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My 2002 Hawaii dolphin message…

I went with a group of people to stay at Kealekekua Bay, on the Big Island of Hawaii, in the summer of 2002 during a powerful alignment of our planet with Sirius. Supposedly, Kealekekua (hope I’m spelling that right) Bay is known as being a place where wild dolphins hang out in droves. When we got there and talked to the locals, they told us that for some reason no dolphins had been seen in quite a while. We had planned to do a Sirius alignment ritual, and really wanted dolphins to take part, so we were a bit worried when Tuesday morning came and it was time for us to go out in our wetsuits and snorkel gear. We swam out into the bay and the leader of our group led us through a beautiful ceremony, during which we each had a crystal we then planted in this certain area of the bay…to seed the energies so-to-speak. Soon after we broke up and just were enjoying swimming around, this pod of dolphins showed up! They swam all around us with this most joyful feeling. It was truly magical. I could feel tingling going through my body as they spiraled around me. At one point these two dolphins were dancing around me until I realized they weren’t just dancing. LOL! I said, “Oh, excuse me” and averted my eyes. I tried desperately to keep up with the pod’s fast swimming around, but it was futile and frustrating. I wish I’d had scuba gear on. I’m not good at holding my breath. I have never felt so at peace and so right in my life as I did during that time out there with the wild dolphins. I never wanted to go back to land. The dolphins all went to the very spot where we had planted the crystals in the ocean floor and jumped with glee over the area. They were clearly loving the crystals’ energy and were joyful. It was awesome to watch. Although a couple of dolphins here and there showed up over the course of the rest of the week, the amount we had that morning never came again.

Toward the end of the week, we took a boat out near Kona to look for dolphins in that area. Some did show up. At one point, as I was looking out over the water, this dolphin stuck his head out of the water and just stared at me…eye to eye. Suddenly I was filled with strong tingling as simultaneously I “saw” this geometric image inside my head and “heard” the words “This will heal you.” I just drew out the basic symbol and am posting it below. Since 2002 I’ve wondered what I’m supposed to do with it…how I’m supposed to use the symbol to heal. It’s driving me batty, and God knows I need healing (neck damage that causes constant head pain, hypoglycemia, and other issues). I’ve tried meditating on it, but that didn’t do anything. If anyone has a suggestion, I’m open to ideas.

That week in Hawaii was life changing and wonderful. I need to get back there soon. The island of Kauai calls to me, so maybe that will be my next Hawaiian foray…although I wouldn’t turn down Maui. 🙂



My 1st hypnotherapy session to deal with my panic/anxiety disorder…

I had my 1st session with Gloria today to hopefully cure my increasingly bad panic attacks. Before she even put me under, she interviewed me for quite a while about the long questionnaire I had filled out. She was torn because although some of my answers pointed to possible extraterrestrial abduction experiences, some of my answers didn’t. I went into this with an open mind as I’m not sure what is causing them. It could be my hypoglycemia. It could be peri-menopause (for which I started on herbs yesterday) related. It could be a past life trauma that is bubbling up to the surface now. It could be anything.

Before Gloria put me under hypnosis, she told me that I would be aware at all times during the session. For the most part, that was true. But, at one point I “left the building” and don’t remember even hearing her voice for a while. It was like I was there and aware and then POOF…gone. I didn’t know I was gone until there was this BRIGHT light shining in my face that felt like it had a consciousness to it. It brought me back into the normal hypnotic awareness level where I could hear Gloria, hear the clock ding-dong on the hour, etc. When I mentioned the bright light, she thought it could be the sun coming through the skylight, but I wasn’t really facing the right direction for that and this light was right in my face and intelligent. That’s the only way I can explain it. It was alive.

This session was to deal specifically with retraining me regarding the panic attacks, so she didn’t specifically try to investigate any possible ET abductions/encounters. She gave me a lot of suggestions that hopefully will kick in the next time I start to freak out.

She then told me to go back to when in my past I felt fear that was associated with my current panic attacks and without hesitation I was standing face to face with an ET! But then my logical mind kicked in and said, “Now you’re just making this up because you know she’s into ETs and UFOs.” So I forced the image to change into a black blanket that I could then dissolve as she instructed me to do with my fears. She then told me to go back further if there was another instance of fear that is affecting me and I went back to my childhood when during a bad fight my parents were having I ran out into the garage to get my bicycle to ride away on. Dad ran after me and locked me in the garage to try to calm me down and talk to me. It didn’t work and eventually he let me run off. Then Gloria told me to go back further if there was anything else that happened where I felt fear and I ended up in my mother’s womb. I don’t know why I felt fear in there, but I did. Maybe something was going on within her or something. (By the way, I didn’t verbalize anything while under hypnosis. I only talked afterward.)

When Gloria suggested I go back further, if there was anything else I needed to see, I saw a quick flash of a past life I know about during the Middle Ages or so where I was a peasant girl who had a love affair with the rich son of a powerful family. But, I only saw that life really quickly before I switched over to a good…at least I’ve always felt it was one of my better lives…life in Versailles, France. I started to watch the life when out from nowehere I’m suddenly in this field on the edge of woods…standing at the back of a good sized crowd of people as they were walking into a UFO that was sitting there! I’m watching humans go into a UFO! I assumed that meant that during the Versailles life I might have been abducted, but I’m not sure the clothing I saw the people wearing was of that era. I think the clothes were more modern, but can’t recall clearly now.

