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I’m in control in 2019!

As I was about to start typing, I suddenly heard (in my head) Janet Jackson singing, “I’m in Control – Never gonna stop…Control – To get what I want” which is very fitting for my current end of 2018 mood.  Quite frankly, I’m sick and tired of life happening TO me instead of life being controlled by me.  I’m tired of having accident after accident that makes the pain I’ve lived in for 23 years worse and worse.  I’m tired of things not working out.  I’m tired of letdowns.  I’m tired of moves not working out.  I’m tired of unfulfilling jobs after my dreams didn’t work out.  I’m fed up.

Interestingly, with perfect timing, a friend from my Santa Fe astrology group gave me this book yesterday that he felt called to buy me while in awesome New Orleans:  “The Un-Spell Book – Energy Essentials for Mastering Magick” by Mya Om

Right now I’m only on page 60 but am very inspired to claim my inherent power.  It’s time I took hold of the reigns.  Forget the let go, let God…and go with the flow stuff.  Another astrology friend who is looking at my natal chart right now trying to help me figure out why my life has been so stuck and cruddy, pointed out that she sees an aspect that shows I’ve been afraid to accept how powerful I am.  We each are powerful.  Too often we give our power away, or are afraid of it.  Well, no more of that for me!

As much as I’ve argued with friends about whether or not we can create our reality, I do  have to brag about causing an airplane to be delayed years ago via my pure will.  Here’s the story…

I had taken a cheap chartered airline from/to Orly from LAX.  It only had flights once per week in each direction.  After 3 weeks of traveling through France, Italy, and Switzerland, it was time to head home.  I thought I knew how to get back to the airport but got totally lost and suddenly everything was only in French.  Because I had spent most of my cash planning to head back to California, I totally lost it and panicked.  I was freaking hysterical.  The French were SO kind to me and shoved me onto trains and pointed and didn’t charge me train fare.  I had just become aware of the whole you can create your reality thing, and started FRANTICALLY and very assertively (through tears and snot) saying, “My plane is an hour late!  My plane is an hour late!”  I visualized it being late.  I did everything I could to create it being late by an hour.  By the time I made it to Orly, it as 10 minutes past when the plane should have taken off.  I ran up to the airline attendant (seriously hysterical…but the emotion helped) and told her I probably missed the only flight back and she said, “Didn’t you know?  Your flight was delayed an hour.  If you run, you can make it.”  Yep…I did that. 🙂

I think what made it work was the emotional energy I put into it.  The book Malcolm gave me that I’m reading right now about spells pretty much says it’s the emotion that empowers spells and makes them effective.  It’s also raising the emotional energy that is the hard part, along with BELIEVING you can control things.  I suspect many of us who’ve not had luck with “The Secret” have unconscious doubt that cancels out our affirmations and vision boards.  And, a heck of a lot of people…at a deep level…don’t believe they deserve prosperity, love, health, and happiness.

I’ve been having more and more accurate psychic flashes and hits lately (they charged the ex husband in a NM woman’s murder who drove a red pick-up truck with her murder and I’d picked up that the killer had a red truck).  I am gifted and it’s high time I stopped being a victim of circumstance, and started creating my “fate”.  And, I’ve got a huge band of unseen friends around to help me…from fairies to spirits to extraterrestrials!

Since I was wrongly murdered on July 19, 1692 in Salem for being a witch, it’s time I actually became a witch.  I think that’s fitting payback.  I’m accepting my inner witch.  I’ve always said that nature is my church.  As much as I am drawn to Buddhism, right now I feel it’s too passive.  I want power.  Now, the thing that does cause issues is my belief/knowing that major events in our lives are charted before incarnation.  You know, the traumas we stupidly agree to while setting up our next lives “up there” with our spirit guides…when we are blissful and clueless about what we are getting ourselves into down here on 3D Earth.  Maybe, just maybe, although major events/lessons are charted…we can indeed control how they turn out.  It’s a thought.  And maybe all of the hell I’ve been through physically and emotionally happened to push me to the point where I reclaim my inner witch.  It’s possible.  I’ve always been a bit of a control freak yet late bloomer. 🙂

Happy 2019 and may you reclaim any power given away!


