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Hi Grandpa Slovik! :-)

This morning while getting ready to eat my healthy vegan breakfast, I suddenly got this craving for a cigarette and bacon and eggs!  I knew who it was immediately, my Grandpa Slovik (mom’s dad) in spirit just trying to influence me. 🙂 That combo was a typical weekend morning for him while on the farm…and it’s been made very clear that he and his son, my Uncle Chuckie, have been with me in spirit a lot lately.  I am very grateful for their love and protection.

A little while later I decided to take some pictures to update my Facebook page, etc.  In more than one shot in my bedroom very clear spirit orbs showed up.  Here is one of them.  Look high up in the photo (and yes….I loooooooove Daniel Craig!).

ImageA Facebook friend of mine sent me this link talking about spirit orbs and it includes some great photos.  http://www.beliefnet.com/Inspiration/Angels/2010/03/Angel-Spirit-Orbs-Pictures.aspx – I have one picture taken of me on New Years Eve or Christmas Eve…can’t recall now…where I was surrounded by hundreds of orbs, similar to some of these shots.  I have never believed that orbs are just dust particles.  Some are WAY too specific and I’ve even seen faces in some of them.

Here is another interesting picture of a man who can see orbs.  http://www.ghostcircle.com/orbs/PMOrbs2.htm

Going back to the whole cigarettes and food craving thing, years ago I started craving cigars so bad I had to go out and buy some and awkwardly smoked them, since I’m not a smoker.  I also had this obsessive desire to be really blonde and went and bleached my hair (and damaged my hair majorly).  When I went the next Sunday to “The Spiritualist Chapel of the Flowers” in Van Nuys, CA a medium said to me from the podium, “You have George Burns with you.  He’s waving a cigar at you.  You also have Jean Harlow with you in spirit.”  Whoa!!  I had always loved George Burns and sent him a holiday card one year.  Jean, I didn’t know too much about and had to research her life…but felt some eerie connection after reading.  http://www.jeanharlow.com/

So the moral of the story is, if you start craving things you don’t normally like…or if you get the urge to do things to your body, it may not be YOU who is wanting the cigarettes, cigars, or drastic hair color changes. 🙂



Ghosts make the best photobombers.

My friend sent me this link last night and I just had to put it in my blog.  These ghost photos are some of the best ones I’ve EVER seen!  I thought my readers might enjoy seeing them too.  Here is the link:  http://www.dailyfunlists.com/ghosts-make-the-best-photobombers-32-photos/

Also, a very gifted medium friend of mine, Teresa, told me this past Monday night that Bodhi has been visiting in spirit a lot lately.  I have sensed him around again, and am glad I’m not wrong.  I still miss him very much.  Karma has developed this new running water obsession that she never had before and I’m suspecting Bodhi is influencing her again.  I mean, cats don’t pick up obsessive…seriously…it’s annoying…habits at age 14+.

Teresa also said that Grandpa Slovik and Uncle Chuckie were with me during my long weekend trip to beautiful Durango, CO last weekend.  I did sense grandpa and got the symbol he uses to let me know it’s him while I was there and sick.  I got very sick Friday night and almost went to an ER.  At the time we didn’t know if it was my blood sugar acting up, altitude sickness, or a panic attack…but I was scared and did not feel well.  I do think grandpa was trying to comfort me.  She said that I’ll be doing a lot of traveling this summer (which I do plan to do…no major trips but long weekend jaunts) and that Grandpa Slovik and Chuckie plan on coming with me.  That makes me feel really good.  I’m tired of traveling alone. 🙂


Carrie / Atheria