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Charted or not?

Over the years I have gotten into friendly debates with friends about whether we create our reality or not. I have tended to feel that our lives are strictly charted before incarnation, and once we are here on the Earth plane, we’re stuck with what we agreed to experience when we were pure spirit meeting with our group of guides. It’s human nature to want to control our destiny, but the longer I live and the more I witness, I think I’m right. There are things I visualized, affirmed, put emotion into, etc. that never came to fruition. And there were events I never thought of that happened that were good and changed the course of my life. To prove my point about charted life paths, back in September 2014 I had a phone reading with a very gifted psychic named Karen Fay. At the time I had just put my house up for sale and already had an interested buyer. My plan was to sell my Albuquerque house and get a temporary apartment in town while I looked for a job out of state. During the reading Karen said that I was going to move twice, once locally, and then a major move out-of-state. (I had not told her of my plans.) Now, when she was telling me about the major move, she kept getting very mixed information about whether the big move would be actually out of New Mexico or not. She wavered back and forth between outside New Mexico and within New Mexico, but far from Albuquerque. She struggled, but ended up siding with me moving out-of-state.

Flash forward to April 2016 when I got impatient about leaving Albuquerque, and decided to move to the Denver area without a job lined up. To make my move easier, I got rid of all of my furniture (except my jewelry cabinet) and some other things and vowed to move with only what fit in my Honda Fit, and then added 4 boxes of items shipped via UPS to Denver ahead of me. Because of my soul connection to magical Taos, some friends urged me to spend a few days in Taos on my way up to Denver, so I booked 4 days at an AirBnB. I had also booked a week at an AirBnB in Denver for the end of April during which my plan was to look for a roommate situation, to save money. It was too hard to find a place to live long distance, so I didn’t set up a permanent living situation before heading out.

As you know from some other Taos posts, Taos Mountain (and Taos in general) is a living being. It thinks. It feels. It communicates. And it has an agenda. If it wants you, you are powerless against it…HA HA HA. If it doesn’t want you, it kicks you out and I pity you. Well, after 3 days, while at my AirBnB hostess’ birthday party…talking to other people who felt Taos’ powerful pull and magic, I suddenly started crying and felt that I couldn’t leave. That I wasn’t supposed to move to Denver, I was supposed to move to Taos. And, seemingly (at first), doors opened to me regarding staying there. People were very kind and tried to help me make Taos work. When I’m in Taos my entire energy shifts. I feel calm and grounded. I feel I’ve come home. The soul connection is very strong. So, thanks to a kind woman from the party who let me borrow her storage room, I unloaded my packed full car and drove up to Denver to pick up my 4 big, heavy boxes and drove them back down to Taos.

But, after another couple of days in Taos, the reality of Taos’ 3D difficulties hit. I had a hard time finding a place to live (apartments are a rarity there) and hearing story after story about people having to work 3 part-time jobs in order to financially survive hit me. So, despite the fact that while in Wired (great coffee house/café) this guy said to me as I was leaving, “I know you!” (He DID know me. About 10 years ago we used to chat on MySpace when he lived in Albuquerque and I lived in Los Angeles and he actually recognized me!) And despite meeting yet ANOTHER person who was just passing through Taos on his way home to Seattle, but quickly felt he HAD to stay there and rearrange his life, I decided that I just wasn’t willing to struggle to get by…and that I needed Denver with its booming economy and great job opportunities. This was a very deep struggle, by the way. I literally felt at this crossroads, where if I chose wrong, I’d majorly eff up my life. Talking to a gal barista about it, she said she felt the same way recently about leaving/staying in Taos. I talked to Taos Mountain and it calmly told me to trust it, that I would be provided for, but I just couldn’t do it. I’m just too fearful about financial security at this point in my life. Now, that may be a major mistake, but I don’t know yet. I will say, now, after having been in the Denver area for about a week and a half, I loooooove it here and loooooove being in a major, happening city again! I’m also getting signs that yes, I’m supposed to be here RIGHT NOW. I feel quite strongly that Taos Mountain begrudgingly agreed to loan me to Colorado for the time being. I do think I’ll live there someday. I’m just not ready yet.

Things did not go smoothly with my entrance into Colorado. I had a stressful U-Haul/car towing situation (ended up getting a small truck in Taos and towing my tired Honda) and a SCARY STRESSFUL first week with a nut-job roommate I got off CraigsList. Never, ever, ever get a roommate off CraigsList! I paid him $600 for the month of May and left after a week, eating the loss, and got my own apartment in a suburb I could afford. It was a very concerning situation, and I was worried about my safety and my cats’ safety. There are a lot of mentally ill people in the world, sadly.

