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I channel therefore I am…

Well, I know what my true work is. I’m meant to be a trance channel and not a regular psychic medium. Although I do enjoy giving out random messages from spirit when someone on the Other Side shows up out-of-the-blue, full-blown readings actually stress me out. It’s so much responsibility. I want so badly to do a good job and give the client what he/she is looking for that it becomes stressful for me. But when I’m in trance and channeling, it’s not me talking, so the pressure is off me. It’s less stressful. Well, depending on how dramatically my physical body is affected…which can sometimes be very concerning for those who’ve witnessed it…maybe it’s not less stressful. But it’s a different type of stress. And yes, I need to get my Unseen Friends to pull back on their energy a bit since I’m small!

When I started to suddenly go into trance on Monday night during the online Spiritualist Church service, and had to hold them (Arcturians in that case) back, I started feeling that after 5 years of me not doing any channeling they were chomping at the bit and using any opportunity they could to work through me. I talked to William today, the man who runs the Spiritual Lyceum group where I went into trance unexpectedly on the 10th, and he said that what he is intuiting is that “they” are very eager to work with me. He mentioned the possibility of having me channel, if I can, at each monthly meeting. I have to be with other people or my spirit gatekeeper(s) block me from being able to go into trance. I guess they consider it to be dangerous alone. I can do relay written channeling alone, but in that case, I’m not totally out of control of my body. He also very kindly offered up himself and his partner if I would be interested in trying to channel outside the MeetUp group. I will probably take him up on the offer. I feel I need to buckle down and get to work.

It’s interesting that all of this is happening now. I was told by an astrologer in early February 2012 that on March 25, 2013 “your old life is going to fall away as you are moved into your true work…spiritual work”. I’m very close to beginning a whole new astrological cycle. I’m ready for a new cycle, believe me. Being a trance channel a la Jane Roberts (Seth) also fits what two intuitives have described as my future in the past couple of weeks. Time will tell…


Carrie (Atheria)

If God wants me to do this work, I really need healing…

Tonight’s blog is going to be venting. I am so sick and tired of battling my health…and now it’s gotten to the point AGAIN where I’m so depleted I can’t do the work I’m here to be doing. I’ve not slept in about 4 days. My 17+ year headache has been BAD since yesterday. I’m exhausted beyond measure. I’m tired of constant pain. I’m tired of hypoglycemia. I’m just tired. I was supposed to work as a medium tonight for our weekly online Spiritualist Church service and besides hearing the song “Send in the Clowns” nonstop and getting Florida, Bernard, and Daniel, I was lost and floundering. I couldn’t make sense of anything because my head hurt so bad and I’m so tired and depleted. And then….with perfectly inappropriate timing, the Arcturians showed up and decided that they wanted me to channel them. Needless to say, that’s not really appropriate for a Spiritualist Church service. My heart started to race and I got a couple of other subtle signs they were entering my vibration, but I didn’t cooperate and I think they even realized I was just too weakened to be of service tonight and left. I’m so frustrated with my body. What is the point of being given the gifts I’ve been given if you can’t fully use them because of your health?!


And now we welcome our friends, the Arcturians!

I just tweeted, “Holy shit, Batman! I just trance channeled for the first time in 5 years…Arcturians!” That shows you that I’m a bit excited at the moment.  Boy, yesterday’s pineal gland activation must have worked (see prior blog). Next month, it’ll be 5 years since I left Los Angeles to move to Portland, and it was in L.A. that I attended a weekly gathering where my friends and I would go into trance and channel to keep in practice. I never had an outlet in Portland or Albuquerque to channel…until today.

While at today’s Spiritual Lyceum monthly meeting, another member was talking about some very concerning dreams she has been having involving scenes of humans being locked up and such by the dark side…dreams of many people being imprisoned, etc. Well, all of a sudden BAM! I knew I was leaving control of my body as some unseen friends came into me and took me over. It caught me off guard because it’s been so long. I think they took today’s meeting as a rare opportunity to pop in. You see, I cannot go into full trance when alone…I’ve tried. I can do partial trance and write, but not full trance. My gatekeeper protects me and feels it’s too dangerous or something, so it only happens when I’m with other like-minded and positive vibrationed people. Today, I was with 9 other lovely souls.

Now, if you’ve never seen me go into trance, it can be rather concerning. My mother and father are still recovering from a little episode many years ago. LOL! Actually, as someone pointed out afterward, I really do need to take back more control and get my unseen friends to understand that they need to be more gentle with me…that they need to lower their vibration down more. I’m like a 60 watt bulb with 1000 watts of energy coming in. It’s hard on me physically. I gasp, I writhe, I contort, my hands claw up and shake, my body goes pin-prickly numb, I twitch, etc. Normally I get very tired and need to sleep for hours, but I actually felt energized by today’s event.

Anyway, I certainly don’t remember much of what they said since I was mostly out of my body, but they came in with urgency. They were Arcturians, by the way. At first I assumed Pleiadians, but nope, they made it clear they were Arcturians. They wanted to point out that what the other member had said about her dreams and her warnings that there were people in the government and other secret organizations that were out to take over the world were true. The Arcturians pointed out that we are in real danger, but that light always defeats dark and that if we of the light band together…and if groups like the Spiritual Lyceum keep growing, we can change the course of the dark beings’ plans. They stressed love and mentioned that rose quartz is very powerful and we need to keep as much of it around us as possible. They said that some dark beings have an underground, spider-like network. I wish I could remember more of what they said. The extra interesting thing is that the woman who had been talking about her dreams is a medium and she had been told that “something is going to happen at today’s meeting” before the meeting started.

