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The Ancient Ones 1-19-2019

I thought I would attempt some channeling today before heading off to a yoga class with the fabulous Jessamyn Stanley, and, thankfully…The Ancient Ones showed up!  They talked about reintegrating ALL aspects of who we are.

I really do need to get a real video camera (am just using a regular Canon camera) and video editing software.  If you want to fast forward to 2:55, you can skip me getting into trance…which isn’t terribly eventful.

In Light,


Mystical Life Forum of New Mexico

Howdy!  I made the trek down to Albuquerque this morning to attend friends’ of mine’s new-ish monthly group called Mystical Life Forum of New Mexico.  The monthly event is on the 4th Saturday of each month, from 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. and I highly recommend it to anyone in the Albuquerque area.  Hannah and her mom, Mary, are fellow contactees, and spread as much information as they can about all things metaphysical.  They also have a new book coming out with matching ET tarot cards, which look freaking awesome!  They will be doing a book signing at my friend, Mitch Rubin’s, fabulous metaphysical store named Blue Eagle Metaphysical Emporium on September 30th from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

The guest speaker today at Mystical Life Forum of New Mexico was a lovely soul who goes by the name Bethany Paix in this life.  She is a very knowledgeable and experienced Master Energy Channel who does spiritual clearing and blessing for people, places, and businesses.  Her website is Angels Helping Humans.  As a psychic medium, I feel people’s energy immediately, and I am very comfortable about recommending her services.

Today’s drive down to a major city (in terms of population, not actual city amenities…don’t get me started on the lack of IKEA) was very eye opening…upsettingly so!  I live on a reservation in the middle of nowhere and the biggest city I’ve been going to since last November when I moved back to New Mexico for the 3rd time (yes, I’m one of THOSE people) is Santa Fe…with a population of 83,875 (as of 2016).  As of the year 2000, where I live has a population of 1,261.  Unless someone died, that’s now 1,262.  Anyway, from the moment I hit Albuquerque’s (a.k.a. highest crime in the USA…or close to being #1) city limits, I felt stressful, not good energy.  But, I made it to this morning’s talk and then stopped by Blue Eagle and then Coronado Center, since I truly do miss REAL shopping malls (Santa Fe’s idea of a shopping mall is pretty darn pitiful).  Inside the mall, I Instagrammed my glee about being in a real mall…but that quickly faded the moment I stepped outside.  I exited the mall from the total opposite side from where my car was parked because I started to feel overwhelmed with lots of people’s junk energy.  One of the many reasons I left Los Angeles in 2008 was that, as a very empathic psychic medium, I felt bombarded with 13,000,000 people’s energy and I couldn’t take it anymore.  Anyway, on this hot summer day (it really is cooler where I live…thank goddess) I had to walk all the way around the mall on the outside, which gave me “great” viewing/hearing of Burque people’s lives.  OMG!  It was nonstop fights and screaming and yelling and road rage in the parking lot!  At one point, this Nissan Maxima driver and Ford Mustang driver were so livid, I got scared there’d be a shooting and started to look for a safe place to duck!  I’ll give you a hint…the Nissan driver or passenger got out of his car.  The overall vibe in Albuquerque was VERY angry and scary.  Walking past this woman and a kid, she said to the kid, “Albuquerque is very prickly today.”  I commented to her as she passed, “Yes it is!”  There was overwhelming stress and rage that carried over to Old Town Albuquerque…which normally I enjoy.  I did hang out there for a while and took a lot of Instagram pictures, but was EAGER to get out and get back to the rez!

It was interesting that as I stopped by a nice, new Starbucks on Rio Grande just south of the 40, as I mentioned where I live and big cities vs. small towns…the barista said to me, “I didn’t miss big cities at all when I left.”  At the mall, I literally Intagrammed, “I can’t move to tiny Taos.  I need real shopping malls!”  But, now at PEACEFUL home on he rez, I think I cannot even CONSIDER moving back to insanely priced and congested Los Angeles like I’ve been thinking of doing.  Something deep within me has changed and I need small town life with lots of nature and QUIET.  I’m pissed about this, FYI.  I have known for a while that it’s my EGO that needs glitzy city.  My soul needs Taos…or at least some beautiful place that is full of nature and calm like Taos.  As much as my ego LOVED Denver last year…my guides made sure it didn’t work out.  My guides can be highly annoying.  They are all about the soul instead of ego.  The issue is that they aren’t down here on Earth in this 3D world dealing with what we need to deal with.  They are up there at some higher, more evolved, “big picture” dimension, and it’s not fair!  Pffffft! ;-P

This is annoying.

