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Spirit Communication

I’m writing today to make those of you who’ve never heard of World ITC and Leslie Flint aware of them.  I met Boulder, CO resident and spirit communication researcher Mark Macy years ago in Los Angeles.  Mark’s baby is World ITC.  He, along with those he’s worked with around the globe and on the Other Side, has devoted his life to proving that we are eternal beings… who, when given the right means…can verbally and visually communicate with us still in the flesh long after passing away from the physical realm.  His website has fascinating spirit photos and audio recordings.  Mark does the work he does out of love.  He’s certainly not gotten rich because of it, and has faced being ostracized.  I truly feel he has pure intentions.  Looking through his website is worth your time.  It looks like it hasn’t been updated recently though.  I love the appearance of John Denver.

Another really interesting website is the site for psychic medium, Leslie Flint.  He was born in 1911 and had the gift of direct voice mediumship, which nowadays we’d call channeling.  Spirits spoke directly through him and there are lots of recordings online for you to listen to.  They are truly fascinating.  To hear a little boy’s voice come out of Leslie, for example, is very cool.  He also channeled some famous people who’d “died”.

Energy never dies…it simply transforms, and we ARE energy. 🙂

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Firefighters to the rescue!

I am cross posting this on both of my blogs, On Angels Wings Productions and Hypoglycemic Journey, because it doesn’t just cover diet but also metaphysics. For those who don’t know, I’m not just a hypoglycemic, gluten free, vegan…but I’m also a psychic medium and trance channel.

From my most recent post, you know that I’ve been frustrated because what helps my blood sugar (very low fat, whole food) has seemingly been causing other issues (scary chest pains and possible eyelash and hair loss…though my hair issue has been a problem for a LONG time). In exasperation of not knowing what to do, days ago I put a lot more nuts, seeds, peanut butter, tofu, etc. back into my diet to bump up my protein intake and add fats. Now, my blood sugar has been okay, but I have noticed some rapid heart beats/thumping after eating fattier stuff and a slight feeling of being "off" after lunch a couple of days ago. It wasn’t bad though, thank goodness. But, even adding more protein and fat back into my diet, the extra hair loss (I may not be losing excessive hair…it’s hard to tell as it’s normal to lose 50-100 hairs a day…but I’m seeing some in the drain that I’ve not seen normally.) and chest pains continue. Granted, it might not be enough time yet, but it’s scary! After reading other high carb, low fat vegans’ daily menus and by tuning into my body about how it feels when I eat a certain amount of calories, protein, etc. I am suspecting that although I wasn’t losing weight (good), I might have been eating less calories per day than I thought I was because of the bulkiness of whole, low fat food.

Thinking about things on my drive home from a Mardi Gras party last night, I was debating about what to do and how to eat…and actually considered going back to the high fat raw diet I ate many years ago that worked at the time (many benefits, including my hormones and digestive system) and I was weighing that in my mind compared to a high carb, low fat approach as I pulled up to a red traffic light and stopped. I kid you not, as I glanced to my right, this red fire engine pulled up next to me (Ooooooh! Firefighters!! Hehehe…) with ENGINE 2 in big letters on the side! Immediately, The Engine 2 Diet popped into my head and I felt tingling go through my body, which is what happens when someone in spirit is around me. I should mention that earlier in the day, or the day before, I had literally said out loud to whoever was around in spirit, "Please help me. I don’t know what to eat anymore to feel good. I need to be told what to do." Ask, and ye shall receive…in the form of a fire engine. Now, this is not the first time my Unseen Friends have given me dietary advice, and they’ve been proven correct before. A year or two ago, I had a "dream" one night where I was told that I needed to eat low fat. That turned out to be very good for my blood sugar control (when I stuck with it).

