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“Under the Stars 2016” UFO Conference


I will be a guest speaker on July 30th at 8:15 a.m. (to 9:45 a.m.) at the “Under the Stars 2016” event in Hooper, Colorado!  I’m so excited to be asked to take part in this event!  Here is a link to the website with details:  Under the Stars 2016

It’s a 2 day conference with a bunch of great speakers that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.  And, I’ve heard rumors that “things happen” when this conference takes place each year.  Our friends up there tend to know what’s going on and like to show up. 🙂 I will be talking about my contact with extraterrestrials, how I accidentally (yeah riiiiiight…..there ARE no accidents) took a photo of a UFO in Albuquerque in 2005, and I will probably do some trance channeling.

Crestone, Colorado is not far from Hooper, and Crestone is known as the “new Sedona” as it is a vortex area with power.  That is definitely worth visiting while in the area.  I plan on checking it out myself as I’ve heard great things.

If you can make it to the San Luis Valley in Colorado July 30th – 31st, I’d love to see you!



Dulce Base UFO Conference


I just found out about the Dulce Base UFO Conference today and want to advertise it!  Dulce, New Mexico is famous…or infamous…for the weird cow mutilations many years ago along with a lot of UFO sightings and a supposed underground laboratory/base where the United States government/military works along with extraterrestrials on secret projects.  You can learn more about Dulce here:

If you register by March 18th, the 2 day event is $125…plus a $25 fee to tour Archuleta Mesa (where the extraterrestrial activity occurs).  After March 18th it’s $150 plus $25.  Register here:

Here are the speakers for the event and their bios:

The conference has the approval of the Jicarilla Apache Nation, where Dulce is located.  Please honor the Jicarilla’s customs and rules when visiting.  Tribal etiquette:

I think this event looks GREAT!  I will be posting information soon about the UFO conference in late July in Hooper, Colorado where I’ll be a guest speaker.  Hope to see you there!



Digestive Woes and Vibration Level

I will NOT go down without a fight! I’m fed up! Can you tell?! I WILL pummel my body into submission! I WILL win! Ommm…Ommm…Must calm down and get centered. Ommm… 😉 I’m going to cross post this rant in both my Hypoglycemic Journey blog and my On Angels’ Wings Productions blog because it touches on both health/nutrition and metaphysics.

So for the good news, my blood sugar control has been really good for quite a while. Granted, I can’t take my hypoglycemia for granted and still eat smaller amounts of whole/real food more often, but I don’t have to eat 8 times a day and can get away with some things I had to 100% avoid, previously, in moderation. I average 5 snacks/meals a day…sometimes 4 and sometimes 6…but usually 5. I do avoid gluten (although I briefly tested real sourdough wheat bread as I heard people with gluten problems can eat true sourdough made the old fashioned way with starter) and have successfully stayed vegan.

The bad news is that my bad-since-birth (seriously…since a baby) digestive system has gotten increasingly HORRID the past year or so. It’s like my digestive tract has quit. I do know there is a link between hypoglycemia and digestive system problems, but this seems way beyond that. I have attributed it to being perimenopausal at age 49 (read up on how shifting estrogen can cause your body to cut back on necessary bile production, which causes gas, bloating, constipation, etc.) and have tried various combinations of eating styles to help…to no avail. I’m so uncomfortable every day I can’t take it anymore. Seemingly, nothing agrees with me anymore! Becoming a breatharian is looking like a real possibility at this point. Years ago I read about an Eastern Indian yogi who didn’t eat for 46 years or something and was in perfect health. She got her sustenance through prana. But, since I’m not quite to the level of advanced yogi, I probably need to eat SOMETHING.

