds?!  I’d never even heard of Thornton until Thursday!  And this is Albuquerque, NM!

Now, I am someone who tries to listen to spirit’s urging me to do something, but I have let my unseen friends know flat out that if they want me to move to Denver, Boulder, or wherever Colorado, that (1) they need to hand me a good paying, quality job to pay the rent with and (2) they need to arrange the easy sale of my house at a good price.  Needless to say, good jobs are not easy to come by (especially at my age with only a high school diploma) and selling your house without losing money is not easy right now.  The real estate market in Albuquerque is picking up, thank God, but it’s still not great.  I have picked up and moved or quit jobs, etc. due to the urging of my unseen friends before, but I’m just not willing to do it on faith this time.  Getting close to middle age does this to a person! 🙂 Oh, there is also the issue of Denver’s winters.  I am not a fan of cold and snow.  I am someone whose dream is to live in Costa Rica for crying out loud!  If I wanted cold, I’d be in my beloved Taos. 🙂

Now, it WILL be interesting if when I get up there next week, someone offers me a job out-of-the-blue or I fall madly in love with some guy whose world needs a little color…and…oh yeah, he just so happens to have friends looking to buy a small house in Albuquerque. 😉

I do feel that SOMETHING important is going to happen during the 4 days I’m there, but we’ll see.  We are in a damn Mercury retrograde right now, so it’s not the best time to start anything new, but sometimes God has other ideas.

Play safe in the ethers,

Atheria / Carrie

Synchronicity as spirit messages…

I’m in my beloved Taos, NM right now…a place that first called me to it in 1998 when I was living in Los Angeles. Back in the summer of 1998, all of a sudden, this word…TAOS…kept appearing everywhere I went. I didn’t even know what the heck a Taos was! I’d get stuck in traffic and look over to see that I was in front of the Taos Trading Co. Or I’d be in Trader Joe’s and look over to see a guy wearing a Taos Ski Valley t-shirt. It got so bad, while leaving the Bodhi Tree Bookstore something stopped me dead in my tracks and forced me to look down at my feet on Melrose Ave. Guess what was engraved in the sidewalk? Yep…Taos! The final straw was when I astral traveled to Taos. So, I finally got in my car and drove to Taos in August of 1998 and spent a week that changed my life forever. (I’ll blog about something that happened later.) Anyway, the first time I saw Taos (you go around a series of mountain curves and then suddenly Taos shows up like Shangri La) I burst into tears and could not stop crying. I was overwhelmed with emotion. And, it was exactly as I had seen via astral traveling.

Anyway, while talking to this woman at The Abominable Snowmansion in Arroyo Seco (great hostel) this morning, something “interesting” happened. She had been living in Wyoming and just moved near Taos on impulse…quit a good job working for the State of Wyoming, and has no job lined up but she knows she is meant to be here. She had been “called” to Sedona, AZ, where she had some magical experiences (common there) and stopped off in Taos on the way back to Wyoming to see a friend…and fell in love. Taos does that to people. We had just talked about how due to a “slip of the tongue” she said to someone who asked where she was (they knew she was traveling) that she was home. We both acknowledged how that was her soul speaking…..her soul knew Taos was HOME. Well, I then walked back inside the Snowmansion and was saying goodbye to people (you meet such cool people in hostels) and almost immediately, this lady said to me, “Welcome home” in response to me telling her that I had first stayed at the Snowmansion in 1998. That simple “Welcome home” really hit me due to the timing. I really think Albuquerque isn’t where I’m meant to be….that I need to be in Taos. But, then I think how I own a house and it’s not easy to sell right now…and how I have a good job and they are not easy to come by, especially at my age, etc. All the stupid left-brained things take over instead of allowing myself to be called….to trust my heart and soul. I have some thinking to do.

Later, actually where I am right now, at The Coffee Spot here in Taos, I got talking to this young gal who just moved to Taos on total impulse from Austin, TX. And she was saying how she has no idea how she’s even going to pay her rent next month but she just knows she is meant to be here and is not worried. I don’t think THAT conversation was just a “coincidence” either! But God it’s scary trusting spirit! Following spiritual guidance is NOT for the meek of heart. It takes courage and fearlessness. But, it IS what we all should do.

Here is a photo of me today in the Taos Ski Valley…..where I feel happy.
Pay attention to synchronicity, coincidences, etc. They are our friends on the Other Side’s way of talking to us.

In Light,
Atheria / Carrie

Traveling with unseen friends…

Weeks ago, a psychic friend of mine told me that my grandfather and uncle would be coming along with me on the numerous summer trips I would be taking. I had already gone to Durango, CO where I thought I sensed them and had planned, but not told anyone, on taking many short weekend trips this summer. Today I headed out from my home in Albuquerque, NM to my beloved, magickal (the “k” is intentional and not a typo) Taos, NM for a quick 2 day trip. While on the 25 north of Espanola, I sensed my grandfather with me and it was reassuring.

I am a photo junkie and take truckloads of pictures when I travel. Thank God for digital cameras! 🙂 While taking pictures at the cool Mabel Dodge Luhan house, a VERY vivid orb showed up on me and my first feeling was that it was Grandpa Slovik saying hello. A friend, who saw the picture on Facebook, immediately said, “It’s your grandpa!” 🙂


Knowing that I’m being watched over brings me so much peace. And, it gives me someone to talk to. I do think that Grandpa Slovik and Uncle Chuckie would have loved Taos. Although they never saw it in “life”…at least they are getting to experience it now through me. They are wonderful travel mates.


Hi Grandpa Slovik! :-)

This morning while getting ready to eat my healthy vegan breakfast, I suddenly got this craving for a cigarette and bacon and eggs!  I knew who it was immediately, my Grandpa Slovik (mom’s dad) in spirit just trying to influence me. 🙂 That combo was a typical weekend morning for him while on the farm…and it’s been made very clear that he and his son, my Uncle Chuckie, have been with me in spirit a lot lately.  I am very grateful for their love and protection.

A little while later I decided to take some pictures to update my Facebook page, etc.  In more than one shot in my bedroom very clear spirit orbs showed up.  Here is one of them.  Look high up in the photo (and yes….I loooooooove Daniel Craig!).

ImageA Facebook friend of mine sent me this link talking about spirit orbs and it includes some great photos. – I have one picture taken of me on New Years Eve or Christmas Eve…can’t recall now…where I was surrounded by hundreds of orbs, similar to some of these shots.  I have never believed that orbs are just dust particles.  Some are WAY too specific and I’ve even seen faces in some of them.

Here is another interesting picture of a man who can see orbs.

Going back to the whole cigarettes and food craving thing, years ago I started craving cigars so bad I had to go out and buy some and awkwardly smoked them, since I’m not a smoker.  I also had this obsessive desire to be really blonde and went and bleached my hair (and damaged my hair majorly).  When I went the next Sunday to “The Spiritualist Chapel of the Flowers” in Van Nuys, CA a medium said to me from the podium, “You have George Burns with you.  He’s waving a cigar at you.  You also have Jean Harlow with you in spirit.”  Whoa!!  I had always loved George Burns and sent him a holiday card one year.  Jean, I didn’t know too much about and had to research her life…but felt some eerie connection after reading.

So the moral of the story is, if you start craving things you don’t normally like…or if you get the urge to do things to your body, it may not be YOU who is wanting the cigarettes, cigars, or drastic hair color changes. 🙂