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I just love it when “coincidences” or synchronicities happen!  (FYI–There are NO coincidences.)

I have a new Taos friend, and 1-2 minutes after saying to a co-worker that if I won the lottery my dream would be to use the millions to open a huge animal sanctuary…my Taos friend emails me saying that if he ever won the lottery, his dream would be to open an animal sanctuary!  Now, that’s not a hugely common dream.  Sadly, neither of us won the huge PowerBall jackpot last night…sniff…sniff.  There’s always next time!

Another less dramatic coincidence regarding purpose happened this morning.

We psychics are used to getting asked by clients, “What’s my purpose?  Why am I here?”  And, quite frankly, I’ve been asking that of myself for a long time.  We all tend to assume that our purpose is some grandiose thing…and for some people (Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Oprah, etc.) their purpose IS huge.  But, I had a conversation within the past couple of days about how not everyone’s purpose is some major thing.  Sometimes, our purpose is lots of small things…small interactions throughout the day with other people where you (without even realizing it) say or do something that positively affects another person and maybe…changes his/her life.  You don’t always know what a stranger is going through, and your comment of, “I love your hair!” may uplift the person for the rest of the day.  I’ve had brief conversations with strangers, where I knew I’d never see the person again, that have been powerful.  The chats seemed random, but I know that nothing is random.  I’ve been thinking about how most of us probably don’t have glamorous purposes.  Most of us won’t find the cure for ALS or become a famous Grammy winning rock star.  But, there are people who will do that.  That just so happens to be their soul’s charted purpose.  I’m suspecting my purpose is many little things.

As I drove into work this a.m. in a silly mood, I immediately said to the guard, “Good morning good looking!” to which he laughed and said, “You have to be the friendliest person I’ve ever met.”  That was a lovely thing to say to me.  He made my day…and I may have made his day.  (By the way, most people driving into work are much more glum…so he gets lots more gruff comments and attitudes than fun ones.)  The woman in a car ahead of me at a Taco Bell drive-thru years ago who paid for my lunch and waved made a difference that day.  If I recall correctly, I spent the rest of the day in a really good mood, which affected others because joy is infectious.  So, look for small opportunities to make a difference.  You CAN change the world…one little bit at a time.

Purposefully yours,

There IS a plan!

First off, please disregard how awful I look in this impulse video after a long day at my “day job” and not sleeping for about a week.  Don’t even get me started on the bad lighting and dirty hair.  LOL!  I do think it’s funny that Chakra keeps walking back and forth though.  I just wish she’d stop pulling her beautiful fur out!  Anyway…

In this video I talk about what happened this past weekend when I flew from ABQ to BWI to ROC and back again.  Magical “coincidences” occurred, that just go to show that there are no accidents.  There IS a plan.  Granted, as of this minute, my life has not dramatically changed because of what happened…but I trust that something is being plotted from the Other Side.

When I visited my parents in Rochester, NY, my aunt and uncle drove up from Horseheads on Saturday to go to lunch and socialize.  After lunch at Jay’s Diner (cool 1950s place) we went back to mom and dad’s to talk for a while before they had to leave.  While talking, my heart started racing and I got that “Uh oh.  We’re not alone.” feeling.  And, yep, my grandpa and uncle in spirit jumped at the chance to have me bring some messages through for mom, her sister, and her brother.  So, that wasn’t an accident either.

While bored at work today, I started cleaning out a folder I have in Gmail where I store things I think I’ll either need again, or things that are just cool.  This one email from a name I didn’t recognize in April 2014 popped out at me.  When I opened it, it was from a lovely stranger who had found my blog and picked up some psychic info she wanted to pass onto me.  Part of what she wrote to me about pertained to Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”…which was written while Julia was in my beloved Taos.  She sent me an excerpt from the book where Julia talks about writing 3 daily morning pages.  It’s funny because that has been popping into my head lately and I’ve wanted to do it, but just haven’t because I already have to get up at 6 a.m. to go to work and don’t want to get up 30 minutes earlier to write.  God knows I need what little sleep I get!