In the middle of my nightly yoga session tonight, it popped into my head that I need to go back to raw fooding, concentrating on mostly fruit and nuts/seeds/fats. I already know that raw veggies are hard for me to digest, but I can eat some. I’ve just got to limit the veggies. Many years ago when I was raw, “meals” of fruit and nut butters made me feel the best. It was also the only time of my life where I didn’t have to take laxatives to go to the bathroom and where my body actually successfully did what it was supposed to do on its own without horrible bloating and gas. I learned a couple of days ago that A LOT of fruit with lettuce and no fat can cause major pain and bloat, so I’m going to do a high fat raw diet with a bit less fruit. I recall reading this gal’s blog who had done every form of diet imaginable and posted pictures of herself during various diets through the years. She ended up settling on a high raw diet, but not all raw, with higher protein and some animal products. But, I felt she looked the best when she was high fat raw vegan. She didn’t look as good when she ate high starch/carb with very low fat (and developed hair problems) or when she did 80-10-10 raw…or when she did Atkins or paleo.

I actually tested some foods today with my pendulum, and got interesting answers. I could only test what I had with me at work. My pendulum said NO to black tea and peanut butter. It said YES to rice cakes, coffee (Whoop!), nuts, an apple, and tuna fish. (I had an old can of tuna in my cabinet and will not be eating it, trust me.) When I went to a holistic chiropractor who did kinesiology 2-3 years ago, it irked him to no end that via muscle testing, my body said it really liked coffee. He was anti coffee. 🙂 I, on the other hand, feel it keeps me alive! And my body agreed! Anyway, I mention using a pendulum or having someone do kinesiology on you (trying to push your arm down while you hold a food) to see what your body says it likes or doesn’t like. Now, just because my body said today that rice cakes are okay for me doesn’t mean I feel I should eat them right now. I’ve really got to get my digestive tract healed and functioning normally. Taking probiotics isn’t working.

I was reading a book today about the life force/energy of food and do think that raw food is what I need to do, or at least mostly raw vegan food. No more processed soy protein powder. No more cooked beans and rice. I have this intuitive feeling that what’s going on with me isn’t “just” emotional issues held in my body or stress or purely physical either. I think there is a spiritual component. Everyone keeps saying that the vibration on Earth is dramatically increasing (including some of the beings I trance channel) and I am suspecting that, energetically, what I’ve been eating just is not working for my body’s vibratory rate anymore. I have been having more spontaneous channeling episodes the last few months, so clearly something is shifting with me energetically. It’s definitely possible that right now I need to get my diet as simple and high in vibration as I can. The good news is that I won’t be burning anymore pans that I forget I have on the stove! Living on bananas and almond butter is the lazy (wo)man’s dream. Ha!

Too much of my energy has been wasted dealing with my health and I need to move on. I’ve got other things I should be doing than laying on the couch gripping my stomach. I also just got approved for Botox injections in my head and neck for my chronic headache h*ll, so I’m praying that’ll work and I can truly move on in 2016 and focus my energy on writing and spiritual work. Stay tuned. You know I’ll let you know what happens!

In light,

David Bowie…a man who used his life

David Bowie RIP

Certain passings, even when the person is not someone I personally knew, leave me devastated.  Waking up this morning to hear that David Bowie had passed away, crushed me as if a close loved one had died.  I’m still not over losing Robin Williams.  The sudden unexpectedness may be part of the reason today’s news hit so hard…especially since I was celebrating David’s 69th birthday on Friday and the release of a new album.  When we lose people without warning (Robin was a total shock) it tends to make people think more about the fragility of life and how short our time really is here on Earth.  It makes us realize that our days are numbered and that we need to make a mark in the world.  David, like Robin, truly used all of his talent.  He was a groundbreaker on so many fronts.  He lived his purpose.  He added color and creativity and art to not only the world of music and film, but also to the planet.  By being who he was, without apology, he saved lives.  I’m convinced of that.  I know there are people out there who were struggling with their sexuality and identity who looked at David and thought, “I’m uniquely me and that is a good thing.”  He may have prevented suicides by not being afraid to be unique.  I fully believe that.

I’ve always said that I wish I could have the talent of being able to write music as I think being able to create music is THE best talent there is.  Music connects us to our Source.  Music connects us to God and our soul.  David was born with a talent that he fully used, and his final gift to us…Blackstar…seems to be the perfect goodbye, as only he could say goodbye.

