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Grandpa Slovik and now my Uncle Chuckie are guides for me!

I am so freaking excited right now!  The online Spiritualist Church that I attend on Monday nights just ended and I was given a blessing of a message from another medium named Teresa.  She started off the message by saying that someone has been desperately trying to get my attention by RINGING DOOR BELLS and KNOCKING.  I gasped with recognition.  I don’t know why I get surprised by this stuff since I talk to “dead people” myself, but when someone else confirms things, it just affects me more.  Months ago, in the span of a week or two, I heard both door bell ringing (to the point where I got up to answer the door at 1 a.m. with my gun…and of course, no one was there) and knocking from the Other Side.

Shortly after Bodhi died in late September, a nightlight started going on and off rapidly but when I went to check it…it stopped and stayed on.  I thought it was perhaps Bodhi trying to get my attention, but now I’m not so sure.  Teresa said that besides ringing door bells and knocking, this person also was making my lights flash….that my whole house was a hub of spiritual energy right now.  If you read my post/comments about trying to learn to astral travel, you’ll see that 2-3 days ago I heard KNOCK KNOCK again clairaudiently.  Teresa then said that this person in spirit felt like an uncle to me, but not much older than me relatively speaking for an uncle.  She said she felt a pain in her head, like that is how he died.  Well, my Uncle Chuckie died in his early 20s in 1976 (or 77) due to severe head injuries from a bad car accident.  She also said that he wants to be a guide for me like his father, my Grandpa Slovik, is now.

I had totally forgotten that a medium in California named Fariba back in 2005 told me that Grandpa Slovik and Chuckie came through together…father and son…to give me messages.  It seems they’ve been hanging around each other in spirit for a while.  That makes me very happy.  When he was in the physical, Chuckie had some drug problems.  Teresa said that he said “I’ve gone to rehab on the Other Side.”  He now wants to help guide others and use what he went through to help.

This makes me feel so much better, you have no idea.  Just when I’m feeling very alone…I am reminded that I am never alone.


Atheria / Carrie

Knock. Knock. Who’s there?

So far my attempts at “at will” astral projection have not worked (that I can remember anyway). I will blame my cats for some failed attempts. 🙂 I have learned that you cannot sleep with 3 furry bodies that move around and hug your head when you are trying to leave your body.

I have had some interesting things happen, though, which lead me to believe I’m moving in the right direction. The first thing I had happen was as I was doing the exercises/steps required to attempt to project, I had a sudden vision of a past life I’ve never seen before. It was yet ANOTHER life where I was killed by my neck! In this life, I’ve lived with 24 hour a day pain (constant headache) and nerve damage to my face from severe whiplash 17 years ago. As so many doctors of all sorts and healers have failed me, I have realized that my deaths by neck are playing a strong role in the current injury. I’ve tried to release the lives through past life regression to no avail. For one thing, new lives keep showing up! Argh. This vision I had earlier this week was me as a man in his late 40s or so…as I got my throat slit. Blech! I’ve also been hung, strangled, beheaded, had a spear hit my neck, etc. My history is pretty darn ugly.

The next thing I had happen was a very vivid/clear dream about a friend and her famous father. I felt inclined to warn her about a possible health issue that the dream alluded to that ran in the females in her family. When I emailed her the story, she replied back that yes, that particular health issue DID exist in both of her grandmothers so she is going to get checked. Besides that message dream, I had a dream last night that was also more vivid/clear than ususal. I’m convinced my astral projection steps are triggering these dreams.

Finally, and I’ve had this happen before, but not in quite a while, is that in the middle of the night last night I heard a distinct “knock, knock”. I would have gotten up to check my front door if not for the fact other-worldly ringing doorbells and knocks have happened before. I knew it was someone in spirit trying to get my attention. If I wasn’t so groggy when it happened, I would have said, “Who’s there?”

I am looking forward to what will happen tonight. This is getting interesting.

Carrie / Atheria

Shapeshifting and Astral Projection

My spirit animal is a gorgeous black jaguar that I saw in a vision years ago.  I have also had exotic cats’ faces show up in photographs of me, and in September 2007 when a healer was working on me in Albuquerque, she “saw” 3 mountain lions/cougars sitting guard at the back of the room.  As fate would have it, a week or 2 later, Chakra…my 3rd cat…showed up in my Los Angeles driveway as a kitten with a severely broken leg.  I still think the 3 cougars were a premonition of sorts.  Although I love ALL animals (and grew up with some wonderful dogs), I am inherently a cat person I have come to realize.  I have a spiritual connection to cats…also horses and dolphins.  There truly is something mystical about cats.  They seem to see into other worlds.  When Bodhi visited in spirit, it was Karma and Chakra who saw him way before I could feel him (and I’ve yet to see him).

