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Channeled Message – Expand into a Sensory Frequency

We are here with you this evening to discuss the planetary transition from one level of consciousness to another.  You have been at a feeling frequency for too long and must expand into a sensory frequency that combines all senses…not just taste, touch, smell, etc.  You must include the most important sense, your 6th sense.  Now, there are actually senses far beyond what you commonly term extrasensory perception, or ESP, but we will not blow your circuitry at this time by delving into those.  We will talk about them later.  Listen with your divine mind to what we tell you, not your normal conscious waking mind.

Picture a pyramid of white light over your head.  Let it move down and engulf you.  Let it literally move down to your toes.  Feel your cells…the physical make-up of who are…vibrate faster and faster as they are filled with the light.  As they increase in vibration, the cells will expand beyond physicality and will blend into your etheric and astral bodies.

This is step one of the process.  We will leave you with this at this evening.  Sleep on our words.  Until next time, we bid you peace.

The White Brotherhood

Channeled White Brotherhood message: Your soul is right

Now is the summer of your discontent.  For as trees leaf and flowers bloom, so shall your soul yearn to burst out of its winter cocoon.  So shall your soul strive to reach toward the sun…that is…God…The All…The Great Spirit.  Do not ignore the nudges of your soul or you will pay a price.  A quote often repeated by our channel, “Depression is your soul’s way of letting you know you are on the wrong path” is accurate in every way.  Your soul will not mislead you.  Your soul will not lie to you.  Your soul is your eternal connection to your God Source, the kingdom within you.  All is within you.  You do have the power to not only change the outcome of your life, but to create a whole new world for yourself.  We know this bugs our channel as she still does not believe in the “whole create your reality thing” as she puts it, but truth is truth.  Of course there are major lessons that have been charted out for you BY YOU before incarnation, but along the way, you can still veer off in the wrong direction or a better direction.  You will still need to learn the lessons that you need to learn and make choices when facing certain obstacles/dilemmas, but your life is a creation…kind of a “co-creation” if you will with The All, your spirit guides over here on this side, and your soul.

Something we’d like to point out when you are ruminating about a seemingly bad event and looking for what could possibly be good in it, is that although humans tend to look at situations from their standpoint, sometimes it’s another person’s growth that actually is the important thing in your interaction with him or her.  Sometimes you just play the instigator for another’s growth so that it SEEMS you’ve not learned anything good from the experience.  You didn’t need to learn anything.  They did.  You have to trust in that at let go.  Obsessively looking for the “Why?!” in a situation does not serve you and simply wastes time from your further experience of different situations and interactions as you continue to look to understand the past.  (By the way, this is The White Brotherhood here today speaking with you.  We know you like identification.)

When your heart aches and you feel dead inside, go back to the activities and events that brought you joy as a child.  The things you loved to do as a child, before you were influenced by society’s “shoulds” and “should nots” gives you clues to what you are supposed to be doing with your life as an adult.  Now, not every childhood love is something that can financially support you 100%, but at the very least, if you add your childhood loves back into your life as hobbies, they will nourish your starving soul.  And the funny thing is, as you get happier, you exude a more successful energy that often causes new opportunities that are more in alignment with your soul to show up…including income creating options.

We hope those of you in New Mexico have enjoyed the badly needed rains.  You are not the only ones who are grateful for them.  For it pains us to see your beautiful planet so devastated with droughts and wildfires just as much as it pains you.  And with that, we send you our love and everlasting support from this side of the veil.  Peace and adieux.

Channeled evening on 3-13-2014 and a fateful encounter…

I channeled for the first time last Thursday at “Let’s Channel” (which is a weekly meeting/gathering inside “Tech Love”) in Albuquerque, NM.  I will admit to being very nervous about channeling for the public, as what I do is sooooooo ephemeral.  I had to trust that my unseen friends would show up!  I did start feeling them waiting in the wings around 3 p.m. while still at work, though, so that made me feel better.  Then I knew for SURE they were eager to work while driving to the location, because it should have been a simple drive from my day job’s location to “Tech Love” on Central.  Should is the key word here.  I was obviously not completely in my body because I got totally lost and then forgot where I was going.  I’m blonde now, and truly seemed to live up to the reputation!  LOL

I sat in my car for a while before going in, and meditated with a quartz crystal that I had success with the night before.  I’ve never been that into crystals, but after the speaker last week led us through some exercises with crystals, I became much more impressed with how much they can indeed help.  In fact, although I don’t usually channel with anything as a prop, I opted to hold the crystal during my trance work last night…and things went differently than normal, so it did seem to affect me.  Usually just one group of unseen friends comes through per session, but last night the Arcturians, Pleiadians, and White Brotherhood all came through.  Also, the process of my merging with them was more gentle than it has been in the past (though my gasping and struggling concerned some people).

