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NM UFO/Paranormal Forum & Channeling

Thank you to everyone who came to yesterday’s NM UFO/Paranormal Forum, for which I was the speaker.  The support was lovely and I really appreciate it.  I told some of my story about how my chakras got “blown open” in 1996 by healer Eric Scott Pearl, and how Taos first called me to it in 1998 (where I had a life changing rebirthing experience at Ojo Caliente)…along with my ET abduction experiences and how I started channeling.  I also mentioned my “accidental” UFO picture from 2005 that you can see on Shirley MacLaine’s website.  At one point during the talk my mind went totally blank.  It just shut off and I could not think of what I wanted to say at all.  It was at that point that I got the familiar “We’re heeeeere” feeling and went into trance and channeled Arcturians for a little while.  I had gotten signs before the talk that my unseen friends were hanging around, and sure enough, they made an appearance.  Two kind souls took cell phone video of me in trance, so when I can get a copy of it, I’ll upload it to my YouTube channel.  I don’t remember much of it, but they did say something about how we should visualize a golden pyramid over the entire planet right now as we are in dire straights.  They talked about everyone uniting due to fighting a common evil (ISIS and Al Qaeda) and that it pained them to see what is happening on Earth, but that they cannot intervene.

Someone with vision said my aura was lavender, blue, a bit of yellow, and white during my presentation…so that was great to hear.  I joked that at least it wasn’t black!  Ha!  And someone else could see a Native American man standing next to me like a protector the whole time.  That is VERY cool to hear.  Years ago I was told I had a Native American man with me often.  It’s lovely to know I am so protected by friends on the Other Side.

Someone did HIGHLY suggest that I start posting my channeling on here on a regular basis via uploading digital recordings of myself in trance.  She felt that people being able to actually hear my voice would help (my voice dramatically changes when I’m in full trance).  As I’m starting to accept that my main work on this planet is as a trance medium/channel…as the voice for those who have none…I think she’s right.  The only problem with that is that I cannot go into full trance when I’m alone.  My gatekeepers feel it’s too dangerous and block me if I’m by myself, and I live alone.  I can only due FULL trance work when I’m with a group of people.  So, I’m not sure how I can accomplish this.  Even Jane Roberts had her husband there when she channeled “Seth“…to hold down the fort, so-to-speak.  (By the way, somehow a Seth book ended up in our home when I was a young teen and when I started reading it, I was mesmerized!  I had never heard of channeling and thought it was fascinating.  Little did I know that someday I’d end up as a channel myself!  I still don’t know where the book even came from.)

Now, I am allowed (yes…allowed is the right term) to do relay channeling if I’m alone.  That isn’t nearly as risky because I don’t give up full control during relay channeling.  I’ve still got control of my faculties, and am just typing or writing down what I’m hearing them say.  I’ve got lots of old written/relayed channeling on my computer, so for now I’ll post some old stuff and hope it still has value/resonates.  So, here is something from years ago.  I’ve not read this in eons, so it’s interesting to see/feel the difference in who came through back then compared to now. 🙂

April, 1999

Spirit moves me.  Moves me beyond the five senses that we all take for so granted.  But there is a sense beyond the fifth and it is the sixth sense…Intuition, ESP, the little whisper that we often ignore in the deep recesses of our minds.  That little voice which aims to guide us and lead us beyond the delusion that we see as life on Earth.  For this is not reality.  Reality is incomprehensible as a physical mind can only grasp so much.  For this I know.  I know of which I speak as I’ve left the physical behind and now reside in the ethers between this world and the next.  Sometimes it’s quite amusing to watch you all run about like hamsters on an exercise wheel.  Going around and around in circles, all the while thinking you’re getting somewhere.  I don’t mean this in a mean spirited way.  I just am a bit confounded as to why you seem to enjoy doing things the hard way, when an easier way is right around the corner.  I wanted to say “right around the bend”, but this vehicle that I’m using edited me.  She’s a good vehicle though.  And I’m glad she picked up on the new name we telepathically sent to her, Atheria.  It is her original name.  The one she was born with in this Earth life, although pretty, was not conducive to her vibratory level.  It’s important to keep in tune with the vibration of your spirit.  Just as you have a vibratory level, so does your name…all words for that matter.  Having surroundings that match your level of vibration is also very important.  People do not realize this and then when they become sick they wonder why.  Needless to say, the same can be said for what you put into your bodies.  The seemingly careless way that humans tend to feed themselves is quite perplexing.  I, for one, don’t want polluted things around me…let alone inside my body.  Well, I must correct that statement.  I don’t have a body as you know it anymore.  But, as pure energy now I still need to feed myself, but in a different way.  Instead of food, i.e. fruit, vegetables, etc., I fuel up with light energy.  You will soon, though I use the term loosely with regard to your idea of time, be doing the same thing out of necessity and practicality.  Quite simply, you are depleting planet Earth at a rate so fast that the damage already inflicted cannot be undone.  And you have it in your heads that you can just sail off to another planet and rape its resources as you’ve done here.  Wrong.  Let me say that again…Wrong.  For one thing, every planet has different materials and resources of which it is made.  Number two, we won’t allow it.  You must learn to live within your means.

