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Area 49 in Los Alamos, NM

Years ago while driving to the city of Los Alamos, New Mexico to see what it was like, I drove past this fenced and gated place with signs that said “Area 49”.  As I saw it and drove past, WHAM!  I was hit with sudden and very strong tingling that practically knocked the wind out of me.  I could barely drive, and I’m forgetting now if I pulled over for a bit or not.  There was NO question that the military or Los Alamos Labs had ETs and/or UFOs in there from the extreme reaction I had.  I wanted to go pound on the gate demanding that as a USA citizen they tell me what they had going on in there, but then common sense stepped in and reminded me it wouldn’t be a good idea.

I’m currently at the monthly meeting of the NM UFO/Paranormal Forum, and something today’s speaker said (Richard Caudell) made me Google Area 49 and UFOs and I found this article that made me gasp!

At least I wasn’t imagining what I felt!

By the way, the city of Los Alamos had really, really weird energy that I did not like at all. I didn’t stay long.

In light,

Santa Fe and Cimarron, New Mexico, ghosts…

Julia Staab

Julia Staab

Our local Albuquerque news did a story on La Posada de Santa Fe‘s ghost this week, so I thought I’d blog the story.  Julia Staab supposedly haunts room 100 in the resort and spa.  Here is the story and video:

Santa Fe ‘ghost’ the subject of new book

Looking at the resort’s website, it looks NICE.  I should go check it out for a night, if I can afford it!  LOL

Ever since seeing a funny ghost investigation of The St. James Hotel in Cimarron, NM a couple of years ago, I’ve also wanted to go stay there for a weekend.  I need to actually do it this summer.  A local reporter with a news producer and camera man barely made it through the night.  The reporter was so freaked out about what was going on in his hotel room in the middle of the night he was using the F word and came THIS close to just taking off.  He had a small light shining in his face as he videotaped himself under the covers of his bed.  HA HA HA!

Here is a link to information about the haunted St. James:

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That’s what I get for saying, “God use me”…Metatron shows up.

I’m blaming Bob for this…and you know who you are. 🙂 As I was mentioning…or whining…about how I feel my life is being totally wasted, on Thursday Bob told me this simple little “prayer” he says that has changed his life…”God use me.”  He told me it triggered major changes in him, funky dreams, and opened his life up.  So, since it’s simple and I’m all about simple, I said “God use me” before i went to bed Thursday night.  Ask, and ye shall receive!

On Friday as I was making my Starbucks pilgrimage, my phone rang and it was a new friend wanting to get together to show me something.  When I mentioned where I was walking, the location was perfect for her and she came to Starbucks when her car was done being worked on a little while later.  We had a great chat and she said she was going to two documentaries at The Guild Cinema here in Nob Hill (across from my Starbucks) – one about Paramahansa Yogananda called “Awake” and then later, one about the Dalai Lama called “Awakening“.  I couldn’t make the Yogananda one, but felt I really needed to get to the 7:30 p.m. showing of “Awakening”.  (Now I really DO want to see the “Awake” too and will need to find some way to see it as the run is over here.)  I have this thing about the Dalai Lama.  I just adore him.  I think he’s so darn cute!  Now, that is probably NOT the right thing to say about His Holiness, but I can’t help myself and I bet he’d just giggle. 🙂 Many years ago I had a dream that clearly was not a dream but instead an OBE that he appeared in.  I flew over to some church type place in Europe (I think it was in Europe) where he was speaking in front of a large crowd.  At the end, you could get darshan (that’s the only term I can think of…blessing kind of thing) from him.  The line was long, but I patiently awaited my turn.  Finally he was standing right in front of me and as he looked at me, all at once in one massive happening, he saw my soul, I knew he could see my soul, something was plunked into my 3rd eye chakra, and I was told “You’ve been chosen.”  Immediately, I wooshed back into my body in Los Angeles and woke up with a jolt.  I’ve had at least two past lives in Tibet/Nepal and in one of them, I clearly remember being a young male monk.  I was in a cave with my older teacher.  There was this massive book in Tibetan on my lap that I was studying.  As I witnessed the scene outside myself, I thought, “How am I reading Tibetan?”  Ha!

Anyway, I have a very strong connection to all things Asian, but especially Tibetan Buddhism (although Zen also fascinates me), Tibet, and Nepal related.  The documentary was great, although not what I expected.  I assumed it was more about the story of his life, but it was about a visit by a group of philosophers, scientists, etc. who made a pilgrimage to meet with him in Dharamsala and their dynamic as they struggled to be spiritual as human beings with weaknesses and egos.  I loved the film and was so glad I saw it.  He is so wonderful and the timing of me seeing this film was very fitting.  There is one part where the Dalai Lama is asked for his approval of a proposed boycott of everything from China as a way to hurt the country economically so that it would finally give Tibet back its freedom.  His overwhelming concern was for the innocent people of China who would be hurt by such a boycott.  The people who had nothing to do with China’s aggressive government would be financially hurt and many of them are not wealthy people.  Hearing him be so unbelievably compassionate/caring when the Chinese government has harmed his homeland and his people so severely REALLY hit me.  I needed to be reminded that the higher road is the right road.  It’s not always the road I want to take when I’m angry about something.  The whole film truly affected me and I really feel it was a nudge from God.

