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“Ding” goes the crystal bowl…

ImageWhile digging in a mess of a linen closet looking for a sewing kit yesterday, I heard this “ding” that made me turn around.  It sounded like someone hit a Buddhist bowl or some other type of musical bowl.  I even got up and checked my front door to make sure no one had rung my doorbell (but it didn’t sound like a doorbell).  It sounded more like a clairaudient “ding” anyway, but I always doubt myself and check for practical explanations.  But, I realized this was someone in spirit and I assumed the person was just saying “hello”.  My uncle, Chuck, has rung my doorbell more than once, so I just assumed this was something similar and said “hello” back and went on with my day.

I’ve been really bad about checking my calendar on my Android phone lately to see what I’ve got going on.  I think I need to go back to a physical calendar that catches my attention as I’ve missed some things I was supposed to do.  Anyway, I went to put something in my Google calendar via the phone and saw that the weekly crystal bowl meditation at Crystal Dove was happening last night.  I had totally forgotten about it and had wanted to finally attend the gathering.  Then I realized that someone in spirit had been alerting me to the crystal bowl meditation and that he/she clearly wanted me to go.  I was just too dense to initially understand the “ding”.  That is NOT atypical for me. 🙂

I’ve never heard crystal bowls being played before…and the sound is AMAZING and POWERFUL.  The picture I’ve included in this blog is exactly what Inga’s bowls looked like.  (Inga owns the store.)  Before she began the actual meditation, Inga explained to us newbies that she, and others, have been trying to help New Mexico become a more prosperous place and lift the vibration of the state up via energy work.  Crystals have been placed at each of the 4 corners of the state, along with crystals in the NE, NW, SE, and SW corners of Albuquerque…with another crystal north of Albuquerque on the 25 highway and another on the 25 south of Albuquerque.  Then, those who take part in the weekly meditation visualize both the state of New Mexico and the city of Albuquerque covered with pyramids that are anchored with the physical crystals that have been planted.  New Mexico has a terrible issue of “poverty mentality/lesser than” and Inga and friends are working hard to shift this magical state’s whole success/prosperity energy.  I have found it interesting that a state that is so incredibly powerful spiritually, is so financially poor.  A current issue that bugs me is that they want to lower the requirements to graduate high school to meet the low performance of the students.  What?!  That is moronic.  But, I digress.  What is being done every Saturday night at Crystal Dove is important.  This state needs it.  It IS a wonderful place and should be powerful in ALL ways…not just spiritually.

Also, before she starts playing the bowls, Inga has everyone put whatever other intentions they want to put into the meditation.  Each person says their name and then their intention(s).

I started off sitting in a chair but quickly realized I needed to lay down on the floor because the sounds from the bowls was so magical.  At various times during the hour and a half or so, I felt tingling at the back of my head and tingles go through other parts of me.  I also felt the bones in my head vibrating in resonance with the bowls sometimes.  The sound from the crystal bowls was really powerful.  I had been told many years ago by a British medium that it would be sound that finally healed me (of my chronic neck/head pain) but back then, I couldn’t figure out what that sound could be.  I think I now know.  Towards the end of the evening, I got physically uncomfortable on my back, so I stayed on the floor but sat up Indian style.  Immediately, I got REALLY dizzy…but dizzy in a way that felt different than normal dizziness.  Similar to what I felt sometimes when healer Eric Pearl worked on me back in the 1990s, I felt myself spiraling around inside my physical body.  I kind of felt like I was swirling in a funnel shape.  Also, at various times during the night, I had random clairvoyant visions of celestial looking buildings and big hour glass looking things.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience and I should have gone to the weekly meditation long ago!  Oh well.  I’ll definitely attend again.  If you are in the Albuquerque area and want to take part, you need to arrive before 8 p.m. on Saturdays.  Inga accepts donations, but there is no set fee.  It was very relaxing and healing feeling, and at the very least, you’ll sleep great afterward!


Carrie (Atheria)

I got serenaded by Dean Martin in spirit…

Many years ago I worked in Westwood, CA right near the well-known Westwood Village Memorial Park…where many famous people are buried (Natalie Wood, Marilyn Monroe, Eva Gabor, etc.)  Because I love cemeteries and because it’s pretty and serene, I would usually sit in the park during my lunch hours.  One day I got the urge to sit in a totally different area (I usually sat near Natalie Wood’s grave) so I walked to the other side of the cemetery and sat on a bench near some wall graves.  I honestly did not pay any attention to what was around me when I sat down.  I started meditating and hadn’t been doing so for very long before I suddenly CLEARLY heard Dean Martin singing, “Everybody loves somebody sometime…”  Then, I SAW Dean Martin!  My clairvoyance is not my strongest gift, so whenever I see anything it catches me off guard.  He was there, leaning on a black grand piano, a drink in one hand and I think a cigarette in another…with this huge smile on his face grinning at me.  And then he flirtatiously winked!