UPDATE 11/24/2018: Here are two videos of my channeling on 11/22/2015 that I forgot to add long ago.

I realize, 3 years later, how much my channeling has changed and it’s not as dramatic now…thankfully. 🙂

Magical time full of synchronicity


I just love it when synchronicity kicks in to let you know that there really are no accidents and that there is a plan for you!  Even when that plan remains unclear, it makes it easier to get up in the morning…if for no other reason…because you’re curious about what will happen next!

A couple of weeks ago the book “Communion” popped into my head with the thought, “You’ve never read it and should read it.”  I dismissed the thought as nothing, and went on with my life.  Well, earlier this week I got an interoffice mailed envelope at work.  When I opened it, it was the book!  A friend sent it to me with a note saying she was cleaning out her house and getting rid of stuff, and thought I might want the book!  She’s not really into my metaphysical stuff, so that made this even odder!  I started the book and LOVE it so far!  Why didn’t I read it years ago?!  But, that was just the start…

The monthly meeting of MUFON New Mexico was today.  I almost didn’t go because it was held way out in Rio Rancho and I live in the Nob Hill area of Albuquerque.  But, something in my gut (more likely one of my unseen friends) urged me to go anyway and not be lazy.  I’m so glad I did!  The speaker was a lovely man named Joe Lewels (author of Rulers of the Earth and The God Hypothesis) and smack dab in the middle of his really interesting talk he mentioned “Communion“!  Granted, this was a talk about ETs and not hydrangeas, but it’s an older book and not that commonly talked about now in late 2015.  More importantly, I felt that it was significant that it was mentioned today…days after it was randomly sent to me after it had popped into my head.

When Joe finished his great presentation today, I went over to quickly thank him and comment on something but got chatting with two people who run MUFON New Mexico.  When Ty mentioned he’s connected to Denver (used to live there), I was slammed by spirit strongly (witnesses can attest).  When I was under hypnosis in late August I said that my TRUE work was going to get a boost when I speak next Saturday (November 21st at 12:15 p.m. at North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center) at the monthly NM UFO/Paranormal Forum event.  Under hypnosis I also said that it would lead me to traveling around to attend events and that I wouldn’t live in just one place.  I felt strongly that I’d be going back and forth often between Colorado and New Mexico, especially.  Talking later with Ty, I do feel that somehow he’s going to lead me to Denver…where I feel I need to get ensconced in it’s large metaphysical community.

After the meeting/talk, a bunch of us went to Sadie’s inside the Santa Ana Star Casino for food and drinks.  On the way there, I gasped when I noticed that part of the license plate for the car Ty was in had 444 in it!  I’ve blogged before about my strong 444 connection (angels signal via 444 and I woke up twice this past week at exactly 4:44 a.m.) and he was stunned to see that my fake front license plate (NM only has a back plate) was TAOS.  Come to find out, he’s very connected to Taos and I think it’s in the range of possible locations for a sustainable community he wants to build, which would include healing centers (although his main location would be near Durango, CO).  I also found out later that we all caught up with each other at Sadie’s at exactly 4:44 p.m.!  I hadn’t noticed that.

Nothing is concrete at all at this point, but everyone I met today just felt magical and arranged.  Something IS going on!  With what happened last week (see my prior post) I have this strong feeling I’m FINALLY being inched toward my REAL work.  If nothing else, the sustainable community geared toward people doing things they love and no longer existing for Corporate America’s greed…is something I’d love to be a part of.  We’ll see what happens.  I’ve been very surprised by the number of people coming up to me lately saying they are really looking forward to my talk on Saturday.  That is lovely.  I need to NOT stress out about it though!  LOL

Pay attention to “coincidences”!  Pay attention to signs.  Pay attention, period!  We all can be led if we allow…

In light,


That feeling that something is afoot, but it’s not yet clear…

Those who know me know that I’m at the end of my rope health-wise (really, really tired of being in 24/7 pain with not much hope I’ll ever get out of head and neck pain), bored and lonely in Albuquerque, and “over” my day job that sucks the soul out of me but stuck in a city without many high paying, quality jobs.  That being said, I actually AM grateful for the income that I have in this economy.  I’ve been TRYING to relocate for over a year but hit closed door after closed door.  Clearly the Universe does not want me going anywhere right now, which ticks me off.  I’ve been feeling like I’m rotting and just biding my time…like I’m waiting to die.  Isn’t THAT chipper?!