ImageIf you watch all 8 video segments (had to switch from my Canon digital camera to an iPhone as my memory stick filled up) you will come to a portion of the evening where an audience member asked my unseen friends about a spiritual lodge located within Sirius.  My guides mentioned the rudimentary painting I created back in the 1990s shown above as being a picture of what the lodge looks like.  I had seen this emerald city looking place during a vision back then.

ImageDuring another portion of my channeled session, my unseen friends talked about the power of pyramids…that they are not simply innate relics left behind by long ago cultures, but that they are living, acting beings.  I dug up this other painting I created back in the 1990s (I think it was the 90s) because it felt important and in line with what came out last night.

My unseen friends also talked about the missing Malaysian plane, Flight 370, and explained that it accidentally went into a hole (one hole of a few we have right now) between dimensions/etheric layers.  I stand behind what came out last night, so even if they find that the plane was highjacked or something, I do fully believe there was a dimensional component.  I will say that because of what came out regarding these holes that have formed, I’m a bit leery about flying…although the biggest ones are near both the north and south poles.

Well, I’ll stop rambling on and link the videos from last night.  When I ended trance, I was REALLY hot…totally sweaty.  That was different for me.  I do hope those in attendance got interesting and and helpful information from what transpired.  This work is important to me, and I aim to help people.

Here I am giving my background:

And here I go into trance:

We had to switch to iPhone video from this point:

It seems that spirit is suddenly pushing me to do more of this type of work after what happened last night.  A friend of mine had invited me, earlier in the day, to go with  her to hear live music at “The Range Cafe” in Bernalillo last night.  Initially, I had turned her down because I had plans already to attend a monthly channeling circle in Rio Rancho.  I was running around all day and got very delayed, and realized around dinner time that I was not going to make it to the meeting on time…and you can’t enter a circle late if others are in trance (it’s rude and dangerous).  So, I told my friend that I could go with her after all.  But, her back started acting up big time and she was in too much pain to go.  I decided to drive up to Bernalillo myself, and on the way there, I had the strongest feeling that all of this had been arranged…and that I was being sent to “The Range Cafe” for a reason.

I stayed and listened to the great bluegrass music for a couple of hours, and chatted with some nice folks at the bar, and then got up to leave.  Just as I was  getting near the exit, this gal who was in the back of a group of women who’d been eating dinner in the main dining hall got her purse latched onto a railing and it yanked her backwards.  As I reacted to try to catch her or help, she turned to me and said, “Aren’t you the one who channeled last night?”  Come to find out, 2 of the women had been at the Thursday event!  What are the odds of that?!  I only VERY rarely do anything in Bernalillo, and they admitted that they ended up at “The Range Cafe” by happenstance too.  They had come up from Albuquerque to attend a friend’s art exhibit a few stores up the street but left because there was no food and they were hungry.  We chatted for quite a while, and then they mentioned that the one woman owned a hair salon at Rio Grande/Central and twice a week, at night, the salon was used as a location for meditation classes and other spiritual teaching type classes.  They then said that they wanted me to channel some night as a guest speaker. 🙂 So…because of “happenstance” I ended up in a place last night I had no intention of going to, where I ran into people who’d seen me channel the night before, and got my next event opportunity out of it.  IF YOU THINK THERE IS NOT A PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE…YOU ARE WRONG!  NOTHING IS AN ACCIDENT! 🙂

In light,

Carrie (Atheria)

