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Dennis Hopper is alive and well on the Other Side.

I visited Dennis Hopper’s grave again on Aug. 25, 2012 in Ranchos de Taos, NM.  The night before, knowing that I was going up to Taos for the weekend, I opted to watch “Easy Rider” to try to tune into Dennis’ energy and to hopefully get his attention from the Other Side.  Well, it worked.  Before I even left Albuquerque’s city limits, I felt Dennis and started picking up messages from him for his good friend, Jack Nicholson.  Although I really wish I had been able to meet Dennis when in the physical, I am grateful he chose to come through to me so I can pass along some messages.  The first video is geared toward Jack, but the second video contains a message about life for all of us.  There is some text commentary beneath both videos as I didn’t get all details on camera.  Dennis’ humor is still in tact, although he gets serious at the end.

In Light,


Either Grandpa or Grandma Slovik is a spirit guide for me!

During last Monday’s Spiritualist Church service conducted by my friend, Pat Chalfant, the topic came up of me whining about how I still don’t know who the heck my spirit guide is.  I’ve always wanted to have what Sylvia Browne has in Francine.  I always wanted a clear name.  But, it was explained to me that your guide doesn’t always give you a name.  Sometimes they give you a symbol.

Then another woman in the group led me through a simple exercise to try to get some kind of ID for my guide, and this clear as day image of an 8 (or peanuts in a shell) shaped in-ground swimming pool popped into my head.  I said, “Huh?  An in-ground pool?”  That was not at all what I expected.  I mean, shouldn’t I see angel wings or something?  But Pat told me about another psychic whose first symbol from his guide was a trailer.  So our unseen friends live in a trailer park.  LOL!  Anyway, I contacted the guy whose guide would use the image of a trailer to identify himself to ask if it was true and he confirmed that it was true.  He then explained that the spirit guide was actually someone he’d known as a kid who had lived in a trailer.  That made me start thinking, “Who did I know who is now dead who had an in-ground pool in the shape of an 8?”  At first I drew a blank, but then I remembered Grandpa and Grandma Slovik had an in-ground pool when they lived on a farm for many years.  I couldn’t remember the shape of the pool, though, and had to call my dad who…without prompting…said it was in the shape of an 8!  So either Grandpa or Grandma Slovik (my mom’s parents) are trying to guide me from the Other Side.  Now I just need to figure out which one.  I kind of suspect it’s Grandpa because he has come through another medium who read me in 2005 and I also picked him up once while I was reading someone else and her father named Bill came in with my Grandpa named Bill.  I am asking for some confirmations to come through to help clarify.  Grandpa was William “Bill” and Grandma was Jeanette.

Playing detective,


Things are getting weird in ABQ…

This post is going to be quick because I’m exhausted. 🙂

I had some bodywork done yesterday by a great massage therapist here in Albuquerque because my almost 17 year long 24/7 headache has been extra bad lately.  Most of the session was normal, but when Justin was pushing deeply into my left forearm, all of a sudden…WHAM I started to feel like I was going into trance to channel.  My standard facial twitching, gasping for air, coughing, contorting, etc. stuff started happening and I had the strong feeling someone was trying to come “in”.  Justin tried hard to keep me in my body and was asking me questions like “Where are you?  What day is this?” etc. to keep me grounded in the material world.  I was half incoherent, but remember saying sternly to whoever it was in spirit trying to come in when it was not appropriate to do so, “Get the fuck out!”  My unseen friends know they are not supposed to just “show up” uninvited.  Since ultimately it is my body and my spirit, I was able to push him or her away.  But the weird thing is, at the same time I had the sensation someone was trying to come in to speak through me, I also had the strong feeling someone LEFT my body.  I am starting to wonder if perhaps i didn’t have some kind of negative being attached to me that might have been part of my neck problem.  Now, I do still have the headache today, but I feel strongly that I released something that needed to go.  As a side note, Justin did greatly improve my whole upper back area that was rounded from my chest muscles pulling me forward.

So that was yesterday, and tonight during my friend’s online Spiritualist Church service when I was giving a message to a woman participant, WHAM…I was almost totally taken over again!  An aggressive spirit VERY seriously wanted the woman to understand that what they had to say to her was EXTREMELY important for her well-being.  I think I scared some of the other online members who saw me on video contorting around and hyperventilating, but I am grateful I was able to pass along the message that was important to be passed along.

I’m just wondering what the heck is going on all of a sudden?  I’ve not done any type of trance work in ages.  Something is afoot here in Albuquerque.  Fasten your seat-belts kids, it’s going to be an interesting ride as 2012 progresses.


Atheria a.k.a. Carrie Ryan

Runes….my new toy. :-)

A friend of mine is doing my ancestry/family tree for me and it’s getting very interesting.  Besides the fact I’m related to Charlemagne and Alfred the Great, I may be related to William the Conquerer!  One of the other cool things she’s discovered is that I have Norman French in me….and Viking blood!  When I mentioned my Nordic Viking connection, my friend said, “Well then, you should learn the runes.”  I’ve always been interested in runes because I’m a very tactile person and I liked the feel of them, but I’ve just been too lazy and it wasn’t a priority.  But, I went to my friend’s awesome metaphysical store today, Blue Eagle, and bought this wood rune set and book.  Now I’ve got some studying to do!

Wood Rune Set with Book