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Raw Food = Vivid Dreams


Due to increasingly bad digestive woes, I’ve gone back to a mostly raw vegan diet (as opposed to mostly cooked and starchy vegan diet) and a cool side effect is happening.  I am not normally a dreamer, at least that I can recall in the morning, but lately I am having very vivid, clear, intricate, odd, detailed dreams that actually stay with me for a bit after waking up in the morning.  I’ve heard raw foodists make this claim before, but I kind of didn’t believe it.  But, I cannot deny that there is a dramatic change in my sleep state since going back to mostly raw food.  I mean, these dreams would make fabulous Sci-Fi movies!  LOL — I may need to start writing them down.  They have major plot lines.  I wonder what would happen if I went 100% raw?!  It’s not like my system  is pristine or anything as I do drink coffee and alcohol, and my nut/seed butters tend to be roasted because roasted is cheaper and I’m on a budget right now.  (Raw almond butter is like $16 a pound!)  If I actually quit caffeine, booze, and roasted nuts I’d probably be able to dream up an Oscar winning film. 🙂 Do any of you have experience with a change in diet influencing your dreams?  I’d love to hear your stories.

Fruit and veggie-ly yours,