Attention please!


To all my fellow mediums, I need to ask a question:  How do you know when a thought isn’t just a random thought and actually a warning from spirit?  In retrospect, I had gotten warnings that my car was going to be hit while parked yesterday, but stupid me didn’t catch on.  I had this urge to fold in my driver’s side mirror, which I don’t normally do, and also felt I needed to park as close to (if not up on the sidewalk) the curb as possible.  But, I just thought I was being cautious in general and didn’t realize that hours later I’d come out to find someone had smashed my fender and bumper.  (The mirror was unscathed.)

Last year before my mugging in the parking lot of Santa Fe’s DeVargas Center, twice the thought popped into my head while in different stores…”keep an eye on your purse”.  But, I didn’t realize spirit guides were trying to warn me that I’d be attacked loading up my car.  (I put up a fight and got injured, and lost all my ID and needed to re-key my Honda to the tune of $1,200.)

In Los Angeles years ago I was heading from West Hollywood to Century City and was taking my normal route when, heading south on La Cienega above Santa Monica Blvd., this REALLY quiet voice/thought said, “Take Melrose.”  I dismissed it as nothing, and turned onto Santa Monica Blvd. as usual…well…MISTAKE.  Something had happened and traffic was backed up for decades.

During another sleepless night last night due to horrid pain and worries, I was trying to figure out how the heck to PAY ATTENTION to “the still small voice within” and my spirit friends’ warnings/advice when it’s SO subtle and quiet, almost like a whisper.  Can’t they yell?!  Oh wait, one DID yell once.  A voice loudly yelled “SEAT BELT!” in my ear when in a car with a careless driver just before he ran a stop sign.  But, that was a one time yelling.  I need to be yelled at, clearly, on a constant basis.  As I was trying to figure out an easy way to tell the difference from just one of my random and constant thoughts and an actual spirit message, I heard what sounded like a female voice say “Hi!” in my left ear.  (I had earplugs in too, along with my eye shielding mask and teeth retainers…so attractive.)  Now, I don’t know if that means this voice is going to start being more blatant and was just alerting me to her or what.  Oh wow!  As I typed that, Lisette, my fairy, popped into my head!  I think it was Lisette!  Now that I think about it, she DOES hang out on my left shoulder and plays with my earlobe.  A fellow psychic told me about her years ago and mentioned that I’d been having tickling feelings on my left ear and arm and that Lisette told her to tell me, “I am not a fly, so don’t swat me away.”  Ha!  I had JUST done that the day before!

Okay, Lisette, please STAY AROUND and help out this sometimes dense-headed and struggling gal.  I really need you right now with my current challenges regarding my health and other things.  I would also love to get input from other psychics and mediums, too, about how you recognize spirit messages vs. random, meaningless thoughts.  Do you get specific spirit guide images, etc.?

In Light,

Atheria and Lisette

Buddhism is truly the spiritual path of love…


Yesterday the 14th Dalai Lama tweeted: "We all want to be happy and avoid suffering, and we all have a right to be happy. That’s why I say we are all the same." That was his response to the Supreme Court’s decision to make gay marriage legal in all of the 50 United States. As opposed to other religious leaders, who condemned the verdict and immediately went into attack mode (fear/hate/judgment), he responded with loving compassion…a truly spiritual attitude. I don’t know about you, but I choose to believe that God is a LOVING God. In my heart and soul I know that whenever love is what’s happening, it cannot be bad.

I have had at least two past lives in Tibet/Nepal that I know of. I actually saw a glimpse of one during a "dream" one night that was clearly a past life recall. I saw myself (I was both the character in the vision and the watcher) as a robed boy in a cave with my older teacher. I seemed to be a young monk. I had this huge book on my lap that I was studying. The watcher "me" thought to myself, "Wait, how am I reading and understanding Tibetan?!" Right after that, I awoke from the so-called dream. A fellow psychic also told me once that I lived in Tibet and was very handicapped/crippled in another life.