I know I am not alone in the world when I say that I’ve struggled to find my purpose my whole life.  Why am I here?  A lot of people ask that question.  We need to know there is a reason for our existence as there are no accidents and everyone has been sent here for a good reason.  We all have work to do.  But what?  On New Year’s Eve when I was 10, while everyone else was partying, I was in a neighbor’s back room…horribly upset because another year had passed and I had not accomplished anything yet.  I felt I was running out of time and needed to hurry.  I had important work to do in the world, and time was a wasting.  I started obsessively keeping a nightly journal at age 11 because I “knew” books would be written about me someday and I wanted to have the facts correct.  (Many years later during an impulsive moment I threw out years and years of journals, which I’ll never forgive myself for.)

One of the most common questions people ask is, “What is my purpose?” I think it’s natural to feel that we each have some grandiose purpose, some huge thing we are supposed to accomplish while in our physical body.  But, because of what some kind soul said to me on Twitter today, what a friend said today, and because of something I heard a couple of years ago, I’m rethinking that one BIG purpose thing.  Maybe not everyone has one huge thing to accomplish.  Maybe our “true work”…our purpose…is actually made up of tiny daily interactions with other people and animals.  Maybe smiling at a stranger in Trader Joe’s or complimenting someone on the street, when you know you’ll never see that person again, totally changed their life?  What if that person came from a family where he/she was only put down and disparaged and the fact you said something nice or smiled at them, acknowledging their existence as a soul, stopped him/her from committing suicide later that day?  Maybe being comic relief in a very serious office totally makes your coworkers’ lives better?  THAT may be your true work.

Many years ago I was waiting in the lobby of AIDS Project Los Angeles, and without thinking much of it, I started chatting with this man also waiting there.  I can’t even remember now what we were talking about, but when I got up to leave, he got tears in his eyes and thanked me.  He thanked me for talking to him.  He had not been treated like a human being with value for so long, it made him cry.  People had been avoiding interacting with him.  I could see that he was sick, but it didn’t even dawn on me to not talk to him.  I couldn’t NOT see him as a soul deserving decent treatment.  He made me cry.  Something seemingly inconsequential from my point, when talking about the weather or whatever, made the world of difference to that man.  I will never forget him and that encounter.  I truly feel I was used by God that day.  And you are also used in the same manner every single day.  We are all interconnected.

I just “happened” to see a post today by The Minimalists that included a bunch of quotes from the film “Fight Club”.  Pay special attention to the last two quotes on the list. — They are powerful and make one think.  My new goal is to use my life on a daily basis.  Life is a terminal disease and I want to make whatever difference I can make in the world now, as there may not be a tomorrow.

In light,


Sirian Channeling Jan. 3, 2016

The journey within is the most exciting journey you could ever endeavor to embark on. “As above, so below. As within, so without. As the universe, so the soul.” ~ The Emerald Tablet, circa 3000 B.C.

We here from the Sirius star cluster would like to wish you all an enchanting 2016 in your current Earth calendar. Our time marking system is much different than yours as we do not experience time in a linear way, but as a congruence of expressions simultaneously. You would find our system quite confusing as it’s a multidimensional hexagon of energies. But, we can appreciate your need to monitor where you are in a linear fashion. Some day, though, you will experience time as we do and will laugh at how mankind marked time with 12 month wall calendars.

The following 12 months will be full of growth. Many of you will be called to walk away from the lives you’ve known. The status quo will no longer be tolerable. Your souls are screaming to be heard. They must be allowed to express themselves in whatever way they see fit. It will feel like you are going to explode if you don’t let the real you out of the self imposed cage you’ve been in due to society’s pressure to conform. Conforming is no longer an option. You may want to break into song, throwing your arms up, and singing, “I’ve gotta be me! I’ve gotta be me!” Who else can you be BUT you?! You are the only you there is. You are a unique expression of divinity.

Loved ones, we…and others…are watching. We learn much from witnessing your growth, which is sometimes painful…but…all growth is for the highest good not only for you, personally, but for planet Earth. There will be some challenges this year, but the incidents will bring out the best in people as you are drawn together to combat any darkness trying to manifest. Earth may also groan in pain, as it’s suffering must be acknowledged and can no longer be ignored. Rest assured, healing IS possible. Nothing is a lost cause…ever.

We bid you peace, always and in all ways…to borrow from a friend of our channel’s.

In golden light,
The Sirians