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Alien Abduction on Feb. 12, 2019

Before what happened in the wee hours of this morning, I’d had one of
my really bad insomnia nights due to chronic head and neck pain…and
general restlessness. I went to bed earlier than normal because I was
so tired from not sleeping well other nights, just after 9 p.m. I did
manage to fall asleep pretty quickly due to total exhaustion, but woke
up around 1-1:30 a.m. and was up most of the rest of the night tossing
and turning. I’m sure the cats got fed up with me moving around so
much. I should also mention that I had a chiropractic session at 5:00
p.m. yesterday. My current doctor does a lot of muscle
testing/kinesiology and he diagnosed another annoying health issue
(besides the brain crushing head pain for 23+ years that was made much
worse last April). During my appointment with him, he finished off by
doing some work on my skull. He worked on a dent on the left side of
my skull, and did a bunch of work on the very top (crown chakra area)
of my skull where the seam is as skull plates merge. I recall him
saying that he could feel energy releasing as he pushed pretty
aggressively on the seam. During a session on February 6th, he was
fiddling with my skull and said something like, “Your skull is
certainly ‘unique’.” You would have heard him said it, but he meant
ODD. So, I jokingly replied, “Well, that’s because I’m an ET hybrid.”
Without hesitation, he responded with, “Oh, do you know from which

So, getting back to last night, I recall glancing…yet again…at the
clock and it was around 4:30 a.m. Suddenly, I was out. I don’t
recall drifting off, but all of a sudden I’m having this detailed
dream that seemed random. I can remember being with my parents and
sister at some shopping mall. I was watching this scene from a
distance, kind of, because I was looking at the mall and trying to
figure out which mall it was. It looked very familiar. Finally I
recognized it and thought to myself, “Ah ha! It’s XXXXX!” (I can’t
remember now, which mall it was but I think it was one in Los
Angeles…where I lived for 22 years.) Then, it seemed like I was on
Facebook or something watching one of those “memory” videos that
popped up, of my dad on the ground…in that mall…doing something.
I almost want to say he was break-dancing at 83. LOL! I can’t
remember what exactly, but he was moving around on the ground, then
got partially up, then laid back down. Cut to, a totally different
scene. I was with my sister in my current car, Ruby, at night,
stopped somewhere when this gal in another car drove up and whacked
Ruby’s fender area. I was pissed and yelled at the gal, as she drove
off saying she’d not done any damage to my car. We took off after
her. (Those who know me know how much I love my red Honda Fit.) She
had driven to this party where people were outside around a bonfire.
We got out of Ruby and I got a good look at her fender, and there was
damage! As I was about to confront the jerk woman, she took off and
disappeared. Then, there was another scene change. It’s still
nighttime, but Kelly and I are standing on or near a bridge enjoying a
pretty night sky. That’s when the “dream” shifted…and became
different. It’s hard to explain it, but it just didn’t seem like a
dream. The whole feel was different and I can remember the next parts
better. (Normally I can’t remember a dream more than 60 seconds after
awakening and it’s now hours later but I can still recall it.)

