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Atheria channeling ETs from Sirius

I was innocently watching a Facebook video a friend posted when there was this loud POP in my ears…and then tingling…and then this happened.  I only had time for Facebook Live.  Notice the orbs that flew by my ceiling.  One of my kitties, Bleu, cried the entire time.  I live on a Native American pueblo in northern New Mexico, FYI.

Please disregard my truck driver cursing language. 🙂 And if anyone knows what Vector 5 is, please let me know!  If you can’t hear sound via the link above (Facebook is being stupid) go to my https://www.facebook.com/Atheria page and I’ve made the video public so you can see it.

UPDATE:  I just found out (I swear I did not know this.) that the woman who owns the radio show I was interviewed on last Saturday runs these tours!  http://vector5tours.com/

Welcome to Atheria-land…


UFO Watchtower and ET Experiences

Under the Stars Conference 3

(I am cutting and pasting all of this from Facebook, so it’s in Mary Muñoz’s words, not mine.)

UFO Watchtower presents Under the Stars 2016:
Visit:  www.ufowatchtowerevents.com
Below is an experience that occurred at this location.
Experience at the Ufo Watchtower September 3, 2000
Abe Munoz’s (my husband) Experience
I was camping with my family at the UFO Watchtower in Hooper, CO on September 3, 2000.  It was sometime during the night that I woke up and found myself out of the tent we were sleeping in.  I looked to my left. There was a space craft (cigar shape) hovering off the ground about ten feet of so.  I looked over at one of the outhouses and I saw some grey looking aliens that were actually white (not grey) with emerald green eyes looking my way walking around.  About five to ten I would say.  They were coming my way.  Then I saw one tall one that was skinny.  I said to myself, “What in the world is going on.”  Meantime I saw more jumping out of the space ship.  I didn’t know if it was a carrier or troop ship.  At the end there must have been at least 20 or so.  I heard no noise, there was no smell and I couldn’t say if it was hot or cold temperature.
Note to the Reader:  There were five individuals who experienced this sighting.  Each person had their own memory.  My husband, Abe Muñoz, was the only one who saw the beings.
1. A young relative that saw the light of the ship come through the tent (roulette wheel) and noticed that my husband was in fact not in there while the tent doorway was closed.
2. My daughter, Hannah Messoline, heard the chattering outside the tent.
3. I heard the ship come over the location.
4. The owner’s son saw a light over the area close to where we were camped.

You will find a shortened entry in the book, “That Crazy Lady Down the Road,” by Judy Messoline.  http://www.amazon.com/That-Crazy-Lady-Down-Road/dp/0944851142/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1457188263&sr=8-2&keywords=crazy+lady+down+the+road

Green eyed ET
Three days later:  (Abe Muñoz’s experience)
I felt like I was in the Pacific NW.  I was underwater.  As I looked up there was a waterfall in front of me.  Above the waterfall (cloudy skies) there were three space craft.  They were dropping big huge eggs that glowed.  The eggs fell over the waterfall and landed in the sand.  There was a brown wooden ring that had black lettering on it, which they were put into.  Then there was a white alien with the green eyes who was approximately four foot who was picking up the eggs and taking them to a different location in the sand.

In the end:

I am not saying this experience could occur, but what I do know is that every year that we have been there we have seen or experienced something in the realm of the unknown.
And the stars are so close it is as if you could reach out and grab one!
Mary Muñoz

Under the Stars Conference 1Under the Stars Conference 2

Sirian Channeling Jan. 3, 2016

The journey within is the most exciting journey you could ever endeavor to embark on. “As above, so below. As within, so without. As the universe, so the soul.” ~ The Emerald Tablet, circa 3000 B.C.

We here from the Sirius star cluster would like to wish you all an enchanting 2016 in your current Earth calendar. Our time marking system is much different than yours as we do not experience time in a linear way, but as a congruence of expressions simultaneously. You would find our system quite confusing as it’s a multidimensional hexagon of energies. But, we can appreciate your need to monitor where you are in a linear fashion. Some day, though, you will experience time as we do and will laugh at how mankind marked time with 12 month wall calendars.

The following 12 months will be full of growth. Many of you will be called to walk away from the lives you’ve known. The status quo will no longer be tolerable. Your souls are screaming to be heard. They must be allowed to express themselves in whatever way they see fit. It will feel like you are going to explode if you don’t let the real you out of the self imposed cage you’ve been in due to society’s pressure to conform. Conforming is no longer an option. You may want to break into song, throwing your arms up, and singing, “I’ve gotta be me! I’ve gotta be me!” Who else can you be BUT you?! You are the only you there is. You are a unique expression of divinity.

Loved ones, we…and others…are watching. We learn much from witnessing your growth, which is sometimes painful…but…all growth is for the highest good not only for you, personally, but for planet Earth. There will be some challenges this year, but the incidents will bring out the best in people as you are drawn together to combat any darkness trying to manifest. Earth may also groan in pain, as it’s suffering must be acknowledged and can no longer be ignored. Rest assured, healing IS possible. Nothing is a lost cause…ever.

We bid you peace, always and in all ways…to borrow from a friend of our channel’s.

In golden light,
The Sirians

My 2002 Hawaii dolphin message…

I went with a group of people to stay at Kealekekua Bay, on the Big Island of Hawaii, in the summer of 2002 during a powerful alignment of our planet with Sirius. Supposedly, Kealekekua (hope I’m spelling that right) Bay is known as being a place where wild dolphins hang out in droves. When we got there and talked to the locals, they told us that for some reason no dolphins had been seen in quite a while. We had planned to do a Sirius alignment ritual, and really wanted dolphins to take part, so we were a bit worried when Tuesday morning came and it was time for us to go out in our wetsuits and snorkel gear. We swam out into the bay and the leader of our group led us through a beautiful ceremony, during which we each had a crystal we then planted in this certain area of the bay…to seed the energies so-to-speak. Soon after we broke up and just were enjoying swimming around, this pod of dolphins showed up! They swam all around us with this most joyful feeling. It was truly magical. I could feel tingling going through my body as they spiraled around me. At one point these two dolphins were dancing around me until I realized they weren’t just dancing. LOL! I said, “Oh, excuse me” and averted my eyes. I tried desperately to keep up with the pod’s fast swimming around, but it was futile and frustrating. I wish I’d had scuba gear on. I’m not good at holding my breath. I have never felt so at peace and so right in my life as I did during that time out there with the wild dolphins. I never wanted to go back to land. The dolphins all went to the very spot where we had planted the crystals in the ocean floor and jumped with glee over the area. They were clearly loving the crystals’ energy and were joyful. It was awesome to watch. Although a couple of dolphins here and there showed up over the course of the rest of the week, the amount we had that morning never came again.

Toward the end of the week, we took a boat out near Kona to look for dolphins in that area. Some did show up. At one point, as I was looking out over the water, this dolphin stuck his head out of the water and just stared at me…eye to eye. Suddenly I was filled with strong tingling as simultaneously I “saw” this geometric image inside my head and “heard” the words “This will heal you.” I just drew out the basic symbol and am posting it below. Since 2002 I’ve wondered what I’m supposed to do with it…how I’m supposed to use the symbol to heal. It’s driving me batty, and God knows I need healing (neck damage that causes constant head pain, hypoglycemia, and other issues). I’ve tried meditating on it, but that didn’t do anything. If anyone has a suggestion, I’m open to ideas.

That week in Hawaii was life changing and wonderful. I need to get back there soon. The island of Kauai calls to me, so maybe that will be my next Hawaiian foray…although I wouldn’t turn down Maui. 🙂