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What catches your eye needs to be seen.

As I mention in the video above, I read years ago that you should always pay attention to things that catch your eye as you’re going about your day.  The little things you notice are actually messages your spirit guides or loved ones in spirit send to you.

Our unseen friends often use whatever means necessary to contact or signal us.  If you think about it, you and I could be walking down the street together and a license plate with a 444 in it catches my eye (an angelic “hello”) but you don’t notice it at all.  A minute later, you may notice a magazine cover that says “Spain on a Budget” as an article title just as you were thinking you’d love to go to Spain but don’t think you can afford it.  I, on the other hand, am oblivious to the magazine.

On my drive home from work today I was practically getting full messages from my unseen friends.  Whenever I’d turn my head or glance anywhere, my eyes would land on something significant.  It got to be funny!  I felt like I was reading a story written out just for me.

So, please make note of things throughout the day that grab your attention…even seemingly insignificant things.  It would be helpful to keep a little notebook or type notes into your phone.  Noting what you were thinking about when you noticed something interesting would also be a good idea.  I have a feeling that the more we do this, the more help we’ll get from the Other Side.  Our guides and loved ones will be excitedly yelling, “Whoo Hoo!  We finally can communicate in a way anyone can understand!” 🙂

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Afterlife Uncovered

Edward White has asked me to post this about an interesting project he’s working on.

"The producers of Afterlife Uncovered – a ground breaking new documentary – are looking for contributors and study group members who are interested in joining us on set and would like to get involved in the actual production of the film. They can email or visit: for more information."

Edward is starting study groups around the world where the goal of each group will be to help prove…scientifically…that life is indeed eternal, and that we are still alive in spirit although our physical bodies are gone. This is based on the 1993 Scole Experiment in England. If you’d like to help out, please email him!

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On Angels’ Wings Prods.
Hypoglycemic Journey

For a limited time, one free question answered on Instagram!

UPDATE:  As of 5/25/2015 at 8:47 p.m. Mountain Time the free mini readings offer is over.  Thank you to those who participated!

I may live to regret this, but I’m offering to answer ONE specific question for free via Instagram.  I say that I may live to regret this because I have a feeling it’ll get out of control.  LOL!  Thankfully, I said “for a limited time”. 😀 I’ll embed my Instagram post that is the location for the freebie down below.  I do request that people stick to Instagram for this offer so that I have everything in one place.  Some have emailed me asking to do this in private, but that defeats the purpose.  I’ll be honest and say that I am doing this not only to help people (very true) but also as a way to advertise, so everything needs to be public and housed on Instagram.  Anyone who wants a full, longer reading done in private can contact me for a paid reading via  I can work over the phone, so location is not an issue.  Spirit is not limited by locale.  And my unseen friends are the ones who urged me to try this.  So far, 24 hours later, it’s been good!

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UPDATE: As of 5/25/2015 at 8:47 p.m. Mountain Time, the mini readings offer is over. Thank you to those who participated! Hi everyone! For a limited time starting today, May 17, 2015, I am offering free mini readings where you can ask ONE specific question via Instagram. Keep in mind that this will be done publicly, so if you don't want embarrassing things to come out, don't ask. All I ask of you is to post your first name and a brief question… and be patient. I do work a full-time day job besides many other things I have to attend to, but I'll respond here on Instagram as soon as I can. Keep in mind that I will never predict someone's death, and I am not a doctor/medical professional. If I pick up a possible health issue or suggest something nutrition related, etc. you must check with your doctor first. I am a psychic medium but never know what will happen. Sometimes loved ones on the Other Side show up, and other times I work more straight psychically. I cannot demand that someone in spirit shows up. It's his/her choice. And sometimes an unexpected person shows up. Depending on how this goes, if I get overwhelmed with questions, I'll have to stop. But my unseen friends have suggested I do this… and they can be pushy. 😇 Please do not ask for private messages. These must be done publicly. Private, full readings I charge for. Hope you understand. Also, I need to add "This is for entertainment purposes only." In light, Atheria #psychicreadings #psychicmedium #psychic #spiritualist #angels #spiritguides #freepsychicreading

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My Mayan Pilgrimage to Chichen Itza and Tulum

5 weeks ago or so I got this sudden urge to go to Chichen Itza while I was at work one day.  It came from nowhere and was strong, so I do think I was being guided.  I booked a short 4 day trip to Cancun in order to make a pilgrimage to that powerful Mayan site and also to return to beautiful Tulum, where I’d been during a 2011 cruise but got sick at  and couldn’t enjoy thoroughly.  This was not only to go to these power places, but also to test myself as I’ve not traveled outside the USA in years because of my health issues.  I’ve been doing MUCH better lately and wanted to test myself.  Except for a run-in with some out for $$$ police in a small town, getting ripped off by one gas station attendant, and barely surviving the INSANE traffic in Mexico (stop signs and basic road rules are just suggestions there), the trip was a wonderful success!  And, I highly recommend the very affordable ($16.20/night) Mezcal Hostel in downtown Cancun.  The staff was great, I met lovely people, and it’s just a really cool place.
Here are some pictures of Chichen Itza from my Canon camera.  (You can check my Google+ page for some cell phone shots too.)  When I first saw the huge pyramid, it took my breath away.  I think I just kept saying “Oh my God!”  You could feel the powerful energy of it and the whole place.  The history was palpable.  And, a word of warning, take the toll road 180D, not the free 180!  Trust me with this warning!
And here are pictures of Tulum.  The tons of iguanas were cool and some were HUGE.  There were too many darn tourists in my way though.  LOL!  And, if you are an “Against All Odds” fan like I am (fell in love with Jeff Bridges because of that film) you’ll recognize it.
And yes, I photographed my beloved Starbucks at Tulum. 🙂
I’m becoming totally obsessed with all things Mayan, Central American, etc.  Of course, moving to Costa Rica eventually is my dream.  The hostel had a great map on the wall I wanted to steal that showed all the historic temples and native sites all over Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, etc.  I have major exploring to do!  i actually vaguely remember a past life as a Mayan or Incan.  That life didn’t exactly end well, but maybe there is something calling me that needs to be finished in a happier way in that part of the world.  Just a thought.
In any case, if you can find your way to Chichen Itza and Tulum, I would HIGHLY recommend you go!  You’ll not regret it.