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Sitting Bull and White Feather


Many years ago in Los Angeles I was honored to have the amazing soul known as Sitting Bull show up during a channeling practice session.  He, along with White Feather, just came through for an end of 2016 message about the situation with the Standing Rock people.  His request of everyone, and his warning to all people…should be heeded.

It takes me almost 3 minutes to be able to speak.  Sorry I don’t have video editing ability here!  And, try to ignore Chakra getting in the way!  And please disregard the bags under my eyes.  I’ve not been sleeping again lately.

May 2017 be a much better year than 2016.  Blessings to all…


Love is love is love is love…

I just saw this ad from Google, and it made me tear up…especially with “love is love is love is love”… …when so many seem to thrive on and brag about hate nowadays…when so many hide behind anonymous computers to attack others.

I tend to get melancholy at holiday time anyway, but the loss the past couple of days of both George Michael and Carrie Fisher, two people who used their own personal suffering and struggles to help others (look up George’s secret charity work and Carrie was very open about her mental illness while trying to help others struggling with it), has left me feeling very contemplative about life.

Are you truly using your life?  I am asking myself this, as well as all of you.  When you die, will the world be better off after having had you in it…no matter if you are here 20 years or 90?  Not everyone is meant to find the cure for cancer or create world peace, but perhaps something you said to a stranger in Trader Joe’s stopped that person from killing himself or others.  Perhaps little kindnesses really DO create a ripple effect.  But, also aim high.  Go huge.  Do try to find the cure for cancer and ALS.  Do try to create world peace.

I’m 50 now and my entire life has been a waste.  If I died tomorrow, I will have thrown away 50 years of opportunity.  Personally, I need to make changes…although I can’t force people to love me and care about me.  I also need to cut all assholes out of my life and not give them one more smidgen of my energy.  Instead I’ll give my energy to people who don’t hate due to race, creed, color, sexual orientation, religion, etc.  I’ll not give my energy to people who ONLY respond to my posts when they have something argumentative or insulting to say.  DELETE.  Move along.

Whatever your talent is, you have that gift for a reason.  Use it.  No excuses in 2017.  If you are a great singer, sing in the middle of Smith’s Market!  If you are a gifted writer, write like your life depends upon it…because it does.  Every minute that you are ignoring your talents and passions, you are killing yourself.  I adored Carrie Fisher’s (and we shared the same first legal first name) writing because it was so fucking honest.  She may have been writing, in part, to help herself work though things, but in her soul splayed open writing also helped others dealing with addiction and mental illness.

The superficiality of so much social media and me, me, me, me, me is turning me off.  And yes, I’ve taken my share of selfies.  Turning your cell phone camera outward toward the world is a good idea.  But an even better idea is putting the phone down to hug someone who needs it, even if that person is a stranger.

I’m just thinking out loud with my fingers on a keyboard.  But, I’m determined to change things in 2017.  Life is short and none of us is guaranteed tomorrow.  Leave a long and beautiful obituary.



Lisette (my fairy) and Pleiadians

Getting ready this morning I started to feel my unseen friends knocking on my head to let me know they wanted me to do a channeling session…so…agreeable gal that I am, I sat down in front of my camera and gave it a go.  This is what happened. 🙂

I have a fairy with me named Lisette.  She helped bring through my Pleiadian group.

Have a great week!


Yep, something’s up!

I recently blogged about that odd event with my head and ears in my new apartment’s kitchen, and woo-woo things are increasingly occurring.  Most of the events happen here at home, where I’m living on Native American land (I’m suspecting that’s part of the trigger), but things are spreading to outlying areas.  Last weekend in Santa Fe I had the head/ears tuning thing happen randomly again while shopping…and last night while at happy hour at the Veterans of Foreign War bar (great place, FYI, and you don’t have to be military) in Los Alamos, my grandpa let me know he was there.  He was in the Army during WWII and worked in Counter Intelligence, so I could feel that he LOVED where I was hanging out.  Granted, communicating with spirits is what I do, but it just seems like I’m hyper aware lately.  As I go about my day, I feel guided and see the purpose behind events as they happen as opposed to 10 years later.  While at home, I’ve had a few psychic “flashes” that have happened a few minutes later.

Also, despite bad insomnia, when I actually DO sleep…I have extremely vivid/realistic and detailed dreams.  I was having some of that while I was mostly raw fooding, but lately I’ve been eating mostly cooked food…so it’s not my diet triggering it.  Last night I had a LONG and bad nightmare.  That wasn’t fun.

Prior to finally falling asleep, I suddenly became aware that I was in my living room near the ceiling, looking down.  I had a mild odd sensation in my physical body that I’ve not felt before.  The extra odd part was that although I felt like I was out of my body in the living room, I could still physically feel my two cats (one on each side) laying next to me in bed…actually, they were both squished into me.  So I was aware of two places at once, and was conscious of the fact that I thought I was slightly astral traveling.  And, unlike many years ago when I started to leave my body during the night and panicked because I thought I was dying (which immediately slammed me back up into my body…from the downward sinking feeling through my bed I was experiencing that scared me), this time, I thought, “Hmmm…did I just die?” with zero fear or angst at all.  I was totally calm about it but just curious.

New Mexico is a magical place.

In light,