To be continued,



That feeling that something is afoot, but it’s not yet clear…

Those who know me know that I’m at the end of my rope health-wise (really, really tired of being in 24/7 pain with not much hope I’ll ever get out of head and neck pain), bored and lonely in Albuquerque, and “over” my day job that sucks the soul out of me but stuck in a city without many high paying, quality jobs.  That being said, I actually AM grateful for the income that I have in this economy.  I’ve been TRYING to relocate for over a year but hit closed door after closed door.  Clearly the Universe does not want me going anywhere right now, which ticks me off.  I’ve been feeling like I’m rotting and just biding my time…like I’m waiting to die.  Isn’t THAT chipper?!

But, something is going on.

I haven’t been attending the Thursday evening meetings of Spirit Presents in a really long time, but got the urge to go to this past Thursday’s open circle practice session.  I’m so out of practice with both mediumship and channeling that I didn’t know if anything would transpire.  Well, stuff transpired.  I was able to give messages from a mother/grandmother from Louisiana in spirit to this lovely mother/daughter duo.  I think it was their first time attending too, which was nice.  Plus, I also did trance work and gave everyone messages.  There were 6 others besides me in the circle.  When I asked another channel where I’m supposed to live (very conflicted about locations) she was blunt and said I’m supposed to be where I am.  That was highly annoying!  But, a few minutes before she gave me that message I had this funny feeling that the reason I’ve had no success finding jobs out of state is because I’m not supposed to leave New Mexico, at least not yet.  So, she verified what I felt in my gut.  Then, later during the evening, a tarot card reader had each of us pull a card for a mini reading and I drew the Ace of Wands.  She said that my work is going to dramatically change and that I had to stop trying to force change and allow.  Have I mentioned that I am not patient?  She was very clear, though, that this would be a dramatic work change.  Thank God!

Today I went to the monthly meeting of Albuquerque/Placitas Metaphysical and Spiritual Lyceum and just thought I’d contribute like a normal person to the meeting.  Wrong.  While listening to Karen, the publisher of Truly Alive, talk about the magazine I got the familiar heart thumping/racing feeling of going into trance.  I struggled to hold my unseen friends back, but they were aggressive.  Finally, William (the leader) pointed out that I was having a little episode and did I want to channel?  In full trance a group came through to talk to Karen directly about the magazine and how I (they call me “the vessel”) was to help her get investors in Southern California.  I also think I’m supposed to help her in other ways that are not yet clear.  I’m not giving all the details of what they said, but I would love to help with the magazine if I can.  Because I’m in so much head and neck pain, channeling today was VERY hard on me physically.  It was very painful because my physical body gets extremely tense and contorts around.  When the other group came through on Thursday, the transition was actually the easiest its ever been, but today’s group was a rougher.  It’s like trying to squeeze 1,000 watts of energy into a 60 watt bulb!  Ouch!  I think I know why some mediums and channels (especially channels…Jane Roberts was a perfect example) don’t live long lives.  It really IS hard on you, physically and energy/life force wise.

There is a remote chance I may be moving back to Southern California in early 2016 to work at a television production company a friend (and ex Sony Pictures coworker) now works for.  I have a weird feeling about it…that IF it happens, it’s going to open doors for my true metaphysical work.  And, it could give me access to people that could help Truly Alive to thrive.  Time will tell, but I’ve got a “feeling”.  If that isn’t to be, I do feel STRONGLY that things are shifting here in Albuquerque for me and that I’m being gradually moved onto my true path.  As I blogged earlier today, I will be the guest speaker on November 21st at the NM UFO/Paranormal Forum.  At least a door has opened for me!  It gets exhausting pounding against closed doors.  I’m going to TRY to do more allowing as the tarot card reader/psychic told me on Thursday and stop trying to force my life to move in some specific direction.  This is not an easy task for me, but really, what I’ve been doing is not working.  Taoism is the way I guess.

Thanks for listening to my rambling.  Truly Alive is a GREAT resource for healing and other articles, by the way.  Check it out, and if you know of funding help, please don’t hesitate to contact Karen or me.  It’s a magazine that is trying to spread light and do good in the world, and God knows our planet needs help right now.

In light,