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Charted Course vs. Reality Creation

Happy New Year!

May 2015 bring you much joy and great health!

I have gotten involved in numerous disagreements with friends who are 100% convinced that we can create our reality.  I am staunchly of the opinion that although we do work with our guides to set up/chart/create our next incarnation, once we are born into that life, we’re stuck with whatever we…sometimes stupidly…charted for our soul’s growth/lessons/learning.  I’ve often said I must have been drunk or on drugs when I agreed to this this life’s lessons.  The problem is, when we’re pure spirit and living in the bliss that is the Other Side, we eagerly agree to very difficult challenges because we’re so hungry to grow and learn…forgetting just how much some of the things we think will be awesome growth opportunities will suck once we’re in the physical realm and dealing with the reality of them.  When a soul is on the Other Side planning the next incarnation with its guides and angels, it sounds like a fabulous idea to be born into an abusive family which causes it to spend much of its childhood growing up in foster homes or orphanages…then to be in a horrible car accident at 20 that leaves the person with chronic physical pain.  Oh wait!  Then, that person’s spouse takes off with a girlfriend/boyfriend and abandons him/her to raise 4 kids alone, and of course, developing cancer at 40 just makes it all the better!  From a soul perspective, the life described would be a massive growth opportunity and that soul would, hopefully, make the best decisions for its progression.  But, the poor sap who actually had to go through all of that down here on Earth I would not want to be in a million years!  Which brings me to my main topic:  Can we create our reality or are we stuck with what we agreed to beforehand?  Can we be control freaks (because that is what it boils down to) or is fate/destiny going to play out no matter what we do?

Something happened yesterday that got me thinking about this.  I had planned to go to a group’s Indian food luncheon, but since I wasn’t totally over the flu I’d been dealing with for a week and since Albuquerque was FREEZING cold with 55 mph BITTER winds, yesterday morning I was going to cancel attending.  But later I decided I should get out of the house for a little while and be social. I went to the restaurant and had a really nice time with the group, most of which were people I’d not met before. This one new member had brought her mom with her who was visiting from the Portland, Oregon area (where I briefly lived). As lunch was ending, I happened to mention something about being psychic and the mother immediately asked for my business card and asked if she could speak to me for a minute after everyone else left. Well, turned out that she is also psychic and reads tarot cards…but doesn’t really need the cards as she’s gifted. She took my hand and proceeded to give me a mini reading that was very accurate and forced me to acknowledge some issues I had been in denial about. She even pointed out something that she felt would help me heal from my chronic pain problem, that I used to do all the time as a little girl, but haven’t done regularly for a long time…which is to sing. She felt strongly that singing/chanting would benefit my health (kirtan was mentioned). That was interesting because a British medium many years ago said it was sound that would end up healing me. The lovely lady yesterday also said that I came to New Mexico for my health, but that I wouldn’t be here much longer and got the number 6 associated with that. She is going to email me some information about singing/chanting that she strongly felt would help me get out of pain. I am fully convinced that I didn’t go to lunch to simply eat great Indian food yesterday. I went to lunch to meet this woman as we had been predestined to meet. It was charted that we would meet. It was one of those encounters where you KNOW you’ve known that person before. We both felt it.

When “accidental” fortuitous meetings happen, meetings that I never visualized, I have to believe there is some long laid out plan at work. When wonderful things have happened totally out-of-the-blue when I’ve been at my most negative, seeing everything as bleak, mental state…there has to be a charted out course I’ve got no control over. I spent decades dreaming, visualizing, planning my acceptance speeches for, and working hard for a major acting career…that never happened despite the fact I am a good actor, I have to assume it just wasn’t planned for me. It wasn’t to be my destiny to be an Oscar winner. Didn’t matter how much energy I put into trying to force it to happen, it wasn’t going to happen…because the universe had other things in store for me.