Now, as all things happen for a reason…because there IS A PLAN…not only did I immediately meet a gal neighbor who is also a psychic medium (not common), but my rep at my new credit union is from Taos and totally into my metaphysical stuff! To make matters even “funnier”, when I contacted T-Mobile tonight on Twitter to complain about my data being horrible here in this apartment complex, the rep that I ended up with lives in Albuquerque and ADORES Taos and goes there whenever possible! He was also into UFOs and such. (By the way, T-Mobile found an issue with one of the local towers and are fixing it.) Numerous synchronicities occurred the whole time I was in Taos for 8 days and since I got here to Denver. I cannot feel that suddenly, I’m FINALLY back on the path my soul had agreed to. It’s a very strong feeling. And looking back at the back-and-forth moving between Taos and Denver, now I understand why Karen struggled to get clarity on that.

Another thing Karen had predicted was that after my big move, I’d be at some type of formal event where I’m dressed up (she suspected a wedding) and I’d meet my soulmate/kindred spirit who would have brown hair and brown eyes, or a brown haired, brown eyed guy would introduce me to him. It will be love at first sight and major. She said that I had to move to where he was because, due to a life situation, he couldn’t relocate to where I was. What I have to say is that I CAN FEEL HIM HERE. It’s really weird, but I can feel him. He, whoever he is, popped into my head yesterday while driving around and I was filled with strong tinging. Needless to say, if I’m invited to a wedding, I’m going to be paranoid that I look good! LOL!

There is a very large metaphysically spiritual community here in Colorado, and I’ve already met lovely people at one free healing session MeetUp and met more lovely people at Nic Nac Nook, a great little metaphysical store. I am looking forward to getting active here in a bunch of MeetUp groups, and elsewhere. Another great medium a few years ago told me I needed to relocate in order to be moved into my TRUE work. Hmmmm….

I am coming across a lot of Denver/Boulder/Taos connections and suspect there is some kind of an energetic link between the Denver/Boulder area and the Taos area. I know that I will make the 4-4.5 hour drive to Taos to visit when I can. I owe it that. After all, it has only loaned me to Denver/Boulder.

To those who are miserable where you’re located, MOVE. I feel SO much better here in the Denver area compared to Albuquerque. I truly think that places can be good or bad for us depending on our energy. I loved Portland, Oregon for its beauty and people, but the entire time I was there I struggled. It was like Oregon just did not want me there. Everything from the climate and my chronic pain, to finding a stable job was difficult. I have a friend who struggled in New Mexico and is now thriving in Oregon! Find your place. What place calls to you even if you’ve never been there?

To wrap this up, how could Karen have seen the very accurate relocation situation if it wasn’t charted? I definitely didn’t do it on purpose. It cost me a bunch of money I hadn’t planned on spending when unemployed, and cost me A LOT of horrible stress. I’ve never been so mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted as I was for 2+ weeks of moving around and technically being homeless. I think we can choose to veer off our charted course, but eventually, we will be realigned with what we had agreed to accomplish down here. I suspect I’ve veered off course a lot, and am behind. So, I’m suspecting things will start speeding up to get me where I need to be in my life. Time will tell, but I feel good about the future again! It’s been a long time!


Middle of the night channeled session…yawn…

Yes, the fact you have not been able to sleep is our doing. We have been knocking at the door for days, only to be shushed off by you. And no, it’s not a full moon tonight, it’s us. (Insert grin here.) Your live full trance channeling is all well and good, but we like this one-on-one relay channeling time too…and miss it. It’s been too long.

Ah, “The Matrix”. That comment on Facebook also came from us since we’d like to speak about it at this time. Should you take the red pill or the blue pill? What would you say if we told you that neither pill really mattered? What would you say if we told you what you THINK is your real life right now, wasn’t your real life at all? And what is real? We would like to verify that all is happening at once as some have theorized. Past lives and future lives are all happening now. You actually CAN affect past lives by things that you do now…choices that you make. All is interwoven and complex. There is a tunnel of sorts, often described as the tunnel you go zooming through as you leave your physical body at the time of “death”…funny word…death…for it’s actually just a continuation on a different dimension. Death sounds much too concrete, when it’s anything but. But, we digress. There are different off-shoots of the tunnel that lead to different dimensions, and different lives. Déjà vu isn’t just a remembered glimpse of a moment of your current (in your limited view of reality) life’s chart, but also a moment where the life that you think of as your current life intersects with another reality. They are moments where two of you intersect…kind of like passing each other at an airport.