ImageHe then proceeded to tell me some things.  For the life of me, I can’t remember most of it now, but what I do remember is that he wanted me to give Shirley MacLaine (one of his very dear friends in life) a message.  He told me to tell her that she really needed to get back on the theatrical stage…that it was important after years of film work.  I thought, “Okay, but how am I supposed to give her this message?”  And he was gone.  At that point, I looked to my right and BAM, I was sitting right next to his grave site and “Everybody loves somebody…” was on it!


Now, it takes a lot to freak me out, but that freaked me out!

About 2 weeks later, as “fate” would have it, I saw a notice saying that Shirley MacLaine would be up in Northridge (or somewhere in the San Fernando Valley) to talk and sign copies of her then newly released book, “The Camino”.  Of course I had to go.  The timing was too perfect.  When I got to the signing, there was a great turnout and Shirley was very busy talking to people and signing lots of books.  By the time I got to her, she was understandably getting pretty burned out and didn’t even really look up at me as I gave her my name to inscribe.  I then started blabbering about what happened in the cemetery with Dean.  Because she probably gets lots of people saying they’ve contacted her friends, I’m sure she didn’t really believe me at first…or was just too tired to care.  She was listening, but focused on what she was doing.  But then I said the part about how he wanted her to get back to stage work and she stopped in mid writing and looked up at me, with a look of comprehension and surprise.  She then thanked me for the message and told me that she had been considering going back to do some stage work.  I don’t know if she ever did, as I’m used to seeing her (I’m a huge fan) in films, but I hope she did.  I once said that I wished I could have Shirley’s life…that she had done everything that is my passion…acting, singing, dancing, writing, meeting powerful healers/psychics/spiritual leaders, traveling to sacred sites, AND hosting a website that teaches important metaphysical truths (see – I have a UFO story/photo on her site from Dec. 2005).

Dean Martin coming to me was a lovely gift…and I’m grateful.  It was great to be serenaded, if even for just a few moments.  Just another little bit of proof that our bodies are simply clothing and that the real us lives on forever.


Carrie (a.k.a. Atheria)

Do I have a spirit attachment AGAIN?

I can’t remember if I already blogged about what happened to me years ago regarding George Burns and Jean Harlow or not due to my advanced age, so I’ll tell this story just in case I didn’t mention it. 😉

Back in the late 1990s (I think…maybe really early 2000s) I got this out-of-the-blue craving for cigars.  Keeping in mind that I don’t smoke, this was an odd thing.  And it was bad.  I was like a heroin addict needing a cigar fix.  At the same time, I got this overwhelming urge to bleach my dark auburn or brown (can’t recall) hair really blonde.  Both things obsessed me.  I ended up buying cigars and puffed away out in my patio and bleached my hair…damaging it really bad.  I had no clue that something otherworldly might be going on.

ImageImageThat was until I went to the Spiritualist Chapel of the Flowers in Van Nuys, CA the following Sunday morning.  The medium up on the podium giving messages took one look at me and said, “You have George Burns with you and he’s waving a cigar at you!  You also have Jean Harlow with you in spirit.”  I gasped in shock.  Now, you may ask, “Why would George Burns and Jean Harlow even care about coming to me?”  Well, all I can think of is that I had sent George a Hannukah card a couple of years before he passed away.  I really didn’t know anything about Jean, but when I started reading about her, I felt a certain kinship.  I think I would have liked her.  At a later church service, other celebrities showed up…I think Cary Grant, for one, and the medium told me then that I attracted famous people in spirit because of my Hollywood connection.  (I worked in the Entertainment Industry.)

So that was my first encounter with spirits influencing my draws/cravings.  Then, in 2013 it happened again regarding Denver (which I did blog about) where I had this sudden, obsessive need to move to Denver.  But, it turned out that a spirit that had been attached to this woman I knew (she had issues in the past with possession) had jumped onto me after I spent hours with her one night.  SHE wanted to move to Denver, but this entity made me feel like I wanted to move there.  I got a cleansing and it was released.

Well, the past few days I have had this really strong desire to buy a second vehicle, an older 4×4…specifically a Jeep Wrangler or Toyota Tacoma pick-up truck.  Now, keeping in mind that I am mpg obsessed and currently drive a Fiat 500 named Sophia, this is not at all like me.  But the desire to get a truck is so strong I seriously thought about shopping for one yesterday.  This time, though, the thought popped into my head, “This is not YOU wanting the 4×4.”  I do think I’m being influenced by someone in spirit again…but cannot figure out who.  Hmmmm…At least I caught it before buying a truck I don’t need!  That being said, it would be kind of handy to have a truck for going off into the wilderness.  Sophia did pretty good off-roading in Taos last weekend, but Fiats are not really made for it.  LOL

