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444 Angel Sign! Yep, it happened again…and this one is funny. :-)

Out of the blue this morning, Maybelline Great Lash Mascara popped into my head.  It didn’t just pop, actually, it stayed in my head like it was trying to get my attention.  Of course at the time I dismissed it as “nothing”.

Later, while checking out at Walmart, I looked over and saw THIS on the wall next to me!


Maybelline Great Lash mascara priced at exactly $4.44!  That’s my angel sign!  My unseen friends crack me up sometimes.  They enjoy saying HELLO on a regular basis. 🙂 If you don’t know about the 444 phenomenon, you must read The Messengers.  It’s a true story about an Oregon businessman and angelic intervention in his life.  They signal him with 444s and after reading the book, many other people start getting 444s…like me.

In Light,


Listen to your gut & heavenly sign from a soldier…

I decided to have another “psychic day” today and although nothing major happened, a confirmation happened that was important.  I’ve been applying for other jobs at the same company I’m at now.  There has been one that I’ve been the most excited about as it would be a clear step up and “hopefully” more money (I say “hopefully” because I am currently in a union and this higher level job is not in the union and sometimes you actually don’t end up making more money when you leave the union).  Well, I interviewed for that job early yesterday and then another job later in the day that would be a lateral move for me, but in a creative department that reminded me almost of my days working in television in Los Angeles (which I miss).  My gut didn’t feel good about the higher level job for some reason (the people were very nice) but felt really good about the lower level job.  Of course, my head mostly cares about money. 🙂 I swore years ago when I made a HORRID decision based on my head instead of gut that I would NEVER EVER do that again…yet here I was, still thinking I wanted the higher level job my gut didn’t feel right about.  I got an offer on the creative job early today.  Then I was in a quandary.  What if I got offers on both jobs?!  What would I do?!  Just before 5 p.m. I got a call regarding the higher level non union job to tell me that I didn’t make it to the next round…and I felt relief.  I felt palpable relief in my stomach.  I mean, I’m letdown I didn’t make it to the next round of interviews, but I now realize something about that job was wrong for me.  So, I’m accepting the creative job and looking forward to what the universe has in store for me.  I no longer try to beat down doors.  I go through doors that open to me that feel good.

On another note, this story, which some of you may have already seen, is beautiful confirmation that love continues on from the Other Side…and that yes…animals are included in our love.  A heavenly beam of light shines on a dog that a soldier helped save just before the soldier was killed.

Heavenly Beam

In Light,


Listen to sudden flashes that pop into your head!

After suffering through horrid allergies for another day…coughing…sore throat…sneezing…what now looks like pinkeye…I pulled Bob (my Scion xD) into the garage, hit the button to close the garage door, and went to unlock the door into the house.  At that moment, I had a flash hit my mind of “What would you do if the door broke?”  I STUPIDLY ignored that psychic warning as “nothing”, opened the door, got into the house, and tried to close the door.  It wouldn’t close normally, and idiot that I am because I forgot the psychic flash/warning, I got frustrated and shoved the door hard to close.  Well, it closed alright.  I first noticed I couldn’t lock it and tried to open it slightly to align the deadbolt (which can be sensitive) better, but the door wouldn’t open.  I pulled and pulled to no avail.  Then I tried shoving a screwdriver underneath to lift it a bit as it did look slightly crooked and pulled some more…to no avail.  I called dad in a panic because if I couldn’t get into the garage through that door, I was screwed because the spare electronic main garage door opener didn’t work (I found out tonight) and my car would be stuck in the garage for eternity.  Of course, my neighbors who are normally ALWAYS home were not home tonight.  I knew whatever it was that was wrong, 91 lbs. me wasn’t strong enough to deal with it.  The door would not budge.  Dad suggested I take the doorknob apart, which I did, but that didn’t help.  Later I found out that by taking the doorknob apart, I made things worse.  I didn’t want to bother a friend of mine, but I was desperate (keeping in mind I also felt sick and could hardly see with my mucus-filled eyes) and called him.  He very kindly drove way over to my house and fought with my door for a long time.  Thank God I hadn’t dropped the other side of the doorknob into the garage because that would have been REALLY bad.  Still, he struggled to get my knob back together.  After he tried numerous things to figure out what was jamming the door, he realized it was a stupid screw that was holding the metal plate into the door frame that the latch went into.  A screw had gotten loose (no jokes please) and unscrewed itself enough that it stuck out just far enough to catch onto the metal plate that was on the door edge.  So with me holding the doorknob turned and my friend sticking screwdrivers into the gap between the door and frame, we were finally able to pry the door open…thank God!

Now you will ask, “Why is she telling this broken door story on her psychic/metaphysical blog?”  Because the moral of this story is:  Pay attention to seemingly “nothing” flashes that pop warnings into your head!!

Stressed and tired,


Exploding Head Syndrome or something else that is more metaphysical?