Now, I’m very aware of Rip Esselstyn and his dad, Caldwell Esselstyn, M.D. (who once kindly called me when I was struggling with my health and veganism)…but am not that sure exactly what Rip’s book, The Engine 2 Diet, teaches other than high carb, low fat, no added oils, quality vegan food. I need to take a look at the book. I have seen Rip interviewed and seen some of his recipes, and I do know that his diet seems much more balanced than some more extreme vegan diets. And I think he is not opposed to some fake meats for a bit more protein…along with a LITTLE bit of fattier, natural vegan food items like tahini, avocado, etc. I want to reiterate LITTLE bit. I’ll need to check on that.

I want to thank my Unseen Friends for trying to help me. I love you and am grateful. I’m looking forward to feeling fabulous so I can focus on other things!

In light,

On Angels’ Wings Prods.
Hypoglycemic Journey

Ghost and Spiritualism Events and Documenting Predictions

I’ve not been blogging here like I should be (have posted more on my hypoglycemia blog) so I thought I’d just throw a whole bunch of stuff at you today. 🙂 I’m starting off with two event notices that you may be interested in, one in the Pacific Northwest and one in the Southwest.

On April 10th – 12th the 4th Annual Oregon Ghost Conference will be happening in Oregon City…south of Portland.  Here is a blurb from the event’s Facebook page:

The Oregon Ghost Conference will take place April 10-12, 2015 in Oregon City, Oregon.  The 4th Annual Oregon Ghost Conference will include guest speakers from all over the Pacific Northwest and the western part of the United States.  In addition, the conference will include special investigations and ghost tours of Oregon’s oldest incorporated city.  The conference will also include a vendor area, classes, a meet-and-greet event, after-parties, and more!  Do not miss this great event!

I am thinking of going back for this event, but am not sure yet as my life is a bit in limbo.  It does sound fun!  Oregon has a lot of haunted places and has the perfect vibe/look for all things ghost related. 🙂

On October 11th the 123rd Annual NSAC Convention will take place in Mesa, Arizona…a suburb of Phoenix.  I definitely hope to attend this conference.  I belonged to a Spiritualist Church in Van Nuys, California for a few years.  Spiritualism goes WAY back and teaches that by communicating with loved ones who have crossed over, it confirms the continuity of life.  I have met excellent mediums at Spiritualist Churches.  This is being hosted by The Church of the Living Spirit, which is run by a friend of mine.

Now to document two predictions by two very good psychic mediums.  I just want this logged for later.  Cecilia told me back around October 2012 (may have been 2013) that I needed to relocate.  At the time, I had no intention of selling my house and leaving Albuquerque.  But, she was firm in her message from spirit that I NEEDED to relocate in order to be moved into my “true work”.  She saw me dressed all in white, which I interpreted to be symbolic for spiritual work.  Then she said that I would add color to someone’s black and white life.  Maybe I was just hoping, but my gut felt that referred to a man and that I’d meet “the one”.

Then, late last September while in the midst of impulsively selling my house, I had a session with Karen, who said “You are moving twice…once locally and then again further away…I think out of state, although I’m not positive.”  Keep in mind that was my exact plan.  I planned on getting a temporary apartment much closer to work while I looked for a job in Denver/Boulder.  (Since then, I’ve expanded my search to Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington…with my gut feeling I’ll end up in Arizona or California.)  Anyway, she said that my current job would somehow lead to a job far away and that it would be a lateral move for about the same money.  She said that while at some formal event in the new location, which she felt was possibly a wedding, I would meet a brown haired, brown eyed man, and that he would be “the one” or that he would introduce me to some other man who I’d fall in love with at first sight.  She said the love would be instant, like BAM!  She said I needed to relocate to where he is because he can’t move for some reason.  Karen also said that I would be gone within a year.  So, I’ve got until mid/late September to get out of Albuquerque!  She also said that the move would happen quickly and that I’d be rushed.  That part isn’t good.  I’m easily stressed.  LOL

I see similarities in both Cecilia’s and Karen’s messages.  I’m feeling a glimmer of hope!  And, because I already have two medium friends in the Phoenix area…one of whom runs a Spiritualist Church, if I end up there, that “could” lead me into doing more mediumship.  Time will tell.  But, I wanted this all documented online.