But, something is going on.

I haven’t been attending the Thursday evening meetings of Spirit Presents in a really long time, but got the urge to go to this past Thursday’s open circle practice session.  I’m so out of practice with both mediumship and channeling that I didn’t know if anything would transpire.  Well, stuff transpired.  I was able to give messages from a mother/grandmother from Louisiana in spirit to this lovely mother/daughter duo.  I think it was their first time attending too, which was nice.  Plus, I also did trance work and gave everyone messages.  There were 6 others besides me in the circle.  When I asked another channel where I’m supposed to live (very conflicted about locations) she was blunt and said I’m supposed to be where I am.  That was highly annoying!  But, a few minutes before she gave me that message I had this funny feeling that the reason I’ve had no success finding jobs out of state is because I’m not supposed to leave New Mexico, at least not yet.  So, she verified what I felt in my gut.  Then, later during the evening, a tarot card reader had each of us pull a card for a mini reading and I drew the Ace of Wands.  She said that my work is going to dramatically change and that I had to stop trying to force change and allow.  Have I mentioned that I am not patient?  She was very clear, though, that this would be a dramatic work change.  Thank God!

Today I went to the monthly meeting of Albuquerque/Placitas Metaphysical and Spiritual Lyceum and just thought I’d contribute like a normal person to the meeting.  Wrong.  While listening to Karen, the publisher of Truly Alive, talk about the magazine I got the familiar heart thumping/racing feeling of going into trance.  I struggled to hold my unseen friends back, but they were aggressive.  Finally, William (the leader) pointed out that I was having a little episode and did I want to channel?  In full trance a group came through to talk to Karen directly about the magazine and how I (they call me “the vessel”) was to help her get investors in Southern California.  I also think I’m supposed to help her in other ways that are not yet clear.  I’m not giving all the details of what they said, but I would love to help with the magazine if I can.  Because I’m in so much head and neck pain, channeling today was VERY hard on me physically.  It was very painful because my physical body gets extremely tense and contorts around.  When the other group came through on Thursday, the transition was actually the easiest its ever been, but today’s group was a rougher.  It’s like trying to squeeze 1,000 watts of energy into a 60 watt bulb!  Ouch!  I think I know why some mediums and channels (especially channels…Jane Roberts was a perfect example) don’t live long lives.  It really IS hard on you, physically and energy/life force wise.

There is a remote chance I may be moving back to Southern California in early 2016 to work at a television production company a friend (and ex Sony Pictures coworker) now works for.  I have a weird feeling about it…that IF it happens, it’s going to open doors for my true metaphysical work.  And, it could give me access to people that could help Truly Alive to thrive.  Time will tell, but I’ve got a “feeling”.  If that isn’t to be, I do feel STRONGLY that things are shifting here in Albuquerque for me and that I’m being gradually moved onto my true path.  As I blogged earlier today, I will be the guest speaker on November 21st at the NM UFO/Paranormal Forum.  At least a door has opened for me!  It gets exhausting pounding against closed doors.  I’m going to TRY to do more allowing as the tarot card reader/psychic told me on Thursday and stop trying to force my life to move in some specific direction.  This is not an easy task for me, but really, what I’ve been doing is not working.  Taoism is the way I guess.

Thanks for listening to my rambling.  Truly Alive is a GREAT resource for healing and other articles, by the way.  Check it out, and if you know of funding help, please don’t hesitate to contact Karen or me.  It’s a magazine that is trying to spread light and do good in the world, and God knows our planet needs help right now.

In light,


Speaker for the next NM UFO/Paranormal Forum meeting on Nov. 21st

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to make a quick announcement that I will be the guest speaker for this month’s New Mexico UFO/Paranormal Forum on Saturday, November 21st, at 12:15 p.m.  The monthly meeting is a week early due to Thanksgiving the following weekend.  It will be held at North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center, 7521 Carmel Ave. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87113.  I am going to allow spirit to lead my talk, but plan on talking about how my life changed in 1996 due to powerful healing sessions with Eric Scott Pearl, my abductions by ETs, magical Taos, mediumship, and channeling.  It’s possible I’ll do some trance channeling since I have to fill 2 hours!  LOL!  But, I can’t guarantee that.  It’s up to my unseen friends if they want to show up or not. 🙂

In light,