This is also where the whole soulmate thing can get confusing. It occasionally happens that two people fall deeply in love and feel that they’ve met their soulmate, when in actuality, they have met aspects of themselves. How is THAT for a shocker? But, we are here to wake you up…not just keep you awake at night. It is true that not all of your soul incarnates into one body at a time. It is true that a portion of your soul always stays on the Other Side to kind of “run things” and that 25% of you could be in one physical body while another 50% of you is in another. There could be a few yous. Now, this soulmate being you event is not a common one, as for most of the time the soulmate is someone from your soul family and that’s it, but it DOES happen. We just wanted to make you aware of that.

For now, this is what we want to say. We’ll let you go back to bed. You’ll be able to sleep now. We do ask that if you feel us knocking on your head, to please answer the door. We are not your typical unwanted solicitors.  Good night, our friend, and sleep well. And yes, it was us who turned on the power strip to your laptop last night. We were hoping you’d get the hint. (Insert grin again.)

Divine intervention in Durango :-)

I drove to PRETTY and QUAINT Durango, Colorado last Friday for a 3 day weekend getaway.  Now I thought I was just going to get away from Albuquerque for a few days, and enjoy the scenery, but 2 important things happened that were clearly arranged by spirit.

I had heard that Mesa Verde was awesome, and really wanted to go see the ancient cliff dwelling ruins, but one of the main triggers of panic attacks for me (developed a panic disorder due to my hypoglycemia a few years ago) is remote in-the-middle-of-nowhere places where hospitals are not handy.  Heck, a year ago when I went to Durango for the first time I had a bad anxiety attack the first night and almost had to go to the hospital or drive myself 3 hours and 20 minutes home…and I was IN town…let alone way out where Mesa Verde is.  Anyway, as I have found my panic/anxiety disorder to be extremely frustrating and upsetting, I have been forcing myself to do gradually more scary things in an effort to get over it.  And I will admit that with each little success, I do better with the next challenge.  Since I did good my first day in Durango, I decided to go to Mesa Verde.  The park’s entrance is about 35 miles west of Durango.  I had assumed (never assume) that the cliff dwellings were close to the entrance to the large park.  Wrong.  When I got to the visitors center (and I had pangs of panic slightly along the drive…but not bad) I found out that you had to drive another 20 miles of mountainous, winding, REMOTE roads to even get to the first cliff dwelling.  I immediately felt fear hit big time and turned around at the entrance.  I really didn’t think I could do it.  I sat in my car talking to myself…yelling at myself, actually, for a while.  I mean, I’d driven THAT far and to not see any of the ruins would be stupid!  After talking to some park employees who told me that there would be lots of other tourists along the way, so that if something happened I could get help (despite the zero cell service out there), I decided to TRY the 45+ minute drive.  Numerous times along the way I felt panicky and almost turned around.  Seriously, if you do not like majorly curvy mountain roads with very high drop-offs to your death, I would not do the drive.  It took pure willpower to get me to the museum at the beginning of the ruins.  When I saw it, and saw that there was a restaurant and everything, I felt like I’d seen heaven.  But where it gets spiritual/magical is that when I got out of my car and started walking to The Spruce House (ruins closest to the museum) I saw not 1, but 2 cars with 444 in their license plates!  The plates jumped out at me and I knew that I had been protected by my friends in spirit the entire time and would be protected until I got back to town.  As much as I feel alone in life, things like this remind me that I’m never REALLY alone.  That truly brings me some peace.  And, let me tell you, the drive was worth it.  The Spruce House was awesome (see photo below) and it was very pretty around The Spruce House.  Not to mention that you can feel the history of the people who lived there long ago.  I ended up not going to some of the other ruins due to tour times, extra costs, and I didn’t want to push my panic luck, but this was a major personal success for me and knowing that people who love me on the Other Side were there to watch over me helped me tremendously.  For those who don’t know, 444’s mean that angels are with you.