That scene didn’t last too long because (not knowing what I was seeing but witnessing me react physically to seeing it….my body squirmed and I kind of flinched and made noises) Gloria suggested that I see myself in a museum and witness my fear as a piece of art. When she said that, I saw the Mona Lisa. She asked me if the Mona Lisa resembled anything I was afraid of, but nothing came to mind. The Mona Lisa is in the Louvre in Paris, though, which, of course, is near Versailles.

Soon after that she brought me out of hypnosis and then had me tell her what I experienced and saw. I have to admit, I was caught off guard when that ET I was with face to face showed up after she asked me when I first felt fear…and then that UFO being loaded up with people showed up in the middle of a seemingly unrelated Versailles scene. Maybe there IS more going on than me just being a hormonal mess or hypoglycemic. Hoping that all the suggestions she made regarding me releasing the panic issue work, the next time she’d like to take me back to 1998 when I do believe I was taken twice while living in the Hollywood Hills. 1998 was an “interesting” year in many ways. It’s the year Taos called me to it (and I had a life altering spiritual experience nearby in Ojo Caliente) and the year I heard the voice that told me I wasn’t really Carrie Ryan, I was Atheria. It’s also the year I adopted my beloved Karma kitty…but that wasn’t odd. 🙂

As a side note, Gloria told me that I can indeed ask ETs to help heal my 17+ year long neck damage and headache hell. She said that if I keep repeating it to myself that I want their help, if I’m ever taken again, it’ll come to the forefront and they’ll do something about it. She also wants to see the old CT scans and X-rays I have of my neck and head after I told her a neurosurgeon in Santa Monica told me that the base of my skull is slightly malformed and that my cerebellum is huge…way bigger than an average person’s.

Well, until next time….

In light,

Panic/anxiety disorder could be associated with ET abductions?

As some know, I’m very hypoglycemic (my other blog is and one of the side effects of my endocrine system blowing the day after Thanksgiving 2010 has been a worsening panic/anxiety disorder that is becoming debilitating. Because I’ve had such severe low blood sugar attacks, especially when alone, I now get afraid I’m going to have one and die if I feel too remote (in the middle of nowhere…and a lot of New Mexico is in the middle of nowhere), not near medical care/hospitals, if I feel the right kind of food isn’t easily available, if I feel trapped (even in traffic jams I’ve freaked out in my car), in closed in spaces (claustrophobic now), etc. I’m becoming borderline agoraphobic. Desperate to cure this and get on with my life, I contacted a wonderful hypnotherapist I met at a party a year or so ago. Now the reason I’m mentioning this on my metaphysical/spiritual blog is that I have this “funny feeling” that although I’m going to see Gloria Hawker initially to try to overcome this horrible panic/anxiety disorder I’ve developed…that there is a bigger reason why I’m going to try hypnotherapy with her. You see, Gloria is a contactee/abductee and has written a book about her experiences called “Morning Glory: Diary of an Abductee” and some information about her can be found here:

I met with her tonight and picked up a pretty lengthy questionnaire I need to complete. Talking to her tonight, she said it is possible that there is more to my panic disorder than just the hypoglycemia trigger. I should probably mention that when I lived in the Hollywood Hills back in 1998 I think I was abducted at least twice by two different groups of extraterrestrials. The first abduction was pleasant, but I can’t say that about the second. From what I can remember now, the first group treated me very much as an equal. They took me to a laboratory they had underneath downtown Los Angeles. Yes, I know that sounds crazy and I thought it was crazy, but it’s there. A few years later while at a party I mentioned this to a woman and she very matter-of-factly said, “Oh yes, there is a lab under downtown L.A.” The ETs showed me experiments they were conducting making hybrid babies. I saw babies floating in fluid in vertical test tube type things in this big room. What caught my attention at the time was the fact that normally I am a very emotional person. But, when I was with the ETs being given a tour, I had no emotion at all….zero….my mind functioned purely logically/scientifically. Technically, I should have been horrified at what I was seeing but it didn’t phase me in the least. I was scientifically fascinated.

A week or two after the harmless abduction, another group came for me that to say filled me with gutwrenching fear would be a gross understatement. I knew they were there and I was petrified beyond belief. My soul knew….THIS IS BAD. I laid down on my apartment floor and cried and begged God to help me. I begged that they wouldn’t find me. The next thing I knew, bright lights shone in my door and windows and I blacked out. I don’t recall anything that happened until I woke up the next morning. Needless to say, although I’m a bit scared to find out what happened, I think I need to find out what happened. I also need to find out if there were more events. I do remember a “dream” in which I flew (astral travel?) from Los Angeles to Santa Fe, New Mexico. I saw this upright cane shaped UFO over Santa Fe in the middle of the night. That’s all I recall now. I can’t find the original drawing I did of the UFO but just did a quick rudimentary drawing of what it looked like. It was like nothing you assume UFOs should look like.

In December 2005 when I first lived in Albuquerque (for only 6 months) I accidentally took a picture of a cloaked UFO (to the naked eye). You can see the picture and read my story on Shirley MacLaine’s website.

Then there is the ET named Alora who came through a Ouija Board in 2002 and told the group of us that she was Plejaran and that I was to research her people and let them know if I was willing to work with them because they wanted to work with me. She told me my ancestry was Plejaran/Pleiadian. So, needless to say, I’ve got some
extraterrestrial stuff going on. Oh yeah, and I go into trance and channel them at times. Well, I’ve not done that in years, but it’s happened often during a channeling group I attended in California.

So, my hope is that not only can Gloria cure me of this horrible anxiety disorder that is harming my life, but that I might also get some answers regarding my possible abductions and what I’ve been exposed to. I have to admit, just quickly looking at the
questionnaire, I see a heck of a lot of things I can answer “yes” to.

In Light,
Atheria / Carrie