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Arcturians came through on Sept. 3, 2014

I was asked to do a channeled evening this past week and it was videotaped. I’ve only watched the beginning of it because I don’t like watching myself channel. It makes me uncomfortable. LOL! This time only one group came through, the Arcturians. I’ve REALLY got to figure out how to better handle powerful energy during the merging process as once again, it actually ended up causing physical pain in my hands/wrists (due to the muscle tension of my clawed up hands) and my chronic headache got worse. Not really sure what to do, but I’ve got to do some research. I know there are some channels who flat out refuse to allow full “take over” trance like what I do because they don’t like the idea of sharing their body and instead do more of a relay channeling type thing. I do also relay channel via writing. My gatekeepers do not let me do full trance work unless I’m with other people for safety reasons, but alone I can do relay channeling…where I don’t totally step aside for them to talk.

Anyway, I don’t remember everything, but the Arcturians did talk about the Ebola crisis, the recent (predicted) earthquake in Northern California, a possible earthquake along the Mississippi River fault line, the still missing Malaysian plane, and how important it is that the energy of your name match your personal vibration. The video below is not great quality, but it’s all I’ve got. 🙂 I need to invest in a real video camera.

Thank you to Tammy of Tammy’s Edge Salon here in Albuquerque for asking me to channel for a lovely group of people. I appreciate the opportunity to do my real work.

Carrie (although the Arcturians prefer Atheria)