In early February 2012 I had a thorough astrological reading done, both my natal chart and a forecast chart. The astrologer told me that on March 25, 2013 my old life was going to fall away…that a major cycle was ending and the 25th of this month would be the start of a whole new life, a life where my spiritual work took over. I have to admit, the increasing psychic flashes I’ve been having lately, extra vivid astral events/dreams, seeing a ghost last night, and then today’s trance channeling extraterrestrials is starting to make me believe she is going to be proven right. All I know is that I am more than ready to do more important work in the world. Time is of the essence.

In light,
Atheria / Carrie…just had to put Atheria before Carrie this time. 

So this ghost walks into a bar, and…

I drove down to Los Lunas yesterday to attend a free pineal gland activation offering by Global Alliance for Balance and Healing – Center of Light and Learning Anything I can do to open my third eye even more, I’m willing to do. 🙂 I’m also curious by nature. I could hear a session going on in the other room when I first arrived and it immediately affected me. It’s hard to explain it, but I could feel it doing something to me and at first it was almost irritating. I had no clue the sound I was hearing was from human voices until it was my turn (along with 7 other people) to go into the room. Each session lasted 13 minutes (not sure why exactly 13). Before, and as I got onto the massage table, I could feel a panic attack trying to manifest, but for the most part the hypnotherapy session I had 2 weeks ago was holding…but barely. I think the main trigger was that I was in a smaller town relatively far from major hospitals. It’s stupid, but it’s one of my panic triggers. There were 8 massage tables in the room in a big circle, with the end where our heads went toward the middle of the circle. We "patients" each got on a table and they covered us with blankets and eye pillows if needed. I chose not to use an eye pillow. I wanted to peek to see what they were doing during the session….ha ha….but to be honest, I felt I shouldn’t look once the session began. Maybe I should say I couldn’t look. Something told me to keep my eyes closed. I was shocked to realize the otherworldly tone I had heard from the other room was actually a bunch of practitioners each singing a different note. It all blended together in magical chords/tones that kind of reminded me of that mysterious tonal thing the Tibetan monks do. I could feel the sound going through my body. My racing heart and nervousness totally calmed down within the first few minutes and I was brought into a very peaceful state. The 13 minutes went by fast. Afterward, when I asked a woman what I should expect, she told me that everyone has a different experience and that I should make sure to drink a lot of water. Because of what happened later last night, I now wish I’d taken her up on her offer of another session if I stayed for a while and waited until everyone had at least one session…but I had things to do at home and headed back to Albuquerque.

Last night I went with some folks from a group I’m a member of to "The Damn Bar" (gotta love the name) in Rio Rancho for socializing and dancing. After I’d been there a while, I looked across the room and saw this tall, lean, jeans wearing cowboy…hat and all…staring intently at me. He was lit in a way where I couldn’t clearly see his features, but I could feel him watching me. It got uncomfortable, so I looked away to the right for perhaps 3-4 seconds and turned back facing his direction (planning to act nonchalant like I didn’t notice) to see that he was gone. I mean TOTALLY gone! He couldn’t have walked away that fast and be gone from the bar. It was a good length walk to get to the exit. Because of the feeling I had when I had seen him, I had the eerie feeling he wasn’t a physical man…but a ghost. I asked a waitress if the bar was haunted and she eagerly said that yes, it was. She and others have been there after closing and heard talking and noises from nowhere. Now, why I’m extra excited about this is that my clairvoyance is not my strongest ability. I’m not someone who clearly sees spirits on a regular basis. My clairaudience, clairsentience, and "knowing" are much stronger. The only thing I can attribute last night’s event to is the toning I had done earlier in the day to open my pineal gland. I am really hoping this is the beginning of having many more clairvoyant experiences. I’ve always wanted to be able to see more than I see.

In light,
Carrie / Atheria

Albert’s Signals

On Saturday or Sunday as I sat at my desk surfing the Internet with my laptop, my right (clairaudient) ear suddenly developed strong and annoying pressure in it as what happens when spirit is messing with my ear and trying to get my attention. I said out loud, “Who’s there?” I got an immediate, “Albert”. The only person I could think of was my Uncle Albert who passed away MANY years ago, but something in my gut felt it wasn’t him. I wondered on and off during the day, mentioned it on my Facebook page and let it go.

The weekend before, I had gotten a few books to read from the library, and one of them I was very drawn to, “Signals: An Inspiring Story of Life after Life” by Joel Rothschild about he and his friend’s agreement to try to contact each other from the Other Side (they both had AIDS). For whatever reason, I opted to read other books first and the book sat on my car’s passenger seat for over a week until while at work today (didn’t have anything to do) something urged me to put down “The Seat of the Soul” by Gary Zukav and start reading “Signals”. I truly felt URGED to pick up the book.

As I started to read Neale Donald Walsch’s forward, I gasped. He tells how he was in Florence, Italy and had been toting this book around through various countries when all of a sudden he felt URGED to read the book so strongly he held off doing all the typical Florence touristy things and couldn’t put the book down once he started it. That caught my attention a little, but what what really got my attention was when he said, “Bridges are the most important part of our life. I think Albert might have sent me that thought. Who is Albert? Ah, that is something for you to find out, right here, in this remarkable book.”

I know the Albert who played with my ear this weekend is the same Albert who died on June 1, 1994…the same Albert who “Signals” is about…the same Albert who let his beloved friend, Joel, know in no uncertain terms that we are indeed eternal souls who live on after we shed the clothing that is our body.

The bridge comment was also important for me because many years ago after my life changed in 1996, I had a dream (well…it wasn’t really a dream) that famous medium James Van Praagh was in where he told me, “You are a bridge for spirit.” I have used the word “bridge” in email addresses and website addresses ever since, as you can tell from this address here:

Right now I am starting to read page 89 of the little book, and love it. It’s beautiful.

Blessed be,