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I’m not possessed, but you DO need to be careful.

Because of yet another note from someone telling me I deal with demons (WRONG) and am risking eternal damnation, I thought I would address it.  When I channel or work as a medium, I always call in protection first.  To be honest, my angels and guides know when I’m about to work and show up anyway, but I feel better making it official.  The one time I’ve had an issue, I wasn’t doing my spiritual work. It took an Apache medicine man to remove a being from my energy field that should not have been there. I had picked it up from a mentally unbalanced coworker by accident after spending some time with her. She’d accidentally opened a “door” to beings NOT of the light. I deal strictly with quality spirits. I read a book years ago by a psychic medium (blanking on who) where she went into a bar one night to ask for directions. She wasn’t a drinker, so she normally never went into bars. Anyway, she could clairvoyantly see lots of lost souls (not evolved beings) jumping into and out of the drunk people. When you are drunk, it lowers your vibration and makes it very easy for any spirit…good or not…to pop in.

I have indeed had spirit activity in my condo. I’ve had a lot of knocking, things falling (although there COULD be a 3D explanation for that), and heard some voices lately. A couple of days ago, I heard a male sounding voice say, “BRRRRR” at 5:19 a.m. Yes, I should smudge and clear my condo again, but Ted…or whoever…seems kind of funny. He definitely is not scary. If you know anything of the Santa Fe area (high elevation and dry) our temperatures at night tend to get the coldest around 4 – 5 a.m. So, this was fitting. I had windows open and a ceiling fan running. Although I think that’s what the voice was referring to, I’m a little concerned that it’s a soul stuck between dimensions where he feels cold…and needs help moving on. So, I’m going to check.

More than once lately, in the middle of the night, I’ve felt a presence and took off my eye mask to look…fully expecting to see the spirit of one of my parents. They are getting up there in age, so you never know. Last night, I had it happen again, and I could swear I saw this little robot looking being about 3 feet tall, walking quickly toward my bed. It felt alien, but for some reason didn’t scare me and I just laid back and fell back to sleep. Normally, if I saw an extraterrestrial scrambling toward me, I’d be a little concerned, but…nope. Ha!

In light,


Knock, knock, KNOCK!

Over the years I have clairaudiently heard knocking during the night by my unseen friends.  Sometimes, they’ve even made a sound that sounded like my front doorbell was being rung…to the point where at my Albuquerque house years ago, I got up in the middle of the night (with my gun) and looked.  Other mediums have validated the knocking, meaning I didn’t mention it, but they did.  Back at the Albuquerque house when this started, it was after I’d been burglarized and very traumatized.  It was my Uncle Chuckie letting me know that he was guarding the house (and me) from then on.  But, over the years, I have felt that it wasn’t always him.

My always bad insomnia has been extra bad lately due to COVID-19 stress and worry.  Plus, I’m a “certain age” and it’s hard to sleep as a woman during this time of life.  What little I sleep has been very interrupted and weird.  I’ve been having “dreams” that have seemed more like astral events and spirit messages.  I’m pretty sure a few have been out-of-body experiences involving me traveling around the universe and in different dimensions.  I think because my sleep has been so in and out, it has kept me in a very receptive hypnogogic state a lot…and you are very receptive to spirit when in that in between state of awake and asleep.

In the wee hours of this morning (the veil is very thin around 4 a.m.) I recall hearing (with earplugs in my ears and a sleeping mask over my eyes…sooooo attractive) a frantic sounding KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!  There was rapid and loud knocking.  In the past, it’s been a less urgent couple of knocks.  This was like someone pounding on my door.  It was SO clear and loud I did almost get up…with my pink Walther PK380 semi automatic…to nervously check the front door.  But, I then “knew” it was spiritual and not a rapist.  So, I asked, “Who is it?”  Not expecting an answer, I then heard, “Ted”.  I vaguely remember asking, “What do you want?”  But, now, I can’t recall if he said anything in reply.  I then fell back to my fitful sleep.

(Side note:  My sister has long since accused me of creating and/or attracting spirits to all of the places I’ve lived…and that they weren’t haunted UNTIL I moved in.  Another side note:  A friend years ago was convinced I had Exploding Head Syndrome – yes, it’s a thing – but nope!  Granted, I do have neuro problems from the 3 neck injuries.  But, EHS does not answer you and say it’s name is Ted!)

I forgot about what happened this morning, until…toward the middle of my long walk in nature…I suddenly remembered Theo!  Many years ago after my life got weird in the 1990s, one of the first unseen friends that showed up was a spirit named Theo.  He said that he was Theodore but I could call him Theo or Ted!  I have not heard from him in EONS so I’d totally blanked!  What makes me extra happy about this is that it lets me know that our friends in spirit are ALWAYS with us.  He clearly has been waiting in the wings for many years…watching…observing.  I’ve reconnected (at the perfect COVID-19 time) with a long lost friend.

