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My unseen friend, Ted…

I’m posting this super fast because I’m tired.  Days ago, I heard FRANTIC knocking during the night.  When I asked, “Who IS it?”  I heard, “Ted”.  Well, since then, non-stop things have been falling off my walls in the condo.  The latest was today, when Ted popped into my head…and minutes later a clock fell off the wall.  You can see it here:

MANY years ago in Los Angeles, a spirit started hanging around me who introduced himself as Theo, Ted, Theodore.  I suspected this might be the same Ted, and, yep, it’s him.  I just finished a chat with him.  Here is the transcription.

Atheria: Ted, are you the one who was frantically knocking during the night days ago?

Ted: Yes. It takes a lot to get your attention.

A: Are you the same Ted who came to me years ago and said you were Theodore, Theo, Ted?

T: Yes. I wanted to give you various versions of my name to make it clear. But, if it’s easier, call me Ted or Theo vs. Theodore. You knew me long ago as Theodore.

A. When and how did I know you?

T: 1700s…France. A blink of an eye from this side of the veil.

A: I’m going to guess we knew each other in Versailles? When I went there in 1995 for the first time, I felt so at home. I practically knew where I was going as I walked around the area.

T: Oui. It was indeed Versailles. You were rich then…well…wealthy. Wealthy sounds better. Sorry I cannot say the same about you during your current incarnation. But, you have wealth beyond monetarily. You have spiritual gifts that make you rich. In this instance, rich works better. Words to me are much like a melody. The correct word for each thought is a musical note of sorts.

A: Are you talking about what Eddie said to me years ago during a reading when passing along a message from my brother in spirit (miscarriage my mother had) who exclaimed, “You got the pearls!”?

T: I am he. I am your brother. Well, I was meant to incarnate as your brother in your current life, but things went astray. We had to abort the mission, so to speak. As you are aware, souls incarnate (usually) within their soul groups. We are in the same soul group. Because I was not able to come through has planned decades ago, in YOUR time, I had to find a way to show up. I have a contract that must be honored. So, at this point I am stepping to the head of your huge spirit team to work with you from another realm. We have MUCH to do. We are behind. You are so easily distracted by 3D “reality”…which isn’t.

A: Because of what happened to me years ago with George Burns and Jean Harlow in spirit (suddenly got this overwhelming craving for cigars and started smoking them…and an urge to go really blonde and bleached and destroyed my hair) because they latched onto me in Los Angeles (a very gifted British medium friend told me that they were with me…George waving a cigar at me…during a Spiritualist Church service) is the fact that I’m suddenly, once again, obsessed with all things France/French because of you? Have I been sensing you without realizing it?

T: Oui. It is not at all uncommon for we, on the other side of the veil, to influence souls on Earth in 3D by cravings, sudden interests, etc. People are more receptive than they realize. Many times when they think it’s them just thinking things…self focused as most are…it’s really us, their spirit friends, nudging them to move in a certain direction. You have NO idea just how exhausting it can be for us over here. People do not listen! Well, SOME listen, but many…ah hem…YOU…are hard-headed and difficult to get through to.

A: Are you calling me difficult and stubborn?! 😉
T: If the slipper fits, well…

A: Great, I had to end up with a sassy guide. Speaking of which, where is Latho? I’ve missed him hitting me in the head with books from the Other Side.

T: Latho is still a member of your spirit team. Teams don’t change. But, he’s stepped aside to let me take up the reins at this point in your life’s path. And, I know what you’re thinking. Yes, we hear your thoughts.

A: Well, THAT’S disconcerting!

