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I met a grey in Beverly Hills

Back in the early to mid 2000s (had to be before I moved to New Mexico the first time of 3 — so far — in early December 2005) I met this very gifted sculptor one day at Beverly Hills’ yearly “Affair in the Gardens” art show in the park along Santa Monica Blvd.  There were lots of very gifted artists there that I chatted with, but this one artist drew me into some interesting conversation that I now can’t recall the details of.  I was fascinated by D.E.’s energy.  You know how you just mesh with some people and get into these magical conversations?  Well, that was it.  We ended up becoming friends and would talk on the phone for hours.  He was psychic, like me, and was very versed in things that I didn’t know much about at the time like the Illuminati, the World Bank, conspiracy theories, and Earth changes.  We talked about ETs in an off-handed kind of way.  He warned me about California and said that his connections had told him that it was NOT safe to stay there much longer and he had been told to go to the Colorado area due to it’s elevation and not being near coasts.  He was very serious about it.

Sometimes I can be clueless, and I really should have caught on sooner than I did.  Anyway, when we’d talk on the phone, 4 hours would seem like 15-20 minutes.  Time got warped.  It was weird, but I didn’t catch on…as I said.  Then, one day he offered to do some healing work on me for my chronic head and neck pain.  Well, I’ve had a lot of healers work on me, but the energy work he did on me was the oddest thing I’ve ever had done to me.  At one point, I was on my back while he worked on my solar plexus area.  His hands did frenetic, weird, SUPER FAST movements pushing into my gut while his breathing was very exhausting sounding.  It was like he was doing a very vigorous workout with weights.  I think his eyes were closed, but it’s hard to remember now.  When I flipped over and he went to put his hands on my damaged neck, I think (if I’m recalling it correctly), he quickly pulled them off with an, “Ouch!”  He said that when he went to touch my neck, he felt burned…it was super duper hot.  So, he had to work around the periphery of it.

Whenever I’d look at him, something seemed off about his energy and body, but I could never quite put my finger on it.  It was almost like, although he looked like a human guy to the average person, something wasn’t quite right.  It was as if he was wearing a human suit that didn’t fit perfectly…but not so off that people who weren’t psychic would notice.  His neck always seemed slightly too long and his head too small…but really slightly.

His sculptures were FABULOUS.  The man was very talented.  But, it wasn’t until I was at his place looking at some of his newer works that I noticed a penis.  Then I noticed a breast, and butt, and vagina, etc.  He had sexual body parts hidden as part of his sculptures.  Ha!  A turtle’s head and neck was a penis, for example.  I hadn’t noticed that earlier.  Now, all that I was fine with, and rather amused, but something that came out later I was NOT okay with and is why I ended up distancing myself.

While talking to a friend about him, she suddenly started asking me questions about him like, “Do you lose time when you talk to him?”  Yep.  I can’t recall all the questions now, but I answered yes to all of them.  Then she said that she had dated a grey years before and that D.E. was a grey alien.  I responded with something like, “Oh, come on…”  But then…

“Coincidentally” during our next phone call of 4 hours that felt like 15 minutes, D.E. told me this event that had recently happened that he thought was so funny.  This couple that had purchased some of his art invited him to their home for dinner.  When he showed up, their 4 year old daughter answered the door, took one look at him, pointed at him, and started screaming, “Mommy!  Daddy!  He’s a grey!”  I was silent as he really eerily chuckled on the phone.  I was thinking, “Oh shit.”  But, as much as that kind of scared me, it also was intriguing.  Gotta say, though, his laugh was eerie.

What finally caused me to not want to interact anymore with him (and I think he psychically picked up on it as he stopped calling) was this one conversation that somehow led into talk about pedophiles.  Needless to say, I’m horrified by pedophilia.  But, he defended it.  He went on to talk about history and how it’s just our modern day prudishness that thinks it’s not normal for people to have sex with 12 year olds…that long ago you had to start having babies young because people didn’t live that long, etc. etc.  He creeped me out and I suddenly worried that I was friends with a sicko.  That was our last contact.

Now, what’s extra suspicious about him probably not being human is that there is almost NO sign of him anywhere when I Google.  The only thing I found was some info about a lawsuit he filed where the website was dated 2008.  It’s like he totally vanished off the face of the planet.  He probably DID vanish off the face of the planet!  I mean, with the type of work he did, as an artist, he should be somewhere on the Web, but, nope.