Reading that blurb made me start Googling Julia Cameron, and when I landed upon her Twitter account…guess how many tweets she had posted?  Keeping in mind that the number 333 means Masters are with you in spirit…she had 3333!  https://www.instagram.com/p/BT7wMobAxRi/ I truly gasped!  Quite a few years ago in Los Angeles, I had gone to hear someone (can’t even recall now who the woman was) give a free talk at The Bodhi Tree, but due to flight problems, she wasn’t able to get to L.A. in time and asked her friend, Julia, to fill in for her.  Since everything happens for a reason, it ended up being a REALLY interesting talk and I discovered Julia Cameron at that time.  Finding out much later that she had been drawn to Taos too, just made me like her even more!  She now lives in Santa Fe and here is her site:  http://juliacameronlive.com/

Well, it’s getting late and I need to go to bed, but please trust that there is a plan…and there are no accidents in life.  Chance encounters 10-15 years earlier may be important later.  I’ve had conversations with strangers where I know I’ll never see the person again, but that conversation changed my life.  Sometimes we all are used as angels.

In light,


Butterflies, 333, spirits, and magnetics


These are earrings I’ve not worn in quite a while but got a “random” urge to put on this a.m.  Remember this pair of butterfly earrings as it’ll become important later.  Also, word of warning to males readers…there are female issues in this post.  Ha!

I had a male friend years ago who found it amusing that I not only believe in signs…I KNOW there are signs for us from the Other Side that we need to pay attention to.  A great psychic mentioned in a book I read a while back that anything you notice during the day is a message.  Not everyone notices the same things.  Whatever catches your eye, you need to pay attention to.  Well, my ex friend loved to say to me, “Gotten any messages on the side of a bus lately?”  I laughed it off, but it did get to be annoying.

Many weeks ago I had volunteered to help out at the Earth Day street event in Albuquerque and work at a vegan outreach booth.  So, I drove down to the Nob Hill area in Albuquerque this morning, where I had a really great day handing out Tofurkey slice samples with vegan mayo.  I met lots of interesting and like-minded people.  I’m even considering getting fake diamonds (can’t afford the real thing) put into my skin via wires after seeing some glittery guys.  Ha!

Anyway, on the way to Albuquerque, I saw a license plate with 777, which has been showing up a bit lately.  That’s a newer sign for me (also 222s and 999s).  My main number messages (which I’ve blogged about) are 1111, 444, 555, and 333.

While working the great event today, early on, I noticed a Native American man behind the booth next to us quietly sewing a leather purse.  I said something to him (forgot what now) and then jokingly said that I’d check back with him later to make sure he wasn’t lollygagging with his work.  A couple of hours later, I followed up on my threat, and went over to see how he was coming along.  He showed me how much he’d completed and one thing led to another and I found out he is from the Taos Pueblo.  I have to admit that although I’m STARVED for answers about some things regarding Taos (and life) there was something about his energy that just drew me.  The poor man very kindly listened as I gushed out all this Taos stuff…from how it first called me in 1998 and that dream I had last year where in the dream I loaded up a bus full of my belongings and tried to drive to Taos but got stuck in the mud somewhere.  Finally, I got out of the mud and made it to Taos where I joined this circle of 3 Native American women.  They said that they’d read an article about me, and that “Grandmother wants to talk to you.”  I asked him if Taos Mountain is ever referred to as Grandmother by his people, and he said not that he ever heard…but…that they do refer to the land, in general, as Grandmother.  He also told me that when Taos Pueblo was having some exploration done regarding their aquifer, while digging/measuring, the surveyor people discovered that in front of Taos Mountain…between the mountain and Highway 64 (El Prado area) there is this massive magnetic field that can’t be easily explained.  I mentioned to him that my eyes get greener in Taos and that the first time I visited in 1998, both me and this other Californian, never needed to eat.  We just did not get hungry and forced ourselves to eat because “we should”.  It was like Taos fed us with its energy.  Hearing about the magnetic field, I get it.  That also explains why, when I’m there, I feel so much calmer and balanced.  He was very familiar with people who’ve visited Taos for one day and instantly leave their old lives behind to move there as “the call” is so powerful.  What’s interesting, is that he also said that although he knows many people where Taos worked out for them after heeding the call…he also knows many people where Taos was disastrous and they left within 2 years.  We chatted about why that may happen regarding lessons that needed to be learned or soul growth.