I looked straight up overhead to see a fleet of different types of
UFOs — including huge mother-ships — and immediately thought “UH
OH!” as I found myself flat on my back on a grassy yard. As I’m
laying there, my head starts swirling. I got dizzy and my vision went
woo-woo as the sky lit up and swirled around. I kind of felt like I
was in a vortex. I knew I was about to be taken, and prayed that they
were friendly beings, not the hostile/dangerous type. I looked over
to see this alien being scamper toward me. I say scamper because
he/she/it didn’t walk totally upright. It moved more like an
orangutan using it’s long arms a lot to get around. To be honest, I
expected the stereotype of a grey, but I don’t recall seeing this type
before. I’m curious to find out what beings took me, but I’m not
finding pictures online of what I saw. I know for a fact that I was
abducted from my Albuquerque house years ago (woke up with burn marks
on my wrists and vaguely remember standing in my backyard in my pjs
with my arms overhead as I willingly was lifted up into a UFO) and
this scene that I saw during this early morning’s visit kind of
reminded me of my old backyard, but I’m not 100% sure. A question I
have right now is, did this happen at 4:30 a.m. today, or was I having
spontaneous recall of a prior abduction? Anyway, I saw the being come
up to me, and the next thing I know, I’m naked on a table with long,
thin fingers on my face and head doing something. I think there were
only 3 fingers on each hand, but there may have been 4. I lean toward
saying 3. The hands were gentle as they worked to put some device
around my head. It was definitely uncomfortable at the very top part
of my head, which is where they seemed the most focused. (Where my
doctor had been working yesterday.) I can still kind of see the
helmet thing. Where my crown chakra is, there was a circular
electronic thing, and then there were metal branches that came down
around the sides and back of my head to support it and keep it
tethered to my skull. My face seemed to be exposed because I can
STILL feel the fingers on my face! It was SO vivid in terms of the
feeling of touch and other senses. For some reason, I don’t remember
getting a good look at their faces. I do think I saw them, but it
seems my memory has been erased. There is a vague feeling of seeing
eyes…but I can only really see their hands clearly in my mind now.
This is kind of funny, but it seemed that they were concerned I not be
afraid of them. They wanted me to know they weren’t there to hurt me,
despite the thing on my head hurting a bit. So, they tickled me to
make me giggle…which I did! I clearly recall laughing as I’m very
ticklish. But, I was also freezing cold on that table and kept
wishing, “Jeez. I wish they’d turn up the heat in here if I have to
be naked, or at least put a blanket on me.” I can still feel their
really long and thin fingers touching me all over.

This is just a feeling I had while they were doing whatever they were
doing to my painful head (yes…I wish they had done surgery to fix my
neck damage…but my headache SUCKS today, not that it’s ever good),
but at one point when things got brighter inside the ship, and the
gizmo was on my skull, I had this knowing feeling that my psychic
ability would become remarkably stronger. I think, but can’t prove
it, that they were adjusting my pineal gland or crown chakra and kind
of giving me a tune up.

The next thing I know, I woke up about 4 minutes before my 6:00 a.m.
alarm…in bed…wearing what I’d worn to bed last night. That’s why
I’m not sure that what happened wasn’t a memory from years ago. But,
I think it was early this morning because of the coincidence with my
doctor appointment the day before. And, the way I was suddenly just
OUT after tossing and turning most of the night and then boom,
instantly awake again…but about an hour and half later. I should
mention that my friend in Nambe, which isn’t far from where I live,
has been seeing ships near her house on a regular basis. She and her
partner just got a good quality camera and are hoping to get some
footage soon.

If you have any idea what alien race I encountered, please let me
know! I really, really wish they’d repaired my spine/skull damage
though. Maybe next time. Living with a 24/7 horrid headache sucks.

In Light,

The Ancient Ones 1-19-2019

I thought I would attempt some channeling today before heading off to a yoga class with the fabulous Jessamyn Stanley, and, thankfully…The Ancient Ones showed up!  They talked about reintegrating ALL aspects of who we are.

I really do need to get a real video camera (am just using a regular Canon camera) and video editing software.  If you want to fast forward to 2:55, you can skip me getting into trance…which isn’t terribly eventful.

In Light,


Angel in a White Pick-up

I stupidly decided to drive up to very snowy Los Alamos today to check my PO Box since December 21, 2018 was the last time I was able to get my mail and I knew SAG-AFTRA Awards DVDs were waiting for me…along with a jury questionnaire.  (Yuck regarding the jury summons.)  New Mexico has been slammed with 3 snow storms since Christmas and Los Alamos got 2 feet of snow with just ONE of the storms.

