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The Purpose in Everything

My day started off great when I got an email from WordPress with my blog’s stats for 2015 and saw that I was read by people in 91 different countries, including Botswana, Mali, India, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam.  How cool is that?!  (If you’re bored, you can see the stats here:  And I was not very good at keeping up with either of my blogs this past year.  I need to make more of an effort in 2016.  Of course, there’s always the “Do I actually have something of value to say?” dilemma.  Tonight’s post is kind of a hodgepodge, but I need to write because there was some type of thread that ran throughout my entire day.  It’s a frayed thread, but it’s a thread.  And, someone in spirit is urging me to blabber on.

I was bored today…like majorly BORED.  So bored, I even did some cleaning.  Yeah, THAT bad.  I wandered my neighborhood aimlessly for a while just to kill time until I could justify going to Starbucks for hours.  I checked Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and my email 3,978 times.  I counted.  That’s the exact number of times.  Okay, I lie.  I didn’t count.  That would be a little bit obsessive compulsive.  I did post on Facebook just how bored I was, and said that I felt like I’m just biding my time, waiting to die.  That’s a pretty accurate description.  I know how precious and short life is, and I’m wasting it.  Tick…tock…tick…tock.  That’s how I feel at work too, sitting in an office doing work that is a total waste of every talent I have.  But, rent must be paid and my cats demand food.  But, am I REALLY wasting my life?  Perhaps.  And perhaps not.  As fate would have it, I saw a post from a fellow medium friend that I needed to see.  It was a link to an article by a man I’d never heard of before, Zach Herbert, and I totally resonated with it because…well…I curse like a fucking truck driver.  You can read his GREAT article here:

One of my favorite writers/humans is Henry Miller.  Oh how I wish I could have known him!  The cool thing is that years ago in a Spiritualist Church service, a medium told me I did have a connection to Henry.  So, maybe in a past life I did know him.  I’ve always had a strong connection to the 1920s…and all things France…so it would make sense.  Henry was often crude and somewhat obnoxious, yet, intensely spiritual.  Google his quotes and you’ll see what I mean.  He was the epitome of what Zach Herbert talks about in the article I read today.  You don’t have to be the Dalai Lama to be spiritually based.  You don’t have to be an angel/perfect/virginal/100% holy to be a spiritually led person.  To be spiritual simply means that you see the spiritual reason for life’s events.  You see God in things, people, and events.  Although I felt like I was wasting my brief life today wandering around, I also know that in my boredom there is purpose.  My boredom may be important.  Cancel that.  My boredom IS important.  Everything is important.  Nothing is by chance.

Traveling back to Albuquerque yesterday from Los Angeles, where I spent Christmas, I met…by “coincidence”…several people in different locations who lived in Sacramento, California.  I’ve been trying to get out of Albuquerque for over a year but have focused on Denver, Boulder, Portland, San Diego, and MAYBE Los Angeles (where I swore I’d never live again).  I really hadn’t given any thought to Sacramento, except for about one day many, many months ago.  But, talking to these people, I became interested as it’s cheaper (by far) than San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego…and conveniently located so that it’s not hard to get to southern Oregon, Mount Shasta (powerful vortex), Reno, Lake Tahoe, the Bay Area, and Los Angeles.  Plus, according to what I saw months ago on, it seems to have a big metaphysical community.  Now, many people would not think anything about chatting with various people in different airports, on different planes, etc. who all happen to live in Sacramento and really like it…but…people who live in spirit, go, “Ah ha!  This is too coincidental to be just coincidence and I need to look into moving to Sacramento as an option.”  Spiritual people PAY ATTENTION.  It wasn’t an accident that I talked to the people I talked to yesterday.  Even if I’m not meant to actually live in Sacramento, I do think there is something there for me that I need to figure out.

Another “by chance” thing happened at Starbucks today (keeping in mind I was feeling aimless and like my life is going nowhere) when I went to YouTube to watch more vegan/diet/fitness videos.  All these videos kept showing up that had one thing in common.  They were all about discovering your life’s purpose.  It was weird.  I was searching for “paleo vegan” “vegan paleo” “don’t count calories” “high carb low fat vegan” “kettlebells for osteoporosis” etc. yet these TEDS talks about discovering why you were born kept appearing.  Ummm….HELLO!  If I’ve not mentioned it before, my unseen friends can be pretty pushy!  And, as I applied to some jobs online while sipping my coffee, I felt sick.  Not because of Starbucks awesome coffee.  I felt sickened by the jobs I was applying for, which seemed to be quality jobs.  Note to self, if you want to throw up when you are applying for a job, your soul is trying to tell you NOOOOOOOO!  Listen to the nausea.  That is true for any decision.  I once let this guy move into my apartment as a roommate to save money and my gut warned me, but I stupidly didn’t listen to the knot in my gut.  I paid for that one.  Think dangerous nut job who had hand grenades in the apartment!