He told me that Taos is feminine, which made me squeal, “Ah ha!  I thought so!”  I was in Taos yesterday, and my (I am a certain age) period was almost 4 weeks past due (as of today) and I really figured that maybe I’m done with periods.  But, half way through the day yesterday, Aunt Flo showed up.  (Yes, I told him this…warned you…)  I then told him how the Hawaiian Islands are split between masculine and feminine islands.  When I went with a group to the Big Island in 2002, the male leader of the group warned all of the women that the Big Island is feminine and that whether or not our periods were due…they’d show up.  Well, we laughed at him…until…one by one…due or not…we all got periods that week!  It was so funny.  When my irregular peri-menopausal “friend” showed up yesterday, my gut reaction was, “Taos triggered it.”  The man I talked to today basically confirmed that.

I also told him about the telepathic message I got from a dolphin in Hawaii in 2002 (blogged about that earlier) with the words “This will heal you” along with this geometric image that, years later, looked A LOT like Taos’ city emblem to me.  I told him that the on its side oval over top of a triangle within a triangle made me suspect it represents Taos Pueblo’s very sacred Blue Lake that only the tribe is allowed to go to.  He actually felt I could be right.  I did ask him if the Rio Pueblo de Taos (that I would be allowed to go to in certain non Taos Pueblo areas) did indeed come from Blue Lake as someone told me she thought it did, and he said yes, that it is water from Blue Lake…and that it wouldn’t hurt to try that avenue.

We talked about how I, and others, talk to Taos Mountain…sometimes fight with it.  We talked about a lot of stuff.  It felt like a very NON accidental meeting/talk.  I think I’m forgetting important things that came up now.  Hmmm…

Finally, I said good-bye to him and went back over to work the vegan booth.  I hadn’t been back at the booth but a minute or two, when I looked out at the people going by to see the back of this woman’s shirt that was BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL.  Her shirt was an otherworldly beautiful butterfly (shaped like a butterfly too) in glistening colors that was freaking stunning.  It took my breath away.  I just HAD to run over to her to compliment it and ask her where she got it.  I kid you not, I turned around for maybe 5 seconds to tell the person next to me, “Hold on.  I’ll be right back!” as I ran out into the passersby to get to her.  But, she was GONE!  I mean, GONE!  I looked everywhere and she was nowhere.  It was impossible for her to have walked that far in 5-7 seconds!  I stood in this open area near a guy who was videotaping the event and said to him, “That is weird!  This woman just disappeared!”  Get this, he then responds to me, “That just happened to me!  I saw this guy I know, but he vanished!”  He couldn’t explain what he had happen either.  Seriously, I don’t think she was a human.  I instantly said to myself that I need to look up what butterflies symbolize….keeping in mind that I had just had this important conversation with the man from Taos Pueblo.




A little while later, and after I was pooping out, I went to head back to my car when I walked past 2 women sitting off to the side with a young girl, eating.  The one woman’s t-shirt had a picture of mountains on the back, with John Muir’s:  The mountains are calling and I must go. — Well, I looooove that quote and ended up chatting with them because the timing was weird.  I just had that quote show up yesterday or the day before, and I always connect that quote with Taos Mountain.

