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Increasing Spirit Visitations


This is a quickie post.  Last night I was visited in a “dream” by a lovely guy I used to work with at Sony Pictures Entertainment who left this realm way too young.  (From my human perspective…not his soul’s perspective.)  I wish I could recall the dream, but it’s already just a glimmer in my memory.  At work yesterday, I had a quick “drive by visitation” by the brother of a friend of mine that included a simple but nice message.  Last week, I had another quick visitation by a young gal who was recently killed in a car accident while I took my lunchtime walk at work.  She also gave me a brief message to pass along.  I seem to be having increasing numbers of visitations by people on the Other Side lately and I don’t know what’s triggering it.  Is anyone else having more encounters with family and friends on the Other Side?  I don’t know if the veil is suddenly getting even thinner, or what?  I’d love to hear your feedback and/or stories.  One friend said she was awakened this morning by a loved one in spirit hugging her and smiling.

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I think I knew Marilyn Monroe

These are my two favorite pictures of Marilyn. I used to have the leaning out the hospital window one on my wall when I lived in Los Angeles. A NYC psychic friend, while chatting on the phone one day, asked if I had a picture of Marilyn Monroe on my wall. I said yes. She then said that I’d known Marilyn. For years, I’ve had this feeling that I was a nurse who had befriended her.

During light hypnosis today, it came out, that yes…I was a nurse who befriended Marilyn during one of her hospital stays. I was in my 40-50s and heavier. I was also very psychic and spiritual. I would talk to her about spiritual things that she was very interested in, especially regarding talking to her parents since she had lost them in her life at a young age one way or another. Years ago in Los Angeles when I worked in the Westwood area, I would take my lunches in the cemetery where Marilyn Monroe is buried (along with Dean Martin…he came to me too, with a message for good friend Shirley MacLaine…Natalie Wood, Truman Capote, etc.). One day when I was SUPER depressed, I talked to Marilyn as I felt she, of all people, could understand me and what I felt. Suddenly, I “saw” (clairvoyantly) a red rose as her soul acknowledged me. Anyway, today’s hypnotic regression was about getting info about what would help us find our true work.

After the scene with Marilyn in the hospital, I was shown that I lived alone and cared for my elderly mother and also did scrying at night with a crystal ball. I was indeed a medium…but hid it from most people. I died alone, thankfully quickly, via a heart attack. I remember looking down at my body on the floor with detachment. I saw my death when the hypnotist told us in the group to go to the 3rd scene that would clarify what we were to be doing in our current life.

Oddly, during my Santa Fe astrology group session earlier today, a good astrologer told me I’m supposed to be working with death. I joked, “Well, HELLO, I’m a medium. I talk to dead people.” The past few days, I’m being urged to use my spiritual gift and move away from office work…to being a full-time psychic medium and channel…but I’m petrified of “iffy” income.



For a limited time, one free question answered on Instagram!

UPDATE:  As of 5/25/2015 at 8:47 p.m. Mountain Time the free mini readings offer is over.  Thank you to those who participated!

I may live to regret this, but I’m offering to answer ONE specific question for free via Instagram.  I say that I may live to regret this because I have a feeling it’ll get out of control.  LOL!  Thankfully, I said “for a limited time”. 😀 I’ll embed my Instagram post that is the location for the freebie down below.  I do request that people stick to Instagram for this offer so that I have everything in one place.  Some have emailed me asking to do this in private, but that defeats the purpose.  I’ll be honest and say that I am doing this not only to help people (very true) but also as a way to advertise, so everything needs to be public and housed on Instagram.  Anyone who wants a full, longer reading done in private can contact me for a paid reading via 20october@gmail.com.  I can work over the phone, so location is not an issue.  Spirit is not limited by locale.  And my unseen friends are the ones who urged me to try this.  So far, 24 hours later, it’s been good!

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UPDATE: As of 5/25/2015 at 8:47 p.m. Mountain Time, the mini readings offer is over. Thank you to those who participated! Hi everyone! For a limited time starting today, May 17, 2015, I am offering free mini readings where you can ask ONE specific question via Instagram. Keep in mind that this will be done publicly, so if you don't want embarrassing things to come out, don't ask. All I ask of you is to post your first name and a brief question… and be patient. I do work a full-time day job besides many other things I have to attend to, but I'll respond here on Instagram as soon as I can. Keep in mind that I will never predict someone's death, and I am not a doctor/medical professional. If I pick up a possible health issue or suggest something nutrition related, etc. you must check with your doctor first. I am a psychic medium but never know what will happen. Sometimes loved ones on the Other Side show up, and other times I work more straight psychically. I cannot demand that someone in spirit shows up. It's his/her choice. And sometimes an unexpected person shows up. Depending on how this goes, if I get overwhelmed with questions, I'll have to stop. But my unseen friends have suggested I do this… and they can be pushy. 😇 Please do not ask for private messages. These must be done publicly. Private, full readings I charge for. Hope you understand. Also, I need to add "This is for entertainment purposes only." In light, Atheria www.bridge4spirit.wordpress.com #psychicreadings #psychicmedium #psychic #spiritualist #angels #spiritguides #freepsychicreading

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