Leaving Starbucks later than I should have stayed there, in the cold (freaking freezing here right now) and dark…with wet ground (we had snow)…I saw a man in the parking lot of the business next to Starbucks with a mat or fabric on the ground, doing his nightly Islamic prayers.  Watching this man very devotedly and solitarily doing his prayers in a physically challenging location really hit me.  There was beauty in it.  He didn’t need a mosque.  He knew that Allah/God/Great Spirit is beyond a mosque/church/temple…that, in his case, Allah is everywhere.  How easy it is to go to church on Sunday and sit on a comfortable bench in a heated, well lit, place.  To me, it’s more important to connect to God everywhere, every day…one on one with direct communication vs. listening to someone else tell you about God.  There is nothing quite like actual experience.  Reading about it doesn’t cut it.

When I got home, I received an email from someone who felt she was helping me by giving me her opinion…an opinion I did not ask for.  According to her, I’m dancing with the devil because of my mediumship and that the Arcturians I channel (she didn’t mention Pleiadians or Andromedans so they must be okay…HA HA) are evil because they don’t espouse Jesus as their savior.  Actually, I do think they’ve mentioned Jesus before in positive terms, although it’s true, they never said he was their savior.  In any case, she pissed me off royally and I responded pretty bluntly.  I just “love” it when others tell me I’m going to hell if I keep doing what GOD CREATED ME TO DO.  I should have sent her that YouTube interview of a Catholic priest who admitted the Church created the whole concept of hell to keep people in control via fear.  But, I didn’t do that.  I controlled myself.  Although I should have responded in a more loving way than I did, I will point you back to Zach Herbert’s article linked above.  I’m a human being with my own challenges, strengths, foibles, and temperament.  I have a temper and very little patience for people trying to convert me to any religion.  I’m 100% sure I know what I’m doing and where I’m going when I die.  Remember, I talk to “dead people”.  Heck, I’ve been to the Other Side and seen it!

After getting myself riled up due to that email, I happened to see Carrie Fisher fighting back against anonymous COWARDS on Twitter who’ve been attacking her.  (The story is here:  It’s really, really upsetting just how many totally hateful, cruel jerks hide behind computer screens online.  I know the Earth’s vibration is supposedly increasing and that we are evolving into higher levels of consciousness, but you could have fooled me!  Carrie is an awesome person and fabulous writer and put these bullies into their proper place.  I sent her a tweet of support and I hope she got it.  There is simply no reason to cut someone down who has done nothing to you.  But, for whatever reason, many pitiful people feel their opinion is what matters and that they have the right to purposely hurt someone else who is just living her/his life…minding her/his own business.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for hanging in there!  I just had stuff I had to get off my chest tonight.  I do want to thank everyone all over the world who takes time out of their life to read my blog.  I do hope I pass along something of value.  I wish you all a happy and healthy new year!

I will end this with a quote from Henry Miller, “The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.”

Awarely yours,


Andromedans 12-20-2015

Ra the Sun God

We are here and come to you from a far away, yet not so far away, place you know as Andromeda.  We come in peace and light as light is the source of all being.  It is the life force.  It is the food of your and our souls.  It is what not only creates all that is.  It is the All.  For the All is not a being in the direct knowing sense of seeing a human looking countenance.  The All is light.  The All is both the source of the light and the elements that make up the light.  It is interesting to us that many in your spiritual communities reference light even in writing “In love and light” or “In light” just as how many of your religions document light as representing God, or the All, in the form of an image of the sun or the halo you see over the heads of various angels and saints.  It is no coincidence that the guiding light of the stars is in scriptures.  It is no coincidence that candles are prevalent in your churches and temples.  Even when people think they are simply creating attractive imagery, they are actually unconsciously pulling memories of truth.  When peak mass is reached in terms of humans tuning into their own inner light…their source, there will be a sudden and dramatic shift in the consciousness of planet Earth and peace will prevail.  Peace is possible for peace is your true essence.  With this, we bid you all a peaceful holiday season.