While in Albuquerque I decided to spy on my house I sold on October 20, 2014 (my birthday) to see if the woman who bought it is taking care of it.  Driving way over to far NW Albuquerque, I saw a car go by me with a 333 license plate and chuckled.  Really, it’s gotten to be amusing the 333s are so common lately (and 1111s with 555s).  The good news is, my house looked pretty good.  The bad news is that my beautiful decorative plumb tree in the front yard is dying…sigh.  Anyway, while in that neighborhood, I got the urge to surprise my friend who lives a few blocks away and just quickly stop in to say howdy.  I was not planning on visiting Sy, and don’t like to surprise people, but the urge was strong.  Of course, I caught her doing more incredibly creative things to her cute house and when she brought me into her kitchen, I yelped, “Are you fucking kidding me?!” when I saw THIS:


Granted, I’ve not been inside her house for a while, but the butterfly on the wall and the two 333 license plates are new!  She got the butterfly wall art as a gift last Christmas, and the two REAL 333 license plates “coincidentally” were “randomly” picked for her by MVD workers for her mom’s old car when her mom passed away (the yellow plate) and her Corvette she owned for a little while.  Even Sy was amazed both plates were 333s as she knows that’s a sign from Masters after hanging around me.  LOL!  Sy is the one who noticed that I had butterfly earrings on today.  I’d forgotten I was even wearing them.  And, while writing this LONG blog tonight, it dawned on me that the pueblo I live on’s symbol is a butterfly.  The image of a butterfly is on my apartment building here on the pueblo.

I mean, really.  I was not planning on going into Sy’s house today.  Someone in spirit wanted me to see her kitchen.  Nothing is an accident.  Laugh if you want that I get messages though coincidences and numbers, but I know there is a plan…and clues along the way.

Speaking of which, I just remembered something.  My lease is up at the end of May and on Friday I was thinking, “Maybe I should move to Taos and do the long commute to Los Alamos for work.”  But, on second thought, and someone who lives in Taos kind of agreed….I’d probably hate driving 1.5 hours each way twice daily.  The lovely Taos Pueblo craftsman I was chatting with today told me that his brother did that exact commute for 35 years!  He didn’t mind it for the most part because he loved his work/job so much…except in the winter when the road along the canyon/Rio Grande gets scary.  It was just kind of funny that he mentioned something I’d been debating.  For a minute he made me think, “It is doable” but I do think that far of a drive would get old pretty quick.  And, that’s a lot of wear and tear on my car and gas money.

Okay, I’ve talked your ears off enough for today.  But I just love “weird” days like this…when it’s clear that everyone you meet, every thing you see, hear, etc. is for a reason.



Watches, numbers, pothole covers, and more!

This post is going to cover a bunch of happenings, so sorry if I end up all over the place.  Ha!


Me with my new headstand bench!

Last Saturday I went to a MeetUp group called “Coffee, Tea, & Spirituality” (I could not resist a group with THAT name!) for the first time.  As you know, spirit speaks to me with numbers A LOT…and increasingly so.  My biggies have been 444 (angels are with you), 333 (Masters are with you), 555 (changes are coming), and the occasional 1111 (the mother of all spiritual numbers…see http://www.nvisible.com for info).  On the way to the meeting, I got two 333s within a minute of each other.  The meeting turned out to be really great, and part way through I got the urge to check the time on my phone, and when I did it was exactly 11:11 a.m. of course!  Love it!  So, my unseen friends seem fans of this new group I’ve joined.  Lovely group of people there.