Archangel Michael and the White Brotherhood…

White Brotherhood

I went to a channelers circle last night that occurs once a month.  The circle I was a member of in Los Angeles was done in a way where those of us who could channel would be in full trance, while those who either couldn’t, or didn’t want to go under would stay conscious and ask questions.  This Rio Rancho group was done a little differently, where everyone (except me, initially, as I couldn’t seem to go under) was in lighter trances so that they were still aware and could talk and ask questions.  To be honest, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to work that way.  I’m either here or gone…no real middle ground. 🙂 Each person would speak and say whatever their unseen friends wanted to say, and then would take questions from the group.  It was truly great.  I’m so glad I went.  I got a few personal questions answered, including being given information about my health (I may still have an unwanted spirit attachment that is contributing to the 18 years of chronic head/neck pain) and my beloved Taos.  It seems that I did indeed have a past life there as a male Native American (I think I was a Ute.  The Utes are in Colorado, but would come down to the Taos area to trade.) and took part in many sacred ceremonies.  I was told that Taos is indeed very healing for me, and that I need to find one specific location and stand there with my arms up to the sky.  I’ll feel something go through my body powerfully, that will heal me.  I’ve heard about a sacred lake on the Taos Pueblo that I’ve wished I could go to, but you do need to be a Pueblo member in order to have access.  I was also told that it’s possible I’ll be moving to Taos when my soul has learned a major lesson in Albuquerque (too personal to post here).  It was also confirmed that it was Arcturians who first took me in Los Angeles in 1998 (to an underground lab beneath downtown L.A.) where I had the friendly experience, but greys who took me during the horrifying second abduction.  According to one of the channels, I have been taken by Pleiadians also.  That, I totally expected as my ancestry is supposedly Pleiadian.

Like I mentioned above, I couldn’t seem to go into trance for most of the session.  But, towards closing, someone mentioned that Archangel Michael had been in the room most of the time…and that he was waiting patiently for someone.  Then another 1-2 people confirmed they saw him also.  Well, all of a sudden…BOOM…I was gone.  But, this time, the merging of my unseen friends with me went smoother than normal, supposedly because Michael was helping.  Normally, I look a bit “concerning” as I meld with the external spirit(s)…like I’m having a stroke mixed with cerebral palsy, as I gasp to breathe, contort, etc.  But, this was a gentler merging.  I ended up channeling the White Brotherhood, as they called themselves.  They talked for a bit and gave people in the circle individual messages, and then they took questions from the “audience”.  I had promised a friend that I’d video tape the session, but since it wasn’t my meeting and I was the new kid, it didn’t feel appropriate to ask.  I do need to get videotaped one of these times though.  Besides Michael and the White Brotherhood, Metatron was in the room, and Arcturians.  So, the living room was pretty darn full!  The White Brotherhood said they knew Metatron.

It was a lovely evening, and it was SO great to be able to do my REAL work with like-minded souls.  Hopefully this is the start of something great.

In light,

Carrie (Atheria)

Nelson Mandela…the Master


Today was the monthly spiritual group’s meeting that I belong to via meetup.com.  This is the group where I’ve gone into unexpected trance before and channeled on occasion.  On Friday I had mentioned to a friend that I hadn’t gone into trance in a while.  “They” must have heard me because toward the very beginning of the meeting my heart started racing and pounding hard and I started shaking.  That meant one of two things:  I’m having a low blood sugar attack or leaving my body to channel.  I quickly checked my sugar and it was great at 112.  Then, BOOM!  The gasping for air, coughing, contorting, and body pin prickling numbness started with my hands clawed up.  Getting to where “they” can actually speak is very hard.  Eventually they came through and apologized for disturbing the meeting. They then talked about some changes coming to the group in 2014, including a change in membership,  but said that those who are meant to be in the group would be led to it.  They then said that in 2014 those of the light would outnumber the dark and the planet would shift.  This was, in part, predicated on the passing of Nelson Mandela.  They (found out later they were the White Brotherhood) said he was with them now and would be even more effective at spreading love and light from the Other Side than he was while in a physical body.  He will continue his work to influence attitudes and minds.  Supposedly, love is going to spread like in the old commercial where “they tell two friends, and they tell two friends,  and so on and so on”.  The White Brotherhood said that Nelson Mandela was/is a Master Teacher like Jesus, Buddha, and Muhammad.  All of this was triggered by a group leader who read an excerpt from a 1994 inaugural speech by Mandela at the beginning of today’s meeting.

When I came out of trance, I was so ticked at myself for not handing the woman next to me my cell phone to FINALLY get my trance work caught on tape!  This session would have been perfect too.  Oh well…maybe next time.

In light,