The second magical thing that happened during the trip involved “chance meetings”.  On Saturday night, after my success at Mesa Verde, I was planning on eating my health food in my hotel room, but something in me me felt this strong urge to go to a restaurant a friend had highly recommended called “Steamworks Brewing Company”.  It didn’t dawn on me that it was 6 p.m. on a Saturday night.  So yes, there was a LONG waiting list for a table.  But, the hostess said that if it was just me, I could try to find a seat in the bar and I could order food there.  Well, even the bar was packed, but there was ONE seat open between two older men right at the bar.  I started chatting with this lovely and attractive man to my right, not thinking anything of it other than some nice conversation.  When he asked me what I did for a living, I decided to err on the side of conservatism and simply told him that I was an administrative assistant.  But even as the words came out of my mouth, I could feel someone on the Other Side trying to get me to tell him that I was a psychic medium and trance channel.  But, I can be stubborn.  Ha!  As the conversation about typical things went on, he suddenly mentioned something metaphysically spiritual and I dared tell him that I was a psychic medium.  Well, it was like the floodgates opened!  He got totally excited and the whole conversation took a major turn as we talked about our ET ancestry, Pleiadians, Andromedans, Thoth (he was very into Thoth, who I didn’t know much about…look up The Emerald Tablets), etc.  He was like a long lost friend!  Then, he mentioned that he actually lived in Flagstaff and was just in Durango for work…and a DING DING DING went off in my head!  I have a friend in Los Angeles who is about his age, is also into metaphysics, and has had this inner calling to move to Flagstaff!  And both he and her are looking for their soulmate!  I am not going to mention their names, but I told him that he HAD to meet my friend and ran back to hotel to email her about him and tell her she HAD to meet him!  My entire being just knows these two need to meet!  There are other “coincidences” besides the perfect age, interests, Flagstaff stuff.  He told me that he wasn’t going to go to that restaurant either, but something in him urged him to go anyway.  It is extremely clear to me that possibly the entire reason for my getting an urge to go to Durango last weekend…and that particular restaurant was to meet this wonderful man who needs to meet my wonderful friend!  God forced us to meet by having only one seat available in the bar!  Seriously, they’d better get together or I’m going to hit both of them!  Even though it would have been nice to meet MY soulmate, this event drummed it home to me that there IS A PLAN.  NOTHING is an accident!  Seemingly casual encounters are not casual at all, and can lead to major life events.  Even telling a stranger that you love her dress can impact that person, and cause her to do something different in her life.  We are all influencing each other and to a degree, are chess pieces in this magical game called LIFE.

In Light,

Carrie (Atheria)

Soulmates (a poem written back on 10/17/1998)

I wonder what love is like

True love, not infatuation

Mutually drawn together

Never been in that situation

Lived my life alone

A Journeywoman throughout life

Following some solitary path

Blamed it on God’s wrath

But maybe there were things to learn

Before I met my soulmate

Many roads to travel before the turn

Left instead of right

That led me to my fate of meeting the one

I’ve waited so long for

I’m going through a new door

Into new experience with another

The lover I’ve ached for I’ve met

Not only in this life, also in a prior self

Two souls bound eternally as one, meet once again

And recognize the light in one another

If God wants you to be with someone, it WILL be arranged!

This is a true story I heard today from a woman around my age that should be turned into a movie or something.  It’s a perfect example of soulmates and how fate/destiny plays out.  As Michael Newton would say (“Destiny of Souls” and “Journey of Souls”), there is no point in stressing out about whether or not you are going to meet someone and fall madly in love.  If it’s meant to be, it WILL be.  It’s written in the stars…

In a nutshell, someone had set this guy up with her older sister on a blind date when she was 16 and her sister was 17. The sister didn’t want to go, so by default, the guy took her out. They dated for a while and then he went into the military. She flew to see him in Africa, but he had gotten sent out 2 days earlier! She did end up seeing him in Geneva, Switzerland later. When he got out of the military, they got engaged and then she broke it off because he was extremely financially irresponsible and they weren’t living in the same states. She ended up marrying someone else for like 10 years and got divorced. She looked the guy up to see if he was single/married and he was single and they got back together and got engaged again. Then, she ended it again for some good reason (I think location problems were a part of it). She married someone else and he also married someone else. Fast forward another 9 years or so, and she got divorced again (had one daughter with this guy) and he had also gotten divorced. She looked him up again, and they’ve been happy together ever since and are finally marrying each other soon! She said that her soulmate’s dad told her that he had never stopped loving her. She said that they never fight. Everything is easy (as it should be when you are with the right person). He lets her control the money since he is still bad with money. LOL

I need to remind myself of this, by the way. 🙂