I’m wondering now, if he reacted the way he did when he was doing healing/energy work on me was because I’m not human either…but I’m a different ET group?  There was some reason he felt the need to tell me all these world secrets and such.  But, me maybe not being human is for my next post.



Patient Seventeen

A friend just told me about the documentary, “Patient Seventeen”, on Netflix…which is about alien implants in humans.  I’m watching it right now, and while watching the movie, I had this sudden “AH HA!” realization/suspicion hit me.  Back in August of 1996 when Eric Pearl did his first 3 healing sessions on me, something occurred during the 3rd session.  He couldn’t pinpoint what it was, but he sensed something going on in my right upper chest to right shoulder area.  During my sleep that night, I had a major out of body experience, and slammed back into my body with such force, it threw me half out of my bed…and I re-entered my body through the EXACT spot he had sensed something going on in.  It was after that moment that I started hearing voices, having visions, sensing spirits/beings, etc.

Anyway, every single time I go through TSA at airports the past few years, they have to pull me aside and pat me down because something shows up on the x-ray machine in my right chest/right shoulder area!  I’ve even worn totally different bras with no wires, etc. and it doesn’t matter.  It always confounds them when they find nothing VISIBLE there.  I’m wondering if I have an alien implant in my right upper chest near my shoulder?  It’s certainly possible with my history.

You should check out the documentary.



ETs seem to like booze and gambling!

While at The Mine Shaft Tavern in funky Madrid, NM last night to listen to some great live music (Robin Scott and Secret Circus) my friend mentioned that recently when she was there, she saw two 7 feet tall (not sure if that was an exaggeration or not as it’s possible) very thin and Nordic looking extraterrestrials walk into the tavern.  (“Bringers of the Dawn” was the first book I ever read about Pleiadians..and it’s GREAT.)  She spotted them right away but no one else seemed to notice these two, seemingly very out of place people.  (For those who don’t know, Madrid was in the film WILD HOGS in 2006 and although it’s a cool artsy town, it’s also an ex ghost town and somewhat rugged…think NOT Manhattan.)  Madrid is not that far from Galisteo Basin, which is a known UFO hotspot here in New Mexico.  I wish to God I’d been there with her when the Pleiadians walked in!  I would have walked up to them and said, “I know who you are and I’m from the 7 Sisters myself loooooong ago.”  The amusing thing is that when we were talking about this, she mentioned that she’s heard that younger Pleiadians LOVE Las Vegas, NV, and have been spotted there numerous times.

As fate would have it, at today’s Santa Fe Astrology MeetUp someone mentioned that aliens love bars and Las Vegas!  LOL!  Too funny.  It seems they want to experience things that we humans do and enjoy.  Interestingly, my main spirit guide is a thin, tall, blonde, blue eyed male.  Since my far back ancestry is Pleiadian, I wonder if he’s Pleiadian?

And speaking of spirit guides, a gal at work told me to ask my unseen friends/guides to use a symbol to get my attention to let me know I’m on the right path.  I chose butterflies as my symbol/signaling mechanism a few days ago.  Well, ever since, I’m TRIPPING over butterflies!  I’ve even Instagrammed some of them.  Too funny!  While sitting in traffic at a red light I quickly checked Instagram while thinking to myself, “I probably do need to stay in this annoying state and not leave in November” and immediately landed on the picture an East Coast person posted of a beautiful butterfly!  Ask, and ye shall receive and all that.  Ha!

Anyway, the next time you’re at The Bellagio, be on the lookout for tall, super thin, blondes (oh wait…that’s standard there…hahaha) or short greys and say “Welcome to Earth!”

On another random note, I thought it was just Taos that “called” people here to New Mexico, but it seems that is not the case.

I got talking to this artist in Madrid last night who moved there with her artist husband months ago from North or South Dakota.  They were having landlord issues up there and decided to travel around a bit…not expecting that New Mexico would call to them.  They passed through Madrid and the wife literally felt energy in the air.  She said to her husband, “Do you feel that?!”  And he did.  Within three months they’d bought land in Madrid and are now living in a trailer while they build a house.  She said that from the moment they stayed there during that first trip, they made friends instantly, things fell into place easily, etc.

When New Mexico wants you…it wants you.

In Light,


UFO Watchtower and ET Experiences

Under the Stars Conference 3

(I am cutting and pasting all of this from Facebook, so it’s in Mary Muñoz’s words, not mine.)