Channeled by Atheria 12-20-2015

Imagine…if John were still here

John and Yoko

35 horrible years ago today, John Lennon was taken from us, and the world was robbed of a soul who felt so much and so deeply…and expressed so much through music that others could relate to.  It hurts my heart when I think about the beauty we never got to hear because of his blunted life.  On a spiritual level, I know everything happens as it is supposed to…and that there IS a grand plan, but, sometimes it just plain sucks and I don’t like it.  There are certain people, that when they pass onto the next dimension (Robin Williams being another example)…well…the world is left a dimmer place.  And, boy do we desperately need more John Lennons right now on Earth, not less.  No matter how many times I hear “Imagine” I cry.  Every single time I hear that song, I cry.  If I even think of the song, I cry.  I’m crying as i type this post.  It’s so hard to imagine the world that John dreamed of right now.  But, we must try.  We must not lose hope for a better tomorrow.  We must not lose hope that peace is possible.

Many years ago, John came to me in spirit twice within a short period of time between each visit…while driving my car.  And he came to me this morning, as I drove to work.  Now, the two times years ago, his music had come on my car’s radio so that is what triggered him to show up, but this morning all it took was me thinking about today being the anniversary of his passing.  Today, like in year’s past, he called me “mate”…which I love.  Other than the fact we are both October Libras, I don’t get our connection (I did have a past life in Newcastle, England LONG ago…but that’s grasping at straws.) Maybe he can just see from the Other Side that I’m a walking open antenna and receptive.  Anyway, I don’t recall what he said during one of the brief visits many years ago, but during the other, he was telling me how he had desperately tried to protect George (while in spirit) during the home invasion attack that had occurred not long before.  He was very upset about it and said he did what he could to save his friend.

Today, when the tingling throughout my body started and I heard the “Hi mate” again, it was like hearing from an old friend.  He didn’t really say anything other than that he wanted me to tell Yoko, Julian, and Sean that he sends his love.  I told him that he is welcome to use me as his voice anytime he wishes, so I hope he takes me up on it.  Our world in turmoil right now could use his words of peace and love.

As a little example of how my unseen friends signal me with “real world” visuals to get my attention, while taking my lunchtime walk today, this guy playing soccer ran out in front of me to get a runaway soccer ball and as he turned around I smiled when I saw that his shirt had LIVERPOOL on the front of it in huge letters!  Keep in mind that this is Albuquerque, New Mexico!  I have never ever seen a British tee-shirt worn here!  Got that HELLO John!


Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today…
Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…
You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one
Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world…
You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one

The United Cosmic Federation (Channeling)

December 7, 2015

We are emissaries from the Pleiades star cluster here to speak with you this evening.  Thank you for agreeing to work with us at this time in your planet’s evolution.  We are ambassadors, of sorts, for an area much larger than our tiny corner of the galaxy.  We are part of The United Cosmic Federation…or The Federation…for short.  And to answer your question from yesterday, yes, we were tugging at your consciousness as you drove along the thoroughfare called Lomas.  We have been trying to get your attention for a week now.  Thank you for heeding the call, as time is of the essence.

At this juncture there are important choices to be made.  Although, as our friends the Arcturians said last month, we cannot forcefully step in and intervene aggressively when we see you (human beings) going down the wrong path, we can show up through this vessel…and others on the planet…to strongly urge the human race to change course.  ALIENating any particular group of people (yes, that capitalization is on purpose) will backfire.  When a group of people is labeled as ALL bad or untrustworthy or dangerous, the natural human reaction is to feel anger and hatred.  This is not the case with some other species on different worlds, but for the human race on planet Earth, it is the case.  So, this is a perfect example of what you FEAR you CREATE.

It is human nature to want to be heard.  When one’s voice is squashed…when one is not truly heard…resentment builds.  The best thing that everyone could do at this time is to talk less, and listen more.  And when you do speak, speak from the heart, not from the head.  Speak words of compassion.  Be compassion.  We know the impulse is to want to fight back, to obliterate, but we can give you a long list of societies, continents, and planets that no longer exist because they reacted impulsively with aggression instead of compassion.  Our vessel is having a hard time typing this because she is not even liking what we are saying.  Her own personal view is “an eye for an eye” but she is honoring us and faithfully typing what we dictate to her.

