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Very haunted St. James Hotel

In October 2017 I stayed at the haunted St. James Hotel and had a spirit tap the top of  my head while standing in the hall talking to people inside the infamous poker room and heard cowboy boots walking down the hall at night with 2 knocks…in succession.  I also caught a spirit face in the poker room window.  My sister just sent me this TV show episode.  On Saturday, 6/29/2019 some friends and I are going to spend the night at the St. James to see what happens.  Back in 2017 others also had the cowboy boots walking and knocking…AND…one woman had her long hair lifted straight up in the air while putting on her make-up!  Almost every person the night before had things happen.  Two people taunted (NOT OKAY) T.J. in the poker room with a toy gun and got a spirit voice on tape commenting on their fake gun they had on the table.  An employee of the hotel snuck me into infamous room 18 and wowza….it was thick with energy.

Stay tuned for what happens next weekend!  I will be blogging!


Glad I cleaned this a.m. since ETs showed up!

So I got this cleaning urge this morning (rare for me so I had to go with it) that triggered me to vacuum up pounds of cat hair, mop the floors, and do some other kitchen and bathroom dirt extraction chores.  Then I felt someone “knocking on my head” and thought I’d see if I could channel.  It’s been a while, but, yep, both my Arcturian and Pleiadian friends showed up as a posse!

I held a rose quartz today and had a big clear quartz next to me.  I’m not sure if holding the rose quartz is what caused it or not, but this cool pink cylinder of light appeared in front of and above me that was very interesting to “see” (my eyes were closed so I saw it clairvoyantly).

The energy today felt very different, kind of jerky…in spurts.  My face twitched a lot too.  I should have had the camera closer so you could see that better.

Part way through my channeling session, even with my windows/doors closed, my neighbor’s loud hammering on his old pick-up truck was distracting.  I don’t know what the guy was doing, but he was underneath his truck with a sledge hammer pummeling the back end of the poor truck.  Hopefully, you can hear me okay.

To skip the part where I’m just getting into trance and not talking, you can fast forward to 2:55.

Of course, Chakra had to walk into view a couple of times.  She’s always drawn to my channeling.  Bleu doesn’t care as much.  And, yes, I still have zero real furniture.  😉

In Light,