UFO Watchtower presents Under the Stars 2016:
Visit:  www.ufowatchtowerevents.com
Below is an experience that occurred at this location.
Experience at the Ufo Watchtower September 3, 2000
Abe Munoz’s (my husband) Experience
I was camping with my family at the UFO Watchtower in Hooper, CO on September 3, 2000.  It was sometime during the night that I woke up and found myself out of the tent we were sleeping in.  I looked to my left. There was a space craft (cigar shape) hovering off the ground about ten feet of so.  I looked over at one of the outhouses and I saw some grey looking aliens that were actually white (not grey) with emerald green eyes looking my way walking around.  About five to ten I would say.  They were coming my way.  Then I saw one tall one that was skinny.  I said to myself, “What in the world is going on.”  Meantime I saw more jumping out of the space ship.  I didn’t know if it was a carrier or troop ship.  At the end there must have been at least 20 or so.  I heard no noise, there was no smell and I couldn’t say if it was hot or cold temperature.
Note to the Reader:  There were five individuals who experienced this sighting.  Each person had their own memory.  My husband, Abe Muñoz, was the only one who saw the beings.
1. A young relative that saw the light of the ship come through the tent (roulette wheel) and noticed that my husband was in fact not in there while the tent doorway was closed.
2. My daughter, Hannah Messoline, heard the chattering outside the tent.
3. I heard the ship come over the location.
4. The owner’s son saw a light over the area close to where we were camped.

You will find a shortened entry in the book, “That Crazy Lady Down the Road,” by Judy Messoline.  http://www.amazon.com/That-Crazy-Lady-Down-Road/dp/0944851142/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1457188263&sr=8-2&keywords=crazy+lady+down+the+road

Green eyed ET
Three days later:  (Abe Muñoz’s experience)
I felt like I was in the Pacific NW.  I was underwater.  As I looked up there was a waterfall in front of me.  Above the waterfall (cloudy skies) there were three space craft.  They were dropping big huge eggs that glowed.  The eggs fell over the waterfall and landed in the sand.  There was a brown wooden ring that had black lettering on it, which they were put into.  Then there was a white alien with the green eyes who was approximately four foot who was picking up the eggs and taking them to a different location in the sand.

In the end:

I am not saying this experience could occur, but what I do know is that every year that we have been there we have seen or experienced something in the realm of the unknown.
And the stars are so close it is as if you could reach out and grab one!
Mary Muñoz

Under the Stars Conference 1Under the Stars Conference 2

Reptilian tunnels/city underneath downtown Los Angeles!

In 1998 I was abducted from my Hollywood Hills apartment by two different groups of ETs.  The first group treated me very much as an equal…with respect.  They took me to this laboratory underneath downtown Los Angeles and showed me hybrid babies they were creating.  I saw babies that were half human, half alien floating in these big test tube things full of fluid.  What I saw should have horrified me, but while I was with the ETs I had no emotion…zero.  I was functioning on a 100% logical level with no feelings or emotions.  That is NOT typical for me at all as those who know me can attest.  It was like my emotions were turned off, and I was totally fascinated on a scientific level with what they were showing me.  Someone recently asked me if any of the babies were mine, and to be honest, I had never thought of that!  It’s certainly possible.

A week or two after the friendly group took me, I sensed another group showing up…and was PETRIFIED like I’ve never been scared before.  I was laying on the floor of my tiny studio apartment begging God to help me.  I begged for “them” not to know I was inside.  I can’t really put into words the fear that overwhelmed me….the sense of fear and evil.  Then I blacked out and woke up the next morning.  I have always suspected that the second group wanted to know what the first group had shown me.  I have a feeling they did some not nice things to me though.

I had thought it was really odd that ETs would have a lab underneath a huge metropolis like L.A.  It didn’t make sense to me as we’re all told they are in remote places like Dulce, NM.  A couple of years later, while at a party, someone was very matter of fact about it when I mentioned it, and said that ETs are indeed underneath Los Angeles.

Anyway, I was just at a meeting about Ancient Aliens here in Albuquerque and one member of the group said that there is a reptilian series of tunnels…a.k.a. city…underneath L.A.!  He acted like it was very common knowledge!  He told me to Google it.  So, I took out my phone and had only entered “reptilians underneath” (didn’t even get the Los Angeles part typed in) when this website popped up immediately:  http://www.metatech.org/wp/reptilians/underground-city-reptilians-aliens-los-angeles/ The moment my eyes saw the green tablet with writing, I had a DRAMATIC reaction!  I started tingling, my heart started racing, I was filled with fear, my body went numb, I started breathing rapidly, and basically started to panic.  I got really dizzy.  It wasn’t fun!  My gut reaction was that I was having subconsciousness or cellular memories triggered.  Something tells me that it was reptilians who took me the second time in 1998.