Right now fear is rampant in the USA, and to a lesser degree in some other countries.  Fear is a shrinking down of your life force/vibration.  When you exist in the vibration of fear, you are literally starving your cells and your body of food.  Fear is not that far removed from anger, a known cause of cancer…that which eats up healthy cells.  People are currently very ungrounded and it would be extremely beneficial to not only spend time in nature, but sit on the ground, wrap your arms around a tree, put your hands in the dirt, or do anything where your physical body is literally touching the Earth in some way.  The more of your body wrapped around or inside the ground the better.  Connect.  Only connect…in the words of a friend of Atheria’s years ago.  A lack of connection in many ways is much of the problem in 2015.  Although the Internet connects people in some ways, it DISCONNECTS them in much more important ways.  People don’t really SEE each other anymore.  That has impacted the value of human life.  Human life, and animal life, is not valued as it should be, and a major contributor is the impersonalization that the Internet has created.  We are not anti technology by any means, as it can be a spectacular tool for good, but it must be used wisely.  We are eagerly watching your progress regarding 3D printing technology, for example.  And yes, we are planting ideas in some of the engineers’ minds while they sleep and at other opportune times.  We can’t help ourselves.  To give you a hint, The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman will be a reality sooner rather than later…in terms of actual functioning organs.  No longer will there be waiting lists years long to get a liver or heart.  But, we digress…just wanted to give some good news after so much seriousness.

We ARE with you.  We ARE of you.  We all come from the same source…the Master Creator that is LOVE.  Choose love.  Be love.  Breathe in light through the top of your head and pull it down into your body, filling it up and letting it pour out so that it swirls around you in a cocoon of glistening purity.  We bid you peace.

Pleiades for Blog

Pleiades Star Cluster

ANNOUNCEMENT:  I don’t have details yet, but I’m thrilled to report that I’ve been invited to speak at an event in late July 2016 near Crestone, Colorado!  I’ve heard great things about Crestone and that it is kind of the “new Sedona”…vortexes and all…so now I’ve got another reason to go check it out!  When I get more specific information I’ll post it on my blog.  I’m so grateful for the invitation! 🙂


Arcturian Channeling on 11-21-2015

Duke and Kathy (2 lovely souls) went out of their way to not only videotape my channeling session on November 21, 2015 of a group of Arcturians, but also edited the videos to make them more intelligible and transcribed what was said while I was in trance (since it’s sometimes hard to hear well).  Thank you both so much!

And thank you to Hannah for inviting me to speak at the November meeting of the NM UFO/Paranormal Forum.  It was a pleasure to be allowed to speak.  I did warn Hannah that my unseen friends might show up, and before I even got to the venue, I started feeling them knocking on my head.  They were pretty eager!

Here are 2 versions of my little “episode”.  Ha!  I know that my contorting and such concerns some people, but this that you’ll see here is actually WAY better than how it used to be years ago.  The issue seems to be that my unseen friends are 1,000 watts but my little body is about 100 watts and trying to squish all that energy into me is difficult.  Hopefully, soon it’ll be a smoother transition.  Also, because I have neck damage and chronic pain in my head/neck, some of the positions I end up in are REALLY uncomfortable so you’ll hear me hurting occasionally.  But, this is the work I’m on planet Earth to do…so I must do it.  They genuinely do not want to cause me pain.  It just happens sometimes.

Here is Kathy’s transcription of what the Arcturians said.

Nice to see everyone.  We are the Arcturians, we are one of the many of the groups that Atheria channels.

We are trying to be more gentle on her today as we learned that our energy is too aggressive for her vessel.

This time on your planet is a very upsetting and serious time, but it is a time of great change.  The events that have recently transpired will actually cause people to join together in a way has heretofore has not been easy to accomplish.  Sadly, sometimes it takes a common enemy to bring people together.

There is an agenda that is very mis-guided as you all are aware, they do not know what they do to hurt themselves.  They are causing their progress to be very stunted in their naiveness.

What you all must do is to visualize a large pyramid energy over the entire planet. The Pyramid energy that was popular back in your decade of the 70’s is actually a powerful geometric focus point through all of the galaxies and universes, it is a real thing.

Picture it over your planet in golden light, you need the essence that is gold.  It is time to bond with your fellow man, as you are all one.   Those beings who are not progressing at the proper pace at this time can be affected if the rest of you raise your vibration in love as much as possible.

We are overlooking and we can not intervene at this time.  We must just sit here and watch which pains us.  For we, you are our children.  We ache for you.  But we must let things unfold.  The only intervening that we can do is to talk to you through people such as the vessel in this room and some other people on the planet.

We can not just land in your front yard and say we are going to fix it for you.  Although we would like to do that, we can not.  It is for your own Divine good. But let us reassure you, we love you, you are of us.

This we know is very difficult on our vessel and we need to leave, but we are very glad that you all came, and that you are hungry to learn more as knowledge is power.  We bid you peace.


So yeah, this is what I do to have fun. 🙂 Other people go to a movie or amusement park.  I go into trance and allow extraterrestrials and other divine beings speak through me.  Life does take you on paths you never planned on…

In light,