T: It is what it is. Anyway, before you interrupted, yes, Halcyon is…and forever will be…your main spirit guide. But there is a council of 7. I am one of the 6 behind Halcyon, just as Latho is. Lisette is indeed a fairy/elemental. Do you see what I mean when I say that you have a spirit team? There is your main spirit advisory board…to sound rather corporate…made up of a main guide and 6 others. There really is no better than/lesser then dynamic though. Each soul is respected. But, there does need to be a leader, of sorts, or the soul we are guiding’s direction may get confused. Every ship must have a captain, so to speak. The difference between our arrangement on this side of the veil, and in your side of the veil, is that there is no ego. We are equals. We are respected for any input we offer.

A: Are you to me (at this point) who Francine was to Sylvia Browne?

T: Oui. I know how much you desire French, but also know that you cannot understand much more than “oui”.

A: Well, that’s insulting…TRUE…but insulting. I AM going to focus on learning French. I’ve even started following French Instagram accounts!

T: Oh dear…I have SO much work to do.

A: Hey! Pffffffffft!

T: You ARE an unruly one. But, you have potential.

A: Speaking of which, when Eveliani told me many years ago on a Spiritualist Church podium, “Although there is no such thing as time, you are behind and need to stop goofing off.” – What did she mean?

T: Every soul has a charted course they incarnate with. There is a soul plan regarding major accomplishments and lessons/growth experiences that need to occur in that lifetime. The minor things we don’t care about so much. But the biggies, yes, they need to be completed…or else you will be held back in your next life. It’s like being held back in grade school. You’ll still learn what you need to learn, but you’ll be behind. Of course, the good thing from this side (vs. being held back in your elementary school) is that because there is no visible age, you don’t have that sense of self consciousness. Remember, over here, all is NOW. “Time” is irrelevant on terms of days, weeks, months, years. We measure what you would call time in progress only. What Eveliani meant (and she says hello from over here) is that you got slowed down by 3D, superficial interests. That is a common issue we deal with when trying to lead from this side. Humans in the third dimension see shiny things and run toward them as a distraction. Spiritual work is hard. Shiny things are easy. Caring about your appearance above all else is a shiny thing. And yes, we know that you know what she meant when she reprimanded you that one day.

A: (Yes, I do think I know what she meant when she warned me to stop doing what I was doing. Yet, decades later, I’m still doing it. I think I know why Ted feels I’m somewhat unruly.) Well, I’m tired and need to make dinner. Even though I feel you may end up being annoying in terms of kicking me in the butt, I’m glad you’ve shown up again. It’s been a lot of years in terms of 3D time.

T: I had to knock loudly and aggressively days ago because you’re not getting any younger.

A: Gee, thanks buddy!

T: It’s said with love.

A: Yadda, yadda, yadda.

T: Mon Dieu!

A: I had to look that up on Google Translate. It means “My God!”

(Just had a glitch with this damn software and lost some stuff!)

T: You do need to keep up with your intention to learn French. Not only will it make our discourses more interesting, you’ll need it later as you walk your journey.

A: Oooooooh! Are you saying that I will be able to live in France someday?!

T: We cannot give away all the secrets.

A: Well, I’m glad you reappeared in my life, although I suspect you are going to be a thorn in my side.

T: Every rose has its thorns. La vie en rose.

A: 🙂 Until we meet again. jusqu’à ce que nous nous revoyions.  (Cheated with Google Translate.)


That was it for today, but lucky me has to end up with a sassy spirit guide.  LOL

Bonne nuit,


My Grandpa Slovik is STILL a mechanic in spirit!

Sloviks 9-5-94

Grandma and Grandpa – 9/5/1994

I’ve blogged before about how my maternal grandpa, William “Bill” Slovik, has been watching over me in spirit for years.  Here are some prior posts, from oldest to newest.





I still remember the day he crossed over on October 30, 1997 because he immediately came to me in spirit when I was in Los Angeles.  He said some things that needed to be said, sent his love, and left…or so I thought.  It was years later that I became aware of his protection and guidance from the Other Side.  To be honest, I’d not heard from him in a while, but I’m pretty sure he was the mechanic who stepped in to help out regarding my car, Ruby, this weekend.