I was going to try to have a full conversation with him this afternoon, but I’m just in a weird place.  So, I’m not doing it today, but I will ask him to communicate soon.  Unlike many people who are really missing human contact, I’m not missing people at all.  This isolation is making me realize that I really LOVE isolation…with cats and fish.  I’m quitting social groups left and right.  Besides the fact I will NEVER shake hands with people again, I’m making other permanent changes in how I exist on planet Earth.

I should also mention that the sound of cowboy boots walking down the EMPTY St. James Hotel hallway in the fall of 2018 as the ghost knocked on each room’s door was VERY different than what I heard early this morning.

Stay safe,


Seance with David Thompson

I am so grateful a medium friend in Phoenix told me about a visit to Santa Fe by physical medium, David Thompson.  He is in Santa Fe conducting seances for about a week.  I attended a FASCINATING seance last night that he led.  I know a lot of fellow mediums, but I’ve never been able to witness a physical medium before…someone who emits ectoplasm.  David’s main spirit friend, William, came through first…followed by Timmy…Louis Armstrong (yes, THE Louis Armstrong — he sang to us)…an uncle of a woman in the room…and…finally…the son of a woman in the room who passed away a year ago.  That was very emotional.  Her son was able to hold her hands and she could see his blue eyes.  (They appeared not as regular human eyes, but two blue spirit lights in front of her.)  At one point, Timmy took a piece of chocolate a woman gave to him and you could hear him chewing and swallowing.  William touched a few people’s heads.  I could sense (room was pitch black) the spirits walking around as they got closer or moved away from me.  I’m not totally sure, but I think I felt someone touch my left ankle at one point.  After William left the first time (came back at the end), I suddenly saw (clairvoyantly) white small lights over my head and I started tingling REALLY strongly.  I felt like energy work, and possibly healing work, was being done on me.  Granted, the room was cold, but this was not just me being cold physically.  It definitely felt spiritual.

Here is a vlog about my experience last night.

I found this account of someone else’s experience at a seance led by David Thompson.

The seance was held at Unity Santa Fe, and they did record the evening.  If the recording is good quality, they will offer it for sale and I’ll buy it and post it here.  To be honest, because William and Timmy’s accents were so strong, it was hard to understand some of what they said, so I’d like to re-listen to the event.

In Light,


Increasing Spirit Visitations


This is a quickie post.  Last night I was visited in a “dream” by a lovely guy I used to work with at Sony Pictures Entertainment who left this realm way too young.  (From my human perspective…not his soul’s perspective.)  I wish I could recall the dream, but it’s already just a glimmer in my memory.  At work yesterday, I had a quick “drive by visitation” by the brother of a friend of mine that included a simple but nice message.  Last week, I had another quick visitation by a young gal who was recently killed in a car accident while I took my lunchtime walk at work.  She also gave me a brief message to pass along.  I seem to be having increasing numbers of visitations by people on the Other Side lately and I don’t know what’s triggering it.  Is anyone else having more encounters with family and friends on the Other Side?  I don’t know if the veil is suddenly getting even thinner, or what?  I’d love to hear your feedback and/or stories.  One friend said she was awakened this morning by a loved one in spirit hugging her and smiling.

In Light,


St. James Hotel ghost hunting trip’s video!

Thank you to my friend, Joe, for taking all of this footage and editing it.  We got some cool stuff!  The group was Joe, Evelyn, Dave, and me.  The other woman in the room with the lamp movement was named Kathy.  She was with her husband, Lyle.

I highly recommend the St. James Hotel.  You truly step back in time.  Joe and Evelyn were in the Governors room and Dave and I stayed in the Wyatt Earp suite.  The nice thing about the hotel is that a lot of people there are STRICTLY there to ghost hunt.  So, you meet lots of super cool and friendly people.

Here are my pictures of the hotel and surrounding Cimarron area.


Ghostly yours,


Very haunted St. James Hotel

In October 2017 I stayed at the haunted St. James Hotel and had a spirit tap the top of  my head while standing in the hall talking to people inside the infamous poker room and heard cowboy boots walking down the hall at night with 2 knocks…in succession.  I also caught a spirit face in the poker room window.  My sister just sent me this TV show episode.  On Saturday, 6/29/2019 some friends and I are going to spend the night at the St. James to see what happens.  Back in 2017 others also had the cowboy boots walking and knocking…AND…one woman had her long hair lifted straight up in the air while putting on her make-up!  Almost every person the night before had things happen.  Two people taunted (NOT OKAY) T.J. in the poker room with a toy gun and got a spirit voice on tape commenting on their fake gun they had on the table.  An employee of the hotel snuck me into infamous room 18 and wowza….it was thick with energy.

Stay tuned for what happens next weekend!  I will be blogging!