And speaking of Taos, I have to post this great shot from my magical place…

ImageIn light,

Carrie (a.k.a. Atheria)

Channeled evening on 3-13-2014 and a fateful encounter…

I channeled for the first time last Thursday at “Let’s Channel” (which is a weekly meeting/gathering inside “Tech Love”) in Albuquerque, NM.  I will admit to being very nervous about channeling for the public, as what I do is sooooooo ephemeral.  I had to trust that my unseen friends would show up!  I did start feeling them waiting in the wings around 3 p.m. while still at work, though, so that made me feel better.  Then I knew for SURE they were eager to work while driving to the location, because it should have been a simple drive from my day job’s location to “Tech Love” on Central.  Should is the key word here.  I was obviously not completely in my body because I got totally lost and then forgot where I was going.  I’m blonde now, and truly seemed to live up to the reputation!  LOL

I sat in my car for a while before going in, and meditated with a quartz crystal that I had success with the night before.  I’ve never been that into crystals, but after the speaker last week led us through some exercises with crystals, I became much more impressed with how much they can indeed help.  In fact, although I don’t usually channel with anything as a prop, I opted to hold the crystal during my trance work last night…and things went differently than normal, so it did seem to affect me.  Usually just one group of unseen friends comes through per session, but last night the Arcturians, Pleiadians, and White Brotherhood all came through.  Also, the process of my merging with them was more gentle than it has been in the past (though my gasping and struggling concerned some people).

ImageIf you watch all 8 video segments (had to switch from my Canon digital camera to an iPhone as my memory stick filled up) you will come to a portion of the evening where an audience member asked my unseen friends about a spiritual lodge located within Sirius.  My guides mentioned the rudimentary painting I created back in the 1990s shown above as being a picture of what the lodge looks like.  I had seen this emerald city looking place during a vision back then.

ImageDuring another portion of my channeled session, my unseen friends talked about the power of pyramids…that they are not simply innate relics left behind by long ago cultures, but that they are living, acting beings.  I dug up this other painting I created back in the 1990s (I think it was the 90s) because it felt important and in line with what came out last night.

My unseen friends also talked about the missing Malaysian plane, Flight 370, and explained that it accidentally went into a hole (one hole of a few we have right now) between dimensions/etheric layers.  I stand behind what came out last night, so even if they find that the plane was highjacked or something, I do fully believe there was a dimensional component.  I will say that because of what came out regarding these holes that have formed, I’m a bit leery about flying…although the biggest ones are near both the north and south poles.

Well, I’ll stop rambling on and link the videos from last night.  When I ended trance, I was REALLY hot…totally sweaty.  That was different for me.  I do hope those in attendance got interesting and and helpful information from what transpired.  This work is important to me, and I aim to help people.

Here I am giving my background:

And here I go into trance:

We had to switch to iPhone video from this point:

It seems that spirit is suddenly pushing me to do more of this type of work after what happened last night.  A friend of mine had invited me, earlier in the day, to go with  her to hear live music at “The Range Cafe” in Bernalillo last night.  Initially, I had turned her down because I had plans already to attend a monthly channeling circle in Rio Rancho.  I was running around all day and got very delayed, and realized around dinner time that I was not going to make it to the meeting on time…and you can’t enter a circle late if others are in trance (it’s rude and dangerous).  So, I told my friend that I could go with her after all.  But, her back started acting up big time and she was in too much pain to go.  I decided to drive up to Bernalillo myself, and on the way there, I had the strongest feeling that all of this had been arranged…and that I was being sent to “The Range Cafe” for a reason.

I stayed and listened to the great bluegrass music for a couple of hours, and chatted with some nice folks at the bar, and then got up to leave.  Just as I was  getting near the exit, this gal who was in the back of a group of women who’d been eating dinner in the main dining hall got her purse latched onto a railing and it yanked her backwards.  As I reacted to try to catch her or help, she turned to me and said, “Aren’t you the one who channeled last night?”  Come to find out, 2 of the women had been at the Thursday event!  What are the odds of that?!  I only VERY rarely do anything in Bernalillo, and they admitted that they ended up at “The Range Cafe” by happenstance too.  They had come up from Albuquerque to attend a friend’s art exhibit a few stores up the street but left because there was no food and they were hungry.  We chatted for quite a while, and then they mentioned that the one woman owned a hair salon at Rio Grande/Central and twice a week, at night, the salon was used as a location for meditation classes and other spiritual teaching type classes.  They then said that they wanted me to channel some night as a guest speaker. 🙂 So…because of “happenstance” I ended up in a place last night I had no intention of going to, where I ran into people who’d seen me channel the night before, and got my next event opportunity out of it.  IF YOU THINK THERE IS NOT A PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE…YOU ARE WRONG!  NOTHING IS AN ACCIDENT! 🙂

In light,

Carrie (Atheria)

Another dream visitation from my beloved Bodhi…

ImageMy sweet Bodhi, who I lost on September 25, 2012, has visited me in dreams two other times.  I didn’t expect anymore visitations since a good medium told me on December 6, 2013 that he and Karma, who passed on August 24, 2013, were finally going to stop hanging around the house and would move on.  Within days of her telling me that, I actually felt them leave.  Before, their presence and PRANKS were constant.  But, suddenly they felt “gone”.  I have missed them, but understand they need to continue on their journeys.