I was talking to a friend of mine a couple of days ago and he mentioned he had Exploding Head Syndrome.  My reaction was, “What the heck is that?!”  Then he said he will hear what sounds like a doorbell ringing in his head occasionally at night (he also has tinnitus) and I gasped.  Two or three times the past six months or so I’ve been awakened with a jolt at night by what sounds like my home’s doorbell being rung with a “ding dong”.  My heart races and I feel fear.  Now, granted, that makes sense since I live alone and someone really ringing my doorbell at 1 a.m. could be an intruder…but when I Googled Exploding Head Syndrome, I found this Wikipedia page that mentions when people are awakened by an EHS attack, they are often filled with fear.

I am blogging about this here on my metaphysical page because the article also mentions that EHS can be related to out-of-body experiences.  My initial reaction when this first happened to me was that a spirit was trying to get my attention…that someone was trying to get me to “answer a door” so-to-speak.  I may be correct about that, since when you are out-of-body you can more easily communicate with those on the Other Side.  The racing heart/fear feeling would also make sense if I was out-of-body when it happened because if you are out and return to your body too fast for some reason, it can indeed cause that physical reaction.  I’ve had clear OBE’s where that happens.

I will say that the doorbell sound was SO loud and clear, I did get up each time to peek out my front door’s peep hole to see if someone was there…and of course no one was there.  So were the doorbells spirits saying hello, me having an OBE, or were they simply some brain phenomenon?  Hmmmmm….I suspect the spiritual.

In Light,


End of the Mayan calendar?

I was at a meeting tonight and someone brought up the fact that the Mayans didn’t have leap years and time changes and such…so that December 21, 2012 isn’t the correct date for the end of the calendar.  Then someone else said that the actual date came and went 7 months ago.  WHAT?!  This is messing with my world!

In angst,


UFO photo – Dec. 2005 in Albuquerque, NM

Above is a link to a UFO photo (and my story) on Shirley MacLaine’s site that I took accidentally in December 2005.  For those who don’t know, I am VERY extraterrestrial connected.  My ancestry is Pleiadian.  I’ve been in at least 2 UFOs that I know of, taken while living in the hills of Hollywood of all places.  During the first abduction, I was taken to a laboratory underneath downtown Los Angeles.  I was very much treated as an equal and the beings wanted to show me the experiments they were doing.  Now, normally I am a VERY emotional person, but what struck me later was that during the whole experience, I felt zero emotion.  I was purely scientifically fascinated by what they were showing me, and, quite frankly, I should have been a little horrified.  I saw babies in test tubes, babies that were hybrids…part human, part ET.  But, I had no fear and I knew I was safe and that they considered me to be one of them.  A couple of weeks later I wasn’t so lucky.  Another group came for me, I suspect, to find out what the first group showed me….and I have never been so afraid in my life.  I felt fear to the depths of my soul and laid on the floor praying they didn’t know I was in the apartment…but…I blacked out.

Later, in 2002 via a Ouija Board, a lovely Plejaran (that is the term she used…another name for Pleiadian) ET came through named Alora.  She made it very clear that her people do not abduct humans and they abhor such actions.  She told me that her people wanted to work with me if I was interested.  I needed to let them know.  For years now I’ve been yelling, “I want to work with you!” but…nada…or at least I don’t CONSCIOUSLY think I’ve been working with them.  It’s possible I’m just not recalling things that are going on.  Hmmmmm…..

In Light,


My psychic day…

I decided to have a “psychic day” this morning.  I had heard about this technique from a well-known psychic years ago and thought I’d try it.  Now, granted, I AM a psychic medium, but I’ve been feeling rather cut off from spirit for awhile as I’ve let the material world take over my focus.  Anyway, I made the INTENTION (I am a Dr. Wayne Dyer lover.) that I was going to be extra psychic today…and then forgot about it.  It may be that because I forgot about it and “let it go” that the day proved to be very fruitful.

I had two things pop into my head out-of-the-blue during the day that I didn’t even give much attention to…two things that came true.  A friend popped into my head with the thought of him selling his car, and he called me tonight to chat and mentioned that he thinks a guy he met today would buy his car.  Keep in mind that my friend had never mentioned selling his car before this.

The second thing is a little thing but worth noting.  I normally use a small saucepan to heat up water to make tea.  I’ve done this for years and never had much of a desire to buy an official teapot/kettle.  Randomly (seemingly) after making tea this afternoon the thought came into my head that I should buy a kettle.  At a goodbye party later on today (friends are moving to Seattle) they had a pile of things they were giving away instead of moving….and sitting right there was a blue tea kettle. 🙂 What makes this funnier is that for many years purple has been my favorite color, but the past 1.5 years or so I’ve been gravitating to blue….so the color was/is perfect!

Besides these two events, I met a lovely gal at the party who I clicked with immediately.  She “speaks my language” so-to-speak and feels about New Mexico how I feel about New Mexico…that it is truly a special and magical place.  She is into the metaphysical stuff I’m into and we chatted non-stop.  She was at the party because she had just met Shannon (the one moving to Seattle in two weeks with Russ) about a month earlier.  I felt very strongly that the entire reason she met Shannon was to meet me.  I told her that and she felt the same way.  I think I will have a new open-minded friend.  I plan on introducing her to some other friends here who have our same spiritual and metaphysical interests.

So basically, this has been a day full of magic.  I love it!  I also got two 444’s today….angel signs.

In Light,