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Do I have a spirit attachment AGAIN?

I can’t remember if I already blogged about what happened to me years ago regarding George Burns and Jean Harlow or not due to my advanced age, so I’ll tell this story just in case I didn’t mention it. 😉

Back in the late 1990s (I think…maybe really early 2000s) I got this out-of-the-blue craving for cigars.  Keeping in mind that I don’t smoke, this was an odd thing.  And it was bad.  I was like a heroin addict needing a cigar fix.  At the same time, I got this overwhelming urge to bleach my dark auburn or brown (can’t recall) hair really blonde.  Both things obsessed me.  I ended up buying cigars and puffed away out in my patio and bleached my hair…damaging it really bad.  I had no clue that something otherworldly might be going on.

ImageImageThat was until I went to the Spiritualist Chapel of the Flowers in Van Nuys, CA the following Sunday morning.  The medium up on the podium giving messages took one look at me and said, “You have George Burns with you and he’s waving a cigar at you!  You also have Jean Harlow with you in spirit.”  I gasped in shock.  Now, you may ask, “Why would George Burns and Jean Harlow even care about coming to me?”  Well, all I can think of is that I had sent George a Hannukah card a couple of years before he passed away.  I really didn’t know anything about Jean, but when I started reading about her, I felt a certain kinship.  I think I would have liked her.  At a later church service, other celebrities showed up…I think Cary Grant, for one, and the medium told me then that I attracted famous people in spirit because of my Hollywood connection.  (I worked in the Entertainment Industry.)

So that was my first encounter with spirits influencing my draws/cravings.  Then, in 2013 it happened again regarding Denver (which I did blog about) where I had this sudden, obsessive need to move to Denver.  But, it turned out that a spirit that had been attached to this woman I knew (she had issues in the past with possession) had jumped onto me after I spent hours with her one night.  SHE wanted to move to Denver, but this entity made me feel like I wanted to move there.  I got a cleansing and it was released.

Well, the past few days I have had this really strong desire to buy a second vehicle, an older 4×4…specifically a Jeep Wrangler or Toyota Tacoma pick-up truck.  Now, keeping in mind that I am mpg obsessed and currently drive a Fiat 500 named Sophia, this is not at all like me.  But the desire to get a truck is so strong I seriously thought about shopping for one yesterday.  This time, though, the thought popped into my head, “This is not YOU wanting the 4×4.”  I do think I’m being influenced by someone in spirit again…but cannot figure out who.  Hmmmm…At least I caught it before buying a truck I don’t need!  That being said, it would be kind of handy to have a truck for going off into the wilderness.  Sophia did pretty good off-roading in Taos last weekend, but Fiats are not really made for it.  LOL

And speaking of Taos, I have to post this great shot from my magical place…

ImageIn light,

Carrie (a.k.a. Atheria)

If I didn’t believe in spirit attachments before, I think I do now.

ImageI will admit that I’ve never been a huge believer in the whole possession/spirit attachment thing.  Yes, I know about the true story behind “The Entity” and some other cases, but I still had questions in my mind.  That being said, if it walks like a duck and squawks like a duck…it’s probably a duck.  I think the Denver obsession for months truly may have been instigated not by me, but by a spirit I picked up from a now ex-friend.  I never thought about Denver until I met her, and things got more obsessive just days after I’d hung out with her one evening talking for hours.

Now, earlier in July, a gifted medium friend of mine warned me that for a week she’d been picking up I had an unwanted visitor attached to me.  Because I know she’s good, I went and smudged myself that night and DID feel different by the next morning.  The Denver obsession calmed immediately but didn’t go away…and with time…it started to come back stronger again.  At that point I really did just think my TRUE unseen friends had a plan for me and really wanted me to move.  I thought everything was kosher, so-to-speak.

But, on July 30th I did a psychic reading for this wonderful Apache medicine man I’d met days before…and as payment, he offered to do a spiritual cleansing of my house and me.  Sounded good to me, so I took him up on the offer.  As fate would have it, we clearly met for a reason because, seemingly, my house and I were in bad shape.  He lit sage to start the cleansing process and POOF…the sage burned up in 2 seconds (I exaggerate, but not much).  He lit another sprig of sage…same thing.  At that point, he’s got this concerned look on his face and is saying, “Hmmm….this is odd”…not what I wanted to hear!  I asked him what was wrong and he said that one sprig of sage should have lasted throughout the entire spiritual cleansing process of my little 1100 sq. ft. house and he hadn’t even started yet but 2 sprigs were history!  He then tried not to alarm me, but basically said that the energy in my house definitely needed to be cleaned out.  He lit yet another sprig of sage, and finally, this one at least lasted long enough for him to go room to room doing the cleansing ritual.  Then he started the smudging of me and explained that as he waved the smoke towards me with his eagle’s wing fan I was to picture the light of God coming into me, and as he waved the eagle’s wing fan away from me, I was to release anything that shouldn’t be with me.  I think it was on the 2nd swish of the fan away from me that I suddenly and dramatically felt something pull out of my solar plexus area and zoom away from me.  It shocked me and there was no denying something left my body/energy field.  I was like, “Whoa, what was THAT?!”  When he was done with the ritual, he tested things by lighting a fresh sprig of sage on fire to see how fast it burned, and this time, it burned slowly like sage normally does.  That proved the cleansing was effective.

Interesting to note that since that night, suddenly Denver has just kind of fizzled out.  I’ve kind of lost interest.  I still keep getting some Denver and Colorado signs, but I’m not totally obsessed with it like I was.  I truly feel calmer and different.  I was going to drive up for the 4 day Labor Day weekend coming up, but now I’m not even sure I really want to go.  And New Mexico, as annoying and depressing as the man situation here is, once again truly feels like “home”.  There is something about the land here that is just powerful for me.  If I ever want a chance at love, though, I think I need to move somewhere else…but…I also believe that if you are meant to meet someone, God WILL arrange it…even if you live in the Arctic.

It concerns me how I would have sworn it was me determining my interest in Denver, but it may not have been me all along…kind of scary.  There still may be a reason all this Colorado stuff keeps showing up, but I clearly need to do a better job of self protection.  I’m empathic, and that makes it all too easy to accidentally pick up unseen visitors you don’t want to pick up.  Maybe one way to delineate between me genuinely being led to something as opposed to inappropriately being influenced to do something is paying attention to how I feel.  Am I calm or frenetic?  A calm knowing means inner guidance.  Frenetic/obsessive thoughts mean it could be someone else messing with me.  Gotta stay vigilant.

In Light,

Carrie / Atheria