Now, can we make a wrong choice and go off the path aligned for us? Yep. I’ve done it. When I left New Mexico the first time (after just 6 months here) in early June 2006, I had very mixed feelings about whether or not I was doing the right thing by going back to Los Angeles. And because I left, I missed out on a GREAT entertainment industry opportunity in Albuquerque by less than one week! But, because I went back to Los Angeles, I also had some very cool things happen…and eventually moved to Portland, where I made some important friends. But, I did indeed veer off the main path spirit had set up for me. They made the best of it by having another route full of growth opportunities fall into place to bide my time, but in December 2009 I was brought back to Albuquerque to finish out what I needed to finish. Now, 5 years later, I do feel I’m close to being done and will not be surprised if I finish out 2015 elsewhere (and both the lovely lady yesterday and another very accurate psychic have said I’m leaving here soon). So, if you are stubborn or stupid or whatever and veer off in a wrong direction, you certainly DO have the free will to do that, but…do not be shocked when “they” see to it that you are somehow (even years later) brought back to the path you were supposed to walk.

As a control freak, I would LOVE to be able to control everything about my life, but I just can’t do it. Learning to let go of control and be a bit more Taoist is what’s helping me not go batty now. I’m trying to listen to my gut and go with the flow. If a door opens, and my gut feels good about it, I walk through the door. If I get a knot in my stomach, I say, “Thank you, but no thank you” and stay still. Now, it is possible that the things I’ve tried to create in my life haven’t always worked out because down in my subconscious or unconscious I don’t think I’m worthy of true love, perfect health, happiness, success, etc. and that belief system is blocking my affirmations and visualizations…but I also have NO clue how to totally erase the negative thoughts that are so buried you aren’t aware of them. THAT is hard, and could certainly explain why not everyone who has read “The Secret” is a millionaire with perfect health and major love.

I want to finish off by wishing everyone a wonderful 2015. May the coming year bring the fulfillment of your dreams…or even better dreams you could not have possibly imagined for yourself.

In light,


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Relay Channeling 12/15/2014 – True Work

You are not alone. You are never alone. We are aware that many find this to be a cliché when it is nothing of the sort. It is the truth. When we met with you out in what you term “the universe” many years ago and showed you your true home, we did not do that to upset you…although it did…we just wanted to remind you that we have not forgotten you or where your true home is, and wanted to let you know that when you were done with your work on planet Earth, you would be brought back to your true home. Which leads us to true work. We know that you are feeling your current existence has been a total waste, but a waste it has not been AT ALL. People tend to think their true work is some grandiose thing like finding the cure for cancer or creating world peace, when 99% of the time people’s true work is simply being themselves. Your daily routines, your personal interactions with strangers, any little thing you do during each day that SEEMS insignificant is indeed making an imprint on the Akashic Records and making a difference. Your true work may simply be smiling at a stranger that you walk past on the street. That smile may have made that soul’s day a little brighter, so that that person then does something nice for someone else. And so on, and so on. It is like that old commercial where they said “And they tell two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on.” Light shines brightest when passed from one human being to another. Do not stress about making your life valuable. Your life IS already valuable. No one is incarnated by accident. We are all very interconnected and reliant upon each other. It’s like a huge spider web that encompasses not only the universe, but into other dimensions and etheric levels of consciousness. “To thine own self be true” should also include “To thine own soul must you honor and trust that it is learning and doing everything it needs to for your highest growth and good.” Do not feel bad should your life seem average and inconsequential. You have great consequence. There is only one you. There are no mistakes made during the creation of a soul. Even those who stray from the light and do seemingly horrible things are perfect. We know many of you will cringe reading these words, but it is truth. Without darkness, many of the most beautiful acts would never have happened. The sad truth is that it often takes horror to bring out the best in people. Our channel once joked that she only ever talked to her Los Angeles neighbors when earthquakes or riots occurred. Now THAT is something that needs to be improved and you can do it…one smile at a stranger passing by on the street at a time. We bid you peace, always and in all ways.