Another time (this wasn’t a past life thing) during a "dream" I astrally flew to some old, huge, ornate church in Europe to listen to the Dalai Lama speak. The place was packed full of followers and I was in the far back. I patiently waited in a long line to be able to get darshan (a blessing) from him. When I finally got up to him, all at once really quickly, he looked into my eyes and saw my soul, I knew he saw my soul, something was plunked into my head via my 3rd eye, and I heard, "You have been chosen." Immediately after that quick experience, I vwooshed back into my body and woke up.

Years ago while chatting with this man who imports art from Nepal, he casually said the words "Ganesh Himal" and I burst into unexpected tears of emotion that came from nowhere. Well, they came from SOMEWHERE. I went home and Googled "Ganesh Himal" and when I saw pictures of that mountainous region in Nepal, I began to cry again. The only other place that has done that for me is Taos, New Mexico. Clearly I have some soul connection to Nepal’s Ganesh Himal region. Maybe that is where the cave was that I was in as a young monk?

I’m telling you all of this to demonstrate that there are always reasons why you are drawn to certain things. I’ve always been drawn to Buddhism, specifically Tibetan Buddhism (although minimalistic Zen is appealing too) and Witchcraft/Wicca. I know I’ve had lives where Witchcraft also came into play. Now, the odd part about that is that I was killed on July 19, 1692 during the Salem Witch Trials…so you’d THINK I’d have a horrid fear of Witchcraft, but, nope. It just feels good to me. But, Buddhism is what REALLY calls to my soul. I know that Buddhism, technically, doesn’t teach that there is a God/Great Spirit (love that Native American name) but I do believe in some type of creative force…that is loving. I’ve had direct experience with angels (to say that was awesome is a gross understatement) and Jesus even showed up once. I do think that Jesus, the Buddha, etc. were all Master Teachers.

As I’m at a point in my life where I feel I really need some healthier way to deal with life (and all its challenges) and need to become more compassionate to my fellow human instead of just getting angry and upset, I’m going to throw myself into Tibetan Buddhism. I have NO problem being compassionate toward animals, but humans I’ve had issues with. Now, can I ever be as 100% loving as the delightful and cute (I know that’s probably inappropriate, but I’m sorry, he’s cute!) Dalai Lama? Probably not. But even if I can get 1/10th as lovingly compassionate as he is, I will have greatly grown as a human being in this lifetime. Now, I may need to stop watching the news for a while as it just riles me up, but I’ll do what I have to do.

In light,

On Angels’ Wings Prods.
Hypoglycemic Journey


For a while I have felt that I needed a distinct path to follow, but nothing ever felt totally “right”.  I have always just made my own way, although I did practice the “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo” form of Buddhism in the mid 90s via the SGI organization in Los Angeles.  Something about it never felt totally authentic to me though.  It seemed materialistic, which is the antithesis of true Buddhism.  Maybe I misread things, I don’t know, but it turned out just not to be for me.  I do still have my gohonzon though.

I have always been drawn to Buddhism and Wicca…and recently Native American spirituality.  I have dabbled in Wicca, but gotta admit, it’s not a religion for the lazy.  It’s a lot of work!  What I like about Wicca and Native American spirituality is the appreciation for and connection to nature.  I have always said that nature was my church. What didn’t quite feel right is the whole concept of various gods and goddesses.  I don’t think it’s because I was raised Catholic, but something within me just feels there is ONE source…..one Great Spirit (to borrow from the Native Americans)….one God.  God is not a man with a long beard and white robes though.  God is not a person.  That I do know.

I have two past lives that I know about in Tibet and I think one in Nepal.  Perhaps that is the reason I’m feeling increasingly drawn to Buddhism.  Or, it could be my suffering.  I have suffered a lot in my life regarding health problems, unfulfilled dreams, and heartbreak.  When I was reading about Buddhism earlier today and how it came about to explain suffering and how to end it, something clicked for me.  Attachment IS the cause of much suffering, whether you are attached to a love interest or a material item or feeling good.  And then there is compassion.  Because of some things I’ve gone though lately, I am being tested regarding feeling compassion.  Even though I’ve wanted revenge, my soul knows that compassion is the right choice.

So, I am choosing to devote myself to Buddhism.  It’s not an easy path, but I’ve often taken the hard route.  This will force me to look at things within myself.  This will be growth.  This will be a journey…