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OMG it’s Taos Mountain! – Link to photo of a drawing I just did…

In 2002 in Hawaii, a wild dolphin telepathically sent me this image and said “This will heal you.” I felt strong tingling throughout my body. My neighbor asked her metaphysical son if he recognized this symbol and his immediate response was “It’s a portal. The double triangle is to go up through the eye of the needle opening. The triangle could symbolize a mountain as energy flows up and down.” My immediate response was that the portal is in Taos somewhere. I was told months ago by 2 channels that there is a location in Taos that has the power to heal my damaged spine and body. TAOS MOUNTAIN!!

(Kate, remember when you and another channel months ago told me there was a location in Taos that would heal me if I could find it….that if I stood on the spot and raised my arms up, I’d be filled with healing energy? That someone would lead me to the spot?)

Ever since the dolphin in 2002 sent me this image, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out what to do with it. The only problem is, Taos Mountain is BIG. I need to find one little spot! Ack! I have a suspicious feeling it’s near the spiritually magical lake that only members of the Taos Pueblo are allowed to go to. I would need a Native American to agree to take me there. Hmmm….

I can’t believe I never noticed this image is seemingly a portal over top a mountain. Duh!

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Hypoglycemic Journey

Numbers as spirit communication…

I’ve posted before about the number 444 being a sign from angels and think I’ve mentioned 555 being a sign meaning that “changes are coming” and 333 meaning that masters (Jesus, Buddha, etc.) are with you.  Well, after coming back from a Labor Day weekend trip up to Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Manitou Springs, where I fell in LOVE with Boulder and Denver, especially, I impulsively put my house up for sale.  Now, Albuquerque’s real estate market is not great, and on the west side where my house was, it’s even worse.  I said to God, “If I’m meant to move out of Albuquerque then you’ll make my house sell fast.  I’ve I’m not meant to leave, it’ll sit on the market for eons.”  It sold in one week to the first person who looked at it.  That is unheard of in that neighborhood!  Everything fell SO into place, it was downright weird.  The only glitch came when it was inspected and issues I’d been clueless about showed up.  But get this, my birthday is October 20th, my realtor’s birthday is October 20th, the buyer picked October 20th to close, and the guy who rented me the U-Haul to move out of the house with’s birthday is October 20th!  TOO COINCIDENTAL TO BE IGNORED.  Now, selling the house I loved and was so proud to buy in May 2010 was not easy for me emotionally, and I kept questioning if getting an apartment closer to work while I looked for jobs out of state was the right thing do to.  But, with synchronicities like that, I “knew” I was being led.  I also kept getting a lot of 555s and then starting a day or two before closing, I was getting lots of 777s.  I looked 777 up and it signifies that you are starting to walk on the path to your true purpose.  I just need to be FREE right now.  I didn’t want the responsibility of home ownership anymore and I didn’t want to be rooted (not to mention my 21 miles each way drive to/from work was getting old).  My soul needs freedom big time.

I got together with this great woman I met a year ago earlier this week and found out that she was almost killed in September when, as a pedestrian, she was hit by a speeding hit-and-run car.  She is convinced that if she hadn’t dove out of the way as best she could, she’d be dead…and I tend to feel she’s right.  She still ended up with shattered bones, but she’s alive.  Because of that experience where she’d been warned at least 3 times by a voice not to park her car where she parked it (as she’d have to cross busy Central in order to get to the restaurant), she’s never ignoring warnings by her unseen friends again.  Good!  Anyway, the near death experience has made her want to do something more important with her life, and she wants to open up a healing center here in New Mexico.  Before she moved here in 2011 due to “coincidental” events, she’d had a dream of this certain view, which included a road, and she heard a voice say something like “This place is a refuge where people come who need to heal their souls.”  While standing in Placitas, she saw a view that was similar to what she’d seen in the dream, but it wasn’t quite it.  She intuits that this healing center is supposed to be somewhere between Albuquerque and Taos.  When she said that to me, BAM!  I was hit with STRONG tingling and felt it’s supposed to be Taos.  While talking about this dream of hers to create a healing refuge, I was hit with spirit tingling a few times.  It was getting downright annoying because it’s like being whacked in the head with a book.  HA!  In fact, one of my guides actually DOES hit me in the head with a book.  She thinks Ojo Caliente is also close, but no cigar, to being the area.  We both agreed that the Jemez Mountains area has wonderful energy, but my gut (and another intuitive friend) feels it’s either in Taos or right near Taos…..not that as a Taos lover I’m biased or anything. 🙂

Here I’m trying to move out of New Mexico (aiming for Colorado, although Tucson is suddenly showing up the past few days) and all of a sudden I’m not so sure I’m supposed to leave!  I think I’m supposed to help her create a healing place here somewhere.  Of course, the issue is $$$…how to fund it.  But, if it’s meant to happen, it will be arranged.  I have learned that.  When I had a reading by the VERY gifted Karen Fay in Vermont (via phone) in late September, she told me that I was going to be moving twice…once locally (and she described the 4plex I ended up in) and then once much further away.  She thought I’d be moving out of state but wasn’t 100% sure it would be out of state.  Well, Taos is a 2 hour and 25 minute drive north heading toward Colorado.  It’s possible the move is to Taos.  Of course, the funny thing is that I have been wanting a BIGGER city as I’m bored here, not a town of 5,000 people.  But, do you know how to make God laugh?  Tell him your plans.  I should mention that both she and I do not like cold weather.  UH OH.

I’m trying to go with the flow and allow myself to be led.  I met one of my new neighbors last night, and as fate would have it, she not only makes bamboo flutes (cool) but she is very metaphysical and totally into my “stuff”…..pendulum use and creating your reality and all.  She said to me that this apartment is a rest stop for me, and I do kind of feel that way about it.  I don’t think I’ll be here that long.  We had a great talk about the healing center idea and more.  It’s clear we needed to meet, just like I needed to meet my car accident friend last year in a bar.

I’ve heard it said about New Mexico that the desolateness of so much of the state (although not all by far) and the lack of external distractions, the quiet, etc. is intentional…that this state forces people to go inside and it creates healing in people.  When my friend used the word refuge, referring to this place, it really hit me as being the truth.  This powerful land that is New Mexico is indeed a refuge for people who have been beaten down and exhausted at a soul level and need to heal.  I am curious about what will happen.

Before going, I’m returning to using my soul name, Atheria.  I just do not feel like a Carrie.

In Light,


Beautiful Eskimo quote…

I just came upon this lovely quote about our loved ones who’ve crossed over to the Other Side and wanted to share it.

“Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.”