As I’m tired of feeling like a victim of my life, I’ve decided to start taking more control.  So I am ferociously reading books not only on psychic development (yes, I’m already a psychic medium but feel rusty and need to develop more), but also on shapeshifting and astral projection.  I am determined to learn how to do regular astral projection at will, and am fascinated by the idea of being able to shapeshift into a cat for another form of etheric/astral travel.  Years ago I had read about astral projection and was doing these exercises every night to try to trigger it before bed, but nothing was happening.  Being impatient like I am, I gave up after 2 weeks or so.  Well, a few days later as I was dropping off to sleep, I suddenly felt myself sinking through my mattress toward the floor.  I totally panicked because I thought I was dying and the moment I felt fear…BOOM!  I was slammed back into my body.  I later found out that sometimes as you are leaving your body for astral travel you feel a sinking sensation, not necessarily rising sensation.  I was so pissed!  I had no idea.  My own fear stopped the experience that I wanted to have!  GRRRRR….Oh well, live and learn as they say.  :-/

Now, I think that if I can gain the ability to astral project and possibly shapeshift AT WILL, I will be able to affect my life’s outcome more.  Maybe I’m dreaming, I don’t know, but at the very least it will prove to be fascinating and a great learning experience.  I would love to know things that other people don’t know.  🙂

In light,

Atheria / Carrie

Awesome UFO and follow-up crop circle video!!

I was excited about the recent Denver, Colorado UFO footage…and then I saw THIS awesome video! — All I can say is WOW!  I’m so excited!  I love that the woman showed the crop circles close up so that you could see the very intricate work.  I’m sorry, but this design was not done by some guys stomping around in the dark on wooden planks.  I’m still laughing at how the naysayers tried to get us all to believe that the UFO footage over Denver was just bugs flying around.  Give me a break.

ET-ly yours,

Carrie / Atheria

The name saga continues…

For those of you who don’t know the background, in 1998 while meditating one day, a loud voice said to me “You are not really Carrie Ryan, you are Atheria.” I totally ignored the voice until March 1999 when spirit got rather aggressive and basically insisted that I change my name. Or, at least that’s what I thought they wanted me to do since every day for a week people kept walking up to me saying “You know, I changed my name and it was the best thing I ever did.” During this time, I also felt this obsessive feeling that I had to change my name. I legally changed my name to just “Atheria” (like Cher or Madonna) in May 1999 and stayed legally Atheria until June 2007 when I changed back to Carrie Jane Ryan. I have only used CJR for legal and offical things but have continued to go by Atheria since then. Having just one name (and a unique name at that) causes a lot of problems with Social Security, passports, etc. I also knew back in 2007 that I might need a normal sounding name for jobs down the road. I don’t know how the heck Prince was able to change his name to a symbol for awhile unless he never did change it legally and just changed it in use.

Now I’m wondering if my unseen friends were just kidding! Okay, I don’t think they were kidding, but I am now feeling like I’m supposed to go back to Carrie. It’s possible that for some vibrational/energetic reason I needed to become Atheria at the time and now things have changed. I don’t know, but being unsure of what I’m supposed to call myself is REALLY annoying! To be honest, nothing feels right anymore. Maybe I’m supposed to just be “The Nameless One.” LOL

I have recently discovered that my maternal grandfather, Grandpa Slovik, is one of my spirit guides. When he first came through years ago via a wonderful California medium named Fariba (in 2005) one of the very first things he said to me was “What’s with the name?!” Now, knowing who he was as a person, his reaction of disapproval was totally fitting. He was a very down to earth, matter of fact man. He was not into metaphysical stuff. I’m still shocked beyond belief that he’s now one of my guides. Goes to show you how things change once someone is on the Other Side. Anyway, during the 2005 chat, he did begrudgingly say that he could accept Atheria IF I agreed to reincorporate parts of Carrie that I had discarded back in 1999. It is true that when I took on the new name, I dropped 100% of who I’d been up to that point…and that was probably not the best thing to do. Perhaps it is time to merge myself.

A few months ago during one of the very first weekly online Spiritualist Church meetings my friend, Pat Chalfant, has on Monday nights, a medium I didn’t know well at the time said she kept hearing a spirit or spirits yelling, “Carrie! Carrie!” She said that they weren’t saying anything else other than yelling that name and she couldn’t figure out why. I just started laughing. This was when I was in the midst of debating between being Atheria and Carrie.