You can see Ruby’s Taos mud event here.  https://bridge4spirit.wordpress.com/2020/02/16/prince-in-spirit-taos-mountain/

After Ruby got towed out of the quicksand like mud that I’d struggled for a long time to get her out of, I thought we both were covered in mud, but fine.  I drove around Taos for the rest of the day with no issues that I noticed…and then back home to Santa Fe on Saturday night.  But, on Sunday morning, I suddenly got this random, STRONG urge to check Ruby’s radiator for antifreeze/coolant, and her windshield cleaning fluid.  It was a pressing feeling.  Her radiator’s fluid wasn’t dangerously low, but it could use more…so I added some, and it was fine.  Then I tried to add windshield cleaning fluid, and poured, and poured, and poured.  I suddenly heard a noise and looked at the ground, to see all of what I had poured into Ruby, on the ground!  It was going in one end and out the other.  Ugh!

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GD-it all to hell! If it's not one thing, it's another! At this rate, with constant repairs, I'm never going to be able to get a bed! I refilled Ruby's anti freeze/coolant, and that went fine, but when I tried to refill her windshield washer fluid, it poured out onto the pavement! Argh! I don't know if something got damaged when we were stuck in the mud yesterday (see yesterday's event) or if this has been going on for a while! Granted, this isn't an emergency issue (also, her cracked windshield) like her brakes were, but….crap!! And yes, I'm washing her next. Should I mention that a car that's not even 5 years old needs to be totally repainted due to New Mexico rock damage?! Do not even get me started on the fact my car should have been included in the 2015 recall of bad engine coils?! At least when her fuel injectors also went bad in June of 2018 with under 50,000 miles that was included in her warranty! #carrepairs #carissues #2015hondafit #hondafit2015 #hondafit #hondalife #honda #carsofinstagram #cars

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As you can see from this Instagram post, I was aggravated. 😉 Anyway, moments after this, my neighbor, who drives a cool 2003 Subaru Baja, came out and we talked for the first time (other than just hellos).  I don’t really know trustworthy mechanics in Santa Fe, so when he highly recommended a place that specializes in Hondas (he used to be in charge of a fleet of cars and this place is where they got all the work done), I decided to take my Fit there the next day.  As fate would have it, I had Monday off for Presidents’ Day…so the timing was perfect.

I had worried that while stuck in deep mud and trying to go frontward, backward, sideways, etc. mud had gotten shoved up inside Ruby’s engine and damaged stuff.  Turns out, I was right.  When the mechanics at Santa Fe Exclusive got Ruby’s fender off and could look inside, a bunch of stuff had been moved around during our mud fight and I’d badly torn a hose.  Thank God, I didn’t damage her pricier stuff!  It ended up being an $86 fix.

Later, Grandpa Slovik popped into my head.  I had this strong feeling he’d not only alerted me to check my car’s fluids, but also synchronistically had me run into my neighbor who could point me in the direction of great and honest mechanics!  From the Other Side, Grandpa Bill is STILL a mechanic (owned a garage for many years) and watching over my car!  That makes me feel very protected, which is great.

While trying to find pictures of his and Grandma Jeanette’s grave markers in New York online, I found information about his life that I didn’t know.  I did know he’d been in the Army during WWII, but didn’t know he was in the Counter Intelligence area.  The fact that I work for the Federal Government must be one of the reasons he resonates with me. 🙂

In Light,


Council of 12 – Channeled Session 12/28/2019

I’ve moved into my new condominium in The City Different (Santa Fe, NM) and am starting to feel a bit more settled…despite some remaining unpacking.  I all of sudden got the urge to try to channel in my new place, and a lovely 5th – 7th dimensional group that called themselves “The Council of 12” showed up to talk about what’s coming up in the next decade.  I don’t recall meeting them before, but will need to dig through old channeled sessions to be sure.  They talked about some pretty cool sounding stuff on its way into our lives!