Anyway, along the drive there, I took some videos and stopped at a popular overlook to snap a few pictures of a pretty canyon view.  Now, that pullout spot was snowy but “okay’ and Ruby, my 2015 Honda Fit, handled it decently.  I got back onto Highway 502 and continued up the mountain.  Then I impulsively decided to whip into this smaller scenic overlook pullout area…but the moment I did, I thought, “Uh Oh…This isn’t good.”  The snow was deeper than it looked and Ruby got totally stuck.

(Here are 3 pictures from the bigger, popular scenic overlook spot…before I got stuck a bit further up the mountain.  You can see how pretty it is, which is why I couldn’t resist.)

I hadn’t been there long… trying to dig out Ruby’s wheels, cursing, spinning her wheels helplessly, etc. when this guy showed up in a white pick-up truck to help me get out of the predicament I’d gotten myself into.  He pulled up behind us.  (He was about my age and very attractive, I must say.) The good Samaritan went right to work and between him digging some more, me rocking the car forward and backward, and him pushing Ruby’s butt, we were able to get her front wheels to finally gain traction so that I could get back onto the paved highway.  Because that part of 502 is narrow without much between traffic and falling thousands of feet down a cliff, once Ruby got traction and I could pull out…I had to GO.  I couldn’t sit in the road to ask the guy for his name and address so I could send him a gift to thank him.  I just had to quickly wave and take off as a big truck was coming.  But, once I got to a much wider part of the highway, I pulled over waiting for him to come up 502 in his white truck.  I had planned on waving him down and then getting his info.  Well, there are only two options on that part of Highway 502…up the mountain or down the mountain.  There aren’t side streets or other routes.  I waited and waited and waited but he never showed up!  I’m like, “Where the heck did he go?”  Granted, he COULD have gone down the mountain, but I think he’d been heading up like I was.  He just disappeared!

I’ll never know for sure if he was just a nice guy helping a lady in distress, or if he was an angel in disguise, but I kind of like thinking he was sent by my Unseen Friends. 🙂


Here’s a video as I headed back down the mountain showing where Ruby had been stuck earlier.  If I had to call a tow truck, it would have been VERY hard to maneuver on that narrow stretch of road…so my angel in a pick-up truly saved the day!

Blessings to you in 2019!


Attention please!


To all my fellow mediums, I need to ask a question:  How do you know when a thought isn’t just a random thought and actually a warning from spirit?  In retrospect, I had gotten warnings that my car was going to be hit while parked yesterday, but stupid me didn’t catch on.  I had this urge to fold in my driver’s side mirror, which I don’t normally do, and also felt I needed to park as close to (if not up on the sidewalk) the curb as possible.  But, I just thought I was being cautious in general and didn’t realize that hours later I’d come out to find someone had smashed my fender and bumper.  (The mirror was unscathed.)

Last year before my mugging in the parking lot of Santa Fe’s DeVargas Center, twice the thought popped into my head while in different stores…”keep an eye on your purse”.  But, I didn’t realize spirit guides were trying to warn me that I’d be attacked loading up my car.  (I put up a fight and got injured, and lost all my ID and needed to re-key my Honda to the tune of $1,200.)

In Los Angeles years ago I was heading from West Hollywood to Century City and was taking my normal route when, heading south on La Cienega above Santa Monica Blvd., this REALLY quiet voice/thought said, “Take Melrose.”  I dismissed it as nothing, and turned onto Santa Monica Blvd. as usual…well…MISTAKE.  Something had happened and traffic was backed up for decades.

