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Giza or bust?!

To save time, I’ll link below what happened in 2002 with a wild dolphin while in Hawaii.


I’ve been haunted for 16 years about what the symbol for healing meant that the dolphin telepathically sent me.  Now, I have to admit that the Taos logo is eerily close (and you all know how magical Taos is for me)…but while Googling triangle symbols yesterday (because my almost 23 years of head and neck pain has been horrific-ly worse since the April 11th hammock incident) I stumbled upon this symbol that is at the Giza pyramid in Egypt.


Then, since it supposedly represents a stargate, I Googled “stargate” and found THIS!


Now, I’m a fan of James Spader and Kurt Russell…but I was not expecting THIS!

So, as impractical as my spirit helpers are…it’s possible I need to go to Egypt for healing!  I guess I need to sit inside Giza until this brain crushing pain is gone.  Can’t healing be easier and cheaper?!

Thank goddess I have a valid passport.  But I do NOT like having to fly anywhere…let alone over the Atlantic Ocean for thousands of miles!  This is highly annoying.