So that was one thing that happened immediately after saying “God use me” the first time.  Since then, Taos has been popping up again and I have this weird feeling it’s going to be involved with me being used by God.  My new friend also has a lovely home up there.  Time will tell.

I should also mention that before my friend showed up at Starbucks on Friday, I got talking to this college student studying next to me because she had the Bhagavad Gita sitting on the table.  I have always wanted to read it but have been too lazy and too overwhelmed at the thought of it to actually sit down and read it.  But, after our talk, now I know I HAVE to read it.  We also talked about Taosim a bit.  It was one of those brief conversations where I could feel it was not an accident and i was being led.  Basically, Friday was a day of Eastern Thought for me.  I’m being led.

Today was the monthly meeting of Albuquerque/Placitas Metaphysical and Spiritual Lyceum and I went thinking I was just going to a regular meeting where I’d mostly just listen.  Wrong!  Almost immediately upon taking my seat around the circle, I started to feel “funny”…heart started to race, etc. like I was about to go into trance.  I kept hearing METATRON and although I’ve never channeled Metatron, I knew that was about to change.  I kept trying to hold Metatron back, but have you ever tried to hold back an archangel?!  Not easy!  In my head I was saying, “Not now, go away” but that was out of the question.  LOL!  I started twitching and such as I normally do when “they” show up.  I signaled Kathy to my right and Tammy to my left that I was about to “leave” and I couldn’t stop it.  They’re used to my little episodes and let the group leader, William, know that I had unseen friends with me who wanted to talk.  I felt really bad about interrupting the meeting!  When the meeting was paused, my normal contorting, gasping, coughing, arms crippling up stuff happened as Metatron incorporated with me.  Now, I’m not going to be able to recall everything that came out because I wasn’t really fully in my body, but some interesting stuff that was said was firstly…that Metatron described himself as “we”…a group consciousness…not an I, as he is normally thought of.  Later, a couple of others in the meeting said they have heard that a group of high level teachers have joined together and that Metatron is one of them, so it wasn’t shocking to them.  I wish someone had videotaped it!

What I can remember is that Metatron loved the energy in the room and approved of the work we are doing as a group.  There were all these golden cords spiraling up toward the ceiling.  They elaborated on what I think some ETs said about Albuquerque a while ago, that there is a pyramid over the city and that although people normally think of Sedona and Southern Colorado (Crestone) as vortices, that Albuquerque is actually a vortex too.  They said that there were now three pyramids on top of each other over the city to magnify the energy of heailng and advancement.  I then saw these cool golden pyramids clairvoyantly.  Here is a picture I found that shows the setup I saw.

triple pyramidsMetatron also said that Taos was linked with Silver City somehow.  I wish I could remember what was said!  They said that in the mountains near Silver City, some rocks/gemstones (felt different than normal gemstones but there was no other available word for what I was being shown and told about) will be discovered that are VERY powerful and healing.  A gold rush of sorts would occur where people will flock to the area to dig hoping to find some to help heal their loved ones with serious health problems.  I’m really forgetting other details that were said, darn it.  Metatron didn’t stay overly long because my physical body was suffering…my wrists that were locked into a weird position were hurting and during one of my head swinging around moments, my fragile neck cracked and started hurting more than normal.  I should mention that channeling his HARD on the body.  No wonder people like Jane Roberts didn’t live very long.

Anyway, I do remember the Metatron group saying “Hold please” as they left and another, much lighter group popped in.  I think I started waving my arms around loosely and swaying all over the place as a group of fairies showed up to lighten the serious mood.  They said they were friends with the fairy who hangs out on my left shoulder and plays with my ear, Lisette, who I first met in 2002.  I can’t remember anything they said, darn it.  They were fun though, and talked only very briefly before leaving and letting me back into myself.

As it turned out, the handout William had prepared to give everyone (there were 17 of us) at the meeting was Metatron connected!  Wow!  At this point, I’ll take any confirmation that I can get that yes, this did indeed happen and was the real deal!  As the meeting was ending, I looked down and noticed that I had impulsively put on my necklace that has a piece of powerful moldavite in it.  I totally forgot I had it on.  No wonder I went into trance!  Moldavite tends to trigger channeling, even in those who don’t normally trance channel.  It’s a magnifier big time and also very ET connected.  I’m surprised that Pleiadians or Arcturians didn’t show up, quite frankly!  Here is a picture of my necklace.

IMG_20150308_181246I am curious to see what happens next, all because of uttering “God use me” every day!  Today is Sunday, and since Thursday night when I uttered that the first time, I’ve been led toward learning more about Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism and trance channeled a collective archangel group and fairies!  I think I’m a little nervous what will happen tomorrow.  LOL

Oh wait, one last thing!  During the healing portion of today’s meeting, one member who is experiencing tremendous grief over the loss of her loved one, sat in the middle of the circle as we sent energy to her.  Well, I saw this most beautiful image of him using angel wings to totally surround her in a type of huge hug…and I felt immense love come from him.  Two other mediums saw the same type of image, of him engulfing her with a hug and love.  I wanted to mention this just to remind everyone that when our loved ones leave their physical bodies, they are still around us and loving us…

In honor of the late Leonard Nimoy…

LLAP – Live Long And Prosper,