A few of years ago or so, I felt strongly urged by my unseen friends to stop wearing watches.  They were aggressive about it.  I suspected the quartz/electromagnetic field put off by watches was disturbing my body’s energy or something…but that’s just a guess.  So I didn’t wear watches for a long time, and I’m obsessed with knowing what time it is.  Anyway, a year ago or less, I suddenly just got this craving for a watch.  It felt “safe” at that point, so I went to Macy’s and got a pretty watch.  It ran fine for a while, and then died.  (sooner than it probably should have)  I went to Walmart to get a new battery put in, and the watch died again a month later or so.  So, I didn’t wear a watch again for a long time.  All of a sudden last weekend, I got this urge to get another battery for the dead pretty watch, went to my new local Walmart, but they wouldn’t open up a watch they didn’t sell for some dumb reason.  I ended up just buying a cheapy basic watch while there.  That was on the 11th.  Today, on the 16th, I woke up to a dead watch.  Thankfully, I kept the receipt, so Walmart did put a new battery in it.  While I was talking to the gal who was working on my watch, I mentioned, “Well, you never know how long a watch has been sitting on a store shelf, having its battery drain.”  She replied, “Actually, we go through watches very fast and pretty much they are all new every week.”  So then I turned back to my other gut feeling…that my energy is blowing the watches.  We’ll see how long this brand new battery lasts!  I’ve met other people who blow out watches and have given up even trying to wear one.  Has this happened to any of my readers?

My constant head and neck pain has been HORRID again since last week for some stupid reason.  I’ve booked a Watsu session for Monday, but in my desperation to get relief NOW, I looked on CraigsList for the heck of it to see if anyone was selling a used yoga headstand bench I could get for cheap.  The AirBnB I stayed at in Taos back in April had one and I loved it.  As fate would have it, there was one in good condition for sale in Boulder for only $40.  I drove up this morning to buy it, and got talking with the kind man selling it about cats and life.  He happened to mention a “coincidental” story about his cat that prompted us to start talking about more metaphysical/spiritual stuff.  At one point, he mentioned he’d lost a brother back in the early 1970s who was 6 years older than him, and told me about this sign he got that he felt was a message from the brother long ago.  Well, you don’t mention that kind of stuff to me, because BAM!  The tingling started and his brother showed up.  I ended up giving him some messages from his brother in spirit, that meant a lot to him.  I could not help but think I was sent to buy this headstand bench from this man so that his brother could “talk” to him.  I truly feel there are ZERO chance encounters in life.

Also, during our long and lovely talk, we got talking about numbers.  I specifically told him about 555, 333, 444, and 1111.  He said that he noticed numbers a lot too…but wasn’t really aware of the meanings of these specific ones.  I hadn’t been driving but 5 minutes back toward home with my new yoga headstand bench when I got two 1111s in a row and then a 555!  I texted him and he loved it!  That just kind of confirmed for me that his brother arranged this morning’s meeting.

And since I’m talking about numbers, all of a sudden the past few days I’m getting new ones for me, 222s and 777s.  I need to look up what they mean.  I think 222 means partnership (good news) and 777 may mean just spirituality, but I’m not sure.  In fact, when I got to Walmart for my watch battery on the way back from Boulder, in the parking lot there was not only a 777, but a phone number on the side of a commercial vehicle was (303) 777-7777!  I just laughed!


Westminster, CO lid in a sidewalk.

Take a look at the picture above of a sewer system or electrical system underground lid.  Do you see what I see?  I see a pyramid with UFO over it!  And I feel that the circle means something too.  I need to pull out symbols books and look up Sacred Geometry or something.  Even “Monitoring Well” sounds freaking suspicious!  With the whole Denver International Airport issue…nothing would shock me at this point.  Sometimes hints are in plain site and we don’t notice them because they ARE so obvious.


Okay, I’ve rambled on enough today.  Thanks for reading!

In light,


Magical time full of synchronicity


I just love it when synchronicity kicks in to let you know that there really are no accidents and that there is a plan for you!  Even when that plan remains unclear, it makes it easier to get up in the morning…if for no other reason…because you’re curious about what will happen next!