They actually start speaking around the 2:35 minute mark, if you want to fast forward.  That sound you here is my solar powered kitty toy that bobs its head.  It sounds like a grandfather clock.  Ha!  I don’t know why it came out so loud.  I need to move the camera closer (despite preferring to be FAR away…ha ha) so you can hear better, but the sound is okay.

I found these links with information about them.


Now, this site says that only 2 people channel them.  Make that 3 now. 🙂 I do believe who came through today was indeed The Council of 12.

Holding a good sized amethyst did seem to help a lot.  Merging with The Council of 12’s energy was smoother and I felt it was easier (despite coughing…common when the throat chakra is being affected) to stay out of the way and allow them their voice without my questioning.  Sometimes I’m so busy debating (silently) with my unseen friends due to my own opinions, that it bogs down the session.

Anyway, I hope you get something good from this video.  Happy almost new year to one and all!  May 2020 be awesome!

In Light,


Soul Colors by White Feather

Now I know why I felt the urge to fix my Native American made pretty hummingbird bracelet this morning so I could wear it.  Clearly, one of my guides, White Feather, had his hand in it. 🙂


Interestingly, that black thread of a line between the bracelet and NOTHING was not in the original picture that I cropped.  I even checked the black shirt I’m wearing’s sleeve to see if there was an explanation for the line…but…nope.  I feel that this is White Feather’s way of showing that he is connected to the bracelet I recently bought from a lovely man here in Pojoaque.  I had purchased this bracelet not only because it’s pretty, but because hummingbirds have been showing up A LOT recently.  I feel there is some spiritual connection to them.  Hummers have been serving as spirit messengers the past few months.

Anyway, here is this morning’s channeled session with White Feather.  His energy/spirit is very proud and strong…and I think…Sitting Bull may have come with him.  I was blessed to channel Sitting Bull in Los Angeles many years ago at a friend’s house.  What I recall from that session is the wonderful proud soul he has.  Both White Feather and Sitting Bull are pretty serious beings, and today, White Feather got annoyed with my questioning what he was saying to me.  What the camera does not capture is my telepathic debating with him.  Entire conversations are going on between my verbal words.  That is a chronic issue with me that many beings get frustrated with.  I’m not the most accommodating person.  LOL!  I refer to myself as an unruly child, and I think quite a few of my unseen friends see me that way.  But, it’s their fault!  I was picked for SOME reason!  I’m not sure I agreed to this!  Oh wait, we chart our lives before we’re born…yadda yadda yadda…

I heard my friend, Malcolm’s, full road trip story at today’s Santa Fe astrology group meeting and WOWZA!  Lillian and I told him that we are coming with him next time!  Seriously, there is WAY too much to write here (so I’ll leave him to blog or video blog about it) but, just some of the stuff he had happen was that in Madrid, NM (loooooove that TINY town featured in the film “Wild Hogs” in 2006 he encountered a reptilian ET, in Dulce, NM (of cow mutilation and gun battle with ETs fame) he saw a grey alien that seemed to take a liking to him, and in Taos, NM he encountered a ghost at Taos Inn (known to be haunted, but he was not aware of that) as he came out of the shower!  He went looking for Bigfoot, which he did not find, but sure had an eventful vacation!

Here is the FUNNY shirt he got me in Dulce.


I would SO love to wear this to work (but can’t due to the sexual innuendo) because of my employer’s suspected connection to Dulce, ETs, UFOs, underground ET/military bases, etc…but…

I’ve gotta run, but until we meet again….

Play safe out there,

Atheria and White Feather

Health challenges sidelining me

In this video I explain my health challenge that is preventing me from doing the work I came to Earth to do…with a bit of past life background thrown in.  At the end of the video, I was able to give a quick/brief message via relay channeling from the Other Side.  Relay channeling is not as hard on me physically as full trance work.  (I hear the words in my head and just repeat them as Atheria.)  Sometimes full trance channeling comes on all of a sudden, so there isn’t an opportunity for me to choose which method, but I think I’ve always unconsciously felt that I wouldn’t be taken seriously unless I was 100% in trance.  That could be an incorrect notion of mine.