On another quick note, a few nights ago Bleu CLEARLY saw either Bodhi or Karma walk into the living room in spirit.  He jumped up from relaxing and had his ears pricked at attention as he very intently looked low toward the floor.  I kept trying to see who it was, but I couldn’t see a cat in spirit.  I’m just glad to know that my kids on the Other Side did follow me here to this apartment.  I miss them every single day.

In light,


Hypoglycemic journey


Truth or Consequences, New Mexico may be calling healers…

Recognize that you are the truth.

Recognize that you are the truth.

Something is going on and it drives me batty when I can’t get a clear picture of what the plan is!  I blogged months ago about my friend being called to New Mexico years ago (common with this place) and having this vision of a place where she is supposed to open a healing center.  During the vision she literally heard something like “People are brought here to heal”.  She’s found some locations that are almost right, but nothing as felt 100% “it”.

I had to laugh when I sold my house in October and ended up in a 4plex here in Albuquerque where the neighbor I share a wall with is totally into my metaphysical stuff, has a son in Taos (my magical place) who is a healer, etc., and clearly was meant to be someone I met.  There truly are no accidents.  Since I’ve lived here (not yet 4 months) I’ve had this feeling there is more to our meeting that hasn’t shown up yet.  Well, today it showed up…I think.  I have this strong feeling I am supposed to introduce her to my other friend who is being called to open a healing center and feels it might be south of Albuquerque a bit.  I’ve already emailed both of them to introduce them.

My neighbor is in the process of buying a cute little house in Truth or Consequences, NM (real estate there is cheap!) and mentioned to me that her other powerful healer/psychic friend has decided to move there too…without each knowing about the other.  As we talked, it was like spirit was pounding on my head or screaming at me!  I was being urged to tell my healing center friend, “Its T or C!!”  Then it started making sense.  The only things I know about T or C are:  it changed its name to the name of a game show decades ago as part of a contest; it is not far from the Space Port; and it is known for very healing hot mineral springs — Ummm HELLO!!  As much as my friend who is being led to open a healing center loves Taos like I do, she wants a warmer location than ski area Taos.  Well, T or C is warmer!  If I had time, I’d drive down there right now and check the town out!

I have had very mixed messages and feelings about whether or not I’m doing the right thing with my current quest to leave New Mexico and move back to California or somewhere else my ego feels would be more exciting. A friend said to me, “You know, even if you leave, you’ll be back. There are two types of people in New Mexico…those born and raised here and those CALLED here. You were called here.” I was ticked but knew she was right. Heck, I’ve already left once (2006) and been brought back (2009). But, I am nothing if not stubborn! I wanna do what I wanna do! I have a loud, aggressive ego! I want the big city glitz! I want excitement, gosh darn it! Just this morning as I woke up, the feeling of leaving New Mexico filled me with dread…but…a couple of days ago I was totally psyched about moving to San Diego or maybe going back to Los Angeles. As I walked back into my apartment today after talking with my neighbor and having spirit smacking me around during half of the conversation, the thought popped into my head, “Go inside, meditate, and let spirit guide you like you are finally starting to do regarding dating, etc.” Literally, seconds later as I went to make some ginger Yogi tea, I saw the quote above on my tea bag. My unseen naggers are indeed funny. 😉

Now, I’ve heard of Turtle Medicine in Native American spirituality, but need to Google details of it. My neighbor mentioned that Turtleback Mountain in T or C will be visible from her future house, and that turtles are one of her spirit animals. Right now SHE is clearly being led. 🙂

Anyway, I’m wondering what part I am to play in what’s going on…but I’m hearing from my neighbor and feeling that healers and such are going to be called to Truth or Consequences more and more…that it could turn out to the next Sedona or something. Time will tell, but I’m not known for my patience. Hmmm…

In light,