A couple of weeks ago the book “Communion” popped into my head with the thought, “You’ve never read it and should read it.”  I dismissed the thought as nothing, and went on with my life.  Well, earlier this week I got an interoffice mailed envelope at work.  When I opened it, it was the book!  A friend sent it to me with a note saying she was cleaning out her house and getting rid of stuff, and thought I might want the book!  She’s not really into my metaphysical stuff, so that made this even odder!  I started the book and LOVE it so far!  Why didn’t I read it years ago?!  But, that was just the start…

The monthly meeting of MUFON New Mexico was today.  I almost didn’t go because it was held way out in Rio Rancho and I live in the Nob Hill area of Albuquerque.  But, something in my gut (more likely one of my unseen friends) urged me to go anyway and not be lazy.  I’m so glad I did!  The speaker was a lovely man named Joe Lewels (author of Rulers of the Earth and The God Hypothesis) and smack dab in the middle of his really interesting talk he mentioned “Communion“!  Granted, this was a talk about ETs and not hydrangeas, but it’s an older book and not that commonly talked about now in late 2015.  More importantly, I felt that it was significant that it was mentioned today…days after it was randomly sent to me after it had popped into my head.

When Joe finished his great presentation today, I went over to quickly thank him and comment on something but got chatting with two people who run MUFON New Mexico.  When Ty mentioned he’s connected to Denver (used to live there), I was slammed by spirit strongly (witnesses can attest).  When I was under hypnosis in late August I said that my TRUE work was going to get a boost when I speak next Saturday (November 21st at 12:15 p.m. at North Domingo Baca Multigenerational Center) at the monthly NM UFO/Paranormal Forum event.  Under hypnosis I also said that it would lead me to traveling around to attend events and that I wouldn’t live in just one place.  I felt strongly that I’d be going back and forth often between Colorado and New Mexico, especially.  Talking later with Ty, I do feel that somehow he’s going to lead me to Denver…where I feel I need to get ensconced in it’s large metaphysical community.

After the meeting/talk, a bunch of us went to Sadie’s inside the Santa Ana Star Casino for food and drinks.  On the way there, I gasped when I noticed that part of the license plate for the car Ty was in had 444 in it!  I’ve blogged before about my strong 444 connection (angels signal via 444 and I woke up twice this past week at exactly 4:44 a.m.) and he was stunned to see that my fake front license plate (NM only has a back plate) was TAOS.  Come to find out, he’s very connected to Taos and I think it’s in the range of possible locations for a sustainable community he wants to build, which would include healing centers (although his main location would be near Durango, CO).  I also found out later that we all caught up with each other at Sadie’s at exactly 4:44 p.m.!  I hadn’t noticed that.

Nothing is concrete at all at this point, but everyone I met today just felt magical and arranged.  Something IS going on!  With what happened last week (see my prior post) I have this strong feeling I’m FINALLY being inched toward my REAL work.  If nothing else, the sustainable community geared toward people doing things they love and no longer existing for Corporate America’s greed…is something I’d love to be a part of.  We’ll see what happens.  I’ve been very surprised by the number of people coming up to me lately saying they are really looking forward to my talk on Saturday.  That is lovely.  I need to NOT stress out about it though!  LOL

Pay attention to “coincidences”!  Pay attention to signs.  Pay attention, period!  We all can be led if we allow…

In light,


Synchronicity as spirit messages…

I’m in my beloved Taos, NM right now…a place that first called me to it in 1998 when I was living in Los Angeles. Back in the summer of 1998, all of a sudden, this word…TAOS…kept appearing everywhere I went. I didn’t even know what the heck a Taos was! I’d get stuck in traffic and look over to see that I was in front of the Taos Trading Co. Or I’d be in Trader Joe’s and look over to see a guy wearing a Taos Ski Valley t-shirt. It got so bad, while leaving the Bodhi Tree Bookstore something stopped me dead in my tracks and forced me to look down at my feet on Melrose Ave. Guess what was engraved in the sidewalk? Yep…Taos! The final straw was when I astral traveled to Taos. So, I finally got in my car and drove to Taos in August of 1998 and spent a week that changed my life forever. (I’ll blog about something that happened later.) Anyway, the first time I saw Taos (you go around a series of mountain curves and then suddenly Taos shows up like Shangri La) I burst into tears and could not stop crying. I was overwhelmed with emotion. And, it was exactly as I had seen via astral traveling.