Of course, now I’m curious and want to learn more about it, but I can’t even read the websites!  I’m hoping that with time I can take a peek…a little bit at a time!

Until next time…


I may have been abducted again

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A couple of years ago I woke up with a mysterious round burn on one wrist… and then 2 days later with an identical round burn on the other wrist that perfectly aligned with the first one! Well, yesterday morning Chakra woke me up super early because she was incessantly meowing/crying…which was odd. This morning, she did the same thing. She was on the floor next to my bed very upset. Well, I noticed my right arm felt irritated when I got to work and found two small burns near my wrist that I cannot account for! When this happened before, I lived at my house in far NW Albuquerque and have clear memories of being taken up into a UFO once while living there. Now I am renting an apartment in the Nob Hill area. My first recalled abductions actually happened in Los Angeles in 1998. So clearly, I'm being tracked. I would not be surprised if I have implants somewhere. I'm considering going to the Roswell UFO Festival this weekend. Maybe I should really go!! 👽🚝 Atheria #ufo #ufos #extraterrestrials #extraterrestrial #et #aliens #alien #contactee #abduction

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A couple of years ago I woke up with a mysterious round burn on one wrist… and then 2 days later with an identical round burn on the other wrist that perfectly aligned with the first one!  Well, yesterday morning Chakra woke me up super early because she was incessantly meowing/crying…which was odd.  This morning, she did the same thing.  She was on the floor next to my bed very upset.  Well, I noticed my right arm felt irritated when I got to work and found two small burns near my wrist that I cannot account for!

When this happened before, I lived at my house in far NW Albuquerque and have clear memories of being taken up into a UFO once while living there.  Now I am renting an apartment in the Nob Hill area.  My first recalled abductions actually happened in Los Angeles in 1998.  So clearly, I’m being tracked.  I would not be surprised if I have implants somewhere.

I’m considering going to the Roswell UFO Festival this weekend.  Maybe I should really go!!

Now you see it, now you don’t!

Because I’m a certain age, I can’t remember if I have mentioned that while living in Los Angeles in the Hollywood Hills in 1998, I was abducted by extraterrestrials at least twice. The first group was benevolent, at least they treated ME like an equal, and took me to a lab underneath downtown Los Angeles where they were creating hybrids. They showed me babies in test tubes that were half human, half ET. What was so odd at the time was that I had ZERO emotion. I’m a very emotional person, normally, but while with them, I only functioned in my head scientifically. I was very interested in what they were showing me and they seemed to respect me.

A week or two after that experience, another different group came for me and I was PETRIFIED. I cannot put into words how scared I was. I laid on my apartment floor begging God to help me and not let them know I was there. Then a bright light shone in my door and window next to it and I blacked out. I didn’t wake up until the following morning with no memory of what had happened. To this day I feel the dark group wanted to know what the friendly ETs showed me.

During hypnotic regression recently, when asked to go back to what was contributing to my panic attacks, at one point I had this image flash in my mind of me standing face to face with a grey alien. There are so many different groups of ETs…some benevolent and loving and some not so much. Thankfully, whenever I’ve channeled them, they’ve been wonderful. Alora, a Plejaren/Pleiadian who came through a Ouija Board in 2002, said that her people abhored abductions and in no way approved of such things.

Anyway, I woke up during the weekend of March 23rd or 24th noticing this thing on my left wrist. I could not figure out what it was and it looked like a little X or + looking burn. I would have remembered burning the back of my wrist. And it was so small, I don’t know how I would have done it anyway. If I’d hit my hand on a hot stove, it would be bigger of a mark. It was brown but also reddish around it. Well, lo and behold, just before I was about to go to a doctor to see if it was skin cancer, it started to peel off. I was able to peel what turned out to be a scab off yesterday. Underneath was pink, new skin…just like a burn. Included with this post is a picture of it on March 29th and then after the scab came off and it’s almost totally gone today, April 2nd. And yes, I do know there is a difference in the lighting between the two pictures.

Now there COULD be some simple explanation for this, but I’m a bit weirded out…especially when two other psychic friends (in Oregon) have had similar things show up on them. One of them actually has her mark in the same spot on her wrist!

I hope I wasn’t taken again…I am willing to work with FRIENDLY extraterrestrials, but I don’t like the idea of being abducted.