A few years ago, an older British medium I knew told me that when she got messages for me, if the message was serious, the spirit called me Carrie. If the message was lighthearted and fun, spirit called me Atheria. Hmmmm….Maybe it’s time to become more serious. That could be what this is all about.

A few times lately, I’ve just happened to turn on the TV (like there are EVER just “coincidences”) during this commercial for some product where the written name Carrie pops on the screen. Being stubborn like I am, I’ve been trying to ignore those hints.

Last night I met this nice guy for drinks and he told me that I did not feel like an Atheria. I felt like a Carrie. That Atheria was too woo-woo/ephemeral sounding. That actually has been a recent concern of mine. That I’m not taken seriously enough as Atheria even though Atheria IS my soul name. Everyone has an eternal soul name that follows them through incarnations. I am blessed to actually know mine. Now, there ARE people who think I am Atheria and not Carrie. So, that just adds to the confusion. 🙂 When I got home last night, I turned on the TV in the middle of a sitcom where the lead actor gets a text message from a gal. When the camera showed his cell phone’s screen, I saw that the text message was sent from a character named Carrie! Oh for crying out loud! My friends DO have a sense of humor…at my expense! The name could have been spelled numerous different ways…but no…it was C A R R I E…just like on the commerical I keep seeing.

I will admit that as much as I prefer Atheria (since it’s truly my soul’s name) I’m getting tired of not knowing how to introduce myself. I have to go by CJR at work because I work at a very conservative company. Some people from work have become after hours friends, so they tend to call me Carrie until I yell at them and say “After 5 p.m. you have to call me Atheria!” 😉 When I meet anyone now, I have to stop and think, “Okay, what name do I give?” It’s getting very confusing.

For some bizarre reason, I do think my unseen friends up there are telling me to go back to Carrie. The only reasons that make sense involve merging my 2 selves as by now being Atheria has permanently altered me to a point where I won’t lose all of the new me if I simply start calling myself Carrie AND it may be time to take myself and my work more seriously than I have been. As a side note, the director of a film I’m going to be in has been insisting on calling me Carrie. ;-p At least Carrie is a nice name. It’s not hideous or anything. I also like the idea of going by C.J. Oh great, ANOTHER option!

Identity confusionly,

Channeled Message – Nov. 4, 2012

The Light = God

We are here from the 5th generation of the 5th dimension. We come from the star cluster you call the Pleiades. We are the children of the Light. From whence we came, so do you. As all is from the Light. Some term the Light God, but then put limitations on it. They impose human attributes like love, hate, and revenge…when they couldn’t be further from the truth as to what the Light is. It has no emotions other than pure love. But even love is not quite the right word as it’s beyond what we can express in human language. It is not the type of love that you encounter here on Earth as sometimes the love you experience has conditions. This love has no conditions and no ulterior motives. It is nonjudgmental and free flowing. When you learn to tap into the Light that is within you, you too can be capable of pure love…and healing. There is great power to heal within the Light, both emotionally and physically. Of course, physical ailments stem from emotional issues. Your Louise Hay was ahead of her time decades ago but now more people are realizing the truth of her words. “Thoughts are things” is a phrase uttered by some teachers on your planet, and that statement is not more true than when talking about physical disease. The difficulty lies in the fact that even unconscious thoughts affect the body’s equilibrium and health. It takes a lot of effort and work to train not only the conscious mind to heal the body, but also the unconscious mind. This is where hypnosis is beneficial. By delving into the inner sanctum of the recesses of the mind, you can find the seeds of disease. Instead of watering the seeds, you may choose to snatch them up and throw them away. All healing takes place within the soul. The only time healing “fails”…and we hate that word…when someone tries to heal him or herself in the manner we are talking about is when it is there time to cross over to the Other Side. When it is your time, it is your time, and that cannot be changed. What people need to understand is that just because someone’s physical body “dies” it does not mean healing work was unsuccessful. For the spirit may have been healed of certain damage so it is ready for its next lessons in another incarnation. We know that is hard for you to accept, but it is the truth. And the truth shall set you free. With this, we bid you peace. Until we meet again…

Ghost Hunting

I went on a ghost investigation last night with a few people here in Albuquerque at an old closed down store. Nothing overly monumental happened, but more than once the Ghost Radar app on my phone popped out something fitting. A couple of times it said concerning things like "evil". Supposedly some guy had hung himself in the store. There seemed to be more than one spirit there though. I did get a few spirit orb photos, but orb shots are not real good proof. Some ghost investigators won’t even consider orb photos at all. But, I will say that one of the photos seemed to have orbs a bit too specifically placed. The orbs seemed important. Hmmm…