Anyway, while talking to this woman at The Abominable Snowmansion in Arroyo Seco (great hostel) this morning, something “interesting” happened. She had been living in Wyoming and just moved near Taos on impulse…quit a good job working for the State of Wyoming, and has no job lined up but she knows she is meant to be here. She had been “called” to Sedona, AZ, where she had some magical experiences (common there) and stopped off in Taos on the way back to Wyoming to see a friend…and fell in love. Taos does that to people. We had just talked about how due to a “slip of the tongue” she said to someone who asked where she was (they knew she was traveling) that she was home. We both acknowledged how that was her soul speaking…..her soul knew Taos was HOME. Well, I then walked back inside the Snowmansion and was saying goodbye to people (you meet such cool people in hostels) and almost immediately, this lady said to me, “Welcome home” in response to me telling her that I had first stayed at the Snowmansion in 1998. That simple “Welcome home” really hit me due to the timing. I really think Albuquerque isn’t where I’m meant to be….that I need to be in Taos. But, then I think how I own a house and it’s not easy to sell right now…and how I have a good job and they are not easy to come by, especially at my age, etc. All the stupid left-brained things take over instead of allowing myself to be called….to trust my heart and soul. I have some thinking to do.

Later, actually where I am right now, at The Coffee Spot here in Taos, I got talking to this young gal who just moved to Taos on total impulse from Austin, TX. And she was saying how she has no idea how she’s even going to pay her rent next month but she just knows she is meant to be here and is not worried. I don’t think THAT conversation was just a “coincidence” either! But God it’s scary trusting spirit! Following spiritual guidance is NOT for the meek of heart. It takes courage and fearlessness. But, it IS what we all should do.

Here is a photo of me today in the Taos Ski Valley…..where I feel happy.
Pay attention to synchronicity, coincidences, etc. They are our friends on the Other Side’s way of talking to us.

In Light,
Atheria / Carrie

My psychic day…

I decided to have a “psychic day” this morning.  I had heard about this technique from a well-known psychic years ago and thought I’d try it.  Now, granted, I AM a psychic medium, but I’ve been feeling rather cut off from spirit for awhile as I’ve let the material world take over my focus.  Anyway, I made the INTENTION (I am a Dr. Wayne Dyer lover.) that I was going to be extra psychic today…and then forgot about it.  It may be that because I forgot about it and “let it go” that the day proved to be very fruitful.

I had two things pop into my head out-of-the-blue during the day that I didn’t even give much attention to…two things that came true.  A friend popped into my head with the thought of him selling his car, and he called me tonight to chat and mentioned that he thinks a guy he met today would buy his car.  Keep in mind that my friend had never mentioned selling his car before this.

The second thing is a little thing but worth noting.  I normally use a small saucepan to heat up water to make tea.  I’ve done this for years and never had much of a desire to buy an official teapot/kettle.  Randomly (seemingly) after making tea this afternoon the thought came into my head that I should buy a kettle.  At a goodbye party later on today (friends are moving to Seattle) they had a pile of things they were giving away instead of moving….and sitting right there was a blue tea kettle. 🙂 What makes this funnier is that for many years purple has been my favorite color, but the past 1.5 years or so I’ve been gravitating to blue….so the color was/is perfect!

Besides these two events, I met a lovely gal at the party who I clicked with immediately.  She “speaks my language” so-to-speak and feels about New Mexico how I feel about New Mexico…that it is truly a special and magical place.  She is into the metaphysical stuff I’m into and we chatted non-stop.  She was at the party because she had just met Shannon (the one moving to Seattle in two weeks with Russ) about a month earlier.  I felt very strongly that the entire reason she met Shannon was to meet me.  I told her that and she felt the same way.  I think I will have a new open-minded friend.  I plan on introducing her to some other friends here who have our same spiritual and metaphysical interests.

So basically, this has been a day full of magic.  I love it!  I also got two 444’s today….angel signs.

In Light,