OMG it’s Taos Mountain! – Link to photo of a drawing I just did…

In 2002 in Hawaii, a wild dolphin telepathically sent me this image and said “This will heal you.” I felt strong tingling throughout my body. My neighbor asked her metaphysical son if he recognized this symbol and his immediate response was “It’s a portal. The double triangle is to go up through the eye of the needle opening. The triangle could symbolize a mountain as energy flows up and down.” My immediate response was that the portal is in Taos somewhere. I was told months ago by 2 channels that there is a location in Taos that has the power to heal my damaged spine and body. TAOS MOUNTAIN!!

(Kate, remember when you and another channel months ago told me there was a location in Taos that would heal me if I could find it….that if I stood on the spot and raised my arms up, I’d be filled with healing energy? That someone would lead me to the spot?)

Ever since the dolphin in 2002 sent me this image, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out what to do with it. The only problem is, Taos Mountain is BIG. I need to find one little spot! Ack! I have a suspicious feeling it’s near the spiritually magical lake that only members of the Taos Pueblo are allowed to go to. I would need a Native American to agree to take me there. Hmmm….

I can’t believe I never noticed this image is seemingly a portal over top a mountain. Duh!

In Light

On Angels’ Wings Prods.
Hypoglycemic Journey


5 thoughts on “OMG it’s Taos Mountain!

  1. I seem to recall in your original post about the symbol back in 2013 that I thought it looked like a mountain with a UFO over it. Portal is a better idea, though it could be both (in other words, a reconnection spot to your unseen origin).
    I suppose you will find the location rather easily if you just go looking with no expectations, rather than trying to analyze where it might be.

  2. aack…I need to edit my post. I meant to say: “a reconnection spot to your unseen family of origin.” If that makes sense to you.

    • Hmmm… I’m just so impatient to end the 19 years of 24 hour head pain and facial drooping due to whiplash on 10/1/1995…along with my blood sugar issue and osteoporosis. It’s already been 12+ years since the dolphin near Kona gave me the symbol. I really need to find the location. I’ll try asking myself before going to bed to dream information.

      On another note, my neighbor in this 4plex told me there is a vortex in her living room! While playing a bamboo flute she made, the floor opened up with a circle of spiraling energy! I just love how fate brought me here.

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