During another sleepless night last night due to horrid pain and worries, I was trying to figure out how the heck to PAY ATTENTION to “the still small voice within” and my spirit friends’ warnings/advice when it’s SO subtle and quiet, almost like a whisper.  Can’t they yell?!  Oh wait, one DID yell once.  A voice loudly yelled “SEAT BELT!” in my ear when in a car with a careless driver just before he ran a stop sign.  But, that was a one time yelling.  I need to be yelled at, clearly, on a constant basis.  As I was trying to figure out an easy way to tell the difference from just one of my random and constant thoughts and an actual spirit message, I heard what sounded like a female voice say “Hi!” in my left ear.  (I had earplugs in too, along with my eye shielding mask and teeth retainers…so attractive.)  Now, I don’t know if that means this voice is going to start being more blatant and was just alerting me to her or what.  Oh wow!  As I typed that, Lisette, my fairy, popped into my head!  I think it was Lisette!  Now that I think about it, she DOES hang out on my left shoulder and plays with my earlobe.  A fellow psychic told me about her years ago and mentioned that I’d been having tickling feelings on my left ear and arm and that Lisette told her to tell me, “I am not a fly, so don’t swat me away.”  Ha!  I had JUST done that the day before!

Okay, Lisette, please STAY AROUND and help out this sometimes dense-headed and struggling gal.  I really need you right now with my current challenges regarding my health and other things.  I would also love to get input from other psychics and mediums, too, about how you recognize spirit messages vs. random, meaningless thoughts.  Do you get specific spirit guide images, etc.?

In Light,

Atheria and Lisette

Group Consciousness for Good

A group came through today to talk about how, when we band together, much can be accomplished for the good of the planet and ourselves.  They also touched on how those who are fighting progress/change are doing so out of fear…and will be left behind if they continue to dig in their heels.

In Light,

Atheria … with my unseen friends


Shamanic Healing Session

I just happened (yeah, riiiiight…just HAPPENED) to grab a free magazine in Taos Ski Valley on the 23rd of March that listed healers, MDs, chiropractors, etc. in the Taos area.  While flipping through it, a one page ad shared by two Native American grandmothers (that term was significant to me because of a dream I had in September of 2016) jumped out at me.  I was very drawn to write to both of them about my dream, that clearly felt beyond being a normal dream…that it was a message from spirit.  Both women very kindly replied, but Sandra’s message to me hit my heart hard.  My soul knew she was right, although my ego fought what she told me.  I decided to have a shamanic healing session with her today, and it was powerful.  I’m so thankful I’ve been led to her.  She is a truly lovely soul.

I have to admit, during the shamanic healing session, I started to get concerned about how much energy from her it seemingly used.  (I later learned that healing sessions don’t drain her at all, but actually fill her with energy.)  From an outsider’s standpoint, you’d think she’d be exhausted at the end, but, nope!  From the moment I walked into her lovely hogan, I started to feel the tingling of spirit.  During the session, I definitely felt a lot of tingling, especially at the back of my head and neck…where I have major damage that causes my constant migraine and neck pain for 22.5 years (as of today).  I had some involuntary muscle movement, and twice I felt a very sharp (knife like) pain at the base of my skull on the right hand side (my damage is more on the right than left) and on the right side of the base of my neck.  This did not scare me at all.  I actually took it as a good sign that spirit was doing a type of psychic surgery on me.

During the session, I picked up a name that was very distinct.  At first I brushed it off as nothing, but later, it came back again…urgently.  So, when the session was over, I asked Sandra if XXXXX (not posting it) meant something to her, and it definitely did…causing her to get the chills.  I was honored to be able to give her something in return for all that she gave me today.  She cleared out a lot of gunk in my chakras and energy body (not shocking that I was full of gunk) and did soul retrieval work on me.  At least 3 chunks of my soul had taken off and needed to be called back.  Interestingly, I learned that anytime you are put under general anesthesia, there is a risk of having your soul vamoose.  As one anesthesiologist told me a while ago, “Anesthesia is CONTROLLED DEATH.”  That’s actually true.  You have to be made unconscious enough to not feel the surgery, but not so unconscious you die.  Sandra explained that sometimes being so close to death kind of confuses your soul and it’s easy to have some of it wander off.  Now, I’m waaaaay oversimplifying what she explained, but you get the drift.