Just before 5:25 a.m. this morning, I had another dream visitation from Bodhi!  The dream didn’t last long, and was pretty simple, but I’m not complaining.  I can remember him walking past me back and forth, allowing me to pet him.  I noticed that I could really feel him, and thought to myself that I was surprised I’d be able to actually feel his spirit.  I don’t know why that surprised me at the time, since in the two other visitations I actually held and hugged him…but it did.  Then something kind of funny happened.  As he was walking away from me I noticed that his “cojones” were back.  LOL!  He’d been neutered as a kitten, so when I saw large balls…it caught my attention. 🙂 I thought, how interesting.  Once he returned to pure spirit, his ENTIRE physiology was returned to a pure state.  I know that Sylvia Browne always said that when humans pass over to the Other Side, they return to looking totally healthy and around 30 years old.  Seems returning to a pristine condition also happens to animals when they cross over.  I’m sure he must be thrilled.  Ha!

ImageKarma has not visited me in dreams yet and I really wish she would.  I have been told that she does sleep with me, like she used to love to do, but I’d love to also be able to hug her in a dream.  I told her that this morning and hope she makes an appearance soon.  I love and miss both of my babies.

In light,


No accidental meetings…an old friend from the Salem Witch Trials has shown up.

Starting January 20th, I was under immense stress (that ruined my health) due to my employer telling me I couldn’t keep the job they gave me on December 13th and that I had 30 days to find another job within the company.  My old department would have taken me back as I left on good terms, but they had already back-filled my position.  There were not many openings, and with the time crunch, I did not do well stress-wise.  During all of this, my friends kept saying, “Everything happens for a reason.  You have to trust that.”  Now I do believe that, in general, but when you are seeing NO possible good from the situation (I knew that whatever job I found would most likely pay less than what this job would have paid had it worked out) and are ending up in ERs with anxiety attacks, it’s hard to just trust that there is a plan and things will work out.  Thankfully, with 2 days left in my 30 day deadline, I got a job offer…and transferred before the end of that week, starting late in the day on February 20th.  I was a little concerned because my start date was in the middle of a Mercury Retrograde, but, tried to tune that fact out.

Immediately, there were 2 good things about the new position…MUCH easier parking (parking is a major issue) and I could have my cell phone at work for the first time in over 4 years!  But, those are not really important reasons for me ending up with this job.  I share an office with another assistant, and we hit it off immediately.  I assumed, though, that it was just that we got along and was glad for that fact.  I’d guess she is about my age, probably a few years younger.  Then I started noticing just HOW MUCH we had in common and it started to get weird.  We’re both drawn to Asian decorations.  We both eat small meals all the time (she eats even more often than I do) and are into healthier foods.  We both love to travel (although I’ve not traveled lately…which I need to do again) and actually took the same cruise in 2011!  The only difference was that I went in August and she went in December.  I mean, literally, the same ship and route.  I was in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles, and she has always wanted to be in the movie biz.  I can’t recall why now, but for some reason I took a risk and said something about past-lives on Thursday and she got very interested.  Turns out she is very into all things metaphysical like me.  We both loved “In Search Of” years ago.  We both, as kids, were obsessed with learning about ghosts, etc.  Now, as a kid I held seances, which she didn’t do out of fear…but still, she was intrigued.  While mentioning some past-life stuff, I brought up my life and death during the Salem Witch Trials in 1692 (was hung on July 19, 1692) and how my current neck problem is tied to a few past-lives where I’ve been killed by my neck.  She then got excited and said that she’s always been drawn to information about the Witch Trials an actually made the pilgrimage to Salem to visit the sites where the murders happened.  That is something I think I need to do.  She warned me that where they have the markers isn’t the real location where the trials and executions happened, though, as locals told her.  As we eagerly went back and forth talking about the Witch Trials, I kept tingling noticeably…like my unseen friends were smacking me to pay attention.  There have been a few women in my life, where when I met them, there was this “recognition” that I knew them in Salem.  I’m convinced we were friends back in 1692.  When I look at her, I can literally see it now.  I’m not going to tell her THAT, but at least I know now that there IS a reason for this new job.  I was meant to meet her.  I do think there will be other things that show up to confirm there is a plan for our lives, and that nothing is random.  I look forward to finding out what will be revealed.