If you’d like to contact me, my email is 20october@gmail.com.



Attention please!


To all my fellow mediums, I need to ask a question:  How do you know when a thought isn’t just a random thought and actually a warning from spirit?  In retrospect, I had gotten warnings that my car was going to be hit while parked yesterday, but stupid me didn’t catch on.  I had this urge to fold in my driver’s side mirror, which I don’t normally do, and also felt I needed to park as close to (if not up on the sidewalk) the curb as possible.  But, I just thought I was being cautious in general and didn’t realize that hours later I’d come out to find someone had smashed my fender and bumper.  (The mirror was unscathed.)

Last year before my mugging in the parking lot of Santa Fe’s DeVargas Center, twice the thought popped into my head while in different stores…”keep an eye on your purse”.  But, I didn’t realize spirit guides were trying to warn me that I’d be attacked loading up my car.  (I put up a fight and got injured, and lost all my ID and needed to re-key my Honda to the tune of $1,200.)

In Los Angeles years ago I was heading from West Hollywood to Century City and was taking my normal route when, heading south on La Cienega above Santa Monica Blvd., this REALLY quiet voice/thought said, “Take Melrose.”  I dismissed it as nothing, and turned onto Santa Monica Blvd. as usual…well…MISTAKE.  Something had happened and traffic was backed up for decades.

During another sleepless night last night due to horrid pain and worries, I was trying to figure out how the heck to PAY ATTENTION to “the still small voice within” and my spirit friends’ warnings/advice when it’s SO subtle and quiet, almost like a whisper.  Can’t they yell?!  Oh wait, one DID yell once.  A voice loudly yelled “SEAT BELT!” in my ear when in a car with a careless driver just before he ran a stop sign.  But, that was a one time yelling.  I need to be yelled at, clearly, on a constant basis.  As I was trying to figure out an easy way to tell the difference from just one of my random and constant thoughts and an actual spirit message, I heard what sounded like a female voice say “Hi!” in my left ear.  (I had earplugs in too, along with my eye shielding mask and teeth retainers…so attractive.)  Now, I don’t know if that means this voice is going to start being more blatant and was just alerting me to her or what.  Oh wow!  As I typed that, Lisette, my fairy, popped into my head!  I think it was Lisette!  Now that I think about it, she DOES hang out on my left shoulder and plays with my earlobe.  A fellow psychic told me about her years ago and mentioned that I’d been having tickling feelings on my left ear and arm and that Lisette told her to tell me, “I am not a fly, so don’t swat me away.”  Ha!  I had JUST done that the day before!

Okay, Lisette, please STAY AROUND and help out this sometimes dense-headed and struggling gal.  I really need you right now with my current challenges regarding my health and other things.  I would also love to get input from other psychics and mediums, too, about how you recognize spirit messages vs. random, meaningless thoughts.  Do you get specific spirit guide images, etc.?

In Light,

Atheria and Lisette

Channeled Session with Halcyon

Triggered by an email someone sent me, my main spirit guide/gatekeeper, Halcyon, came through me today.  From what I’ve witnessed, we each have a “Council of 7” made up of spirit guides that assist us with planning our next incarnation, etc.

What mostly triggered Halcyon to want to speak was a discussion about people other than Jane Roberts channeling the energy known as Seth.  Basically, Halcyon said that no one other than the late Jane Roberts will ever channel Seth…and if people say they are channeling Seth, that claim is to be questioned.  Seth is still very active in another dimension, but does not speak through channels at this point.

My channeling session went a bit smoother than usual, so I am doing better at allowing my unseen friends to channel their energy through me.  It’s a constant learning process for me in terms of letting go, etc.

Anyway, here is the video.  Thank you for watching.

In Light,