Immediately after the session today, my headache was BAD.  But, that is typical.  Whenever I’ve had any kind of treatments done on my head/neck, at first the pain is worse due to it being aggravated.  I know that movement of energy happened today, so I was not alarmed by my pain level being up.  In fact, hours later, the pain is lowering again.  It’s hard to explain, but I feel lighter right now.  I feel a shift in a good way.  I’m curious to see if anything happens during my sleep…which is definitely possible.  Any changes that will stem from today’s session may be gradual.

Because she’d not asked permission to bring forth my spirit animal, she didn’t do that today.  But, I would definitely like to get another session to have her do that.  It can be very empowering to meet and really bond with your spirit animal guardian.  In a meditation years ago where I was to meet my main spirit guide, I also saw a gorgeous black jaguar.  And, I had mountain lions/cougars show up in an Albuquerque healing session years ago, and in photos of me in Carmel, CA.  (I also had a medicine wheel show up in one Los Angeles hiking picture!)  So, I do suspect my spirit animal is a big cat of some sort.

If you are in the Taos/Arroyo Hondo area of New Mexico and want to have a great shamanic healing session, I would highly recommend Sandra “Sandy” Chestnutt of Earth Walk Medicine.



Messages from Pets in Spirit – Pippin’s Story

20170924_112724Previously I’ve blogged about how my 2 cats, Karma and Bodhi, (who I miss every single day 4 and 5 years later) have found ways to get through to me…going so far as to DEMATERIALIZE cat treats (not kidding) on their altar.  I’ve heard lots of other stories from strangers and friends about how their pets have found ways to break through the veil and let them know they are also spiritual beings and that they will be waiting for us on the Other Side when it’s our time to cross over.  One such event happened to me today as a message for a friend who lost his beloved 7 year old dog named Pippin unexpectedly.


Before going to my astrology group, I decided to venture off in Santa Fe and walk around the wonderful art filled Canyon Road area.  I didn’t have lots of extra time, so I kind of did a fast tour around.  (By the way…there are fabulous artists in Santa Fe and it’s the 3rd largest art market in the USA.)  Just as I was running out of time and needed to head back to my car, I glanced over to see the above sign for Pippin Contemporary Gallery.  I got an instant spirit smack and knew that it was a message from Pippin for his human daddy.  I emailed the picture and my feeling about it to my friend, and he said that he’s felt Pippin around him in spirit today…and that this “coincidence” confirmed that fact.

CoincidenceI was reading a book by a famous psychic years ago where she said that anything we notice during the day is a message.  No 2 people notice the exact same things.  When something “randomly” catches your eye, pay attention to it.  It’s God’s way of getting messages through to us.  It’s also our loved ones in spirit’s way of getting messages through to us…both human and animal.

On a personal note, I am much more connected to animals than humans.  It’ll be 5 years tomorrow that I lost Bodhi.  The grief I felt losing him…and then Karma less than a year later…is still with me.  Animals love unconditionally.  Animals ARE love incarnate.  I hope that Pippin comes to my friend in dreams as my cats have, and allows him to hold his fur child again.

I’ve done a couple of readings lately that have gone super well, and it never ceases to amaze me what our unseen loved ones will bring through to prove that they are who they say they are.  Sometimes it’s specific health stuff (like in a recent case where the woman in spirit passed from lung cancer and I could hear her smoker’s raspy laugh) or something serious.  But other times it’s funny things like the “hot fudge cake” I got years ago from a spirit.  Come to find out, that was the person’s very favorite dessert and even on the Other Side…the soul was thinking of food!  🙂

Before I sign off, I do want to link another artist’s website whose work I discovered today and loooove.  I adore horses, so you’ll see why I love her work:  Siri Hollander

Stay open for signs from your pets in spirit.  They, just like human loved ones, often find ways to let us know that they are still around and that they do love us.  May Pippin be running free on the Other Side and may my friend find a little bit of peace from what happened today.